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Monday, December 16, 2013


We're In A J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)
by Val Koinen
December 16, 2013
Once again the morning news explains who is in charge when it comes to U.S. foreign policy.
For starters, we get this story of our mulatto, affirmative-action National Security Advisor Susan Rice getting her 'how to deal with Iran' marching orders from the Israelis.  She is tutored by one Yassi Cohen, special agent dispatched by none other than Israel's 'Bibi the Boss' Netanyahu.

Susan Rice, by the way, was once our ambassador to the United Nations and was considered by Obama for nomination to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State (she withdrew, amid controversy surrounding her role in the Benghazi affair).  She is the quintessential Washington public trough feeder, never holding a real job (certainly not a productive job in the private sector) but enjoying a career with an amazing variety of political, consulting, think-tank, diplomatic, and governmental organizations and agencies.  For some odd reason, President Obama seems determined to keep her close at hand.

Then we are treated to the latest news about the warmongering, amnesty-for-illegals crazed, Senile Senator extraordinaire John McCain.

Here we have him working for the International Jews by sticking his nose into Ukrainian business while telling Putin and the Russians not to interfere.  In his own words, "We ... want to make it clear to Russia and Vladimir Putin that interference in the affairs of Ukraine is not acceptable to the United States, ..."  But I guess it's OK for him to interfere.  Obviously, chutzpah is right up there at the top of all the things the Jews have taught him.

And here we have him doing more of the bidding of his Israeli/Jewish masters by promoting more monkey-wrenching of negotiations with Iran over their nuclear program.

In view of the above, and considering that this is Jew Awareness Month, I think it might be appropriate to once again link to this earlier post concerning McCain's Israel-worship and philo-Semitism. Just so we don't forget how wrong-headed his servility to the Jews and Israel really is. 

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Anonymous said...

John McCain is really a most irritating little dork. The Isreal Lobby involvement only accentuates and exacerbates his natural odiousness. Sigh.

Good post.