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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


by Val Koinen
January 8, 2014

Ever notice how a lot of White Nationalists (myself included) are always grumbling about the way the mainstream media never 'calls a spade a spade' when it comes to our colored friends?  The way they always strive to make Negroes look good and even glorify them while they ignore or cover up the negatives?

Well that's not always the case, as is illustrated by several articles that were put up yesterday.  At least three stories on mainstream sites -- and more pointedly the headlines to those three stories -- brought to every reader's attention  the glaring possibility that an intelligence problem involving prominent Negroes just might have a racial basis.

Actually, what I just said isn't strictly true.  Even in the case of my three examples, linked below, the media didn't explicitly allude to Negro stupidity or anything of the kind.  But it was pretty hard to miss the point.  And one of those articles, the subject of which was English language and communication deficiencies of prominent college athletes, inappropriately and deceptively (but rather unsurprisingly) featured a lead-in photo of several bare-chested White fans of the Black athletes that were the actual, linguistically challenged subjects of the headline and the story, when I looked at it the first time (later on I noticed that image had been replaced by an array of team logos).

Anyway, all in all it was a pretty good day for reportage of racial reality:

Rand Paul refers to Obamas cranial capacity here.
John McCain calls Dennis Rodman a 'dangerous idiot' here.
And here we have a CNN discussion of black college athletes 'reading like fifth-graders.'

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the reality-recognition and this kind of coverage on MSM sites.  It's about time.

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