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Saturday, March 14, 2015


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
March 14, 2015

. . . being a capsule description of the simple truths of what is really happening to America's White society (and to the other once-White countries such as those in Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand). Some 'plain talk' about how things really are, how they work, what the problems are, who is pulling the strings, and where things are headed. Your guide to social/political/racial reality.

You can take these truisms to the bank. This is really all you need to know. (I challenge the Jews, their dark minions, and other anti-Whites and White race-traitors to disprove the essential truth of any of my contentions which follow.)

Truth in general. All too many of our own people have forsaken the truth in their daily lives. As a result, we have surrendered our honor and we have betrayed our progeny. We have turned our backs on a worldview based on objective reality. We refuse to, in fact we are afraid to, even think about the truth when it comes to such things as race and Jews. Such things as racial reality and the incompatible differences between the races. Such things as the truth about the 'complicit and culpable' Jews and their efforts to distort history, pervert our culture, genocide us out of existence with racial mixing, and promote and provoke wars. Each and every one of us is lied to about these matters, from the day we are born, by our parents and family, friends, preachers, schools (textbooks and teachers), the press and entertainment media, and politicians and government.

In that kind of environment, it is not very hard to understand how and why we Whites are doing so many things wrong as a people and a nation. Why the existing state of affairs is so terrible and our situation is so desperate. We simply must put a stop to all the lies, starting with our media, education system, and government. We simply must put an end to this miasma of misperceptions and misconceptions.

Truth in history. We have all been taught, and we continue to allow our children to be taught, all manner of half-truths, outright lies, and maliciously concocted narratives about such things as historical White achievements and contributions to civilization vs. distorted and grossly exaggerated if not entirely fabricated accounts of the accomplishments of the darker races; World Wars I and II (causes, the real war crimes, etc.); the Jewish so-called 'holocaust' scam; the '9/11' attacks; (non)justification for the Iraq war; Jewish warmongering leading to essentially all the recent conflicts in the Middle East; and much, much more.

Jews. The plain truth is that 'organized Jewry' has been behind a good many of the ills that have befallen White people for well over a hundred years. Jews such as the murderous, communist Bolsheviks of the early twentieth century Russian Revolution; the Jew-dominated banking cartels (the Rothschilds, our so-called 'Federal Reserve Bank,' and others); Zionists; finance and brokerage swindlers and other criminals; modern-day warmongering 'Neoconservatives;' media owners and controllers; psychiatrists, social anthropologists, and other academics; public school 'educators;' and on and on ad nauseam. In more recent times in America that would include the transgressions of what I have frequently called the 'complicit and culpable Jews' (which includes nearly all of them, when you consider their networking and mutual support systems), who have continued their efforts to poison virtually everything – historical understanding; politics, elections, and governance (legislation); culture; news reporting; and public education.

They have pursued aggressive, never-ending efforts to dispossess and genocide White people in their own countries through immigration (especially, in the U.S. in recent years, by the invasion of alien mestizo 'immigrants' both legal and illegal); race mixing; negrification of culture including the exaggerated and artificially (falsely) enhanced and even glorified Negro presence in television, movies, and advertising; promotion of radical feminism and homosexuality and the destruction of patriarchal family values; enforced subservience to political correctness and enactment of so-called 'hate-crime' laws (attacks on our First Amendment rights under the Constitution); gun control attacks on our Second Amendment rights; and constant warmongering for Israel. One example of the horrendous results of their labors -- just in the first half of the 20th century, Jews, Jewish-dominated movements, and Jew-instigated wars were the proximate causes of the deaths of some 70 million or more White people.

Things have gotten so bad that ever since the runup to the First World War a good many if not most of the daily events and news reported in the press, especially the 'big stories,' are little more than Jewish theater – concocted, staged, and choreographed fiction and propaganda – lies and charades and 'false flag' operations – designed to influence public opinion and our government's actions; especially in the areas of race relations, immigration, and foreign policy.

Race in general. Our culture and our people are being destroyed by forced integration with non-Whites, which inevitably leads to race mixing (miscegenation) and the deterioration of our culture and our genetic heritage (contamination of our gene pool).

We are taught the ridiculous absurdity that race is just a 'social construct' even though that is just patently and demonstrably nonsensical. Although not recognized as such due to political correctness, if human races were categorized using the usual standards of taxonomy they would in fact be considered subspecies of homo sapiens. As such, the races differ significantly in countless ways – genetics; physical and mental characteristics; behavioral traits; abilities of all kinds including the ability to engage successfully in modern, civilized societies; and many other ways.

No, we are not 'all the same.' No, it is not natural or healthy for subspecies as different as Whites and Negroes, or Whites and mestizos for that matter, to mix freely in the same society. That's the truth. That's natural law. Our violating that immutable law of nature is what is causing essentially all our race problems.

In a sense, when it comes down to it, race is everything. Like species and subspecies of all other life forms, the races of mankind compete for power and control, geographic space, and resources whenever they are forced to share a particular geographic environment. That being so (in fact and as a practical matter), it follows that the 'diversity is our strength' and 'multiculturalism is a beautiful thing,' mantras so often heard in White societies and pushed by government, schools, and the media, are nothing more than political propaganda – myths and lies promoted to weaken, dispossess, and eventually destroy White solidarity and the White majority. As is forced integration with non-Whites, which inevitably leads to race mixing, our social and political dispossession, reduction of our numbers, and ultimately our demise in America and other White countries.
Negroes. On average and as a group, Negroes are of comparatively low intelligence (IQ), behaviorally impulsive and prone to criminal behavior, and generally less evolved than Whites. They are ill-equipped to share and participate in our societies and the institutions of White Western Civilization (witness the abject failures of all the countries and cities in which they dominate). They are destructive of our society, culture, cities, and schools. They are hugely and disproportionately responsible for soaking up welfare resources and for violent crime (especially interracial crime), putting a strain on law enforcement and the criminal justice system and prison costs, and weakening and inflating the costs of the public education system.

We should not deceive ourselves about our Negro problem. If we allow things to continue as they are they will degrade our gene pool and destroy our orderly society, our schools, and our culture.

Mestizos (Hispanics, Latinos, Mexicans, etc.) Though of somewhat higher IQ than the Negroes, the mestizos also are of significantly lower intelligence than Whites (again, on average and as a group). They are also disproportionately criminal in their behavior, and they place a huge burden on our welfare expenditures. Racially, they also are 'the other' – different from us in many ways – and as such are damaging to our culture and our people when genes are mixed through interbreeding.

Mestizos are particularly disruptive to our society in their gang-criminality, drunk and uninsured driving, drug trafficking, and the resultant financial burden on our criminal-justice and prison systems. Rather than welcoming the chance to assimilate, which would be bad enough in itself from our standpoint, they persist in flaunting loyalties to Mexico and other south-of-the-border governments. And they require that our social systems cater to them by providing Spanish language services. They openly advocate taking over vast areas of our country (already an accomplished fact in many areas) through immigration and their comparatively high fertility, and by driving the Whites out (or killing them). They continue to invade our country with their illegal alien 'immigration.' Make no mistake – if we fail to bring this situation under control, we will soon be overwhelmed by this adversarial, aggressive, and hostile group of racial 'others.'

Muslims etc. A small but growing problem here in the U.S., these Middle-Eastern, Turkish, North African, Semitic, Muslim, and Arab invaders are wreaking havoc in numerous White European countries, particularly in Sweden and to a lesser extent Norway, Great Britain, France, The Netherlands, Germany, and Italy. With their continuing immigration and relatively high birth rates, they are on the verge of literally taking over portions of several of those countries and imposing their civilizationally challenged Sharia law in many places. Even Australia has a serious and rapidly growing 'Muslim problem.'

Other racial 'others.' Our White racial integrity and European-American society here in the U.S. are also, to a somewhat lesser degree, being challenged and degeneratively altered and degraded by other groups of non-Whites, such as our own Amerinds and Eskimos, and those from the Indian subcontinent, southeast Asia, and Pacific Islanders. Some of these are indigenous peoples, as are the Aborigines of Australia and the Maoris of New Zealand, and can hardly be dismissed as anti-White 'invaders.' But still, when we allow those peoples to dominate certain aspects of our governance and social order, or to intermix with our people, they too can be disruptive and even destructive of our White, Eurocentric society and our genetic makeup. The Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans amongst us are generally intelligent, self-reliant, and productive and so are not so much of a social problem, but nevertheless do present their own kinds of challenges and can hardly be considered a positive factor from the racial integrity standpoint.

Cultural degradation. We 'average,' 'normal' White people have allowed the Jews and their race-traitor White lackeys, and their dark minions, to poison our culture with such things as radical feminism, ultraliberalism, political correctness, negrification, 'normalization' of homosexuality and pornography, and the promotion of universal altruism and utopian egalitarianism. Sadly, we have even helped and supported them in many ways. That cultural degradation has gone on to the extent that in today's America, much popular culture and many of our familial, social, and behavioral standards have become disgustingly perverted and sick if not rotted to the core. There is no way that our country can survive if we do not fix that situation.

White superiority, White supremacy. We Whites here in America have been taught (trained, brainwashed), primarily by Jews and as a result of Jewish influence over many generations now, to be filled with guilt, self-doubt, self-loathing, and even self-hatred for our role in the history of civilization and our own American history. When in fact, even though there have undeniably been some missteps as is true for any race of people, we Whites have brought lasting civilization and scientific, engineering, and technological wonders to all the peoples of the world (as also exemplified by our architecture, agricultural and medical triumphs, and achievements in the arts and literature). We have lifted humanity up from savagery (though some of the more swarthy peoples have persisted in their savage ways). On balance, we have been a people of discovery and accomplishment. To an equal or even greater extent as any other racial group.  Excepting, of course, when prodded into wars by Jews and/or our own religions and tyrants which admittedly has happened all too often, we have also been a people of compassion, virtue, self-reliance, and generosity.  So, compared to the other races of mankind, and even when we concede that we might not be quite as intelligent as the Jews and some Asians, we Whites have been and still are 'superior' to most of the other races in most ways that really matter.

Whites as a failed subspecies. The one area in which we Whites have most definitely not been superior, in which we have in fact been decidedly lacking if not inferior, especially in recent decades, is racial survival. Our superior ability to think has, unfortunately, allowed us to engage in massive 'wrongthink.' And possibly because we are more evolved and civilized when compared with some of the other races, and are therefore farther removed from the instinctual, more 'animalistic' ways of some of the darker races, we seem to be less able to do the natural things required for survival when we find ourselves in competition with less developed and accomplished peoples.

In our striving to be 'fair and nice,' and in our sympathetic compassion for less accomplished people, we seem to be dead-set on surrendering our wealth; the safety of our mothers, wives, and children; our homelands; our lives; and the very future of our people. Just throwing it all away. Turning our backs and shutting our eyes as we are being plundered, preyed upon, and genocided. In fact, many of our people even aid and abet that travesty with their work, money, and other resources.

Another huge factor is that we have been literally 'targeted' for genocide and extinction for hundreds of years by the Jews (again, the clever complicit and culpable Jews, especially those who have wielded such disproportionate control over banking, finance, government, the press, and entertainment media). Many of our own people, due to their greed, power-lust, or just misguided ultraliberal 'anti-racism' (which by the way is just a code word for being anti-White), have aided and abetted the Jews in those efforts. It would seem as though the Jews have literally 'talked us into' killing ourselves and allowing them to kill us.

As a result of that one lethal weakness, we White people in today's America and other White countries are at serious risk of throwing away the results of thousands of years of evolution and of building civilization, culture, and the beauty of our Eurocentric societies.

If we have any hope of salvaging our situation, of turning things around and moving on to a viable future, we must first put our own house in order. We need to address such things as dishonesty, greed, prurient behavior, obesity, and criminality among our own people. We must stop recoiling with fear at the very thought of being called racist or anti-Semite which are, in fact, just sensible, natural, healthy, and normal traits. In this one critical area at least, we must stop being stupid, deceived, and cowardly.

U.S. federal government. Our government is truly out of control. A literal loony-bin and a stage for oftentimes contentious but almost always anti-White and anti-Western Civilization White race-traitors and cowards, plus a good number of colored, 'gibs-me-dat' 'lessers;' Jew-bought and Jew-controlled sell-outs and fools; deluded, religious-zealot Israel butt-kissers; bought and power-mad control freaks; and of course, the ultra-liberal, politically-correct leftists, Marxists, socialists, and communists.

There is just no way we can hope to survive as a rational, lawful, and smoothly functioning White nation if we cannot find ways to remove the Jewish control and to elect better men to Congress and the Presidency – intelligent, rational, fair but tough-minded White men of racial integrity.

Religion and God-belief. There is no question that Christianity has historically been one of the most important foundations of Western Civilization. Or that Christian beliefs and teachings have helped many people be better people than they might otherwise have been. Certainly, religious teachings have helped bolster people's morality and charity down through the centuries. But there is also no question that there have been horrendous religious persecutions of all kinds, needless devastating religious wars, damaging religious effects on science and other learning, misguided religious involvement in such things as supporting Jewish (Israeli) wars and warmongering, and the unfathomable crime ('sin') of importing black African savages into many White American communities.

What White Christians – people who feel the need to believe and follow religious dogma – need to do, it would seem to me, is stop aiding and abetting the Jews and non-Whites who are working to destroy our people and then focus their good thoughts and efforts on helping their own people – White people – survive and become better and stronger family members and citizens.

White identity and pride. None of what I have written matters, of course, so long as the majority of our people simply don't care. As long as they succumb to the brainwashing that tells us we are a cruel, wicked, and undeserving if not worthless people. Facts such as I have presented in this essay will have no way of resonating with people until they learn to appreciate and take pride in their own racial stock, or as long as they see no reason to want to protect and preserve the White race. More of our people need to pull their heads out of their nether regions, start to think rationally and competitively, recognize the problems, and accept the healthful normalcy and virtue of being stronger and tougher in addressing those problems.

Why it all matters. The survival of a truly civilized and majority-White America – the preservation of a nation worthy of being handed down to our children and grandchildren in which they can live their lives as safe, free, and happy citizens -- depends on our people recognizing and facing up to and successfully addressing the problems I have attempted to describe. If we cannot do that, there will almost certainly be:
  • A severe further reduction in the genetic quality of our people – physical attributes, intelligence, and civilized behavior.
  • Worsening racial and social strife.
  • Continuing and worsening economic enslavement of us creative and productive White people in support of the colored underclasses.
  • A White population increasingly battered by violent crime at the hands of the 'coloreds' – assault, torture, rape, murder, and everything else.
  • Continuous economic upheavals and severe reductions in standards of living and quality of life.
  • More and more spreading of debilitating and deadly third-world diseases.
  • Infrastructure deterioration.
  • More wars for the Jews.
  • An accelerating rate of the debasement of our childrens' educations.
  • More and increasingly disgusting perversion of our culture.
  • Destruction of Western Civilization.
  • Eventual genocide (extinction) of the White race.
In closing: Yes indeed, these are serious matters. Hopefully you, the reader, will reflect upon these revelations and warnings as honestly and objectively as you can. And then do some follow-up reading of material available on White Nationalist websites and blogs such as those listed on my blogroll. And obtain and read some of the books also listed thereon, and many other books offered or listed on other websites (remember – those who will not read have no advantage over those who cannot read). Study the issues. And then speak up and speak out, and spread the truth. Talk to friends, family members, and neighbors. Call and write your government representatives. Attend and speak up at school-board meetings. Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper. Comment on websites. Don't hesitate to advocate White interests, White rights, and the truth about historical events, race, and the activities of the nefarious complicit and culpable Jews.

Become an activist, or better yet an organizer, to the extent your own personal situation will allow. Attend demonstrations and protests; participate if you can. Become a soldier worthy of your heritage. Do these things for the betterment of our situation and the future we will leave to the generations of our White race to come. Keep it legal, but at every opportunity do whatever you can to put a stop to the deadly anti-White activities of our enemies.

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