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Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Monday, March 18, 2013


by Val Koinen
March 18, 2013

Here's the thing... There is just too much hatred in the world.

Have you ever been upset or disappointed about something and just blurted out, "...I hate that!"? I know I've done that. And many times I have heard people start to give their opinion on something or other by saying, "...you know what I really hate?" Well, that kind of speech is, more often than not, just uncalled for and unnecessary.

Sure, the Bible says there is a "time to hate...", but that doesn't mean it is OK to just go around hating anybody or anything any damned time you want to!

What we have to do, it seems to me, is reserve our hatred for the things that really matter.

We can reduce the amount of hatred that is "out there" in the world just by holding our emotions in check, holding our tongues, and behaving a little better.

For example, I personally don't appreciate merchants who price things at $X dollars and 99 cents (for example $9.99) (so the object seems to be bargain-priced because it doesn't have the visual impact of being in the $10.00-plus category). To me, that is silly. Even deceitful. So it is kind of irritating and annoying, but I don't hate the stores and people who do that.

I don't really appreciate the way soap manufacturers put so much damned glycerine or whatever it is they put in their soap bars that makes them so slippery you can't pick them up or hold onto them. Sure, it's a botheration and an aggravation that I've had to put up with my entire life. But I don't have to hate it, or hate them for making their soap that way. (Still, you would think it would occur to them that not all of us might want or appreciate slippery soap, for chrissakes.)

I don't especially appreciate people who empty their car ashtrays in parking lots. Or men who don't flush public urinals. I think those kinds of behavior are abhorrent. But I don't have to hate them for behaving that way.

Heck, there are a whole bunch of things that I don't especially prefer or appreciate. They range all the way from simple irritants and things I think are just plain silly or stupid; up through being nasty and truly upsetting; and all the way to things I think are disgusting and abominable. For example people who insist on using unfamiliar and undecipherable acronyms in place of real words (when I don't know what the hell they stand for). And things like quick-flick video shots in TV commercials; "Black Friday" midnight merchandise-marauding mobs; all the Internet news stories presented as videos (as though I don't know how to read) (and with lead-in commercials of course); backward baseball caps and falling-off-the-ass pants worn by young men (both Negroes and White "Whiggers"); pretty young ladies, even with cute and nicely dressed babies in tow, who wear "fashionably" ragged and worn blue jeans with big holes in them (and gladly pay good money -- usually their daddys' money -- for them); and the excessive, tribally primitive and savage "tats" and piercings sported by so many of our young White people.

Those are the kinds of things that can cause me to shake my head and roll my eyes. Some are worse than others, more comparable to getting dog dung on my shoes. But even when they really tick me off, I don't have to hate them!

(Oh, yeah, I could go on and on about such things as the fatso women riding their carts around Walmart, telephone solicitors, over-pouring and spilling liquids in TV commercials (just because the camera can capture images of some drink spilling out on a tabletop), lousy drivers, and more; but you would just get the idea that I am a crazy old curmudgeon who doesn't like hardly anything or anybody.)

Anyhow, by way of trying to do my part to help make this a better world, I have just flat-out stopped "hating" all those kinds of things. If you ask me, it's just not necessary to be that hateful.

After all, if there is a place for genuine hatred, shouldn't it be reserved for more serious matters such as real life-and-death, survival, kill-or-be-killed issues and events? And the people responsible for those things? The things that have the potential of ruining some significant aspect of your life or destroying you or the people and things you care the most about?

We do need to remember, in those situations, that hatred can be a normal, natural, and helpful human emotion and reaction. It's not "bad" when used properly and judiciously; in fact it is "normal" when required for self defense, defense of family, etc. In such cases it is merely a defense mechanism that helps a person focus on reality and take the best course of action when faced with something harmful, a serious danger, a potentially lethal adversary, or a situation that requires a strong and timely defense response.

So in that spirit of reducing the amount of hatred "out there" and limiting my own hatred to the things that really matter, I have resolved to allow myself to "hate" only those things that truly threaten myself, my family, my country, and/or my people. Things like:

- Jewish control of our government by way of their financial clout, ingroup networking, and media  control.

- Jewish distortion and destruction of our culture by way of their control of entertainment media (TV, movies, music industry).

- Jewish mind-control and opinion-shaping ("brainwashing") via their media control.

- Jewish promotion of family-destructive radical feminism.

- Predominately Jewish efforts to "normalize" and even promote homosexuality and pornography (and lately even beginning with regard to pedophilia and other sexual degeneracies).

- Jewish financial control and crimes (involving bankers and brokers; and Federal Reserve and Securities and Exchange Commission bigshots, for example).

- The Jewish "holohoax" scam.

- Fighting wars for Israel.

- Jewish efforts to marginalize, dispossess, and essentially genocide our people out of existence.

- The hypocritical way the Jews demand that Israel remains and is referred to as a "Jewish State" while they work to make America a multi-racial, non-White-majority nation.

- Excessive, artificial, and unrealistic in-our-faces Negro presence in TV shows and commercials (more Jewish propaganda to "change the face of America").

- Ditto in print advertising.

- Outrageously disproportionate and horrible Negro crimes perpetrated against White people.

- Likewise, Mestizo crimes committed on White victims.

- Our being dispossessed by Mestizo hordes (largely as a result of Jewish-led immigration legislation and policies).

- Costs to the productive White taxpayers of Negro and Mestizo crime, healthcare, and other welfare costs.

- Negro and Mestizo "destruction" of so many of our once-great cities.

- Government lies about almost everything; but particularly about multiculturalism and diversity, and about neocon warmongering.

- Mainstream media lies and anti-White propaganda; and as one example, the way the Jew-controlled media covers up Black-on-White crime.

- Lying to our children and young adults in schools; especially in history, social and political studies, from the lower grades all the way through college.

- The fact that there are so many otherwise good White people who just absolutely refuse to listen to or see the truth and seriousness of the above (racial reality, historical truth, and the evil and destructive actions and behavior of the "complicit and culpable" Jews).

I think most people would agree the things listed above are more than just minor annoyances. They are serious things that are really deserving of not only universal recognition, but the deep and abiding hatred of every sane, reasonably intelligent, moral, and caring White person in America.

And for that reason I'm sorry to have to report that even without any more hatred for the "little things," as discussed at the outset, there will still be plenty of hate to go around. But it isn't our fault. It is the fault of those who are trying to destroy us and our Western Civilization. And make no mistake -- it is the Jewish hatred of Whites that is the ultimate, underlying cause of all this "defensive hatred" on our part.

Probably the most important message we should take from all this is: Once we get more of our people to wake up to these situations, we White Americans need to do whatever is necessary to restore our right to live quality lives, among our own people and sharing our own common culture; in this, our own country.

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