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Saturday, July 13, 2013


by Val Koinen
July 13, 2013         

We know now, as we have from the outset, that George Zimmerman has committed no crime. Everyone with a scintilla of intelligence and even the most rudimentary sense of justice who has been following this trial knows by now that he was acting in justifiable and legal self defense when he shot Trayvon Martin.

It is abundantly clear that he should never have been charged and put on trial for second- degree murder or any other crime.

It is equally clear that Zimmerman was arrested, charged, and tried because, and only because, the Negroes, Jews, and their ultraliberal/Democrat White lackeys want him convicted in order to:

- appease the civilizationally impaired Black population.

- contribute to the destruction of the concept of White self defense (including 'stand-your-ground' and 'Castle doctrine' laws) countrywide.

- and in particular, eviscerate the ability of Whites to legally defend themselves against rampant, savagely violent Negro crime.

- do away with our second-amendment right to bear arms ('gun rights').

Let's look at just a few of the prosecutorial outrages and other events that have come to light:

(1) Zimmerman being charged in spite of the fact that he was cleared by the initial police investigation and wasn't arrested for 45 days because Sanford police didn't think there was enough evidence to convict him.

(2) But then, only after pressure was brought by the Martin family, their civil attorney Benjamin Crump, rabble-rousers such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and the anti-White Jew-dominated media; State Attorney Angela Corey was brought in to indict Zimmerman for second-degree murder (apparently using illegal tactics and sidestepping the normal grand jury process).

(3) Sanford police chief Bill Lee was then fired because he refused to arrest Zimmerman after he was told to do that, even if charges were likely to be dismissed later (he said his oath of office wouldn't allow him to arrest Zimmerman without probable cause).

(4) Throughout the trial, judge Debra Nelson has overall shown herself to be heavily biased in favor of the prosecution (although admittedly there have been a few flashes of sensibility and fairness).

(5) President Obama's outrageous comment that if he had a son, he would 'look like Trayvon' (apparently intended to justify and stir up Black animosity).

(6) It has been revealed that the U.S. Department of Justice provided funding in the months following the shooting for Negro protest demonstrations (apparent further efforts to stir up the Blacks).

(7) Prosecutor John Guy's ridiculous, non-factual, untruthful, emotional opening statement.

(8) Chief investigator Chris Serino stating that after his investigations and interviews of Zimmerman that he essentially believed his version of events.

(9) The way in which prosecution witness Selene Bahadoor was shown to be biased in favor of Trayvon Martin and against George Zimmerman.

(10) The ludicruous circumstance of allowing the openly and blatantly anti-White racist, hostile, and semi-literate witness Rachel Jenteal to testify as to matters of fact.

(11) Tracy Martin's likely perjury in his testimony about his initially not recognizing his son Trayvon as being the one screaming for help on the Jenna Lauer 911 tape.

(12) Late in the trial, the Defense being barred from presenting testimony as to cell phone records that showed T. Martin's history of 'thug mentality,' fighting, drug use/dealing, gun handling (and dealing?), etc. (hearing testimony of Richard Connor that was not allowed in trial). Also, the Defense not being permitted to disclose T. Martin's recent aggressive fighting (reportedly involving a bus driver), school suspensions for fighting, having been caught with a possible burglary tool and women's jewelry in his backpack, his martial-arts training and activities, and more.

(13) Just yesterday, it was reported that State Attorney Angela Corey has fired Ben Kruidbos, the 'whistleblower' to the State's apparent cover-up of incriminating evidence on T. Martin's cell phone.

(14) The way the media (TV and press) have continuously, since day-one, used years-old pictures of the boyish Trayvon Martin instead of more current photos of the fully grown, adult Black thug he appeared to be just before the day of the shooting.

(15) The way all three prosecuting attorneys, throughout the trial, constantly repeated and screamed the profanities 'assh---s' and 'fu---ng punks; which when calmly uttered by Zimmerman on the tapes were clearly and merely expressions of his situational sentiments that were obviously referring to the recent rash of burglaries his community had suffered and not to any animosity or hatred directed at the individual T. Martin (who he didn't even know).

(16) Even though it was disallowed, the ridiculous and sickening last-minute attempt by the prosecution to add a 'lesser included offense' of third degree felony murder based on 'child abuse.'

(17) In summary, virtually no factual prosecution case whatsoever -- no factual evidence or reliable witness testimony to show guilt.

(18) Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda's embarassingly ridiculous and unprofessional closing statement, replete with lies, emotional nonsense, disgusting and repetitious screaming of profanities.

(19) Prosecutor John Guy's absolutely disgusting, dishonest, and misleading closing (non)rebuttal; including his repeated reference to T. Martin as that 'child,' and the fear he must have felt when being followed home in the darkness by that 'strange man' (when it had been established that Martin was larger and stronger than Zimmerman, and was the aggressor).

(20) Fact that even though sequestered, there is little question, based on the way the prosecution presented their case, that the all-female jury is under a great deal of pressure to find Zimmerman guilty of 'something,' on a sympathetic and emotional rather than a rational basis, in order to appease the Martin family and the potentially riotous Black masses.

(The above thoughts just off the top of my head as I write this post -- I'm sure there are many more telling items that I just can't bring to mind at the moment.) (And, admittedly, my brain has been kind of 'numbed' by the outrageousness of this entire developing travesty.)

Anyway, just some thoughts for this Saturday morning while awaiting the jury's decision.

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