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Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


by Val Koinen
January 8, 2014

Breaking news:  New Mayor to Detroiters: Give Me 6 Months to Prove I Can Fix City.

Ohmygawd!  What's going on here?  This guy is White -- he's Detroit's first White mayor in 40 years.  So he more than likely is a 'racist' and a 'hater' -- probably one of those 'White supremacists.'  After all, we have all been told that White people -- almost all White people, certainly almost all White men, and only White people -- are racist.  (OK, OK,  I know -- not all White men are racists, just most of them.  Just look at the new mayor of New York City -- Bill de Blasio -- I hardly think he is a racist.  Judging from the company he keeps, he's not even a real White man in the natural scheme of things.)

Anyway, getting back to this guy Duggan, and him saying he has a plan to fix Detroit's problems -- what exactly is he saying?  What is he planning to do, anyway?   Is he planning to somehow get rid of Detroit's people of color?  That's got to be his plan, right?
(After all, we all know that's the only way he could possibly fix Detroit's problems.  The overwhelming Negro population is the reason they got into their mess, and drastically reducing their numbers [along with banning crooked Negro politicians and city officials] is the only way they are going to solve those problems.)

But the question is -- just how is he planning to get rid of all, or at least most of, Detroit's Negroes in just six months? Is this a law enforcement issue?  Should we notify the authorities?

Oh, yeah, right -- maybe he just plans to ship them all out of the city.  No, that's not it -- there is no way he could pull that off.  Where would they go -- to some other big eastern cities which are already on the brink of going bankrupt just as Detroit did?  Good luck with that, Mike.  Or would he just pack them off to some kind of  'concentration camp'?  Sure, that would fit with Duggan being a White racist/hater/bigot/white supremacist/Nazi, but I don't think the Jews would let him get away with it.

What's that you say?  Maybe he just plans to beg for hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government (from you and me, from the White majority American taxpayers).  Uh...no...that can't be it.  With all the Negroes in Detroit, it doesn't matter how much money he throws at the problem; it isn't going to fix a damned thing (beyond stuffing even more cash into the pockets of crooked politicians).  That has been proven time and time again, in many places such as Camden, Birmingham, Baltimore, and Port-au-Prince, over the past fifty years or more.

I guess, for now, we should just keep our eye on him.  Or ignore him.  Maybe he is just being delusional -- mentally imbalanced.  Or very, very ignorant of history and racial reality.  Or just plain stupid.  Oh, well...

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