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Monday, February 11, 2013


by Val Koinen
February 11, 2013
Old guy here, just askin' -- what is it with this latest (Hollywood-inspired?) fashion trend of young White men and their unshaven scruffy-beard look?  Like the scraggly whiskers sported by so many of our contemporary movie and TV actors and advertising models?

Maybe it's nothing more than a passing fad that will fade and then disappear almost overnight (I sincerely hope so). But maybe not -- after several months (actually a year or more since I first noticed it?), the unshaven look seems to be proliferating.
And is it ever!  Even in upscale fine jewelry commercials and ads we are forced to look at a young romantic giving his gal a diamond ring and planting a big kiss on her mouth -- and he looks like he has just come off a three-day drunk (sloppy sport jacket, jeans, T-shirt, and the ubiquitous stubble beard).  I receive an outdoor-clothier mail-order catalogue -- probably 20 young White male models featured; all but one or two with these scruffy beards.

This is really confusing to me.  Do these guys think it makes them look manly, verile, sexy, or tough?  More "macho" as the 'stizos would put it?  Do they think it is attractive to the ladies?  Does it really help sell more products when the models look like dishevelled, filthy slobs?

No?  Well, what is it then?  Maybe they just want to be lousy role models by setting a bad example for impressionable younger males?  Or is it simply more of the "modernism," or "new normal" that I'm too old to understand?

Well, I have news for them.  All it does is make them look like hell -- dirty, unkempt, and slovenly -- like they are too damned lazy to shave.  Like a homeless derelict.  Like marijuana-junkie hippies.  Like dark and ugly, filthy-looking, early 20th-century European coffee-house Marxist Jew revolutionaries.

Didn't these guys have mothers and fathers?  Weren't they taught anything about personal hygiene, grooming, and appearance?

So, the next question that comes to mind -- do the girls really like this scruffy look and the scratchy, bristly feel that goes with it?  Do they really prefer men that are so dirty looking and poorly groomed?

Now, it's really important (to me, at least) that the following comment re: my not understanding how anyone would want to kiss one of these unshaven guys is not misunderstood.  I am a straight old man.  I am happily married (54 years) to a beautiful and wonderful woman, and  I have four adult children and four grown grandkids.  I have never once thought of or dreamt about kissing or rubbing up against the face of one of these stubble-bearded young men (any man, for that matter).  But I do want to say -- it just completely baffles me how any halfway decent and intelligent woman (any lady) would ever want one of these unshaven creeps to get near to her, let alone brush against her cheek-to-cheek or start sucking face with her.

As I said, I have daughters and grown granddaughters -- and knowing them as I do, I can't imagine them welcoming a cheek-scrape or upper-lip or chin press from a warthog's rear-end like one of these guys.

And again, I have the most wonderful "dirty-old-man"-tolerant wife in the world, and yet she never fails to (lovingly?) admonish me when I let myself go unshaven for a couple days (the term "dirty old man" used above with reference to appearance and personal grooming BTW, not in the lecherous sense).

And oh, yeah, I have let myself go a few days on more than a couple occasions and have neglected to shave.  Mainly on weekends, or when camping, for example.  But any time I have done that -- more often now in my old-man retirement, I'll admit -- I have felt a little guilty, and have felt some remorse for failing to clean myself up for my wife, company, or the neighbors.  But I've never purposely looked that way as a preferred style or fashion statement.

And I have grown a beard a few times during my life -- but in every case it was a beard -- not just unsightly unshaven scraggly whiskers -- and I tried to keep it reasonably well trimmed (this little rant of mine is not about real moustaches or beards).

As I said earlier, maybe it's all a big nothing.  Just poor taste or judgement, or misguided personal preference (at least from my grumpy-old-man point of view).  And it's certainly none of my business (other than my having the right to not like it all that much).  And these young bristle-pigs certainly have the right to go out in public with this kind of facial hair if that's their "thing."

But wait just a minute -- could it possibly be more than that?  Is it just a way to project "casual and cool," or is it sometimes kind of disdainfully anti-establishment?  Or could it even be the culture-bending, anti-White-male Jew media bosses promoting this latest trend?  A Jew/Hollywood  promoted trend in keeping with their habit of doing everything they can to diminish White men in any way possible?  The damned Jews wanting to portray young White men in a slovenly, unkempt, scruffy-looking way so as to make them less attractive to our young women?  I personally wouldn't rule out that possibility.

... just askin'.  And yes, yes, I know -- some readers will accuse me of being a paranoid nut, suggesting there could be some kind of Jewish involvement or conspiracy here -- seeing a "Jew under every rock" as they say (or maybe better in this case -- "a Jew behind every bush").  Oh, well.

And then when they aren't sporting scruffy beards, many of these same young men are supposedly clamoring for "fashionable" attire that makes them look like fags:


Go figure.  (Gee, I wonder if any of our Jewish friends work in the fashion industry?)


Anonymous said...

Thoroughly and perfectly expresses my opinion.


Anonymous said...

It's fascinating to find that someone other than myself has long noticed, with disdain, the scruffy look nearly all the men in the media are sporting these days. I've actually asked women how they feel about it and more often than not the women DON'T like it. Hopefully this trend will eventually die out like bell bottom pants. It sure get's annoying though on almost every TV commercial and magazine ad there's a scruffy dude. Geezz!

Anonymous said...

JUST a really stupid reaction and carrying on of Duck Dynasty. Opposite of attractive, maybe that is the attraction for men look like mountain men/hillbillies. Claiming their virility. In all of their ugliness. Sorry not at all interesting or attractive as a female....I really can't tell what any one of these scruffy, unkempt men are like, I would rather not look at them.