White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Friday, March 29, 2013


by Val Koinen
March 29, 2013

I am really conflicted on this one -- it's no easy call. It is like a mental fork in the road, and at times I don't know which direction my thinking should take.

Now, you might ask -- "how could there be a 'fine line' between White Supremacy (or, rather, Superiority) and misanthropy directed at one and the same people when at first blush they seem so obviously to be polar opposites; and indeed, seem to pose a huge contradiction?" Let me explain...

First, I would like to clarify the nomenclature being used. I have used the term "White Supremacy" in the title because that is what people who think like I do are usually accused of being, by the "anti-racists" (anti-Whites). Actually, I consider myself to be more of a White Separatist than a White Supremacist (I have no desire to, or to be part of a group that wants to, dominate or "rule over" anybody or any other race of people, no matter who they are). I do know however that it is a scientific and historical fact, a reality and a "given," that the White race is superior to the other races in countless ways (and yes, even "supreme" in many ways). And that is especially true (and obvious) when we compare Whites with Negroes, who are, as a simple matter of fact, a less developed (evolved) subspecies of mankind.

We Whites too are a genetically different and unique subspecies of humanity; and I would submit that our genetics, physical characteristics, intellectual development, and other attributes are worthy of preservation and further natural progression (continued evolution, if you will). In other words, we have the right to be "us" -- to partake of and enjoy our own heritage, culture, societies, and future.

It is for those reasons that I think it is a crime against humanity that we should be forced by government fiat or even by misguided, Jew-perverted, politically-correct societal "norms" to share our societies and intermix in intimate ways with the other, darker races (and with our nemeses the Jews). And most particularly, for Jew-engineered propaganda and culture distortion to result in so many of our people interbreeding with those "others."

I would hasten to point out that such thinking on my part has nothing to do with hating other people. It is, rather, merely an expression of love and caring for the life-quality and survival of my own people -- my own kind.

So call me a White Supremacist if you will; it has no rational bearing on, and certainly no effect on, my thinking or my world-view.

But on the other hand -- and here comes the dilemma -- when I critically examine my people and the many ways in which we are (stupidly, meekly, in grievous examples of cowardliness) allowing our culture to be ravaged and allowing ourselves to be racially displaced and dispossessed in our own cities, entire areas, and nations; I cannot help but be thoroughly disgusted with a good many of my own White racial kinsmen -- even, oftentimes, to the point of feeling outright revulsion.

After all, history and nature make it clear that even if we are superior when compared with the other, competing races (subspecies) in almost every other way; if we are remiss, or inferior, in acting upon a healthy survival instinct and a reasoned strategy for survival, and in passing those traits on to our children, then it is we who are the "losers." That is simply a consequence of the laws of nature.

And apart from those survival abilities, if too many of our people behave in ways that are socially deviant, bring dishonor to themselves, or behave criminally, for example; then for those reasons also our "superiority" should rightly be questioned.

So let's take a quick look at the objective reality of the situation, and compare our qualities, achievements, and abilities with our shortcomings as a "people."

Positive attributes

It's really not very hard to put together a list of the many ways in which we White people have excelled and succeeded; and examples of how we have led, outpaced, and surpassed the other races down through the ages. Just to illustrate the point, allow me to offer this "short list":

We White people were the great navigators, the global circumnavigators and seamen; we explored, conquered, tamed the wilderness, and brought civilization to the world.

We built the great cities and the bridges, dams, and canals.

We cleared the land, plowed the fields, developed better strains of food crops, developed pesticides and herbicides, and grew the food to feed a hungry world.

We learned to treat and erradicate human diseases of all kinds, even in the tropical lands of the darker peoples.

We found and mined the fuels and minerals that made modern civilization possible.

We have been the world's pre-eminent loggers and fishermen.

We conceived, invented, and made the machines; we built the factories that have produced the goods of civilized life.

We discovered, developed, and refined science and technology.

We brought electronics and computers to the world.

We created beautiful art, sculpture, music, literature, and architecture.

We invented the airplane, developed commercial flight, and built the rockets that carry people and machines and sophisticated instrumentation into space.

We discovered and developed nuclear power.

(Yes, some Asians have made some real contributions in some of these areas as well, but by and large it has been White people who were the first, best, and most prolific explorers, scientists and researchers, engineers, innovaters, and creators. And yes, the supposed superior intelligence and probable genetic predilections of the Jews, together with their work ethic, have enabled many of them to excel in the scientific/technical and business/financial fields; but unfortunately their destructive anti-White, anti-Western Civilization obsessions, efforts, and crimes have resulted in their having had an overall harmful effect on human society and civilizational development.)

Negative attributes

Now for the other half of the dichotomy.

Sad to say, it is also just too damned easy to list the many ways in which people of our own racial group have behaved and performed stupidly, greedily, cruelly, dishonorably, and otherwise poorly; and have been an embarassment to their kind.

That is what causes me to have a misanthropic regard even for my own people (in the sense of the dictionary definition, i.e., a hatred, distrust, or contempt of and for mankind). Just think about it, and ask yourself -- how could any group of people be considered "superior" when so many of them are:

Criminals of all kinds -- thieves, killers, rapists, drug dealers, etc. (even though Whites are not nearly as prolific as Negroes and Mestizos when it comes to committing violent felonies and many other serious crimes). And even when not technically criminal, greedy self-aggrandizers who think only of lining their own pockets while ignoring or even being scornful of the best interests of others. This would include those who practice unfair, dishonest, and fraudulent business practices and financial scams (although in this area, it should be noted that we Whites are pikers when compared with the Jews).

The people who refuse to listen to the truth about the nefarious anti-White deeds of the Jews.

The people who absolutely refuse to open their minds to a healthy racial consciousness; those who are so willing to (or so ignorant and/or stupid that they allow themselves to) be or remain deracinated even when presented with the facts (and with the results of their folly).

Race traitors, especially the girls and women who fornicate with Negroes (and with men of the other non-White races for that matter). And I would include here all those delusional Whites whose behavior and statements would lead one to think they essentially "worship" Negroes; and expend their labor and money to benefit them at the expense of their fellow Whites.

More race traitors -- members and supporters of organized-religion groups that work to import Negroes from Africa.

Those who have so readily (even enthusiastically) succumbed to our modern Jewed and perverted culture. In this group I would include all those who have turned their backs on what was once a moral and honorable White culture -- just as a few examples, those who patronize the sick and socially destructive movies spewed out by Jew-controlled Hollywood; who happily soak up all the mindless, disgusting, and degenerate Jew-influenced television shows; who spend money on and listen to Negro "rap" and "hip-hop" so-called music; who dress like Negroes; who worship Negro sports figures; and who don't mind at all (and in fact would defend) the huge and unrealistic overrepresentation of Negroes and other non-Whites in TV shows and commercials, movie roles, and print ads that are constantly shoved in our faces by the Jew-controlled motion picture, television, and print advertising media.

Ultra-liberals who aid and abet our ongoing transition into a Marxist (socialist if not communist) economic system and form of government in our country (includes all the Obama worshippers).

Those Whites who promote, work for, and otherwise support the Mestizo invasion of our country (and even those who are just too willing to tolerate it because of their ignorance or complacency).

Politicians at all levels, but especially in the Federal government, who work to enhance the stature, position, and well-being of non-Whites at the expense of their own (White) people.

Politicians and government officials (congresspeople and those in the executive branch) who work for Jewish and Israeli interests rather than the best interests of America. And especially, those who work with the Jewish Neocons to wage war for Israel.

The foolish Whites who work with the Jews, Marxists, and ultra-liberals to take away our First Amendment rights.

The foolish people who work with those same groups to take away our Second Amendment rights.

Teachers who willingly spout lies to our schoolchildren regarding: White versus Negro history, accomplishments, and inventions; Whites being uniquely cruel and exploitative; so-called "White Privilege;" and the "virtue" of White people accepting or even embracing "self hatred" merely for being White.

Teachers and all others who propagate and help support and promote the Jewish World War II "holocaust" lies (the "holohoax" racket).

And all manner of other White miscreants -- people who are hugely obese as a result of their gluttony; White "Whiggers" who wear backward baseball caps and trousers hanging down off their posteriors; slutty and sexually promiscuous girls and young women; welfare deadbeats; over-the-edge substance abusers (drunks and druggies); practitioners and advocates who work to normalize and promote homosexuality and homosexual causes; users and purveyors of pornography; and on and on ad nauseam.

In consideration of all the above, it would seem that both positions are valid (White superiority and misanthropy directed at our fellow White kinsmen). So in reality, there is no contradiction. Still, I am afraid that, when all is said and done, I might have to abandon my White superiority thinking and come down on the side of misanthropy. And the reason is that to my way of thinking our shortcomings overshadow our higher qualities because they, and especially our succumbing to Jewish conditioning via their financial, political, and media powers; our rampant "White guilt" and self-hatred; and because our unwillingness/inability to compete and survive as natural organisms; are not just "negative traits;" are, at least potentially, fatal to our continued existence as a people and a subspecies of humankind.


Thursday, March 28, 2013


by Val Koinen

March 28, 2013

Sure, "we are all the same under the skin." And sure, "diversity is our strength" and "multiculturalism (multiracialism) is a beautiful thing." We all know those blatherings to be true, don't we? (Or at least we should, because they have been pounded into our heads so many times.)

Or do you think there might just be some basis -- some evidence out there in the real world -- for questioning those propaganda canards?

If they did portray reality, then one might wonder why Chicago has such high rates of shootings and murder; why Detroit is bankrupt and in shambles; why Camden can no longer afford to offer proper police protection; why Birmingham is broke; why Atlanta is failing in a multitude of ways; why it is unsafe for Whites (or anybody, for that matter) to venture into many of the gang-infested heavily Mestizo sections of Los Angeles; why the entire State of California is in such financial (and other) trouble; why Haiti just keeps on having the problems it has, century after century. One might ponder the horrendously disproportionate Black-on-White crime rates; the costs to White taxpayers and schoolchildren of integrated pubic education; the high unemployment, welfare dependency, incarceration rates, and high levels of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases among the Negro population.

And then yet another example here in contemporary America of how normal, every-day freedoms of behavior and living a "normal life" without undue control and curtailment are impossible in a Negro- and Mestizo-dominated society (story here). Yes, the problems described by Mayor Booker might be a small thing in the overall picture, but this is a good (and very common) example of the way in which people's lives have to be controlled in order to keep a lid on the dis-civilizing effects of heavily non-White societies.

...and then this, for the rose-colored-glasses liberals and anti-racists who really, and I mean really, have no idea what Negro-dominated societies can be like: "Into the Heart of Darkness"

Oh, well, we can just sit back and see what other kinds of "change" our Marxist, mulatto, presidential pretender Obama has in store for us (actually, we have little choice in the matter because our Jew-controlled and cowardly Congress isn't going to be doing anything substantive about the terrible situation facing White America these days) (except maybe start up another war for Israel in the Middle East -- yeah, that'll help). 


Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Silly me...  When I spotted this headline on the web this morning and clicked on it (while still half asleep and before I had my first cup of coffee), I thought it said "Norwegian airlines fail to take flight."

Imagine my surprise when I realized the story was really about Nigerian airlines!

It's especially puzzling because, as everyone knows, they're just like us -- we are all the same under the skin (the African Negroes and the White people of Western Civilizaton).

Monday, March 18, 2013


by Val Koinen
March 18, 2013

Here's the thing... There is just too much hatred in the world.

Have you ever been upset or disappointed about something and just blurted out, "...I hate that!"? I know I've done that. And many times I have heard people start to give their opinion on something or other by saying, "...you know what I really hate?" Well, that kind of speech is, more often than not, just uncalled for and unnecessary.

Sure, the Bible says there is a "time to hate...", but that doesn't mean it is OK to just go around hating anybody or anything any damned time you want to!

What we have to do, it seems to me, is reserve our hatred for the things that really matter.

We can reduce the amount of hatred that is "out there" in the world just by holding our emotions in check, holding our tongues, and behaving a little better.

For example, I personally don't appreciate merchants who price things at $X dollars and 99 cents (for example $9.99) (so the object seems to be bargain-priced because it doesn't have the visual impact of being in the $10.00-plus category). To me, that is silly. Even deceitful. So it is kind of irritating and annoying, but I don't hate the stores and people who do that.

I don't really appreciate the way soap manufacturers put so much damned glycerine or whatever it is they put in their soap bars that makes them so slippery you can't pick them up or hold onto them. Sure, it's a botheration and an aggravation that I've had to put up with my entire life. But I don't have to hate it, or hate them for making their soap that way. (Still, you would think it would occur to them that not all of us might want or appreciate slippery soap, for chrissakes.)

I don't especially appreciate people who empty their car ashtrays in parking lots. Or men who don't flush public urinals. I think those kinds of behavior are abhorrent. But I don't have to hate them for behaving that way.

Heck, there are a whole bunch of things that I don't especially prefer or appreciate. They range all the way from simple irritants and things I think are just plain silly or stupid; up through being nasty and truly upsetting; and all the way to things I think are disgusting and abominable. For example people who insist on using unfamiliar and undecipherable acronyms in place of real words (when I don't know what the hell they stand for). And things like quick-flick video shots in TV commercials; "Black Friday" midnight merchandise-marauding mobs; all the Internet news stories presented as videos (as though I don't know how to read) (and with lead-in commercials of course); backward baseball caps and falling-off-the-ass pants worn by young men (both Negroes and White "Whiggers"); pretty young ladies, even with cute and nicely dressed babies in tow, who wear "fashionably" ragged and worn blue jeans with big holes in them (and gladly pay good money -- usually their daddys' money -- for them); and the excessive, tribally primitive and savage "tats" and piercings sported by so many of our young White people.

Those are the kinds of things that can cause me to shake my head and roll my eyes. Some are worse than others, more comparable to getting dog dung on my shoes. But even when they really tick me off, I don't have to hate them!

(Oh, yeah, I could go on and on about such things as the fatso women riding their carts around Walmart, telephone solicitors, over-pouring and spilling liquids in TV commercials (just because the camera can capture images of some drink spilling out on a tabletop), lousy drivers, and more; but you would just get the idea that I am a crazy old curmudgeon who doesn't like hardly anything or anybody.)

Anyhow, by way of trying to do my part to help make this a better world, I have just flat-out stopped "hating" all those kinds of things. If you ask me, it's just not necessary to be that hateful.

After all, if there is a place for genuine hatred, shouldn't it be reserved for more serious matters such as real life-and-death, survival, kill-or-be-killed issues and events? And the people responsible for those things? The things that have the potential of ruining some significant aspect of your life or destroying you or the people and things you care the most about?

We do need to remember, in those situations, that hatred can be a normal, natural, and helpful human emotion and reaction. It's not "bad" when used properly and judiciously; in fact it is "normal" when required for self defense, defense of family, etc. In such cases it is merely a defense mechanism that helps a person focus on reality and take the best course of action when faced with something harmful, a serious danger, a potentially lethal adversary, or a situation that requires a strong and timely defense response.

So in that spirit of reducing the amount of hatred "out there" and limiting my own hatred to the things that really matter, I have resolved to allow myself to "hate" only those things that truly threaten myself, my family, my country, and/or my people. Things like:

- Jewish control of our government by way of their financial clout, ingroup networking, and media  control.

- Jewish distortion and destruction of our culture by way of their control of entertainment media (TV, movies, music industry).

- Jewish mind-control and opinion-shaping ("brainwashing") via their media control.

- Jewish promotion of family-destructive radical feminism.

- Predominately Jewish efforts to "normalize" and even promote homosexuality and pornography (and lately even beginning with regard to pedophilia and other sexual degeneracies).

- Jewish financial control and crimes (involving bankers and brokers; and Federal Reserve and Securities and Exchange Commission bigshots, for example).

- The Jewish "holohoax" scam.

- Fighting wars for Israel.

- Jewish efforts to marginalize, dispossess, and essentially genocide our people out of existence.

- The hypocritical way the Jews demand that Israel remains and is referred to as a "Jewish State" while they work to make America a multi-racial, non-White-majority nation.

- Excessive, artificial, and unrealistic in-our-faces Negro presence in TV shows and commercials (more Jewish propaganda to "change the face of America").

- Ditto in print advertising.

- Outrageously disproportionate and horrible Negro crimes perpetrated against White people.

- Likewise, Mestizo crimes committed on White victims.

- Our being dispossessed by Mestizo hordes (largely as a result of Jewish-led immigration legislation and policies).

- Costs to the productive White taxpayers of Negro and Mestizo crime, healthcare, and other welfare costs.

- Negro and Mestizo "destruction" of so many of our once-great cities.

- Government lies about almost everything; but particularly about multiculturalism and diversity, and about neocon warmongering.

- Mainstream media lies and anti-White propaganda; and as one example, the way the Jew-controlled media covers up Black-on-White crime.

- Lying to our children and young adults in schools; especially in history, social and political studies, from the lower grades all the way through college.

- The fact that there are so many otherwise good White people who just absolutely refuse to listen to or see the truth and seriousness of the above (racial reality, historical truth, and the evil and destructive actions and behavior of the "complicit and culpable" Jews).

I think most people would agree the things listed above are more than just minor annoyances. They are serious things that are really deserving of not only universal recognition, but the deep and abiding hatred of every sane, reasonably intelligent, moral, and caring White person in America.

And for that reason I'm sorry to have to report that even without any more hatred for the "little things," as discussed at the outset, there will still be plenty of hate to go around. But it isn't our fault. It is the fault of those who are trying to destroy us and our Western Civilization. And make no mistake -- it is the Jewish hatred of Whites that is the ultimate, underlying cause of all this "defensive hatred" on our part.

Probably the most important message we should take from all this is: Once we get more of our people to wake up to these situations, we White Americans need to do whatever is necessary to restore our right to live quality lives, among our own people and sharing our own common culture; in this, our own country.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


by Val Koinen
March 14, 2013

The assault on White people never lets up. It just goes on and on, day after day. Here are a few especially interesting articles gleaned from routine browsing of the alternate media and White-interest (White Nationalist) websites and blogs. Some of these things read like "news from the front" written by war correspondents.

As background, you might want to review my earlier essay: "The Other War" (The Ongoing War Against White People)

A really good overview of the problem, nicely written in a "friendly" tone: Hey Whitey . . . by Fiona McLeod

It's not bad enough that we let these illegal aliens invade and conquer large portions of our country; now we are supposed to apologize to them?: We Owe Illegals an Apology? by John Rocker

Every day in every way they keep pushing, pushing, pushing: Texas 6th Graders Design Flags for a New Socialist Nation by Kyle Olson

There is really nothing new about it:  The New World Order is "Communism" by Henry Makow

More government-sponsored anti-White activism:
Wis. education officials want students to wear 'white privilege' wristbands by Kyle Olson
and: Wisconsin State Government is funding hatred against white people by Council of Conservative Citizens
and: White Students--Bow Your Heads! by LimeLite

If only more of our people understood what is really going on and who is doing it: The End of Sovereign America by Brother Nathanael

As usual, Incogman posts the horrific truth: Great New Video on the "White Privilege" BS by Incog Man

Of course the assault on our society has been going on for a very long time, and our adversaries have always pursued their agenda any which way they could. This one might be disputed by many of our good women, but I do agree with those who feel this is one of the things that "went wrong" and weakened our Eurocentric society: How Female Suffrage Destroyed Western Civilization by ramzpaul

Monday, March 11, 2013


by Val Koinen
March 11, 2013

How can a people (any people, but especially our people -- White people) expect to survive if they have no racial awareness; no racial consciousness?

The answer: they can't, and they won't.

Don't you think that is just a little worrisome, when you realize that is the modern, "acceptable," and prevalent situation with so many deracinated American White people today? When you realize that is the legally mandated situation in many cases?

It's clearly self-destructive to the point of being suicidal in this genetically competitive natural world of ours. But it isn't just a matter of racial suicide. When we factor in the role the media-controlling, culture-bending Jews have played in shaping our (and especially our children's) thinking about race, it isn't just suicide -- it's actually more akin to genocide.

All the other races have, and are encouraged to have, an acute sense of racial identity, togetherness, and in-group solidarity. While we majority tax-paying Whites are forced by our government to support their racially-motivated behavior, activities, and even aggressiveness in all kinds of ways -- for example by enacting laws and providing countless millions of tax dollars for non-White racial preferences, entitlements, and government funding of their activities; by legal favoritism and support; and more. That is true of just about every non-White group excepting perhaps the Asians; and it is especially true of the Negro, Mestizo, Muslim, and Jewish minorities.

And then -- going back to the original question and considering its implications and ramifications a little more deeply -- the fact is, in America (and other still-White countries) our people have not only lost our racial consciousness -- we are actively discouraged and in some cases even prohibited by law and Jew-molded public attitudes (societal "norms") from having and expressing that racial consciousness.

It is now politically-incorrect, taboo, and essentially forbidden -- and in some cases even illegal -- for Whites to exhibit just about any kind of racial consciousness and pride. If you don't understand that, just give some thought to the way you and your children would be treated if you would dare to just express some perfectly factual and reasonable observation about the best interests of White people, or pride in and concern about your White heritage or culture, or the social costs and hugely disproportionate criminality of the Negro and Mestizo underclass; say for example when you are applying for a job or on the job, in a classroom, in your church, or at some social gathering. (What's that you hear -- the sounds of shock, revulsion, name-calling, angry and ill-founded accusations, rejection, and ostracism?) (And yes, the term "underclass" is well considered and appropriate. Those groups do comprise an underclass of American society, and they will always be an underclass until they completely overwhelm and dispossess the White population. It's just what they are. It's genetic, you see -- they are different subspecies of humanity.)

I guess the next big question then is -- why in hell do we continue to put up with that kind of anti-White discrimination -- that outrage -- here in our own country?