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Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Monday, April 1, 2013


by Val Koinen
April 1, 2013

I have been giving quite a lot of thought lately to terminating my blog posting -- retiring -- giving up. I have pretty much run out of ideas, and after all, it is beginning to look more and more as though we American White people have just about run out of all the fundamental things we absolutely must have if we hope to turn our sorry situation around: time, numbers, racial awareness and pride, and the will to persist, survive, and succeed.

And on top of all that, it is becoming more and more evident to me that American Whites suffer from some kind of mass psychosis (Jew-induced, no doubt). How else can we explain so many of the anti-White kinds of things that are happening in our society today? Or the way so many of my personal acquaintances and relatives are just so genuinely shocked and aghast when I say virtually anything prideful about our White race; or anything even to the slightest degree critical of non-Whites or Jews; or anything at all about true World War II history, the "holohoax," etc.? Our people have been so thoroughly deracinated that they no longer seem to have any sense of racial pride or legitimacy, and no awareness of historical truth and reality.

While I'm not delusional, and don't think I am all that great a thinker or writer, I am reasonably satisfied with, maybe even somewhat proud of what I have been able to accomplish these past few years. I think I have made a good many legitimate observations and analyses, and I have tried my best to "spread the word." But, of course, the reality is that those efforts have reached very few people, have had little effect, and have done little good.

I hate to say it, but I have now come to believe that trying to inform people, to wake them up and explain things to them, and working within our existing political system, just are not enough. Those efforts cannot succeed because of the country's demographic changes as they have now come to dominate our voting process; and because of the stranglehold the Jews have over our media (and therefore public opinion), entertainment (and therefore culture), financial structure (and therefore economic wellbeing and power), academia (and therefore the indoctrination of our young); and politics and government (and therefore our liberty and freedom).

And add to all that the fact that I am nearing 75 years of age and getting older by the minute (aren't we all?). It has become more and more difficult for me to generate new thinking about all the world-changing events taking place these days; to sit down and write about those things and about long-standing racial-reality issues and Jewish perfidy; and even to just think and write clearly for that matter.

Other, younger people can and do such a much better job at blogging, and they also have the ability to search out other approaches that just might be more effective. At least I certainly hope they can do those things.

Nevertheless, with all that in mind, and following up on my previous post "Congratulations, Jews ..." (Feb. 9, 2013), I am compelled to consider the question "is it really too late?" Well yes, and sadly, it is probably already too late. Or at least very nearly so.


Not a chance! Not on your life! There is no way this old man is going to just give up and quit plugging away at the most important work he has ever done. Even if he is not much good at it; even if almost nobody reads his writings; even if no one gives a damn. After all, if a man won't fight for the survival of his own people -- even in the face of terrible odds -- what good is he to his family, or even to himself? To anyone?

Remember, if we just give up, we know what is in store for us. In spite of all the above, I still think we must not give up -- we must never give up. We must redouble our efforts to wake our White kinsmen up to this rapidly descending tragedy. We are still a racial majority in America (for just a few more short years). That being so, now is the time to work -- to fight -- for our redemption and our very survival.

Just a dream, maybe. But enough reason to continue with my work, for whatever value it might have. My writing may well seem to some to be more like polemical rantings than anything else -- racist, anti-Semitic, even repetitious propaganda. But so what? There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, more of that kind of thing is sorely needed; it could prompt, or at least contribute to, waking up more of our people and doing some real good.

After all, it is possible that just one intelligent, presentable, passionate, and persuasive young man will someday come across a post on this blog and will be inspired to do some follow-up research and then maybe, just maybe, change his worldview. And developing that admittedly optimistic scenario a little further, it is even possible that such a young man could someday become a leader of our people in a successful effort to bring about some real change that would benefit the White race, and then maybe even lead our people to social/political redemption and re-empowerment.

In fact, that remote possibility -- that "fantasy" if you will -- is all the reason I need to keep at it -- to keep up the "good fight." I just wish more of our people would start doing whatever they are capable of doing to work toward such a noble end!


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