White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Monday, March 11, 2013


by Val Koinen
March 11, 2013

How can a people (any people, but especially our people -- White people) expect to survive if they have no racial awareness; no racial consciousness?

The answer: they can't, and they won't.

Don't you think that is just a little worrisome, when you realize that is the modern, "acceptable," and prevalent situation with so many deracinated American White people today? When you realize that is the legally mandated situation in many cases?

It's clearly self-destructive to the point of being suicidal in this genetically competitive natural world of ours. But it isn't just a matter of racial suicide. When we factor in the role the media-controlling, culture-bending Jews have played in shaping our (and especially our children's) thinking about race, it isn't just suicide -- it's actually more akin to genocide.

All the other races have, and are encouraged to have, an acute sense of racial identity, togetherness, and in-group solidarity. While we majority tax-paying Whites are forced by our government to support their racially-motivated behavior, activities, and even aggressiveness in all kinds of ways -- for example by enacting laws and providing countless millions of tax dollars for non-White racial preferences, entitlements, and government funding of their activities; by legal favoritism and support; and more. That is true of just about every non-White group excepting perhaps the Asians; and it is especially true of the Negro, Mestizo, Muslim, and Jewish minorities.

And then -- going back to the original question and considering its implications and ramifications a little more deeply -- the fact is, in America (and other still-White countries) our people have not only lost our racial consciousness -- we are actively discouraged and in some cases even prohibited by law and Jew-molded public attitudes (societal "norms") from having and expressing that racial consciousness.

It is now politically-incorrect, taboo, and essentially forbidden -- and in some cases even illegal -- for Whites to exhibit just about any kind of racial consciousness and pride. If you don't understand that, just give some thought to the way you and your children would be treated if you would dare to just express some perfectly factual and reasonable observation about the best interests of White people, or pride in and concern about your White heritage or culture, or the social costs and hugely disproportionate criminality of the Negro and Mestizo underclass; say for example when you are applying for a job or on the job, in a classroom, in your church, or at some social gathering. (What's that you hear -- the sounds of shock, revulsion, name-calling, angry and ill-founded accusations, rejection, and ostracism?) (And yes, the term "underclass" is well considered and appropriate. Those groups do comprise an underclass of American society, and they will always be an underclass until they completely overwhelm and dispossess the White population. It's just what they are. It's genetic, you see -- they are different subspecies of humanity.)

I guess the next big question then is -- why in hell do we continue to put up with that kind of anti-White discrimination -- that outrage -- here in our own country?

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