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Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Monday, April 15, 2013


... being an explanatory generalization of what is happening to the White race (our dispossession and demise)

by Val Koinen
April 15, 2013

It's clear now -- we should all be able to see what is happening to our people right now, here in America (and in other White nations worldwide for that matter), day by day, year after year.

There was a time when we White people (our forebears) pretty much controlled and dominated the darker "others" whenever and wherever we encountered them. We knew instinctively that was the natural thing to do. And we did it.

In fact, in times past we conquered and dominated them in their majority-native lands. Civilization was thus brought to what would become the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Rhodesia, South Africa, and other places; and those places were developed by Whites ever since those earlier times when the native presence was civilizationally and comparatively inconsequential. That kind of White colonization and domination is now a thing of the past just as a matter of geopolitical reality. Times change. That is probably as it should be, with regard to new colonizing ventures by anyone.

In all cases down through history wherein we did not control and dominate the colored peoples and maintain some form of prudent separation from them, the societies we built up were ultimately weakened or even destroyed. What we seem to have forgotten is that if we do not dominate the non-Whites in our environments -- in our nations of origin and the other predominately White-controlled societies we created -- they will overwhelm us, dispossess us socially and politically, and in some cases even eventually eradicate us genetically. That has been true to some substantial degree all over the globe, in such places as different and far removed from one another in space and time as Egypt, Brazil, Mexico, elsewhere in South and Central America, Rhodesia, South Africa, and Haiti. It has even happened to a significant extent in White homelands such as Portugal, Greece, Italy, and Spain. And it is now happening throughout Europe (France, Germany, England and elsewhere), in Australia, and in the United States.

And yes, there is such a thing as "benevolent dominance." Controlling the situation by dominating the darker underclass, as is our natural right in some cases and places, doesn't necessarily mean that we have to "rule over" other peoples in a despotic way, subjugate them, or even necessarily behave in the manner of a "ruling class." The key, I think, lies in stopping and reversing the influx of non-Whites into our nations, along with a judicious combination of situational dominance and separatism.

But the problem in this modern-day world is that we have been told (and we teach our children) that it isn't fair, isn't sufficiently obedient with regard to toeing the "equality" line, to dominate other peoples on a racial basis; even in our own White societies. That it isn't the "way to be," the "right thing to do" (it just isn't the way things are done anymore in these more enlightened and cosmopolitan times).

We have also been told that the huge demographic changes America is undergoing are natural and just, benign, even something to be welcomed and even celebrated. When obviously, from the standpoint of White America, none of those things are true.

Of course, the truth is that we have come to believe all that social/biological nonsense largely as a result of Jewish brainwashing, politically-correct ultraliberalism, enslavement to the illegitimate precepts of "political correctness," and feminine "wimpism."

That way of thinking is, however, unnatural and just plain wrong. And it is essentially wrongheaded in the context of objective reality; and even deadly from the standpoints of the natural order of things, genetic competition among racial subspecies, and biological survival. But, sadly, we have succumbed to that Jew-induced, soft-headed "mind-set"; we have become convinced that the old way was cruel and wrong and that the new way is the modern, sophisticated, properly egalitarian, "diverse and multicultural" way to be. We have been taught that it is wrong to be strong. That it is right not to fight; that we should not strive to survive.

The problem with that approach is that it is a simple, natural (biological) fact that we cannot have any natural racial order and progression in this world -- we Whites can't even hope to survive -- if we abdicate our rightful place in the natural order of things. If we do that we become as turtles, drawn into our shells; about to be crushed by forces we have failed to foresee, evaluate objectively, combat, and control. And I just cannot bring myself to see how that could possibly be a good thing from our standpoint (and yes, we do have the right -- even the duty -- to look at things from our perspective -- with our self interests in mind).

And keep this in mind too: in this modern-day world, the fact of the matter is that the underlying theme of this essay -- natural and justifiable White racial dominance in some places and circumstances -- is really nothing more than a defensive strategy. Once again -- if we don't dominate them, then they will surely dominate us. And that domination of Whites by the "people of color" will most assuredly not be benevolent by any stretch of the imagination. It will comprise large-scale and widespread repressions of all kinds, economic slavery, assaults, torture, rape, murder, and eventual genocide. In fact, we are already beginning to see those things happen all over America and in other White nations as well.

It is really a sad, even pathetic situation. It seems we White people have gone from dominating the colored people in our countries to being afraid to even stand up to them. And while it is true that the complicit and culpable Jews had something to do with that -- had a lot to do with it -- we really have no one to blame but ourselves.

Nevertheless we do still have the numbers, the ability, and the means to lawfully dominate our own countries in the social/political sense. The question then is -- "will enough of our people wake up to these racial realities, and awaken in time, to retake control of our nations and prevent our total dispossession and genocide?" We can only hope that the answer is "yes."

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