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Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Friday, February 22, 2013


by Val Koinen
February 22, 2013

It has been about two million years since bipedal, ancestral man evolved from earlier ape-like creatures and came down out of the trees.

Hundreds of thousands of years of continuing, upward-trending evolution followed -- physical refinement, increasing intelligence, more complex social behavior, and migration.  Everyday existence was a struggle through all those centuries.  Most likely, those evolving creatures were almost always hungry, cold, or tired. Or all three.  But they persevered, and life went on.

Modern man likely appeared about 160,000 years ago.  The grueling struggle to survive and evolve continued, and our immediate predecessors, the Cro-Magnons, showed up some 50,000 years ago.  Still we continued to evolve and advance, developing and refining the mental capacity and skills that enabled us to prevail over challenging environments, harsh climate changes, shortage of sustenance, predators, diseases of all kinds, and the hostility of other tribes.

All that hard-won success in our long and difficult journey was finally capped off by the 6,000 years or so of the ancient civilized world and then modern civilizations of the Caucasian (and some other) peoples -- the final development of the greatest race of people that ever walked the face of the earth -- 6,000 years of predominately White advancement and achievement that included such things as:

Civilization building
Governance and rule of law
Exploration and conquest
Agriculture, fisheries, logging, and mining
Scientific and mathematical discoveries and applications
Engineering, technical, mechanical, and medical discoveries and developments
Fossil-fuel, electrical, and nuclear energy production and applications
Construction of magnificent buildings, cities, dams, highway systems, tunnels, and bridges
Manufacturing and commerce
Automobiles, ships, railroads, and airplanes
Computers and space exploration
Art, music, writings, and other cultural development

(And yes, some serious missteps that set us back from time to time and still plague our existence -- such things as religious, internecine, and fratricidal wars; and joining the other peoples of the world in the practice of that most pernicious of human endeavors, slavery.)
And even then, up to the present day, we have had to struggle in order to prevail over harsh environments and natural calamities -- floods, fires, droughts, plagues, and more.  But we did prevail.  We overcame all the difficulties; we Caucasians were the primary builders of a world that was more satisfying, more comfortable, more hunger-free, healthier, and safer for more people of all the races than has ever been known on the face of the earth.

And then ...and then we let a nefarious and malevolent tribe of Semitic and western-Asiatic wanderers, interlopers, and parasites known as the "Jews" establish themselves amongst us, "whisper in our ears," and work their anti-White ingroup survival strategies for just a few short years (in the overall scope of things); especially for the past couple hundred years or so and continuing and intensifying up to the present day.

True, dozens of White societies recognized the Jews for what they were down through the years, and kicked them out, often more than once.  But they were a persistent bunch of liars, swindlers, usurers, and usurpers and they kept coming back to torment our Eurocentric communities and nations.

And then all of a sudden, almost "overnight" when compared to our long and impressive history of advancement in the face of adversity -- we White people of European ancestry in virtually all of our nations just "caved in" and began to give up essentially everything that was ours.  In a sense we just "threw it all away" while we allowed ourselves to succumb to the deadly effects of:

Ultraliberalism and socialism
Forced, unnatural constraints of "political correctness"
Wrong-think, soft-headedness, and "wimpism" of epic proportions
White guilt
Self doubt
Self hatred
Universal (outgroup) altruism
Cultural deterioration
Massive non-White (alien) immigration, both legal and illegal
Anti-White discrimination via racial preferences for the "others"
Racial integration
Miscegenation with the darker races
An inexplicable degree of "benign acceptance" of horrific criminal predation by "people of color"

We have become a people without an identity, as blind people stumbling along in the dark, like a body without a mind, like the proverbial boat without a rudder.

But worse than that -- we have become trembling slaves, afraid to speak the truth about history and socio-biological reality, and to even suggest that we have the right to look after our best interests as a "people."

It seems any more that we can hardly govern ourselves, or depend on our own people to conduct our judicial affairs (we elect and appoint Negroes and Mestizos to do those things).  The vast majority of our people have been thoroughly and unnaturally deracinated.  We can no longer create our own culture (we have turned that over to the Jews and they in turn have thoroughly perverted and negrified our popular culture) (now, at the beginning of the 21st century, you can see it getting worse every day).  We have allowed the Jews and the race traitors among us to lie to our children and poison the minds of our people (primary examples being the WWII "holocaust" scam and the myths of racial equality and diversity being a "strength").  We have allowed, even encouraged, and in many cases even paid for our own dispossession -- our own subjugation -- our own demise.  We have allowed the non-White "others" to drain our resources (thereby shortchanging and handicapping our own children), and have embraced wealth-redistributing socialism (always taking our wealth and giving it to the darker underclass).  We have allowed our gene pool to be contaminated.  We have come a long way down the dark, dreadful path of racial suicide; while we have aided and abetted the Jews' unceasing efforts to destroy our culture and our Western Civilization, and to genocide us out of existence.

Anybody who looks at all the dysgenic and devolutionary developments of the past century and especially the past few years with any degree of intelligence, honesty, rational thinking, and objective reality must surely be perplexed -- astounded -- aghast -- in utter disbelief.

Any sane and decent White American can only wonder -- how could it have happened?  Was it due to some kind of genetic/survival flaw?  Or was it simply a result of Jew-induced mass psychosis that was made possible by their cunningly gaining control of modern media such as the press (newspapers, magazines, and books) and modes of entertainment (movies, television, and music)?  And by using those tools and all their opinion-shaping capabilities, their taking effective control of our political process and government, financial institutions and practices, and the education establishment?

You have to wonder -- what will the galactic archaeologists of the future think as they excavate and brush off and study the ruins and artifacts of our once-great civilizations that reverted to hellholes and cesspools of squalid human occupation, much like those found in today's sub-Saharan Africa, Haiti, and Detroit?  And then finally crumbled to dust and were devastated by starvation, death, decay, destruction, and the encroachment of wastelands?  Will they be able to figure out what went wrong?  How the advanced societies of the White nations became so perverted and despoiled in so short a time?  The seemingly impossible story of our glorious ascendancy followed by such a precipitous, tragic, and evolutionarily unnecessary demise?  Will they even be able to understand or believe the results of their own studies when they do put it all together?

Maybe some vestigial Asian civilizations, which never allowed themselves to be plagued by Jews, or be overrun by less developed non-White racial minorities, will still be around to explain things to them.

Or will they just have to set their findings aside as one of the great enigmas of the universe -- one of the dark and mysterious "unknowns" in all the vastness of time and space?

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