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Work for what's good for our people
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Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


by Val Koinen
July 23, 2013

I have to admit it -- this Zimmerman thing is starting to get to me. Every day in reports of the mainstream media we see more insanity -- more raw exposure of ignorance and/or stupidity, social savagery, and anti-White racism on the part of the Black race-hustlers and mobs, self-hating White hyper-liberals (Negro worshippers and race traitors), and high-level government officials. And that is on top of all the outrageous nonsense that was dished out leading up to Zimmerman's trial and during the trial itself.

The Black reaction to the 'not guilty' verdict, as stirred up by the likes of Trayvon Martin's seemingly perjurious parents, their shyster lawyer Ben Crump, race hustler and riot-inciter Al Sharpton, and our mutated-government mulatto twins Eric Holder and Barack Obama; and as a result of the misrepresentations vehemently regurgitated every day by the Jewish-controlled mainstream media; is, by all standards of rationality and decency, outlandishly ignorant and wrong on so many levels.

Key elements of this bizarre episode as it has unfolded thus far:

George Zimmerman was acting properly -- even admirably -- being a helpful citizen and neighbor. If there was any profiling going on by Zimmerman, it was totally rational, reasonable, and proper, in light of all the recent burglaries in the area that had been committed by young Black males. Actually, testimony of the charming and convincing prosecution witness Rachel Jeantel made it clear that it was Trayvon Martin who was doing the racial profiling.

Zimmerman legally defended himself against what was almost certainly an unprovoked, brutal, felonious attack by the would-be hoodlum Martin.

Month after month ever since the shooting, the portrayal of Martin in the press has been distorted, deceitful, and dishonest. He was not a diminutive, angelic twelve-year-old. He was tall and lean, and a strong fighter by training and disposition. He was a drug user and probably an owner and/or dealer of one or more guns (illegal firearms, considering his age). He had been suspended from school multiple times, apparently for drug use and fighting. He had been caught in possession of a probable burglary tool and multiple items of women's jewelry of unexplained origin.

Then there was the Martin family/Sharpton/Jackson media circus that put pressure on the State of Florida to belatedly charge Zimmerman after the local police had declined to do so because their investigation established that the shooting was indeed an act of self defense and due to their decision that there was no probable cause for arrest and insufficient evidence to convict him of a crime.

Nevertheless our presidential pretender Barack Obama, who self-identifies as a darkie rather than as an American, weighed in with this comment: 'if I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon' (apparently intended to stir up the Blacks and influence the malicious prosecution of Zimmerman).

All along the way there was a concerted attempt to smear Zimmerman as being a racist (when in fact he once took a Black girl to a prom, mentored Negro children, and is part Negro himself).

Zimmerman never should have been charged and tried in the first place. It is no secret that Florida Governor Rick Scott appointed State's Attorney Angela Corey to bring charges against him by way of appeasing the Black rabble. Then, Corey violated the law and professional standards of conduct in charging Zimmerman (including, among other things, by sidestepping the standard procedure of taking the case to a grand jury) (see preceding posts below). This was a political prosecution pure and simple. Malicious prosecution; more akin to persecution. A Soviet-style 'show trial' (except for the outcome, which unfortunately for the powers-that-be, didn't end as they hoped and expected).

Then there was the disgustingly despicable performance of the prosecuting attorneys at trial who based their case almost entirely on numerous outright lies; blatant appeals to emotion as opposed to factuality and reason; their repeated unprofessional histrionics including their constant repetition and oftentimes screaming of filthy language; and their maliciously and falsely accusing Zimmerman of racist motivations.

Through all of this the press and then the prosecution at trial continued to portray Martin as an innocent, helpless, preyed-upon and frightened child (all utter nonsense) (including, the way they tried to hide his real physical size and strength, his thug mentality, and his record).

Essentially all of the trial evidence of substance -- mainly forensics and eyewitness testimony -- corroborated Zimmerman's account and his innocense of any wrongdoing. It was clear that Martin attacked Zimmerman, inflicted grievous injuries upon him, caused him to fear for his wellbeing if not for his very life, and forced him to shoot in self-defense.

Then, thankfully, we got the entirely correct, proper, and legal verdict of 'not guilty.'

Immediately following the trial and the not-guilty verdict, Ms. Corey defamed Zimmerman's character and the justice system she is sworn to uphold by calling Zimmerman a 'murderer.' And then the always rabidly anti-White racist, Attorney General Eric Holder, speaking before an assemblge of Negroes, referred to the shooting as 'unnecessary' (far more than a mere mischaracterization -- an outright lie, as proven by T. Martin's established actions the night of the event and by the verdict). (Again, comments that were apparently designed to stir up the Black demonstrators and rioters?)

Now, for a week running and just as predicted, we have the hyped-up Negro protests and demonstrations and even some relatively low-level rioting. Of course, the people involved believe the distorted accounts that have been fed to them by the press; and of course, their outrage is fueled by the comments of their 'halfrican' heroes Obama and Holder. And of course, far too many of them lack the intelligence to, or are just behaviorally and tribally disposed to refuse to, understand what went down in the trial and the legal correctness of the verdict.

Then Sharpton and Jackson jumped back in, and enlisted the help of Attorney General Holder, who made a big deal of resurrecting a Justice Department investigation in an effort to fabricate a case so the Feds can try Zimmerman for civil rights ('hate-crime') violations. Never mind that an extensive FBI investigation had already been completed that turned up zero evidence of any 'racist' motivations or actions on Zimmerman's part. And as usual, the Negro rabble-rouser and charlatan Al Sharpton is there, front and center, on the wrong side of truthfulness, factuality, reality, and decency (ref. his past performances in the Tawana Brawley and Duke Lacrosse (non)rape cases). Apparently it doesn't bother him in the least that his batting average is now .000.

Now, Obama still seems to be laboring to do all he can to stir up the Black mobs by publicly commenting that what happened to Trayvon Martin could have happened to himself 35 years ago.

Holder and Obama are now spouting off about 're-evaluating' (doing away with) 'stand-your-ground' laws when they know, or should know, that the Zimmerman case had little or nothing to do with stand-your-ground. It was a clearcut case of self-defense (Zimmerman was punched and dropped to the ground and beaten). It wasn't a matter of him standing his ground, because once he was assaulted by Martin he never had the option to retreat or escape).

Before and during the trial, and before the verdict came down, social media were full of illiterate comments posted by Blacks saying that if Zimmerman was not found guilty they would find and kill him, or at least attack random White people. And we are now shown news photos every day that depict Negro mobs holding up placards and signs that openly advocate the revenge killing of George Zimmerman. (Oddly enough, though not all that surprisingly, we don't ever see any of those people being arrested for making those illegal threats.)

And then we are subjected to all the tripe about Blacks -- and especially Black children -- being profiled, followed, and otherwise singled out and treated unfairly or even beaten or killed by White racists and police; when the reality is that in the real world of America's streets and neighborhoods and shopping centers the Negroes are, many times over and on an everyday basis, the perpetrators and aggressors against not only Whites but their fellow Negroes as well, in all areas of violent criminal behavior (and thus well deserve to be watched, profiled, suspected, and feared).

And then Martin's parents take their show on the road to try to stir up more Negro civil disorder and to try to force pro-Negro legal and social change on the country via mob action. So we have Black mobs blocking traffic, destroying property, and attacking, beating, even killing Whites over this non-miscarriage of justice (when the reality is that T. Martin got exactly what he deserved in the circumstances, and that's 'justice').

Another thing worth remembering -- all this is going on in light of the incontrovertible fact that the only bright spots in this sorry episode, beyond Zimmerman's successful defense of his person (his life) after being attacked by a Negro thug; are (1) the exemplary performance of his attorneys Mark O'Mara and Don West, and (2) the not-guilty verdict rendered by the six good women of the jury.

This entire 'justice for Trayvon' fiasco is all 180-degree ass-backwards. It is ridiculous. It is insane. It is infuriating. And it is hugely damaging to our orderly Eurocentric society, our justice system, and our natural right to protect ourselves from Negro savagery.

The question is: when are we Whites going to put our collective foot down and make it clear to everybody -- government, law enforcement, the media, our communities, the Negroes, etc. -- that we have had enough of this lawless anti-White racist behavior, that we are sick and tired of all this savage nonsense, and that we are 'mad as hell and aren't going to take it anymore'? Or maybe the better question is -- are we ever going to do that?

Saturday, July 13, 2013



Jury of six women finds George Zimmerman not guilty of second-degree murder!

I know that if you read this blog you will very seldom get a sense that things are going very well for the White people of America and of the world on any given day.  That is because I try to deal with things from a standpoint of objective reality.  And things have not been going very well.

But today, my friends, is a good day.  Good for George Zimmerman, of course.  But also good for the survival of our judicial system.  Good for our rights of self defense and our second-amendment right to bear arms.  Good for our right to defend ourselves against the onslaught of violent Negro (and other non-White) crimes against our people.  And for that matter, good for our natural right to defend ourselves and our families from all violent predators.  A good day all around.

We Whites owe a debt of gratitude to Zimmerman's attorneys Mark O'Mara and Don West.  And to the six women who sat on the jury -- they did their job, and did it well.  As to the judge and the prosecuting attorneys -- well, not so much.

And most of us can also take pride in the fact that we stood by George Zimmerman through his long ordeal even though he is not a White man.  He is a good man, and that was the right thing to do.  The honorable thing to do.

A good day indeed!


by Val Koinen
July 13, 2013         

We know now, as we have from the outset, that George Zimmerman has committed no crime. Everyone with a scintilla of intelligence and even the most rudimentary sense of justice who has been following this trial knows by now that he was acting in justifiable and legal self defense when he shot Trayvon Martin.

It is abundantly clear that he should never have been charged and put on trial for second- degree murder or any other crime.

It is equally clear that Zimmerman was arrested, charged, and tried because, and only because, the Negroes, Jews, and their ultraliberal/Democrat White lackeys want him convicted in order to:

- appease the civilizationally impaired Black population.

- contribute to the destruction of the concept of White self defense (including 'stand-your-ground' and 'Castle doctrine' laws) countrywide.

- and in particular, eviscerate the ability of Whites to legally defend themselves against rampant, savagely violent Negro crime.

- do away with our second-amendment right to bear arms ('gun rights').

Let's look at just a few of the prosecutorial outrages and other events that have come to light:

(1) Zimmerman being charged in spite of the fact that he was cleared by the initial police investigation and wasn't arrested for 45 days because Sanford police didn't think there was enough evidence to convict him.

(2) But then, only after pressure was brought by the Martin family, their civil attorney Benjamin Crump, rabble-rousers such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and the anti-White Jew-dominated media; State Attorney Angela Corey was brought in to indict Zimmerman for second-degree murder (apparently using illegal tactics and sidestepping the normal grand jury process).

(3) Sanford police chief Bill Lee was then fired because he refused to arrest Zimmerman after he was told to do that, even if charges were likely to be dismissed later (he said his oath of office wouldn't allow him to arrest Zimmerman without probable cause).

(4) Throughout the trial, judge Debra Nelson has overall shown herself to be heavily biased in favor of the prosecution (although admittedly there have been a few flashes of sensibility and fairness).

(5) President Obama's outrageous comment that if he had a son, he would 'look like Trayvon' (apparently intended to justify and stir up Black animosity).

(6) It has been revealed that the U.S. Department of Justice provided funding in the months following the shooting for Negro protest demonstrations (apparent further efforts to stir up the Blacks).

(7) Prosecutor John Guy's ridiculous, non-factual, untruthful, emotional opening statement.

(8) Chief investigator Chris Serino stating that after his investigations and interviews of Zimmerman that he essentially believed his version of events.

(9) The way in which prosecution witness Selene Bahadoor was shown to be biased in favor of Trayvon Martin and against George Zimmerman.

(10) The ludicruous circumstance of allowing the openly and blatantly anti-White racist, hostile, and semi-literate witness Rachel Jenteal to testify as to matters of fact.

(11) Tracy Martin's likely perjury in his testimony about his initially not recognizing his son Trayvon as being the one screaming for help on the Jenna Lauer 911 tape.

(12) Late in the trial, the Defense being barred from presenting testimony as to cell phone records that showed T. Martin's history of 'thug mentality,' fighting, drug use/dealing, gun handling (and dealing?), etc. (hearing testimony of Richard Connor that was not allowed in trial). Also, the Defense not being permitted to disclose T. Martin's recent aggressive fighting (reportedly involving a bus driver), school suspensions for fighting, having been caught with a possible burglary tool and women's jewelry in his backpack, his martial-arts training and activities, and more.

(13) Just yesterday, it was reported that State Attorney Angela Corey has fired Ben Kruidbos, the 'whistleblower' to the State's apparent cover-up of incriminating evidence on T. Martin's cell phone.

(14) The way the media (TV and press) have continuously, since day-one, used years-old pictures of the boyish Trayvon Martin instead of more current photos of the fully grown, adult Black thug he appeared to be just before the day of the shooting.

(15) The way all three prosecuting attorneys, throughout the trial, constantly repeated and screamed the profanities 'assh---s' and 'fu---ng punks; which when calmly uttered by Zimmerman on the tapes were clearly and merely expressions of his situational sentiments that were obviously referring to the recent rash of burglaries his community had suffered and not to any animosity or hatred directed at the individual T. Martin (who he didn't even know).

(16) Even though it was disallowed, the ridiculous and sickening last-minute attempt by the prosecution to add a 'lesser included offense' of third degree felony murder based on 'child abuse.'

(17) In summary, virtually no factual prosecution case whatsoever -- no factual evidence or reliable witness testimony to show guilt.

(18) Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda's embarassingly ridiculous and unprofessional closing statement, replete with lies, emotional nonsense, disgusting and repetitious screaming of profanities.

(19) Prosecutor John Guy's absolutely disgusting, dishonest, and misleading closing (non)rebuttal; including his repeated reference to T. Martin as that 'child,' and the fear he must have felt when being followed home in the darkness by that 'strange man' (when it had been established that Martin was larger and stronger than Zimmerman, and was the aggressor).

(20) Fact that even though sequestered, there is little question, based on the way the prosecution presented their case, that the all-female jury is under a great deal of pressure to find Zimmerman guilty of 'something,' on a sympathetic and emotional rather than a rational basis, in order to appease the Martin family and the potentially riotous Black masses.

(The above thoughts just off the top of my head as I write this post -- I'm sure there are many more telling items that I just can't bring to mind at the moment.) (And, admittedly, my brain has been kind of 'numbed' by the outrageousness of this entire developing travesty.)

Anyway, just some thoughts for this Saturday morning while awaiting the jury's decision.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


by Val Koinen
July 10, 2013

How much more of this anti-White garbage are we American Whites going to tolerate before we start to reclaim our rights and our heritage?  Before we start acting (legally, of course) to redeem ourselves -- to protect our interests and to assert our rights as sovereign citizens of (and the founding majority of) this once-great country?  Before we start defending ourselves (legally, of course) against the horrendous onslaught of black brutality, assault, rape, torture, and murder?

Here, an article on our own Justice Department working (and using our tax dollars) to stir up black demonstrations, which are virtually guaranteed to lead to civil violence ('Report:  Justice Dept. Backed Trayvon Martin Rallies').

Another report here ('Revealed: How taxpayers paid for Justice Department unit to 'support protests after killing of Trayvon Martin').

Please don't forget -- those illicit anti-White, pro-Negro actions were ordered and/or authorized by the U.S. Department of Justice, headed up by mulatto Eric Holder, who answers to mulatto POTUS Barack Hussein Obama.

And looking beyond the damage already done (at our expense and to our best interests as White people), it seems to me that it is reasonable to ask, 'to what extent can this kind of activity be held responsible for all the rioting; property damage; human agony, injury and death; and costs of law enforcement that we are almost certain to be faced with the moment George Zimmerman is acquitted (if that should happen)'?

Stay tuned... we should have some answers next week.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


by Val Koinen
July 7, 2013

The prosecution wound up its (non-existent) case against George Zimmerman last Friday. Pro-prosecution Judge Debra Nelson ruled against a motion by the defense for Judicial Acquittal, and the defense got started with its first couple witnesses.

Despite the introductory comment in my preceding post, I do have some thoughts about these proceedings that I would like to share, by way of summarizing my view of what has transpired up to this point. (I guess I just can't resist offering my own personal take on some of the highlights [or 'low-lights' if you prefer] of events that have transpired so far.)

(1) The 'players':

State's Attorney Angela Corey (brought charges against Zimmerman -- indicted him)
Judge Debra Steinberg Nelson
Defendant: George Zimmerman
  Bernie De La Rionda
  John Guy
  Richard Mantei
Defense Attorneys:
  Mark O'Mara
  Don West

(2) The prosecution has failed utterly to make a case against Zimmerman for second-degree murder, or even for manslaughter for that matter. It is clear now that Zimmerman acted legitimately, in self defense, and is not guilty of any crime under Florida (or Federal) law.

(3) The initial police investigation quite rightfully absolved Zimmerman of guilt in this matter, he wasn't charged for a month and a half, and he should never have been charged, arrested, and put on trial.

(4) The fact that he was later indicted by State's Attorney Angela Corey, who understandably sidestepped the normal process of presenting her case to a grand jury, was a horrendous travesty of justice. It is painfully obvious that the belated charges, arrest, and prosecution of George Zimmerman were motivated by social and political considerations -- mainly, a desire to placate the Negroes who have been whipped up by the Martin/Fulton family members, their civil attorney Benjamin Crump, the perennial anti-White black advocate shysters Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and the Jewish-controlled mainstream media (newspapers, magazines, television). Just about the entire prosecutorial process to date has been reminiscent of the old communist show-trials of Soviet Russia. Ms. Corey is the one who should be on trial (see below), along with all the others responsible for this travesty perpetrated against Zimmerman and the people of Florida.

(5) Further in that regard -- by now it should be clear to anyone who has followed this case and who has a reasonably intelligent and open mind that this trial is tantamount to political persecution by the State of Florida. Zimmerman's arrest and prosecution have been orchestrated to appease the potentially explosive Negro population and to defuse their threats of rioting, murder, and mayhem (initially if he were not prosecuted, and now, if he is not convicted). And to send the message to law-abiding Whites that they can no longer expect to avail themselves of legal means of defending themselves against Negro assaults and brutality. This is nothing less than the State willfully sacrificing an innocent young man and a good citizen to a long prison term -- in effect destroying his very life and the lives of his family members -- in order to pacify and mollify the ever-threatening Negroes. Ancillary purposes are no doubt to contribute to the destruction of the right to bear arms and the right to self-defense and the right to 'stand your ground.'

(6) As an aside, but a very significant one -- the trial has revealed the sorry state of White dispossession in the Sanford (central Florida) area: the large and less-than-fully civilized Negro population; all the non-White neighbors and witnesses in the local multicultural community; all the high-level civil-service job positions held by non-White immigrants from all over the world who can't even speak proper English; the overwhelming presence of black and other non-White law enforcement and courtroom personnel; etc.

(7) It is noteworthy that State's Attorney Angela Corey has herself since been criminally indicted by a Citizens' Grand Jury for (allegedly) falsifying the arrest warrant and complaint against Zimmerman.

(8) Prosecutor John Guy's opening statement was blatantly replete with emotional nonsense and even outright lies, and at the same time was essentially devoid of truthful and factual situational descriptions and argument.

(9) Essentially none of the data and witness testimony presented by the prosecution have done anything whatsoever to disprove the known facts of, and Zimmerman's contention of, acting in justified self defense. Almost all of it has been irrelevant detail and untruthful or at least misinformed opinion which have been 'piled on' in a desperate attempt to overwhelm and intimidate the jury.

(10) Throughout the trial up to this point, Judge Nelson has consistently and blatantly demonstrated her bias in favor of the prosecution (rulings on objections both ways, admissibility of testimony, and other issues). It would appear that she even lied (perjured herself?) on the bench when she ruled against the defense's motion for Judicial Acquittal by stating that she had reviewed all the defense's submissions including case law (which she clearly had not, or at least not in any meaningful and definitive way) (she immediately pronounced her ruling upon completion of both sides' arguments and it was obvious from her demeanor and quick decision that she knew what her ruling would be even before the motion was entertained).

(11) Most of the prosecution's eyewitnesses and earwitnesses turned out to be disasters for their side. One-by-one many of them were turned to the defense's advantage in cross examination -- far beyond what would be required to establish reasonable doubt, and so much so that in several cases the prosecution was forced to try to impeach the initial testimony of their own witnesses on re-direct.

(12) Leadoff prosecution witness, Negress Selene Bahadoor, who, like most who were to follow, could contribute virtually nothing toward establishing any criminal behavior on Zimmerman's part; was exposed under cross-examination as having shown her bias against the defendant. She admitted to having signed a petition on change.org asking for the prosecution of 'the killer of our son Travyon Martin' and to 'liking' a Facebook petition advocating 'justice for Trayvon.'

(13) The prosecution's 'star witness,' teenage Negress Rachel Jenteal, who was supposedly talking to T. Martin on her cell phone in the minutes leading up to the fatal shooting, turned out to be a disaster for their side. Her performance on the stand, together with her posts to social media, combine to reveal her as a near-perfect example of the modern 'Negro youth' character and culture in so many parts of America -- hatefully anti-White racist, drug- and alcohol using (abusing?), semi-literate and probably low I.Q., lacking in social civility and respect for authority (if not actually hostile), and all the rest.

(14) Another of the prosecution's Zimmerman-neighbor (non)witnesses was a woman -- Selma Mora -- a Colombian-born, naturalized U.S. citizen who has been in this country for 12 years, has raised an American-born eight-year-old daughter who presumably attends school in the Sanford community, and who works as an architect, interior designer, and consultant in the construction industry. Yet she had such a limited understanding of and facility with the English language that she required an interpreter in order that she could testify in Spanish. Go figure.

(15) Another prosecution witness, a (?)Madras, India import of dubious background (Medical Examiner Dr. Valerie Rao), testified in a contentious, blatantly biased, anti-Zimmerman manner; saying his injuries were 'very insignificant' and 'non-life-threatening.' And she was allowed to proffer that testimony on the basis of looking at a few photos, never having examined the defendant in person.

(16) The other Medical Examiner to testify, Dr. Shiping Bao, who performed the autopsy on T. Martin, read virtually his entire testimony about everything from pre-prepared notes (including his own background, procedures, staff responsibilities, factual data, etc.); and repeatedly emphasized almost as though he was boasting about it that he knew nothing and had absolutely no (zero) memory of anything, including his work. (Again, you can't make this stuff up: an 'expert witness' who emphasizes that he doesn't know or remember anything, and a non-White American medical-examiner 'team' of Rao and Bao!)

(17) Testimony of the two prosecution eyewitnesses who did have something real, true, meaningful, and significant to say (Jonathan Good and Jonathan Manalo) both bolstered if not proved Zimmerman's case of self-defense. In addition, lead investigator Chris Serino, though he thought at one point there might be enough evidence to try the defendant for manslaughter, said in effect that he believed Zimmerman's version of events. And the testimony of Zimmerman's friend Mark Osterman, even though for some strange reason called as a prosecution witness, clearly indicated that the defendant recounted a logical and consistent story of the happenings and of his acting in self defense immediately after and in the days following the event.

And of course there is more -- much more. Anyone who is genuinely interested can search the internet for countless reports, opinion pieces, and videos of actual testimony.

So -- back to court tomorrow (Monday, July 8) -- let's see where it goes from here.