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Monday, July 4, 2016


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
July 4, 2016

I used to spend a lot of time thinking about and trying to come up with good 'original' topics for articles that might provide worthwhile information for White Nationalists.  Or even better, essays that might enlighten clueless White people as to real-world objective reality and the White Nationalist perspective.  In the past couple years, I have slipped more and more into the habit of just passing along links to reports of important current events and especially good, impressive essays of others (usually with a brief 'spintro' as a lead-in).

The reasons for the changed approach are several:
  • Having already covered a good many subjects, it has become more and more difficult to come up with new ideas.
  • Getting older and more prone to succumbing to distractions and inactivity in general (and yes, just plain laziness).
  • Realization that there are so many others out there who do more and better research and write much better stuff than I ever could, virtually on a daily basis.
So, here we go again -- another short compilation of important, informative, and impactful articles which genuinely deserve to be read by all White people who 'give a damn' or might be amenable to being 'awakened.'

Let's start out with another of Dr. William Pierce's timeless essays.  This one goes a long way toward explaining what has happened and is happening to the White people of America, continuing right up to the present, as a result of our own government continually taking away our constitutional rights as a (supposedly) free people.  And dire as Dr. Pierce's description was, things have only gotten worse during the feverishly anti-White Obama administration:

Freedom Under Attack  from National Vanguard courtesy of Renegade Tribune

A brief, current description of the kind of thing that ongoing assault on our rights by our own government has led to is provided by this short essay:

America Destroyed  by Paul Craig Roberts

While Roberts does deliver an important message here, I do think a cautionary comment is in order. He ignores one very large 'gorilla in the room.'  When he writes about the police brutality directed at American citizens, he overgeneralizes by choosing to ignore the fact that much  (far too much) of the perceived 'brutality' we hear about these days results from the tough, substantially if not totally justified, and necessarily instantaneous responses officers are forced to employ against the savage and impulsive, murderous criminality of non-White perpetrators.

Speaking of outrageous misrepresentation of White vs. non-White culture and behavior, and the ways in which our Eurocentric (White) society is being perverted and 'taken down' by the Jews and the Jew-inspired 'powers that be,'  this next article offers a somewhat more colloquial and polemical take:

This 4th of July Vow To Expose The Bastards!  by Phillip Marlow (the Incog Man)

Here is another article that lays out the disgusting facts about the grossly distorted ways in which the 'establishment' and far too many 'normal' Whites view White vs. non-White criminal behavior, especially interracial crime:

He Who Stabs Last, Stabs Best  by Jim Goad, courtesy of Taki's Magazine

Yet more about the nonsensical portrayal of racial reality and interracial relations that is being dished up to the American people (White American people) every day by our Jew-dominated (if not completely controlled) government, media, and academia:

The Kindergarten Narrative  by Gavin McInnes courtesy, again, of Taki's Magazine

OK, then.  By now we all know (or should know) all about the role of the Jews in creating the precarious situation we Whites are living in during this, the current year.  And most of us are aware of the role being played by the traitorous White 'shabbos goy' who aid and abet the Jewish destruction of our people and our society (politicians, businessmen, educators, financial manipulators, lawyers and judges, and a host of others).  This next article offers some extremely valuable insight as to how we should view the situation and the 'actors' involved:

Jews vs Traitors  by Digger for Truth courtesy of Renegade Tribune

Parting Shot:  Sad to say, the one common thread that runs through all these articles is the fact that these things would never have happened -- these stories would never have been told -- if White men had not (a) been complicit and culpable and (b) allowed them to happen.  If we continue to be so uninformed, weak, cowardly and/or traitorous; then we, our society, our nation, and our very existence as a subspecies of humanity, will literally cease to exist in just a very few more short years. Think about that.

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