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Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
July 6, 2016

I would have to say -- the one thing about the Jews in our society that really rankles -- that in fact both depresses and enrages me -- is that, due to their presence and their nefarious habits and activities, we good White people of America cannot just 'live our lives' as we should be entitled to live them given the struggles and blood sacrifices of our ancestors down through the centuries.

Most people have hopes and expectations of growing up in a truly free country and a wholesome environment, of getting a solid and useful education, marrying, having and raising children, enjoying a happy family experience and a satisfying and prosperous occupation or career.  But there is a snag. In order to just 'get along,' they are pressured unmercifully by prevailing conditions to turn their backs on the greatest threat to all those things -- the greatest threat to their culture, the comforts and enjoyments of their Eurocentric society, their Western Civilization, and their genetic survival as a subspecies of humankind.  They must 'toe the line.'

But the problem is -- doing that will condemn our children and their children, the White people of the future.  Because if we do choose to just be good, productive people and to just live our lives as good parents and hard-working, honest, and wholesome citizens, it is guaranteed that we will be subjected to the depradations of non-Whites, dispossessed, and see our futures destroyed.

And why is that?  It's all due to the stranglehold currently held on our society by the Jews.  The stranglehold (actually, the death-grip) that results from the horrendously disproportionate influence and control over our cultural and social norms, and even our government and our laws; by a dedicated, powerful, entrenched, calculating, sneaking, parasitic, insiduous, hate-filled, traitorous, anti-White-majority insider group -- the complicit and culpable Jews.  The Jews who comprise a deadly fifth column if there ever was one!

If good, decent White Americans hope to get along in polite society, or survive in their careers, they are uniquely forbidden from being advocates for their own people.  And from so much as pointing out (talking and writing about) the facts and realities concerning, and the burdensome and noxious attributes of, much of the non-White underclass.  And the normalization and acceptance of the disgusting, deleterious practices of sexual deviates (homos, lesbos, trannies, pedos, etc.).  And the dangers of political-correctness, radical-liberalism and -feminism, and of the wrongheadedness of tolerating (and even promoting) diversity and multiculturalism.  And from speaking and writing historical truth about World War II and the bogus, so-called Jewish 'holocaust' lie.  And for that matter, voicing virtually any criticism of Jews or Israel (even merely pointing out that some person is, in fact, a Jew).

As a result, most White Americans today are socially and politically debilitated and stultified, and the men are emasculated.  We are very nearly moribund.

We Whites are in dire straits, as they say.  We are faced with a terrible, life-or-death situation.  And, if we hope to have any chance of redemption -- of correcting that situation and securing a meaningful future for ourselves and our progeny -- we must act now to correct two situations:

(1) By the time our children become young adults, they are thoroughly brainwashed by parents, teachers and the entire public school environment, the churches, television programming and the commercials, news media, advertising, the entertainment media, and government spokespersons -- virtually everybody.  So they just can't think rationally and healthily about race and Jews even when it comes to such basic and critical things as self-preservation and racial survival.  That is a lethal condition, and it must be reversed.

(2) Even those fortunate young people who still are in touch with their natural instincts and good sense, and are capable of rational thought and facing the truth, are understandably afraid -- and rightfully so -- to even say so much as anything even remotely critical of Jews and their destructive influence, the reality of racial differences, or the politically-correct socialist agenda of government, schools, big business, and the power-elite.  And that is because they realize they will most likely be stigmatized and ostracized for their 'truth-telling' -- and possibly even charged with a 'hate crime,' convicted, and fined or even thrown in jail.  They know they could lose it all -- everything they have worked for -- their friends and social status, their jobs and careers, their financial security, even their families.  That condition too must be rectified.

If we Whites are to have any hope of survival, we must react to the Jewish problem, and we must resist their efforts to destroy us.  To remain silent is to die.  If we are afraid to, or for whatever reason cannot or will not even talk about a such a serious problem as this, there is very little chance that we can solve, or overcome that problem.  And our main problem right now is the fact that most of our people don't even realize there is a problem.

Another problem -- altogether too many of our people have been taught lies that have convinced them that they should not care all that much if White people are eradicated.  Or worse, they have come to believe it is a good thing if we Whites are genocided out of existence.

So -- clearly -- one of our first and most important jobs is to awaken more of our people and educate them about the multi-faceted Jewish menace, the dangers we are facing as a result of being overwhelmed by the darker races, and the depraved attacks on our morality and culture.  I really believe that if we can do that, we still stand a chance.

All just 'food for thought' and maybe worth passing on.

1 comment:

CptnCZ said...

I live in a void space. By that I mean I am almost totally alone in my immediate surrounding, who understands the race reality and the dangers that surrounds us. I've been trying and trying to convince people but even when they get to see my point they just don't seem to really care: things will workout by themselves, they seem to think.

And there is a simple reason for that: you can't just fight the monstrous Jewish propaganda machine that's been at work for the last what, sixty years? At least not with the average sheep. And those who are smart enough and sensible enough to feel something is wrong AND to spend time and energy to find out what are just too few.

i think our only way out by now is to retreat, move all aware whites onto some piece of land until the founding for an ethnostate becomes possible. Together we can accomplish much. Separated we are dead.