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Monday, April 27, 2015


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
April 27, 2015

Paul Craig Roberts has crossed the line, for me at least.  He has gone too far this time.  I have removed him from my blogroll on the right sidebar.

See my preceding post immediately below.  Roberts has now shown his hand, and has made it clear he is a disinformation agent, a shill, for the Jews.  And most likely a self-hating White man, to boot.

Check out the latest post on his blog (here).  He makes some good points, as usual.  And as usual, I agree with him -- in this case with his contention that it is very foolish for the United States to feel it is so 'exceptional' that it can tell everyone else what to think and do, and that its perceived exceptionalism is a valid basis for shoving democracy down everyone's throat, bombing country after country, and coercing other nations to go along with that psychotic behavior.

But it is one thing to say that a phony sense of exceptionalism in the area of foreign policy is no legitimate basis for our insane behavior in recent years, and it is an altogether different thing to belittle White people by suggesting that we are only exceptional in comprising such 'diminutive numbers' on the world stage.  Has he forgotten, or just simply chosen to overlook, all the accomplishments of the White race?  No, he has not.  He knows full well that it is the White people of the world who have essentially built modern civilization.  Our exceptionalism in that sense is not diminished by the reproductive proclivities of the Chinese, Asians, Africans, South Americans, rabbits, mosquitos, or ticks.

Then, he goes on to place the nefarious warmongering role of the Jewish-dominated mainstream media squarely on the shoulders of the White people of America -- he blames the 'White People's Media' for falsely accusing and condemning Russia and Iran.  And he then goes on to denigrate the 'White Media' three more times for inaccurate and dangerous portrayals of the situation in Ukraine.

That's just outrageous.  Roberts knows better -- he is being disingenuous; deliberately deceptive in my opinion.  He is covering for the Jews.

And that is no small matter, because it is the complicit and culpable Jews -- through their ownership and control of the major mainstream media and their control over Congress -- who are doing everything they possibly can to demonize Russia and Iran and instigate hostilities, all of which could very well ignite World War III.

So, it is just inexcusable and intolerable for Roberts to mislead his readers by blaming the 'White People's Media' for this lethally despicable behavior; and in keeping with the thoughts expressed in my preceding essay, I have no choice but to call him on that by removing the link to his website from my blogroll.

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Val Koinen said...

'Gem Junior' posted the following comment on 4/27/15: "Wow. I always admired this guy. No more. "White People's Media?" Sure. HE of all people, knows better than anyone who runs the media. I can't believe PCR would do this - piece of s***. I've really lost respect for this shill."

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