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Work for what's good for our people
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Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Friday, August 14, 2015


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
August 14, 2015

Never mind the flowers...

Where have all the White men gone?
So sadly missing, every one...

Where were all the true White patriots -- the White men who should, throughout the 20th Century and right up to the present time, have stopped the Jews from instigating all the devastating wars that have resulted in the unnecessary death and maiming of so many of our young men, millions of other casualties, and unbearable misery and monetary costs?

Where did all the White men go -- the ones that could have prevented the Jews from perpetrating their 'holocaust' hoax; and the men who, had they stood their ground and done their duty, could have stopped the Jews, feminists, liberals, and politically-correct corruptors from causing our children to be taught all the other lies of history and false biology and genetics, and could have insured that they were taught the truth of racial reality?

Whatever happened to the White men who should have been there to stop the Jews from virtually taking over our news and entertainment media -- just a couple results of which have been the poisoning of our information stream and the shaping of opinions, and the overwhelming negrification of television programs and commercials, movies, and print advertising?

Where were all the strong White men who might not have caved in by allowing the Jews, with their money and lobbyists, to take over and control our political system, elections, and the government itself?  Who failed to stop those who let our once Eurocentric societies and systems come to be ruled by Jews, Negroes, mestizos, radical feminist women, and queers (President, judges, legislators, supremes, cabinet members, and top-level bureaucrats and functionaries)?

Whatever became of all the White men who should long ago have prevented, stopped, and reversed the non-White invasions of the White nations in Europe, North America, Australia, and elsewhere?  Where were the White men who should long ago have put an end to such things as the 'colored' Muslim flood of immigration into Europe, the invasion onto southern Europe's shores by the dark Africans coming across the Mediterranean by the boat-full, the Negro/Muslim assault on the English Channel tunnel in recent weeks, the mestizo invasion across our own southern border (both quasi-legal immigration and illegal-alien invasion), and churches importing Black African primitives into nearly all-White communities in places such as New England, Minnesota, and towns across the country?

Where did all the White men go who should have prevented our country from succumbing to the radical feminists and weak politicians who, at the behest of their Jew string-pullers, have allowed women to essentially take over so many male functions in our society -- jobs, governance, and more?

Where were the White men -- husbands, fathers, statesmen, and patriots -- who should have 'been there' to stop the Jewish-promoted normalization and popularization of homosexuality and transgenderism and their deviant so-called lifestyles?

Where were the White fathers who should have insisted on raising their sons as boys and young men instead of allowing Jews, radical feminists, schools, politically-correct fools, and misguided mothers to rob them of the essence of their masculinity; thus helping to turn them into liberal-minded wimps and future cuckolds?

Where were all the White men when America decided to let the Jews degrade/pervert/negrify our popular culture, and even our art and music?

Why were there no White men ready to prevent the sub-civilized Negroes and mestizos from taking over and literally destroying entire cities and whole areas in America?  Where were the White men needed to stop all the racial and political cowards when decisions were made to just abandon control of those once-White places to the colored mobs, and let them become off-limits ('no-go areas') for our people?

Where were all the good White men when they were needed to put a stop to all the deracinated, self-hating, guilt-ridden, and/or racially delusional Whites who brought about such things as 'affirmative action' and racial preferences for the Negroes; the men who could have prevented our once-great nation from honoring (actually, glorifying) Michael (a.k.a. 'Martin Luther') King, Jr. by naming a national holiday and countless city streets all over the country after that communist, plagiarist, and philanderer?

Whatever became of all the White men, and especially the husbands and fathers, who should have and could have prevented and stopped the onslaught of Black/Brown-on-White violent crime in America (and in other White countries as well, for example Sweden, England, France, etc.) -- crimes such as the raping of our wives and daughters, the assault and beatings of our sons, and the kidnapping, torture, and murder of our people?

For that matter, where were all the White men who could have stood strong and refused to effectively abandon our legal-justice system and necessary and proper policing in the face of the onslaught of Negro-thug crime?  Were they all replaced by White cuckolds who decided to let the uncivilized Negro mobs dictate the way we police and control criminality in America -- to get down on our knees and abandon our traditional law and order in deference to their demands for special treatment?

Where, oh where, were they when we needed them:

In earlier years:
  • leaders more concerned with building empires and taking money and political direction from the Jews?
  • excessively enamored of flappers, bootleg booze, and the 'Charleston?'
  • more admirably -- a lot of them working their rear ends off just to survive and raise their families?

In more recent times:
  • watching Negro-dominated football or basketball on TV?
  • sitting on their couches with their cold beers?
  • playing too much of the time with their latest 'big-boy-toys' instead of being responsible fathers and citizens?
  • spending too much time doing drugs, partying, or playing childish games with their buddies?
  • letting their women run the essential things (family, schools, communities) so they could go fishing, bowling, or to the drag races?
  • watching porn on their computers, or even just allowing themselves to become overwhelmed by our Jew-induced, prurient, over-sexualized culture?
  • busy supporting, via their attendance and patronage, all the sick Jewish media offerings on TV, in movies, at 'rock concerts,' etc.?
  • concentrating on their overeating or other overindulgences?

When will we ever learn?

Wherever they have been and whatever they have been up to, it's pretty clear that White men have all too often been missing in action when they were most needed, both in the past for going on a hundred years now, and right up until today.

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