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Sunday, April 27, 2014


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
April 27, 2014

And you should be too. Here's why:

First off, let's clarify the terminology. By 'racist' I mean a person who is aware of the reality of human races and racial differences (physical, mental, cultural, and behavioral) – the concept of distinct, proven, scientifically (genetically) defined subspecies of humanity.

The term 'racist' has been used so commonly and stridently as an epithet to denigrate and vilify racially aware White people in recent years that I (and many others) prefer to use the somewhat less tainted word 'racialist.' But they are essentially equivalent, and except for the illegitimate and malevolent misuse of the term racist, either one can be used to describe people who are race conscious (racially aware); those who might be considered 'race realists.'

The word racist does not, by the way and to my way of thinking, equate to definitions of hater, bigot, White supremacist, or Nazi. Those terms – most generally used in a negative and vitriolic sense in ad hominem attacks on those who speak the truth about racial reality – describe, include, or imply other traits, and have no necessary connection – no equivalence, as it were – to 'racism.'

In fact, the term racist has been so perverted, propagandized, and overused in contemporary American discourse that it has just about become the 'mother' of all smear words – second, perhaps, only to the attack-phrase 'anti-Semite.' The usual reaction of the racially unaware when their attention is called to a person accused of being a racist is to be aghast – shocked and disgusted. Of course that is just plain ludicrous to anyone who lives in the world of objective reality, but, as a result of non-stop Jewish, ultra-liberal, and politically-correct conditioning, it is the prevailing mind-set these days.

So, then, what's the 'big deal' about a White person being a racist? Even if the racial awareness I have referred to leads a person to prefer racial separation in our society (to be against race mixing and allowing non-Whites to freely mix in and share our society)?

The fact of the matter is that all the much-ballyhooed racial diversity and multiculturalism we are constantly bludgeoned with are not positive attributes. Far from it. They are weaknesses; even lethally destructive elements. The 'strength in diversity' and 'beauty of multiculturalism' mantras are nothing more than inventions – propaganda – lies. There is abundant and unequivocal evidence – nay, proof – that racially and ethnically homogeneous societies are measurably more happy, trusting, cooperative, and all-around friendly and congenial than mixed-race societies and nations. And that our contemporary American society has in fact been severely damaged by the ubiquitous and intimate presence and integration of large numbers of non-Whites.

Anyway, just think about it. If 'diversity' is our goal, we have an abundance of it within our own White tribal group. We have a wonderful variety of physical builds, facial shapes, complexions, hair textures and color, eye color, cultures, etc. And our racial group provides all that without any of the genetic degradation that results in lowered IQs and more primitive behavior, drastic physical differences, and the constant risk of physical harm that result from race-mixing with Negroes, mestizos, and Semitic types.

You might also want to consider that the vast majority of individual members of many other racial groups – and especially Negroes, mestizos, and Semites – are virulently, hatefully, even militantly racist – especially when it comes to their common anti-White beliefs and attitudes. So while we are told all the time that only Whites can be racist, the truth is that most non-Whites tend to be far more racist in their thinking and behavior.

Two fundamental reasons for acting on a basis of informed racism in order to maintain rather than pollute or degrade our White racial integrity are:

(1) It is normal and natural to strive for the propagation and proliferation of one's own kind – one's genotype – to work toward maintaining reproductive success and the health of the group. In that sense all natural organisms must be 'racist' in their own ways if they hope to succeed. They simply must be, in order to survive, compete, and prosper. It would be suicidal to do otherwise, and to allow competitors to force other, non-beneficial behaviors on them (which if done successfully would lead to the genocide of the subject group). A major problem, then, is that of all the world's creatures, only White humans are told, taught, coerced, and legally forced to not be racist – and that situation is an artificial construct put upon us over the past many generations by the genocidal Jews.

(2) It is natural, in fact imperative, that species (and subspecies, i.e. races in the case of humans) in nature will compete for geographical territory, and when they do find themselves sharing geographical territory with other species or subspecies will compete with those other subspecies for life-sustaining resources. Unfortunately, the White race has essentially stopped competing.

For those reasons alone, it is healthy, normal, natural, and – in the case of us humans as creatures with the capacity to reason – sane and intelligent, to be 'racist;' to behave in a 'racist' manner.

Given, then, that we obviously have the right – in fact the natural survival imperative and therefore the duty - to do whatever we can to maintain the integrity of our racial strain, it would seem natural that we should be racist in our thinking and our behavior in order to:
  • Avoid deleterious contamination and degradation of our gene pool.
  • Avoid lowering our average (collective) IQ.
  • Maintain our racial physical attributes and appearance (assure that we have children and grandchildren that look like us and that behave and perform up to our standards).
  • Maintain and constantly improve upon our social standards and our civilization (government, communities, etc.); maintain and improve upon our behavioral traits as well as the functioning of our societies; including, reduce rather than increase our collective criminality.
  • Maintain and improve upon educational standards for our children and strive to avoid handicapping or degrading their educational experience.
But how can we hope to do those things when we are rapidly becoming a minority in our own country? When we are already a minority in many of our largest cities, and will be in just a few short years in three of our most populous states (California, Texas, and Florida)?

Just look at what preponderant Negro populations have done to cities all over our country, and to cities and entire countries all over the world. Look at Detroit, Birmingham, Haiti, Zimbabwe, and essentially all of Negro Africa for that matter. It's pretty clear that they are incapable of building, or even maintaining civilized and functioning societies that are even remotely comparable to those of White people.

The mestizos aren't much better. Without White-Hispanic dominance they too have proven themselves to be incapable of maintaining modern, orderly societies. If it weren't for the disproportionate power of the essentially White ruling class in cities and countries all over Latin America, the mestizos could hardly sustain modern, progressive governments and societies.

So yes, I would suggest that we Whites need to be racist in order to alleviate the Negro problems in many parts of America, as opposed to 'growing' those problems by financially supporting and otherwise enabling them, and encouraging their ascendancy. The same can be said for the mestizo problem and their onslaught via immigration (both quasi-legal and illegal), high birthrates, and 'anchor babies' (newborns endowed with 'birthright citizenship').

Maybe if a few more of us were just a little more racist in our thinking, voting, and actions, we could enjoy more stable, prosperous, and lawful communities; reduce the violent crime directed at our children, women, and elderly (and even our adult males for that matter); greatly improve the economic health of our communities and our nation; and better maintain our vast infrastructure.

Maybe we also need to be racists so that we can stifle Jewish power and control over our press and other media, our popular culture, our electoral process and government, our nation's finances, and our public education system. Maybe we need to be more racist in order to reinstate more racial separation in America. Being more racist in our approach to things would help us put a stop to the affirmative action hiring that cheats our people out of deserved jobs, results in costly inefficiencies, and vastly increases the risks inherent in substandard performance. Maybe we need to be more racist in order to make more entry-level jobs available for our young people. Maybe we need to be more racist so more of the government jobs now given to coloreds will be available to our people. Maybe we need to be more racist in order to avoid the inconvenience and costs of a multilingual America.

Sure, we can continue to condemn and work to rid our society of all racism. We can continue to teach our impressionable children lies in their classrooms and textbooks. And fail to teach them the beauty and wonder of White accomplishments, and focus on and exaggerate White misdeeds while we gloss over and cover up Negro and mestizo backwardness and savagery. We can strive at every opportunity to denigrate Whites and White history, and to glorify Negroes. We can tell ourselves that we need mestizos to do the work that our people won't do. We can continue to beat it into our people's (and children's) heads, via fantastically contrived television depictions, that we must always have classy and high-performance Negroes as friends in social settings and as superiors in work environments. We can continue to support the never-ending burden of unjust taxation and welfare costs for the benefit of the colored underclass, and work and pay for their ascendancy in society (which is the same thing as working toward and paying for our own dispossession and eventual genocide). But shouldn't we ask ourselves if that is the smart and right thing to do? Shouldn't we consider where that approach has gotten us up to this point?

It seems clear to me, and I would hope it is evident to you as well, that the racial problems outlined above reek of the disinformation and artificiality of the Jewish anti-racist (which equals anti-White) agenda we have been forced to follow for so long now. And they reek of abject failure. In fact, they are symptomatic of a failed species. We can't afford to let that continue – we simply must take the racist actions suggested if we hope to turn things around.

Which leads us to another point – the only understandable reason for an otherwise intelligent, rational, and humane White person to not be a racist would seem to be that he or she has been brainwashed by Jewish propaganda.

All the above would seem to beg the question, 'are you willing to forego racism and thereby destroy our White society, your own people, and our Western Civilization in order to be more 'fair' to the non-Whites?' Is that fair to our people, those who founded and built this country and those who suffer every day in our artificially constructed multi-racial society? (And please try to remember – members of the other races will not and do not reciprocate; there is no way they will do anything to be fair to us once they are in the majority and hold near-absolute power.) Put another way – are you willing to forego a judicious amount of wise, natural, and constructive White racism, and invite our own dispossession and even risk our existence as a 'people,' just so you can continue to watch some Negroes dribble a basketball or run down a field while carrying a football? Are you willing to destroy your own culture and your nation and even your children's and grandchildren's futures just so you can pay a little less to have your lawn mowed (instead of mowing it yourself, having your kids do it, or paying a White man to do it)? Does that make sense to you?

I would put these other common-sense questions to you:
  • Do you really want the White race – your race – to disappear from the face of the earth? (If your answer is 'yes,' that's not just dysgenic and devolutionary – it's just plain sick.)
  • Do you really think that White people have been more uniquely evil and cruel than the other races have been, or at least would have been if they could have gotten away with it, down through the centuries? (If the answer is 'yes,' that's just pathetically ignorant.)
  • Do you deny that it is the White race that has been the driving force behind human progress down through the ages; that has given civilization to the world – exploration, pioneering, settlement, and civilization-building; government; law; science and technological wonders (including labor-saving machinery, flight, computers, etc.); medicine, life-saving medical procedures, and relative freedom from disease; means of food production that has delivered much of the world from recurring starvation; and the art and literature that have brightened our existence? (If so, you have a lot to learn. Or, you have really let the Jew get into your brain and you have a lot to re-learn.)
  • Do you value such things as truth, honor, and reality; or would you prefer that we continue to deceive, lie to, and misinform our children in their schools, and thereby shortchange their educations?
So tell me – how is it wrong, or evil, for me to be a racist? After all, I am hoping for and working toward the redemption and betterment of my people and our civilization while you anti-racists are laboring to destroy them. (Maybe it's just a matter of me being a rational, natural, honorable, and positive racist while you are behaving more like an insane, suicidal, negative racist?)

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