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Wednesday, December 25, 2013


We're In A J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)

by Val Koinen
December 25, 2013

5:00 a.m. Christmas morning.  First order of business is to go out to get the newspaper.  Looks like a nice morning -- not too cold, and not raining or snowing.  I see there is still quite a bit of snow cover from the storm that passed through a few days ago, so the kids can enjoy their 'white Christmas.'  I like it this way -- no snow or ice on the roads, no need to shovel the sidewalks, but a lot of snow starting about half way up the foothills and up on the mountain and ski slopes above town.

Next order of business, as is my routine, is to start a pot of coffee.  This morning I will use the 'Christmas blend' one of the grandchildren so thoughtfully gifted to me.  Smells good.

Then, while waiting for the coffee to brew and before settling down to read the paper, I go down the hall and turn on the computer so as to check for any email and browse the news headlines.

And there it is -- prominently displayed right there on the screen of my digital Christmas tree -- a gift I had dreamed of many times but never really anticipated receiving -- developing reports of what seem to be credible disclosures of likely Israeli/Mossad and Bush administration involvement in a 9/11 false-flag attack on the twin towers and Pentagon:

'Israel suppressing report on 9/11 role: Intelligence analyst'

‘Mossad, Bush planned, executed 9/11’

True, this wondrous Christmas gift -- these reports -- were spotted on 'Press TV,' the Iranian alternative news site.  But I don't see anything to concern me there, as I have found their reporting to be far more informative and reliable than most of the so-called 'news coverage' in the Jew-controlled mainstream, home-grown online news sites.

Then, in digging into the topic a little more, I came across a couple earlier articles having to do with possible Saudi involvement in the events of 9/11 that I had overlooked over the past week or so:

'Inside the Saudi 9/11 coverup'

'The Strange Connection Between 9/11, Saudi Arabia, and Washington DC'

Now, I personally would tend to believe the articles stressing the Saudi involvement might represent an attempt to deflect suspicion away from a far more important Israeli role.  But in either case, this kind of exposure of details of the classified congressional investigation and massively redacted sections of their report strikes me as being a 'bombshell' event.  Possibly both were involved, working together with the Bush administration.

I don't know how these news reports and the inevitable pressure for futher exposure and investigations are going to get any traction in our mainstream media, but it is hard to see how that can be avoided much longer.  Finally, it would appear that the truth is starting to come out.

The important thing to me is my firm belief that the American public has the right to know -- needs to know -- the truth of what really happened on September 11, 2001.  And if it does turn out that foreign government agents, people in our own government, and/or the Jews of AIPAC or the Israel Lobby were involved; they should be apprehended, tried, convicted, and held to account.  Heads should roll.

I would even go so far as to suggest that Congress, as they get further involved in renewed, completely transparent investigations of this matter, should pass tough new legislation making the deliberate dissemination of untruths -- lying, whether orally or in print or electronically -- with the willful intention of impeding the investigations or otherwise obstructing justice in this specific matter of the 9/11 attacks -- be punishable by a mandatory death penalty.  I think a final, definitive resolution of this entire matter is that important to the future of our nation.  Is that too much to ask for?  At the very least, I would hope that such a law and prescribed punishment could be enacted with respect to lying under oath as investigations move forward.  And there must now be further, definitive investigations; and they must start moving forward now!

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