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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
August 4, 2015

Herein some questions for all my liberal, politically-correct, deracinated and Jew-brainwashed friends and family . . . and for all the authoritarian government/bureaucratic spokespeople and the preachers in the churches and the Jew-dominated preachers of the media.

You're joking, right?

Or, if all this anti-racist, diversity-is-our-strength, beauty-of-multiculturalism, Jew-idolization and -subservience, Negro worshipping, and mestizo-pandering nonsense I'm reading, seeing, and hearing these days isn't just some kind of sick joke, or part of a Jew-driven agenda of White genocide; then it must be a result of mass ignorance, delusion, stupidity, malevolence, and/or cowardice on the part of all the politically-correct, race-traitor White people I encounter all the time.  Maybe it's a combination of all three, or perhaps most likely, the latter two?

Let's see if I understand this correctly.  You call me an evil anti-Semite and a Nazi for writing the truth about Jews, and in particular, organized Jewry, the International Jews (primarily bankers, communists, and Zionists), and as I call them, the complicit and culpable Jews; when it is the Jews who have toiled so long and hard to destroy my people.

You say I am the evil-minded one for merely pointing to all the truly horrendous things they have actually done, especially since the turn of the 20th century.

Well, here are a few historical details you might want to remember:  Jews were essentially responsible for maneuvering the U.S. into an absolutely unnecessary involvement in World War I (after they did their part to instigate those hostilities in the first place) (11 million total dead, 117,00 U.S.).  Then, the Jews were heavily represented amongst the primary perpetrators who murdered more than 50 million White people during the Russian Revolution and the early years of the communist tyranny in the Soviet Union.  And lest we forget -- those same substantially Jewish Soviet communists and their 'Comintern' then exported that depraved political and economic system of enslavement to China and elsewhere in Asia, or at the very least inspired the birth and early development of the communist movements in far-Eastern Asia, ultimately resulting in several wars and the killing of countless more millions of innocent victims.

Jews were also the primary instigators of World War II and of our (the U.S.'s) involvement in that horrendous but totally unnecessary fratricidal bloodbath (another 60 million mostly White people killed, including 416,000 Americans).

Well, that's the poor, poor, perennially mistreated Jews for you.

So what exactly are you saying -- that we're not supposed to know about those things?  Having learned about them, we're not supposed to talk about them?  Just as we aren't supposed to know about the Jew-dominated horrors inflicted on Germanic civilians during the latter part of and after the end of the war?  Or about the starvation, torture, and killing of a million or more German military personnel after the war ended?  And just like we're not supposed to know or talk about the Jewish WW II 'holocaust' scam designed to malign the German people (all White people for that matter), extort hundreds of millions (or is it billions?) of dollars from a number of White countries, brainwash our White citizens and especially our little children, and to demand special (but completely undeserved) sympathy, dispensations, and deference for Israel and for Jews in general?

And what of all the other 20th-century Jewish perfidy that you expect me (us) to ignore, or rationalize away -- hostile actions such as their spying on our country, the 1954 Lavon Affair in Egypt, their 1967 attack on the U.S.S. Liberty that killed 34 of our sailors and wounded another 174, and other criminal events?

What of their loosing the Negroes on our White society back in the 1960's via their tireless efforts in the so-called civil rights movement (including their 'canonizing' Michael King Jr., a.k.a. Martin Luther King Jr., the 'content of his character' communist Negro plagiarizer, whoremonger, and rabble-rouser)?  Or their working so successfully to dispossess (destroy) the White majority in the U.S. with their opening the floodgates to non-White immigration back in 1965?

And of course, it's not just all the warmongering and other horrible anti-White events of the 20th century that can be laid at the feet of the Jews.  You expect me and others like me to embrace the Jews, never criticize them, and even bow down to them while we just ignore the facts of their involvement in the '9-11' attacks, their instigating the bogus 2003 Iraq war in the Middle East, and all the other insane actions we have undertaken and things we continue to do in that area on behalf of and at the behest of Israel and their Jewish lobby here in America.  Are you serious?  Simply noticing those things makes me a bad person?

I'm not supposed to resent, and speak out about, the Jews' virtual stranglehold on our political process and elections, largely through their huge monetary donations (bribery) and their power of the press, and their resulting control of our government itself?  It makes me an evil anti-Semite to notice the extent to which they control and direct social and political opinion, and inform and shape ideas and policy in this country by virtue of their vastly disproportionate dominance of our news media (press and television)?  We White Americans aren't supposed to notice how the Jews, via their ownership and high-level infestation of the entertainment media, work constantly to degrade, distort, pollute, negrify, and effectively destroy our Eurocentric culture?  And their promotion of family-destructive radical feminism; 'normalization' of homosexuality, transgenderism, and even pedophilia; and their rampant purveyance of both hardcore and 'soft' pornography?

We Whites are supposed to rejoice at the way the malevolent, alien, complicit and culpable Jews have managed to unduly influence our public education system, and use it to poison the education of our children?  And the extent to which they have come to dominate the Federal courts and Judiciary, and our systems of banking, brokerage, and finance, including their essentially total control of the bogus 'Federal Reserve' banking system?

In short, you expect us conscientious Whites to just overlook or excuse the Jews for their centuries-long efforts to genocide us out of existence?  If we don't appreciate what they have been doing to us and our society and nation, that makes us the wicked evil-doers?

Seriously now -- do you really expect us White people to respect, welcome the presence of, and glorify as the 'chosen people' an alien tribe such as the Jews after we have learned about all the things they have done to destroy people of European descent and their White societies -- our Western Civilization?

And then you call me prejudiced, bigoted, intolerant, and hateful for being a White Nationalist, a racialist, and a White separatist by virtue of my advocating for substantial if not total separation of the White and Negro (and other 'colored') races in America (return to segregation, if you will).

Apparently, you expect people like me to just ignore the biological and genetic realities of the incompatible differences between us Whites and the Negroes, who are in fact a differently developed and in many ways less evolved subspecies of humanity that just cannot participate successfully in a White, Eurocentric society -- our kind of society.

Are you telling me that we Whites are supposed to enjoy the prospect (actually, the reality) of their fornicating and even mating with our women, thereby polluting and degrading our White gene pool?  Even when we know for a fact that on average, and as a group, Negroes have a substantially lower IQ, have more primitive and instinctual impulse-control problems, and are predisposed to violence and criminality?  Even when we know that Negroes commit vastly disproportionate numbers of violent crimes against our people (things like assault, rape, torture, and murder for example)?

You are aware, are you not, of the ways Negro children drag down our kids' education in the public school system wherever they are present in substantial numbers?  You do know, don't you, that we White Nationalists, racially aware as we are, fully understand the ways in which accommodating their children and their supposed self-confidence and self-esteem issues must, by necessity, retard the education of our children and cost the predominately White taxpayers huge amounts of money that we can ill afford to squander?  And cost excessive amounts just for maintaining, repairing, and replacing the physical assets that are disproportionately damaged and destroyed by Negro children in schools all over the country?

Do you really think that we Whites have not noticed how those 'others' -- the Negroes -- have literally destroyed many of their own neighborhoods throughout the country, and even entire cities, such as Detroit, Camden, Birmingham, East St. Louis, and many more?  And how much it costs us taxpayers to police them, deal with their crimes in the court system, and incarcerate them?

And I just have to ask -- in a more general sense, do you really think the hard-working, overtaxed, and struggling Whites of America have not noticed how the Negroes perennially and disproportionately suck up such huge (and from our standpoint unaffordable) amounts for welfare -- child support, food stamps, health care, and all the rest?

Of course, you also like to call me a racist hater and a bigot, if not a White supremacist, for my thoughts and feelings about the mestizo invasion.  You think it is wrong for me to speak up about the nation-wrecking surge of brown invaders pouring over our largely undefended southern border -- the millions of non-White alien immigrants, both illegal and quasi-legal, that we let into our country and let stay in our country once they are here; whether by misguided but 'lawful' immigration policies, even more stupid 'birthright citizenship' (the 'anchor babies'), or illegal-alien border invasion.

But tell me -- are we expected not to notice the way they take over (and almost always ruin) neighborhoods and entire sections of some cities?  The way they take entry-level jobs from our youngsters and the less educated, skilled, and/or capable White workers, and the way they lower wages for many hard-working White people?  Their requiring Spanish-language signage, education, and communication on the part of government service agencies?  Their 'gangbanger' and other criminal activities, including rampant drug dealing?  Their propensity for drunk driving, which causes so many accidents, so many of which result in the killing of, serious injuries to, and costly damages incurred by innocent White people?

And once again, just as is the case for the Negroes, are you suggesting that we should welcome the financial burden of their welfare dependence for such things as health care, food, and housing; and the hugely disproportionate costs of the criminal justice system necessitated by their presence?

And now, in recent years, I suppose we should have learned to tolerate and enjoy the ever-increasing invasion and presence of the alien-cultured and oftentimes lethally criminal Muslims from North Africa and the Middle East.  Oh, what the hell -- why not? -- you expect us to welcome the constantly increasing numbers of all manner of racially and culturally alien 'others' into our once-White society; why should the Muslims/Arabs/Semites be any different?

While I might not like it all that much, I guess I do 'get it.'  There is no humor involved in all this -- it isn't a joke, and you're not kidding.  You really do expect American White people -- still for a short while the majority in this once-great country -- to ignore all the above rational and reasonable facts.  You really do expect us to just not care that our society -- one of the greatest the world has ever known -- is being destroyed.  You expect us to excuse and rationalize these civilization-shattering developments as you apparently choose to do.

You vilify me simply for being a White nationalist and separatist and for wanting to live and work among my own people, in the relative peace and harmony that never has been and never can be achieved in multicultural or multiracial or Jew-dominated societies.  You condemn me for wanting my progeny to look like me, for wanting them to inherit a White genetic makeup (including a White IQ and White behavioral characteristics), to hope they will have an appreciation for their White heritage and history, for wanting them to inherit a White society, and for wanting our people to maintain and continue to improve upon their Eurocentric society, culture, and Western Civilization.  And then there is the matter of your demonizing us White people for wanting our sons to grow into adulthood without having to go to the far corners of the world in order to fight and die in some utterly unnecessary war being fought for Israel and the Jews.  (Well no wonder you don't want me to be as I am and think as I do -- just reading this paragraph makes me realize what an awful human being I am!)  (Yeah, right -- sure it does.)

One last thought -- oddly, as though the things I have discussed aren't bad enough, it seems to me that you are telling me that as a people, we Whites don't have the basic, natural right to advocate for what's best for our tribe.  And I can't help wondering why that is, when all the other groups not only have the right to think along those lines, but are encouraged to do so, and in many cases are provided taxpayer funding (that comes mostly from us White citizens) to work towards those ends.  Just wondering -- why do you suppose that is?  Do you really believe that our friends the Jews don't keep 'what's good for Jews' uppermost in their minds and at the top of their to-do lists?

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