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Friday, December 25, 2015


We're in a J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)

Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
December 25, 2015

So there we were – a small family gathering, relaxing in the living room after enjoying a nice Winter Solstice dinner prepared by my lovely wife. And then, as seems to happen all too often these days, my hippie-minded, anti-establishment, anti-business, and probably anti- Western Civilization in-law family member steers the conversation onto the topic of 'sustainability' (or rather, unsustainability) of population growth and energy and food availability; and our over-use of those and other finite resources.

As happens on occasion, I agree with some of his points except for the part where he tries to lay a guilt-trip on me for my (very modestly) affluent modern American lifestyle (which is distinctly middle-class if not lower middle-class, by the way). And as always, I point out that we wouldn't have such a huge sustainability problem if the world didn't have so many prolifically reproductive non-White primitives that so many misguided, pathologically altruistic White people think need to be fed, medicated, and thereby made more fertile and fecund at our expense.

Right away, our conversation starts to deteriorate and take on more of the flavor of an argument. This guy is a liberal White apologist of sorts, whereas I am a White Nationalist – a pro-White racialist (racist, if you prefer) and, by necessity, a defensive anti-Semite (because the Jews have continually proved themselves to be a force [an enemy] that we Whites must fight and defeat if we hope to survive as a 'people'). And as such, I always hasten to remind this young(er) man that my concerns and desires in this area relate to, and are substantially limited to, the survival and prosperity (and therefore the sustainability) of the White race and our Western Civilization.

I do not always argue very effectively. He is, frankly, much more intensely interested, studied, and conversant than I am when it comes to these matters. I have other interests. Also, I have come to realize that I am not as quick-witted in these kinds of arguments as I was when I was younger and knew just about everything – when I was more his age, and full of brash self-confidence – before the world taught me a few lessons. And I'm sure my debating skills were not helped by the two Manhattan cocktails I had put away before dinner and the two glasses of red wine I drank during the course of the meal, and by the fact that I had missed my afternoon nap time. (Oddly enough, not too many years ago a few drinks or beers always seemed to make me smarter and a much more effective debater.)

But then I did follow up the next morning by watching a very interesting (I might even say 'eye-opening') YouTube video he sent to my email: Arithmetic, Population and Energy by the late Dr. Albert Bartlett. And I even went a little further than that by Googling some more articles on the fascinating subject of population and resource sustainability.

So now, with my newly acquired mini-education on the topic, I will respond to my in-law with some random thoughts on the matter.

First off, on a personal and somewhat defensive level, I would say that I believe – I think I know – that my lifestyle (that of me and my dear little 'coupon queen' and penny-pinching wife) is comparatively rather modest and benign and is, or at least approaches being, at or below the 'sustainable' level. And furthermore, if we thought it would make a real difference, and if other conscientious people were sharing the sacrifices, we would be perfectly willing to modify our lifestyle and resource use in a downward direction, say by as much as 20% to 30% or so, if/when that becomes necessary. I don't consider us to be selfish, greedy, wasteful, or otherwise 'bad' people when it comes to living resource-responsibly.

I do 'get it' – there is no question that the exponential increase of the world's human population is unsustainable over the long term (or even the mid-term). But one thing even the savvy scientists who study these things (such as Dr. Bartlett) don't usually get into is the fact that much if not most of that 'excessive' population increase is in the third world – places like Africa, the Middle East, India and elsewhere in Asia, and in South and Central America and Mexico. And while people in those places may not use up as many resources per-capita as we do at present, such as oil and food, they are demanding more and more of our overly consumptive conveniences and lifestyles while they account for almost all of the human population growth the world is experiencing.

I would venture to guess that, in spite of Dr. Bartlett's dire projections, the historically White nations (once-White and still predominately White) such as those in Europe, in North America, and Australia/New Zealand are, with a few glaring exceptions such as current excessive rates of fossil fuel consumption (oil in particular) that most certainly do require our immediate (urgent) and most serious attention, can live sustainably for centuries to come considering the combined effects of:
  1. Our non-replacement birth-rate levels.
  2. Continued scientific and technological knowledge and breakthroughs (maybe underrated by Bartlett and others?) in the areas of alternate energy sources, food production, and substitutes.
  3. Constant and increasing education and government efforts, and social 'movements,' that are gaining in exposure, acceptance, and popularity and that are likely to result in substantially curtailed use of nonrenewable resources.
  4. We White people have a proven record of being amenable to substantial sacrifice when there is a genuine need, for example during World War II. I do not doubt our willingness and ability to conserve resources by slowing down or even reversing our modern pattern of excessively conspicuous consumption when that becomes absolutely necessary. (Note: that time is probably now.)
But one thing is certain – we can't just go back to being apes or some other kind of feral bipeds – animals in the tropical wilds living in trees or holes in the ground. So we need to quit thinking and talking about solving the problem that way.

I think the best things we could do right now to help our situation would be to (1) stop feeding and medicating and trying to 'equalize' the exploding populations of the third world and (2) stop all third-world immigration into our Eurocentric nations.

Also essential in my opinion – we need to:
  • Start developing a national mindset and determination of curtailing our conspicuous, inane, frivolous consumption of nonessential 'things' and non-renewable, finite resources.
  • Insist on improving the public education of our children – start demanding that we teach them the truth about such critical things as race, the Jewish problem, history, and sustainability of resources.
  • Drastically curtail the Negro/Mestizo/Muslim-Semitic birthrates in our countries via any and every legal and humane means available.
  • Begin working seriously, in any and every moral, humane, and legal way we can, to drastically reduce population growth in the third world.
We might take a hard look at all of the possible means of reducing population growth among people of all races and in all places, listed by Dr. Bartlett (along with a few others I added to his list which should also be considered [*]):

Contraception: Yes – promote generally, with emphasis on 3rd world countries and the non-White populations in White nations.

Abortion: Yes – promote when appropriate, with emphasis on the non-White populations in White nations.

Small families (birth control): Yes – promote and implement generally, as successfully done by China; but especially for non-Whites (White populations have already done this, probably to a greater degree than they should have).

Immigration: Put a stop to all but White/European immigration into White nations.

Disease: No – promoting or deliberately facilitating disease is obviously not an option. But – we have no obligation to solve all of the 3rd-world's disease problems.

War: No – deliberately instigating war as a means of population control is not option, even though war is one of the most effective means of doing that.

Homicide: No – except judicially sanctioned capital punishment and, perhaps, some medically sanctioned mercy killings.

Suicide*: Yes – of the terminally ill, with consent, medical guidance, and all appropriate safeguards.

Starvation/Famine: No – deliberate mass starvation is obviously not an option. But Yes – we should stop working so hard and spending so much money to prevent these things when they happen in the third world.

Pollution/Poisoning: No – deliberate mass poisoning via pollution or any other means is obviously not an option. But Yes – we should probably stop trying to prevent people and societies from poisoning themselves via their behavioral choices (e.g. smoking, urban pollution).

Eugenic Sterilization*: Yes – limited.

Criminal/Punishment Sterilization*: Yes – as warranted.

Reduced Medical Treatment and Medication (to unreasonably prolong life)*: Yes

Mass Extinction; Genocide (e.g., what the complicit and culpable Jews are trying to do to White people)*: No

It is a natural fact that most of the darker races (subspecies) in general have simply failed to compete successfully in the progression of human accomplishment. They have failed to achieve a place in the top tier. That being the case, we shouldn't feel any need or obligation to feed and medicate them. And we shouldn't let them pollute our White societies via immigration, miscegenation, or other forms of race-mixing. We shouldn't let their reproductive proclivities destroy our world. I don't think that is an evil or immoral opinion, or position. I think it is highly moral and sensible, and is the only natural attitude to embrace if we are to help our people survive.

Actually, and to sum up, this entire matter of eventual demise via non-sustainability is no big worry or 'guilt trip' for me. Mass extinctions have happened many times in the past, of all kinds of animal life (including humans). And in my view there is absolutely nothing morally wrong in hastening the inevitable (if it is inevitable and if that is what we are doing) by living modern life. We should try to limit excesses and waste, of course, but we should also, basically, concentrate on living our lives in the best way we can.

We might also consider the many ways in which Mother Nature has 'bit us in the backside' on numerous occasions in the past via such calamitous events as comet and asteroid strikes, volcanism, floods, earthquakes, fires, droughts, storms (hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis), ice ages, etc. While our self-destructive ways may not be all that smart, 'good,' or necessary, and certainly aren't helpful, they sure aren't the only devastating things that have ever happened to mankind.

And now, in closing, a couple brief messages to my argumentative and know-it-all in-law family hippie: People like you like to talk about this sustainability problem in their self-righteous, critical, even accusative way. But talk is cheap. The fact is, you and your ilk are nothing more than 'hypocritical hobbyists.' You don't live in a dark and cold hole in the ground. You don't walk to work; you haven't yet given up most of the trappings of modern American life.

There is one real-world way you can help save our civilization from the problems of over-population and depletion of non-renewable resources. And that is by joining me in White Nationalist education, advocacy, promotion, and activity. That may not be the only, or most effective defense against our demise resulting from unsustainable population growth and over-use of resources. But I can guarantee you it will do a helluva lot more good than harping about the lifestyle my wife and I and most of the other White Americans on our community have earned through our hard work through all these many years.

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