White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Saturday, November 9, 2013


by Val Koinen
November 9, 2013

What a pathetic bunch of losers we reality-challenged White people have become.

We laugh about the story (myth) of emperor Nero fiddling while Rome burned. It has become part of our folklore. We like to think of it as a classic example of the insanity of doing something completely useless and derelict while great calamity engulfs everything around us.

But the problem is -- caught up as we are in our modern-day mass psychosis born of Jewish/liberal/politically-correct brainwashing and racial ignorance and cowardice, many if not most of our fellow American Whites are doing far worse than just playing a fiddle while one city burns to the ground. And the real tragedy is that the joke is on us.

While we guzzle beer at the sports-bar and scream our cheers for Negroes running with a football or dribbling a basketball, those incompletely evolved and minimally civilized somewhat-humans are running amok in our cities, essentially destroying many of them while they assault, torture, rape, and murder our women, children, old people, and just about any other unsuspecting victims they can get their hands on.

While White men of means devote their spare time to chasing a little ball around a golf course, Jewish Marxists, 'Neocons,' and financial criminals continue to bankrupt our country; and mestizo hordes, many if not most of them 'illegal aliens' and all of them aliens in the sense of being racial and social 'others,' are invading and essentially destroying our society all over the southwest and in entire states and cities and other regions as well.

While we watch Jew-created television and movies that glorify race-mixing and Negroes in particular, and demean and ridicule White people at every opportunity; said Jews go happily and profitably about their business of promoting not only those perversions but also radical feminism, homosexuality, and pornography.

While altogether too many of our women spend too much time in cancer-causing tanning booths, waste money having their toenails 'professionally' painted in beauty salons, are literally obsessed with pasting false fingernails on the tips of their digits, spend too many hours and dollars at the mall, and strive to compete with their men in the workplace; they either forsake having children or when they do have them they plunk them down in day-care facilities as often as not staffed by non-Whites, routinely feed them at McDonald's instead of preparing family meals at home, and let them watch movies that encourage their daughters to race-mix and even to spread their legs for other-racial primitives.

While we wave the flag and write patriotic letters-to-the-editor (which in themselves might not be such bad things), we elect people to the Presidency and Congress who sell their souls to the Jews and send our young men to fight and be mutilated and die for the Israeli Jews in mid-Eastern wars.

While we teach our children horrendous anti-German (anti-White) lies of World War II history and the Jewish so-called 'holocaust' sympathy-generating extortion scam; that same Jewish tribe continues to work essentially unimpeded toward their goals of destroying Western civilization, conquering our White nations through racial (genetic) contamination and dilution, and genociding us out of existence.

While we watch a never-ending parade of Jew-produced and written crime shows on television; we suffer in silence the real-life secret, dirty war of black-on-White and other non-White-on-White violent criminality (even to the extent of allowing our Jew-controlled press to routinely and deliberately hide the race of the perpetrators if not the horrific events themselves).

While we love to talk about 'civil rights,' integrated schools, 'equal opportunity,' and the false doctrines of the 'beauty of multiculturalism' and strength to be found in racial diversity, and enact laws that force our precious White children to attend public schools with unruly and comparatively uneducable Negroes; those very same White children -- the future of our people and our civilization -- are daily taught lies about their own people and our history, are assaulted by savage, out-of-control young Negroes, and have their educations shortchanged by a system that is hopelessly 'dumbed down' in misguided and futile efforts to 'narrow the gap' between White and Negro learning performance.

To summarize our sorry situation: While we pathologically concern ourselves with being fair to and financially supporting the non-White underclass and being duly reverent to the self-proclaimed 'chosen people,' and at the same time concentrate on our childishly selfish, materialistic, consumer-society existence; our people are constantly beset with politically-correct restrictions of our freedom of speech and action; Jew-serving politicians, media, and academia; invasive non-White immigration; loss of personal liberty to an anti-White political and judicial system; perpetual warmaking for the Jews; constant lying to the people on the part of government officials from the President on down; loss of personal privacy and freedoms; handicapping our people via preferential treatment of non-Whites; and on and on ad nauseam.

I think it is time, in fact well past time to ask ourselves -- who are we to laugh and roll our eyes and shake our heads at old emperor Nero for fiddling while Rome burned? After all, his depravity was nothing compared to the way we occupy ourselves with trivial or even self-destructive pursuits while allowing our racial adversaries and enemies to destroy our society and our very existence as a subspecies of humankind.

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