White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Sunday, June 16, 2013


by Val Koinen
June 16, 2013

Sure, Negroes are just like us White people of European descent.  It's no secret that 'diversity is our strength' and multiculturalism (multiracialism) is a beautiful thing.  And we all know why it is so important that we import more Somali, Nigerian, and other black Africans into our White towns and cities here in America.  After all, 'we're all the same under the skin,' aren't we?  There's really no such thing as 'race,' is there?  Race is just a 'social construct,' isn't it?  Even more integration and race-mixing in our communities will provide the solution to all our racial problems, won't they?

Just have a look at the following stories and countless others like them that you can easily find with a quick search of the internet.  Maybe they will help convince you of the truth and good sense of the above comments, and provide you with the correct answers to the above questions; do you think?

'Community organizing' in Africa (story here)
What Africans can teach us about albinos and how they should be treated (here)
The advanced state of African air travel (here)
The miracle of Black dominance in Detroit  (here)
Children at play in Port-au-Prince (here)

If we can just make them more aware of the kinds of truth and objective reality revealed by these kinds of reports; it would seem that even the dullest of our White people would realize how evil, hateful, and bigoted it is for them to always be thinking of their own White interests.  Why 'racism' is such a terrible thing (at least when practiced by White people).

And then, with just a little more of this kind of research and effort on our part, maybe we could get more of our people to understand why radical feminism; the 'gay' lifestyle; providing a path to citizenship (amnesty) for tens of millions of illegal-alien Mestizo immigrants and their offspring and relatives; more genetic mixing with 'people of color;' more wars for Israel; and even more social, political, and economic subservience to Jews (the 'chosen people') here on the homefront are also keys to the utopian society we all desire down deep in our hearts.

One can only hope.

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