White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Friday, November 22, 2013


by Val Koinen
November 22, 2013

I have to say that, when it comes to the survival of my people -- White people -- I am deeply disappointed with, embarassed by, ashamed of, and yes, disgusted with my fellow White Americans.

There was a time not so long ago when most sane and half-way intelligent White American adults knew and understood the Negro nature, deficiencies, and threat. As a consequence, we knew how to deal with them, and they 'knew their place.'

Compared with the ways in which we deal (or fail to deal) with our 'Negro problem' these days, that may have been a bit more 'discriminatory,' on occasion unfair, or even 'harsh' in some respects and in some specific cases; but acting intelligently on the basis of that awareness was not only generally accepted, it was widely recognized as the best thing to do (best for the White majority).

In fact, it was the only naturally rational way to relate to the Negro underclass, because it was based on truth, facts, objective reality, social necessity, a healthy sense of suvival, and a measure of intestinal fortitude.

But now -- our people, and especially our young people, have been taught for generations by Jews and their lapdogs in education, media, and government; and by other White race traitors, Jew-sycophants, and ultra-liberal and politically-correct dupes amongst our people; to sympathize with the Negroes and make excuses for them. And even to idealize and idolize them in many cases, and to elevate them above our own people in all matters legal and social.

But the facts still remain: The Negroes are not us; they are the 'other.' They are genetically different, both physically and mentally. They don't look like us. They are significantly not as intelligent as we Whites are on average. They are not as emotionally or behaviorally self-controlled. They are not as law-abiding or civilized. They are not as capable of academic learning, and they are not as skilled or competent as we are in the workplace. Their development, history, and cultural attributes as a 'people' are not the same as ours. They are takers, not producers and givers. They are, on average and as a group, agents of destruction rather than creativity and construction.

They are, in short, a different, less evolved subspecies of mankind -- and by and large a deficient one by our standards.

On top of all that, we now have the hostile, alien mestizo invasion to deal with. And the burgeoning oriental immigration and business competition. And the Muslims, with their alien culture, violence, and Sharia law. And of course, as throughout the history of White nations everywhere, the perennial curse of the Jewish problem.

What is particularly noteworthy with regard to our competition with all those other racial groups is that, like the Negroes, they are tribally conscious and tend to work for the betterment of their kind rather than on behalf of all the people of the country as a whole. And almost always, again like the Negroes, they do that at the social, political, and economic expense of America's White population.

We have already seen several dreadful consequences of that situation; of our failure to resist and to fight for what is good for White people -- among them our economic enslavement to the colored underclass, the ever-worsening horror of violent non-White-on-White crime (America's secret, dirty war), the perversion of our culture, the corruption of our children's educations, and the existant, ongoing, and rapidly advancing dispossession of the White majority. And if we don't wake our people up to the gravity of the situation, we will soon be faced with the end results of that process -- the utter destruction of our Western Civilization and ultimately, the genocide of the White race as a subspecies of humankind.

And virtually nobody -- no government officials or agency, policing authority, educators of our children, church leaders, (Jew-dominated) purveyors of news and entertainment -- or even most of our own people for that matter -- have the slightest inclination to do anything about these racial problems that would serve our needs -- the needs of the White majority.

That is what we need to deal with. That is what we need to change -- and fix -- before we can have any hope of surviving as a people and as a White nation.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


by Val Koinen
November 13, 2013

Did you hear about the guy they arrested yesterday for Thought Crime, Hate Speech, Equality Denial, and Holocaust Disbelief? The intolerant, prejudiced, bigoted Nazi/hater/racist/White supremacist/anti-Semite old man who has been secretly living amongst us for years, with his accomplice/facilitator old wife?

Yeah, it took a long time for the thought police to catch up with the s.o.b. He managed to keep under the radar for years. He never committed any crimes that got him arrested, so his fingerprints weren't even on file. He paid his taxes, and nobody ever managed to get a picture of him in a pack of rioters or anything like that. He even kept his lawn mowed in the summer and shoveled the snow off his sidewalks in the winter. At 75 years old! Can you imagine that?

And his wife -- she even volunteered in several charitable and service clubs. She hasn't been arrested yet, but probably deserves to be in view of that kind of duplicitousness.

What a cowardly, devious old couple they were! No damned wonder it took so long to catch up with them!

Maybe the worst part, and the reason it took so long to catch up with this enemy of the people, was that he succeeded in talking quietly and calmly and matter-of-factly when he discussed these things with friends and neighbors. He confessed that he did do some blogging on the Internet, but he did it anonymously! (In fact, it's pretty clear that an unrestricted and uncensored Internet is one of the main problems in this case.)

Well, in any case, it turns out that the filthy old scumbag confessed! To everything! So now, the truth is starting to come out. And it's so disgusting, so awful, that you'll have a hard time believing the horrendous things he has disclosed!

He said 'I think our race -- the White race -- has unique, special value, and so I am in favor of racial separation and I'm against race mixing.' His words, not mine. And he actually said he valued what he called 'racial integrity'! I'm not sh***ing you -- he actually said that!

But he didn't stop there, no sir. It has now been revealed that he also told the investigators that he hoped the White race would survive for the sake of his children and grandchildren and those who follow, and that he was against what he called White dispossession and genocide. Real 'tinfoil-hat' stuff, huh?

You have to remember, this guy is a grandfather. Yet he is so full of hate -- it's hard to read the transcript of his confession without throwing up. He actually said, with regard to our poor, disadvantaged, discriminated-against people of color, that he resented having to pay the disproportionately high costs of welfare and crime control (police, courts, prisons) on their behalf. He even went on to rant some kind of nonsense about not liking the way Whites have to put up with all the violent crime Negroes and mestizos commit against them. And that he didn't like the way so many of our major cities and whole regions in America have been 'taken over' and 'ruined' (as he put it) by colored folk; and how, as a result, those places have become 'off limits' to White people. Oh, you betcha -- he spilled his guts -- they're gonna hang this bastard.

As he goes on and on in his confession, it really becomes clear, for all to see, that his deluded thinking -- his hate -- have no limits. He even bitched about how the public schools, after they were integrated, and especially in places where there are a lot of Negroes and mestizos, have been literally ruined. He ranted on and on about the way those schools have been vandalized and generally trashed, and the high costs of repairing and maintaining them. And how it costs so much to try to educate the colored kids up to White standards (which he had the nerve to say was an impossible task because of their lower IQs). And how the curriculum in these integrated schools has been 'dumbed down' for the colored kids and how that shortchanges the education of all the precious little White children. Jeez, what a twisted thinker -- can you believe that B.S.?

But he didn't stop there. No siree! He said he didn't like all the illegal-alien mestizo drug dealing, drunk driving and related accidents that have hurt and killed so many White people, and the gang-related shootings that have become so common in our area. He even went so far as to say he believes all the undocumented immigrants (he called them 'illegal aliens') that are enriching our country so much should be rounded up and sent back to Mexico or, as he put it, 'wherever the hell they came from.' And that he believes Negroes are less evolved, 'different' types of people who aren't as intelligent as Whites on average; and how they are more likely to commit crimes, especially violent crimes and especialliy violent crimes against White people, because they have less self control and are more impulsive and more 'animalistic and savage' (as he put it). He referred to them as 'the other.' What a disgusting, hate-filled excuse for a human being!

He even blabbed something about how he is sick and tired of all the 'filthy Jewed and negrified culture' that is crammed down White people's throats day after day. And how he is disgusted with all the 'ni****ball' worship he sees his fellow White men engaging in. It's just hard to believe that a supposedly educated person in modern-day America could think and say such things, isn't it? He even said that things we all know to be true -- like how our society is strengthened by diversity, how integration and race mixing benefit everyone and are best for our country, and how wonderful our modern multiculturalism is, are all lies. In fact he said that he is tired of, and deeply resents, the constant barrage of brainwashing that promotes intimate race-mixing in schools, jobs, housing, and social gatherings -- on television and in movies and print advertising. Can you believe that? How can anybody even doubt those things that we have all been taught -- by people that should know, and by our government officials -- are true and unquestionable? We all know about the benefits of diversity and beauty of multiculturalism, for Chrissakes -- all you have to do is look around you! What an evil nut-case he is! You better believe it -- they're really gonna nail this guy!

The crazy old fool even said he didn't value or put much stock in all the hope and change that have been brought to America by the election and relection of our first mulatto president, Barack Obama. Really, now -- this is getting pretty damned close to being sacrilegious, if you ask me.

And it turned out that when he confessed his twisted and hate-filled thoughts about our beautiful, vibrant multi-racial culture and our ever-darkening, racially diverse nation, he was just getting started. You'll never believe the wild things he said then!

It seems that this disgusting old man hates just about everything and everybody. He said it was wrong for our entertainment media, the press, and government to promote the acceptance of, as he put it, 'porn, homosexuality, and even pedophilia.' And he said some especially hateful things about what he called 'queer marriage.' I couldn't believe it when I read the reports. I really doubt that the word 'tolerance' means anything at all to this depraved character.

And then he went on to express his dislike of the way our children and young people have been alienated by the entertainment media -- in short, our culture -- when it comes to such things as premature sexualization of the little ones, 'negrified' music and manner of dress, hairstyles, drug use, tattoos and piercings, and rebellion against parents and family structure.

He then ranted on and on about how he was against having to live in what he called, in his paranoid dementia, an 'encroaching leftist police state' and under a 'worsening Marxist-fascist government' in America. Obviously, he is some kind of conspiracy-theorist nutcase. He even complained about our modern, enlightened deference to 'political correctness' -- he said it forced people to avoid talking about the truth, and the real problems in our society. Can you imagine that?

The worst was yet to come, though. Toward the end of his confession, he 'took off' on the Jews. Really delusional stuff if you ask me, and I'll tell you some of it even though I know it will make you sick to your stomach; understanding as you do that the poor, long-suffering Jews, our 'chosen people' elite, have never done anything to hurt anyone.

He said he didn't like the way that Jews controlled the press and other news and entertainment media such as television, movies, and the music industry. And how they unduly influence and even control our political process and even our lawmaking and government, especially in areas such as race relations and foreign policy. And the way they dominate thinking in our public schools. What a sick old fool!

He went so far as to say that we need to, as he put it, 'stop fighting wars for Israel and the Jews.' He even suggested that fighting these Jew-instigated wars was bankrupting us, and was costing us the respect and admiration of nations all over the world. And he said it wasn't right that we give so many billions of dollars to our friends in Israel each and every year. I know, I know -- it's hard to believe anyone could believe crap like that.

No hatred was left untouched by this demented loon. At one point he even took off on how he doesn't appreciate the way (as he tells it) primarily Jewish financial forces -- brokers, bankers, the so-called Federal Reserve, Ponzi-schemers, etc. -- have done so much to mess up our financial wellbeing and the country's economy. And how it was the Jews that worked so hard to change the racial makeup of the country by working for anti-White immigration laws. And how the Jews alienated American women and helped destroy family values with their radical feminism. And how mostly Jewish social anthropologists did so much damage to our sense of White racial identity by filling academia with lies about racial differences (such as the one about race being merely a 'social construct'). Can you believe it?

You really can't make this stuff up. He said that he has studied World War II history, Nazi Germany, and the Jewish 'holocaust.' And guess what? He confessed that his studies led him to the conclusion that the holocaust -- the gassing and other killing of six million Jews as part of an officially planned Nazi scheme to get rid of them all, and all the other horrors of that terrible event, were essentially a fraud cooked up by Jews to generate sympathy for them and so we would be more likely to overlook their treatment of the Palestinians; and to extract (extort) billions from Germany, Switzerland, the U.S., and other countries. He even referred in his confession to the 'holohoax,' and said the 'Diary of Anne Frank' was a fraud. And then he went on and on about how we really fought WW II to benefit the Jews and the communist Soviet Union; and how the real crimes of the WW II period were the tens of millions of people the Jew-dominated Soviet communists killed before, during, and after the war, our saturation bombing ('firebombing") of civilian targets in Hamburg and Dresden and other places and our killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in those attacks; and how the allies needlessly and malevolently killed hundreds of thousands if not millions of German POWs in internment camps after the war was over. Unbelievable! You know what I think? I think this part of his confession is the stuff treason is made of, and I think he should be hung for that!

My biggest fear now is that the old fool is so far 'out of it' -- so off-the-mark when compared with the thoughts we normal Americans cherish and the things we all know to be true because our schools, government, and the media tell us the truth about all these things -- that he will get off on some kind of insanity plea. Sure, we all know that the Jews are smart -- I just hope that our Jewish government prosecuting attorneys are smart enough to not let him get away with that!

Well for sure, one good thing can come of all this. When you examine everything this babbling idiot has now admitted to thinking, it wakes you up to the kinds of thinking and behavior that should set off our 'radar' -- the clues and alarm bells we all need to watch and listen for -- the things that we should spot and report to the police before the people who hold those kinds of thoughts can contaminate others and do some real damage. Anybody who thinks these thoughts and espouses these kinds of beliefs should be absolutely isolated -- treated as the worst kind of outcast. We just can't allow people to think, talk, and write about these things, or to question them. In fact, I think we should use this very disturbing confession of a classically evil 'dirty old man' thought-criminal to create a kind of watch-list, an official 'profile of a pariah' that we could distribute among our people, and especially among our children in their schools, in order to better control this kind of dangerous questioning of our establishment history and authority.

What do you think?

Monday, November 11, 2013


by Val Koinen
November 11, 2013

What does it mean to be a White man in today's America? For that matter, what is the essence of 'White Privilege'? I'll tell you what those things mean to me; what kinds of thoughts and fears they bring to my mind and what visceral feelings they evoke. Kind of like:

Being backed into a corner; having your back against the wall.

Staring into the barrel of a gun.

Being 'on the ropes.'

Finding yourself between a rock and a hard place.

Watching the dark clouds approach.

Hearing the roar, then looking up at an oncoming avalanche.

Being overtaken by the wave of a tsunami; being caught up in the flood.

Watching everything just slip away.

Being betrayed -- sold out -- by your friends and neighbors.

Hearing for the first time that your rural next-door neighbor has plans to start up a hog ranch.

And that the guy on the other side of you is putting in a feed lot.

Having the rug pulled out from under you.

As in learning at age 65 that your stockbroker was running a Ponzi scheme and has absconded with your life savings.

Living in an insane asylum -- day after day after day.

Hearing but not seeing the rattlesnake you almost step on.

Realizing that your one and only shot missed the charging Rhino.

Watching your home go up in flames (and not knowing if your wife and children got out).

Feeling your car start to slide toward the edge of an icy mountain road.

Or slamming on your brakes and feeling the pedal go all the way to the floor.

Realizing that you are nearing the end of your rope.

Feeling the point of the sword at your back and knowing that you are nearing the end of the plank.

Looking out over the abyss.

And having the ground give way beneath you.

Or realizing that your chute didn't open.

A feeling of falling; falling; falling.

Realizing that you just stepped in quicksand.

Or that your small boat has sprung a leak and is sinking in the middle of a large lake.

A feeling of sinking; sinking; sinking.

And then suffocating; gasping for your last breath.

Realizing it's not the light at the end of the tunnel but instead that it's the rapidly approaching glare of an oncoming light in the middle of the tunnel.

Being told by your doctor that you (or a loved one) have only six months to live.

Feeling as though you are a 'dead man walking.'

Watching the vultures circle overhead.

Being a member of a defeated people; a citizen of a conquered nation; a lost and lonely soul amidst the devastation of a destroyed civilization.

Being faced with life-threatening problems and limited options.

Realizing that you have just been 'grasping at straws.'

Realizing, belatedly, that now you have to fight or die.

And the devastating realization that at this, the worst moment of your life, you are all alone.

Yes, in the real world in which we are forced to exist, the daily experience of being White in America and partaking of 'White Privilege' can truly be the stuff nightmares are made of. But now the bad news: if we don't start doing something to fix our Jewish problem and win the racial war being waged against us, it is only going to get worse -- much worse -- for us, our mothers and fathers, our sisters and brothers, our wives and children, and for all White people in America and in White countries all over the world.

One more thing we White people need to keep in mind -- the kinds of shocking realization and despair expressed above might help to motivate us (they certainly should), but that won't get the job done. We must communicate relentlessly with our people, wake them up, get more of them to face reality and realize the gravity of the situation, and then take action -- even in the face of great risk -- if we hope to save our societies, our civilization, and our people from degradation and eventual extermination.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


by Val Koinen
November 9, 2013

What a pathetic bunch of losers we reality-challenged White people have become.

We laugh about the story (myth) of emperor Nero fiddling while Rome burned. It has become part of our folklore. We like to think of it as a classic example of the insanity of doing something completely useless and derelict while great calamity engulfs everything around us.

But the problem is -- caught up as we are in our modern-day mass psychosis born of Jewish/liberal/politically-correct brainwashing and racial ignorance and cowardice, many if not most of our fellow American Whites are doing far worse than just playing a fiddle while one city burns to the ground. And the real tragedy is that the joke is on us.

While we guzzle beer at the sports-bar and scream our cheers for Negroes running with a football or dribbling a basketball, those incompletely evolved and minimally civilized somewhat-humans are running amok in our cities, essentially destroying many of them while they assault, torture, rape, and murder our women, children, old people, and just about any other unsuspecting victims they can get their hands on.

While White men of means devote their spare time to chasing a little ball around a golf course, Jewish Marxists, 'Neocons,' and financial criminals continue to bankrupt our country; and mestizo hordes, many if not most of them 'illegal aliens' and all of them aliens in the sense of being racial and social 'others,' are invading and essentially destroying our society all over the southwest and in entire states and cities and other regions as well.

While we watch Jew-created television and movies that glorify race-mixing and Negroes in particular, and demean and ridicule White people at every opportunity; said Jews go happily and profitably about their business of promoting not only those perversions but also radical feminism, homosexuality, and pornography.

While altogether too many of our women spend too much time in cancer-causing tanning booths, waste money having their toenails 'professionally' painted in beauty salons, are literally obsessed with pasting false fingernails on the tips of their digits, spend too many hours and dollars at the mall, and strive to compete with their men in the workplace; they either forsake having children or when they do have them they plunk them down in day-care facilities as often as not staffed by non-Whites, routinely feed them at McDonald's instead of preparing family meals at home, and let them watch movies that encourage their daughters to race-mix and even to spread their legs for other-racial primitives.

While we wave the flag and write patriotic letters-to-the-editor (which in themselves might not be such bad things), we elect people to the Presidency and Congress who sell their souls to the Jews and send our young men to fight and be mutilated and die for the Israeli Jews in mid-Eastern wars.

While we teach our children horrendous anti-German (anti-White) lies of World War II history and the Jewish so-called 'holocaust' sympathy-generating extortion scam; that same Jewish tribe continues to work essentially unimpeded toward their goals of destroying Western civilization, conquering our White nations through racial (genetic) contamination and dilution, and genociding us out of existence.

While we watch a never-ending parade of Jew-produced and written crime shows on television; we suffer in silence the real-life secret, dirty war of black-on-White and other non-White-on-White violent criminality (even to the extent of allowing our Jew-controlled press to routinely and deliberately hide the race of the perpetrators if not the horrific events themselves).

While we love to talk about 'civil rights,' integrated schools, 'equal opportunity,' and the false doctrines of the 'beauty of multiculturalism' and strength to be found in racial diversity, and enact laws that force our precious White children to attend public schools with unruly and comparatively uneducable Negroes; those very same White children -- the future of our people and our civilization -- are daily taught lies about their own people and our history, are assaulted by savage, out-of-control young Negroes, and have their educations shortchanged by a system that is hopelessly 'dumbed down' in misguided and futile efforts to 'narrow the gap' between White and Negro learning performance.

To summarize our sorry situation: While we pathologically concern ourselves with being fair to and financially supporting the non-White underclass and being duly reverent to the self-proclaimed 'chosen people,' and at the same time concentrate on our childishly selfish, materialistic, consumer-society existence; our people are constantly beset with politically-correct restrictions of our freedom of speech and action; Jew-serving politicians, media, and academia; invasive non-White immigration; loss of personal liberty to an anti-White political and judicial system; perpetual warmaking for the Jews; constant lying to the people on the part of government officials from the President on down; loss of personal privacy and freedoms; handicapping our people via preferential treatment of non-Whites; and on and on ad nauseam.

I think it is time, in fact well past time to ask ourselves -- who are we to laugh and roll our eyes and shake our heads at old emperor Nero for fiddling while Rome burned? After all, his depravity was nothing compared to the way we occupy ourselves with trivial or even self-destructive pursuits while allowing our racial adversaries and enemies to destroy our society and our very existence as a subspecies of humankind.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


by Val Koinen
November 7, 2013

According to this article, "The Israeli regime has denied any connection to the death of Yasser Arafat, the late leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization."  And, "There is no Israeli connection to this in any way."

Aha!  I knew it!  I guess that tells us all we need to know -- being the lying bunch of snakes that the Jews/Israelis are, I think we can take their denials as proof positive that they did the deed.  Crime solved.  Case closed.  (Remember the standard test for Jewish veracity:  "How do you know when a Jew is lying?  Simple:  when his mouth is moving.")

Now, if Israeli officialdom had made a public statement to the effect that "yeah, we did it -- we offed the creepy little pain-in-the-arse, and he's not the only one;" that would have set me to thinking: "hmmm, I wonder who had the motivation, means, and opportunity to do such a terrible deed?"  "Who would stand to gain from this?"  "What country or group has ever done this kind of thing before?"  "We've got to dig into this further and come up with some answers!"  There's a real perpetrator out there, and we've got to find out who it is!"

And in the extremely unlikely event that it was not the Israelis directly, but some Arafat adversary or dissident group, at the very least we should be tipped off to the need to look for a connection to complicity on the part of the Mossad or some other Israeli entity.