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Sunday, September 1, 2013


by Val Koinen
September 1, 2013

It is with considerable trepidation, some serious reservations, and a great deal of pain and anguish that I have to give anti-White socialist Presidential Pretender Obama credit where credit is (apparently) due. He caved in yesterday and decided to abide by the Constitution, at least for the time being, and said that he will await Congressional debate and action before punching the button for a missile strike or other attack against Syria (although he hinted that he might launch an attack later on even if he fails to get their approval).

With regard to the events unfolding in Syria (and in Tel Aviv, Washington, and other places) -- here, basically, is what we know and don't know so far: It appears there has been some kind of chemical attack ('gassing') of substantial numbers of civilians in a Damascus suburb (release of nerve gas, sarin, and/or other lethal chemical agents). (It's apparently not the first one -- other such incidents have reportedly been perpetrated in recent months, by parties unknown but possibly by the rebels.) We don't yet know the circumstances, delivery method, etc. with any degree of certainty. The event was investigated this past week by a U.N. team, at the invitation of the Syrian government, but we don't yet have their report so have no way of assessing their results or conclusions, or even determining if they are trustworthy. The rebels say the Syrian government (the Assad regime) is the culprit. The Assad government denies it and blames the rebels. At least one reporter has said interviews of rebel fighters and their families and others in the area indicated that the gassing came about as a reault of an accidental release by opposition (rebel) forces from some kind of containers in a tunnel underlying the affected area (while transporting chemical weapons given to them by the Saudis?). It would seem that the U.S. Government (President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, et al) make their claims of Syrian government complicity primarily on the basis of intelligence provided by the Israelis, the very same people who work for a government that would like to see regime change in Syria and who not so long ago told us all about Saddam Hussein's (non-existent) 'weapons of mass destruction.' Russia's Vladimir Putin, ex-congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul, ex-government official and commentator/blogger Paul Craig Roberts, and many other credible people, have opined that there is no compelling evidence or proof of complicity on the part of the Syrian government and that their doing something like this at this time, when they are prevailing over the rebels, would be self-defeating and nonsensical. On the basis of information that has come to light up to this point, Great Britain, France, and the United Nations have now declined to join with the U.S. in an immediate military strike.

Here's what I really think about Obama's deferral yesterday to Congress with regard to an attack on Syria -- here is what worries me. It is most likely a mere ploy; another scripted and staged part of the grand Jewish production of war-making by proxy, using the United States as their attack dog. We all know the Jews essentially run Congress (as they control virtually every other aspect of American politics and governance). Very likely they know full well that, given at least nine days but probably considerably more time than that to work on this little project, they can muster the votes in favor of doing what Israel wants. Which is for the U.S. to strike Syria and eventually get into a shooting war on the ground and bring about regime change. History and objective reality tell us if that is what they want, that is what they are likely to get.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope that this time, for the first time in a long time, Congress will stand up to the Jews and to Israel and hold out for proof, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the Syrian government is the guilty party. That seems like the only smart and decent thing to do, the least they should do; considering that any kind of attack (military aggression) on our part under the circumstances would be a war crime under international law, would most definitely not be in America's best interest, would kill hundreds if not thousands of innocent people, and would very likely result in all-out war in the Middle East that could conceivably lead to war with Russia and China and even to World War III.

In fact, I would go further than that. I would hope that Congress would have the guts to tell Israel and the world that America has no damned business attacking either party to the Syria conflict, no matter which side is responsible for any gassings of civilians. No matter the rhetoric (lies) of the Jew-incited warmongers, it is an internal problem for the Syrians to handle, the events there do not threaten our security or national interests, and it is just flat-out none of our damned business.

The vast majority of the American people would prefer that we keep our hands (and missiles and bombs) off Syria. Now is the time to let your congressional delegation -- Senators and Representatives -- know how you feel.

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