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Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Saturday, March 1, 2014


by Val Koinen
March 1, 2014

It is hard for me to find the words to describe the love, devotion, and admiration I have for my beautiful and wonderful wife of almost 56 years.

She is so sweet, so smart, and so strong.  The very best wife, mother, and grandmother with whom I could have ever hoped to share a lifetime.

And I have always known that one of the best things about her -- no doubt one of the major reasons for her being the kind of person she is -- is her German and Scottish genetic heritage.  She is, as a matter of fact, a blood descendant of the brother of the great Scottish warrior Braveheart (William Wallace).

But now, after browsing the online news this morning with my first couple cups of coffee, as is my habit, a dark shadow has been cast over the way I perceive that lady -- up to now the light of my life -- and the quality and integrity of her racial/national background.  The stories linked below were truly a blow upside the head.  What in hell is the matter with the people of Scotland?  Are they all insane?  Has some genetic flaw allowed them to become as stupid, delusional, weak, brainwashed, and racially suicidal as Americans?

What do you think?:

Scots bid to offer gay law asylum

Scotland ready to offer gay Ugandans asylum

Do they really think their society and their 'western civilization' will be enriched by welcoming the 'diversity' that will be brought into their communities by hordes of queer, degenerate, other-subspecies blacks from Africa?

And then, as kind of a straw that threatens to break the back of my admiration for my dear wife's Scottish roots, I spotted the name of the esteemed government official, Scotchman Humza Yousaf, the 'Minister for External Affairs' who is responsible for this insanity being pursued in the name of the Scottish people and nation.  Oh, wait a minute -- Humza Yousaf is a 'Scotchman'?  Or is he more likely a member of 'Scotland's indigenous Pakistani community' mentioned in the first article above?  Is it the same thing?

I am just so confused now, about all kinds of things.  What values should a society hold dear, and what behavior should they reject?  What does it mean to be a Scotsman?  What significance can be attached to the ethnic, cultural, and national derivation of my lovely wife?  Will things ever be the same again?

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