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Sunday, July 7, 2013


by Val Koinen
July 7, 2013

The prosecution wound up its (non-existent) case against George Zimmerman last Friday. Pro-prosecution Judge Debra Nelson ruled against a motion by the defense for Judicial Acquittal, and the defense got started with its first couple witnesses.

Despite the introductory comment in my preceding post, I do have some thoughts about these proceedings that I would like to share, by way of summarizing my view of what has transpired up to this point. (I guess I just can't resist offering my own personal take on some of the highlights [or 'low-lights' if you prefer] of events that have transpired so far.)

(1) The 'players':

State's Attorney Angela Corey (brought charges against Zimmerman -- indicted him)
Judge Debra Steinberg Nelson
Defendant: George Zimmerman
  Bernie De La Rionda
  John Guy
  Richard Mantei
Defense Attorneys:
  Mark O'Mara
  Don West

(2) The prosecution has failed utterly to make a case against Zimmerman for second-degree murder, or even for manslaughter for that matter. It is clear now that Zimmerman acted legitimately, in self defense, and is not guilty of any crime under Florida (or Federal) law.

(3) The initial police investigation quite rightfully absolved Zimmerman of guilt in this matter, he wasn't charged for a month and a half, and he should never have been charged, arrested, and put on trial.

(4) The fact that he was later indicted by State's Attorney Angela Corey, who understandably sidestepped the normal process of presenting her case to a grand jury, was a horrendous travesty of justice. It is painfully obvious that the belated charges, arrest, and prosecution of George Zimmerman were motivated by social and political considerations -- mainly, a desire to placate the Negroes who have been whipped up by the Martin/Fulton family members, their civil attorney Benjamin Crump, the perennial anti-White black advocate shysters Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and the Jewish-controlled mainstream media (newspapers, magazines, television). Just about the entire prosecutorial process to date has been reminiscent of the old communist show-trials of Soviet Russia. Ms. Corey is the one who should be on trial (see below), along with all the others responsible for this travesty perpetrated against Zimmerman and the people of Florida.

(5) Further in that regard -- by now it should be clear to anyone who has followed this case and who has a reasonably intelligent and open mind that this trial is tantamount to political persecution by the State of Florida. Zimmerman's arrest and prosecution have been orchestrated to appease the potentially explosive Negro population and to defuse their threats of rioting, murder, and mayhem (initially if he were not prosecuted, and now, if he is not convicted). And to send the message to law-abiding Whites that they can no longer expect to avail themselves of legal means of defending themselves against Negro assaults and brutality. This is nothing less than the State willfully sacrificing an innocent young man and a good citizen to a long prison term -- in effect destroying his very life and the lives of his family members -- in order to pacify and mollify the ever-threatening Negroes. Ancillary purposes are no doubt to contribute to the destruction of the right to bear arms and the right to self-defense and the right to 'stand your ground.'

(6) As an aside, but a very significant one -- the trial has revealed the sorry state of White dispossession in the Sanford (central Florida) area: the large and less-than-fully civilized Negro population; all the non-White neighbors and witnesses in the local multicultural community; all the high-level civil-service job positions held by non-White immigrants from all over the world who can't even speak proper English; the overwhelming presence of black and other non-White law enforcement and courtroom personnel; etc.

(7) It is noteworthy that State's Attorney Angela Corey has herself since been criminally indicted by a Citizens' Grand Jury for (allegedly) falsifying the arrest warrant and complaint against Zimmerman.

(8) Prosecutor John Guy's opening statement was blatantly replete with emotional nonsense and even outright lies, and at the same time was essentially devoid of truthful and factual situational descriptions and argument.

(9) Essentially none of the data and witness testimony presented by the prosecution have done anything whatsoever to disprove the known facts of, and Zimmerman's contention of, acting in justified self defense. Almost all of it has been irrelevant detail and untruthful or at least misinformed opinion which have been 'piled on' in a desperate attempt to overwhelm and intimidate the jury.

(10) Throughout the trial up to this point, Judge Nelson has consistently and blatantly demonstrated her bias in favor of the prosecution (rulings on objections both ways, admissibility of testimony, and other issues). It would appear that she even lied (perjured herself?) on the bench when she ruled against the defense's motion for Judicial Acquittal by stating that she had reviewed all the defense's submissions including case law (which she clearly had not, or at least not in any meaningful and definitive way) (she immediately pronounced her ruling upon completion of both sides' arguments and it was obvious from her demeanor and quick decision that she knew what her ruling would be even before the motion was entertained).

(11) Most of the prosecution's eyewitnesses and earwitnesses turned out to be disasters for their side. One-by-one many of them were turned to the defense's advantage in cross examination -- far beyond what would be required to establish reasonable doubt, and so much so that in several cases the prosecution was forced to try to impeach the initial testimony of their own witnesses on re-direct.

(12) Leadoff prosecution witness, Negress Selene Bahadoor, who, like most who were to follow, could contribute virtually nothing toward establishing any criminal behavior on Zimmerman's part; was exposed under cross-examination as having shown her bias against the defendant. She admitted to having signed a petition on change.org asking for the prosecution of 'the killer of our son Travyon Martin' and to 'liking' a Facebook petition advocating 'justice for Trayvon.'

(13) The prosecution's 'star witness,' teenage Negress Rachel Jenteal, who was supposedly talking to T. Martin on her cell phone in the minutes leading up to the fatal shooting, turned out to be a disaster for their side. Her performance on the stand, together with her posts to social media, combine to reveal her as a near-perfect example of the modern 'Negro youth' character and culture in so many parts of America -- hatefully anti-White racist, drug- and alcohol using (abusing?), semi-literate and probably low I.Q., lacking in social civility and respect for authority (if not actually hostile), and all the rest.

(14) Another of the prosecution's Zimmerman-neighbor (non)witnesses was a woman -- Selma Mora -- a Colombian-born, naturalized U.S. citizen who has been in this country for 12 years, has raised an American-born eight-year-old daughter who presumably attends school in the Sanford community, and who works as an architect, interior designer, and consultant in the construction industry. Yet she had such a limited understanding of and facility with the English language that she required an interpreter in order that she could testify in Spanish. Go figure.

(15) Another prosecution witness, a (?)Madras, India import of dubious background (Medical Examiner Dr. Valerie Rao), testified in a contentious, blatantly biased, anti-Zimmerman manner; saying his injuries were 'very insignificant' and 'non-life-threatening.' And she was allowed to proffer that testimony on the basis of looking at a few photos, never having examined the defendant in person.

(16) The other Medical Examiner to testify, Dr. Shiping Bao, who performed the autopsy on T. Martin, read virtually his entire testimony about everything from pre-prepared notes (including his own background, procedures, staff responsibilities, factual data, etc.); and repeatedly emphasized almost as though he was boasting about it that he knew nothing and had absolutely no (zero) memory of anything, including his work. (Again, you can't make this stuff up: an 'expert witness' who emphasizes that he doesn't know or remember anything, and a non-White American medical-examiner 'team' of Rao and Bao!)

(17) Testimony of the two prosecution eyewitnesses who did have something real, true, meaningful, and significant to say (Jonathan Good and Jonathan Manalo) both bolstered if not proved Zimmerman's case of self-defense. In addition, lead investigator Chris Serino, though he thought at one point there might be enough evidence to try the defendant for manslaughter, said in effect that he believed Zimmerman's version of events. And the testimony of Zimmerman's friend Mark Osterman, even though for some strange reason called as a prosecution witness, clearly indicated that the defendant recounted a logical and consistent story of the happenings and of his acting in self defense immediately after and in the days following the event.

And of course there is more -- much more. Anyone who is genuinely interested can search the internet for countless reports, opinion pieces, and videos of actual testimony.

So -- back to court tomorrow (Monday, July 8) -- let's see where it goes from here.


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