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Work for what's good for our people
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Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Sunday, December 8, 2013


We're In A J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)
by Val Koinen
December 8, 2013

According to this article, a new batch of young lawyers has been hired by the Department of Homeland Security.  Have a look.  The group's make-up pretty much says it all with regard to what the Obama administration thinks of America's White majority, wouldn't you say?  Remember, these are the people who will be working on immigration litigation -- and influencing policy, enforcement, administration, case selection and disposition, and all the rest.  Do you see anybody in this group who will likely be thinking of, particularly concerned with, or striving for the best interests and future of America's White people?  And in particular, a full one-half of that large group, American White men?

Check them out: mestizos, Jews, various other non-Whites and anti-Whites, and women, women, women.

Look also at the organizations they have been associated with:  heavily Jewish, pro-illegal immigrant, anti-establishment activism, pro-amnesty, anti-White majority, and even (?)feminist/lesbian advocacy.

Well, you shouldn't be too surprised -- our Marxist mulatto presidential pretender did promise us change, after all.  (What's that?  You though he was determined to give everyone in America a 'fair shake'?  Even members of the majority group?)

So where is the 'Jew connection' -- other than  the prominent Jewishness pointed out above?  Well, let's see.  Let's turn over this rock here.  Aha!  I knew it!  According to the article, this batch of anti-traditional-America stalwarts and zealots was brought on board by no one other than 'former DHS chief counsel for Citizen and Immigration Services' Jew Stephen Legomsky.

This little change-the-face-of-America event may be just one small example of Jewish influence in our government.  But remember -- this kind of thing is rampant and pervasive throughout the system.  And have no doubt -- these are the kinds of changes -- these kinds of people and the things they will be working to accomplish -- that will guarantee that the dispossession of White America will continue apace and will be an accomplished fact in just a few more short years. 

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