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Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Sunday, December 27, 2015


We're in a J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)

Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
December 27, 2015

Here is a disgusting, sickening, and maddening article that was posted on Renegade Tribune awhile back:  Who is Behind the Sexualization of Our Children?

When you read articles such as this one, and think about the overwhelming involvement of Jews in these prurient endeavors, it really is enough to make you sick.

But do you know what is even more sickening?  Two things occur to me:  (1) We Whites have allowed the Jewish purveyors of these perversions to ply these nefarious trades and to profit immensely from doing it.  And, (2) Altogether too many of our people, and especially the mothers of so many of our innocent and impressionable youngsters, watch and enjoy the presentations and see the ads and then go out and buy these products for their children, and in particular, their little girls.

So yes, it is normal and healthy for some of us to feel outrage toward the complicit and culpable Jews. But make no mistake --we ourselves must accept much of the blame for any damage that is done to the lives and minds of our innocents.

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