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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A beautiful spring morning in America... and what have we here? JUST ANOTHER DAY IN THE DIVERSITY DUMPSTER

by Val Koinen
April 21, 2013

Before joining me in this quick review of just a few of this morning's news items that illustrate how "diversity is our strength" and prove without a doubt that "multiculturalism is a beautiful thing," you might want to brush up on the situation by reading my May 28, 2010 essay "Is This What You Had in Mind?"  Or if you prefer, you could do that after you scan the items below.  Either way, if you do read that article, it might give you a little better understanding of what is happening day-by-day in America on the immigration and diversity fronts.

Reaping the Rewards of Diversity

First up this morning, of course, is the deluge of news articles about the Boston Marathon bombing of Monday afternoon, April 15 and the subsequent search for the perpetrators.  And among them we are now beginning to see more and more articles concerning the background of the two likely perps:  older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev (26, killed early Friday morning) and younger brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (19, wounded and captured Friday evening).

These two Chechen imports have been in this country for about 10 years.  Tamerlan had returned to Russia for about six months last year before coming back to live in the Boston area.  He was here legally, although his application for citizenship had been held up and he was not a U.S. citizen. He reportedly had some difficulty assimilating in our society, although he did have some success as an aspiring boxer. He was apparently the more religious of the two, and had apparently become a radicalized Muslim of sorts (maybe intensified during and since his trip to Russia).  Younger brother Dzhokhar, a college student, became a U.S. citizen about six months ago.  Those who know him say he was just a "regular guy," and was very well adjusted to life in America.  He liked to socialize and party.

So here is how our wonderful diversity-based policies come into play:  First, we let this non-White, non-ethnically European, ethnically Chechen, Muslim family come into our country.  (Chechens such as these being a kind of mixture of Asian (Turkish), Semitic types?)  Then, when the parents decide to return home a few years ago, we let the two brothers stay behind, even though one was still a 15-year-old minor. Older brother Tamerlan was later married to a (presumably White) American woman and they had a child.  He reportedly liked to get rough with his wife from time to time.  A domestic violence complaint was filed against him on one occasion, but apparently he was never arrested or formally charged?  That may have had something to do with his citizenship being delayed or denied; although other reports indicate that he was interviewed by the FBI at some point, at the request of the Russians, and that may have been the reason when it turned up in a background check.  But as a testament to our gloriously lenient, liberal, and diverse immigration laws and policies, he was still here, and still here legally.

His younger and more "Americanized" brother Dzhokhar, meanwhile, had become just a normal American college student.  Our wonderful immigration process had bestowed American citizenship upon him, and as you can see, he enjoyed doing marijuana and living a diverse lifestyle, at least one of his best friends being a Negro (here is an article that shows what a great All-American lifestyle he enjoyed -- just the kind of lifestyle the establishment would like all of our young people to follow).

Ah, yes, diversity.  Here is one more tidbit from Boston.  Just this past Saturday, April 20, at a memorial ceremony in Fenway Park at the start of a Boston Red Sox baseball game, Negro slugger David Ortiz had a few words to say.  So, being an outstanding example of what the true-American, diversity-and-multiculturalism mantra tells us we should all try to be, he says "This is our f**cking city" while raising his arm in the closed-fist salute of "black power" advocates (here).

Still more wonderful news about our beautifully diverse immigration situation (here).  Just can't get enough of these African Negro immigrants, can we (disease-ridden though they may be)?  (And if you think all the Mestizo illegals flooding into our country from south-of-the border are much better off when it comes to disease and immunizations, and protecting us White American citizens in our communities, think again.)  More information on immigration immunizations here.

And just one more glimpse into the American Negro mind-set provided by the news this morning; one more taste of the beauty and inclusiveness of diversity and multiculturalism.  I couldn't help but notice this one (dated last Friday) -- an Obama-defending Negress middle-school counselor in Texas has been "relieved of her duties" by the school district for opining on her Facebook page:  "Its amazing how the "whites" get angry when Obama speaks.  Oh well....its most of the whites who is getting blown away.  So they will soon be wiped from the earth.  Lol."  (I guess she was referring to the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion.)

At least we might be seeing some justice in that instance (her being relieved of all of her duties).  (But note in the article that she claims her Facebook account was hacked, and has denied that she would ever write a comment such as that.)  We'll see.

Yes, as it's plain to see, what we need here in America is more diversity -- fewer White people and more Negroes, Mestizos, Muslims and Semites, Pacific Islanders, Asiatics of all kinds, and on and on ad nauseam.  Like ex-President "filthy Bill" Clinton once said in a speech to Portland State University students in Portland, Oregon (June 13, 1998), it's a wonderful thing that in just a few short years we will no longer have any racial majority in America (meaning, Whites will no longer be a majority).  Now, as illustrated by the above articles and many others every day, that's something we can all celebrate.  Isn't it?

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