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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


We're In A J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)
by Val Koinen
December 31, 2013
Looming large as the year draws to a close is the Israeli/Jew push to get the United States involved in military action against Iran.
That effort by Israel, the Israel lobby and their myriad organizations and activists, Jewish and Gentile sympathizers, and wealthy Jewish donors in the U.S., has been ongoing for many years, since before the Iraq wars.  A good reference that provides a detailed description of those efforts is The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy by Mearsheimer and Walt, published in 2007.

A study of this situation brings some other, ancillary but hugely important issues into focus.  Such as the grossly inappropriate Israeli/Jewish impetus behind our disastrous military interventions in Iraq.  And the depth and strength of Israeli/Jewish control over our government's Executive branch and Congress.  And the way they constantly write war-promoting articles in our most influential media and do so much war-promoting speechifying on television and at meetings and conventions of high-level stature; the way neocons in government continue to influence debate and decisions at the uppermost levels of government; the perversely inappropriate way 'Bibi the Boss' Netanyahu and other prominent Israeli officials repeatedly address our Congress and are granted face-to-face meetings with our presidents; and the way AIPAC and other Jewish organizations twist arms and use their power of the purse and their control of the media to influence Congressmen's positions on relevant issues and legislation.  All considered, it is not very hard to see who is 'calling the shots' when it comes to serving Israel's interests (as opposed to U.S. interests) in the Middle East.
 But now, as we come to the end of the year 2013, probably no story in the news is as important to the immediate future of America, and to the world for that matter, as the continuing Israeli/Jewish warmongering in the Middle East.
Yes, of course, in the longer term there are other situations and issues that are no doubt just as or even more important, particularly for White America.  Things like our government being dominated if not controlled by Jews, Negroes and other non-Whites, homosexuals, insanely politically-correct ultraliberals and leftists of all stripes, and multi-motivated White race traitors.  The degraded state of our culture.  The majority White population being overwhelmed by non-White immigration and high birth rates and being socially, economically, and politically dispossessed by 'people of color.'  The contamination of our gene pool through race mixing.  Our being genocided also by our own comparatively low birth rate and the effects of Jew-promoted radical feminism, sexual promiscuity as opposed to marriage and family, and homosexuality.

Still, when it comes to impending danger to our people and our country, it is hard to beat the ongoing,  imminent, and potentially disastrous results of Jewish warmongering.  Now, over just the past few weeks, comes the disclosure that Jewish congressmen and lobbyists are on the verge of pushing through legislation that would virtually hand over to Israel the power to get the U.S. to declare war on Iran (reports here, and here).  As I and many others have pointed out before, this is essentially the same kind of insanity that led England to give Poland a war guarantee back in 1939, a blunder of world-changing magnitude that led to World War II.  And our own U.S. Congress, by doing Israel's bidding, is now on the verge of doing just that even though both U.S. and Israeli intelligence have over the past several years repeatedly concluded that Iran is not working toward development of nuclear weapons.  And all of that, when the fact is that Israel, not Iran, is the 'nuclear outlaw' in the region; as it is known to have hundreds of nuclear warheads while refusing to officially acknowledge that fact, to allow inspections of their facilities by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as Iran has, or to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) as Iran has.  See here, and here.

This is scary stuff.  Attacking Iran, even with limited air strikes on strategic targets, will not be a 'pushover.'  Their inevitable response could well lead to a huge, escalating, and devastating war in the Middle East.  No one knows what the reaction of Russia and China would be.  This kind of military aggression could conceivably lead to World War III.

One might wonder -- what in the hell is wrong with our Congress, which is supposed to be working for the benefit of the American people, not the Israelis?  It would seem to me the answers are that we should be electing better people; we should be calling them and writing them both before and after they are elected to demand that they put a stop to this kind of Israel-worshipping and philosemitic insanity; and we should be doing whatever it takes to disempower the monsters that are the Israel/Jewish lobby and their pro-Israel organizations such as AIPAC (and countless others).

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