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Friday, September 23, 2016

THE VIBRANCY VIGILANTE: Diversified, Multi-Racial Vibrants Literally Shakin' Things to Pieces

Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
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by Val Koinen
September 23, 2016

We have really been so fortunate that we've been able to savor the vibrancy of our wonderfully diverse society over the past week or so, wouldn't you say?

I suppose we White Americans should try not to complain so much and instead should appreciate the efforts all these people of color have been putting forth to spice things up in our communities all across the land.

Vibrancy Exhibition #1

Let's start out with this heartwarming story about one of our mestizo brothers from south of the border (from Peru, in this case):

Wetback Activist Who Demanded Trump Apologize for Saying Wetbacks are Rapists is Charged with Rape
Tony Yapias

I don't know ... he just seems to have 'that look' about him ... the kind of guy who would be willing to do the work American men won't do.

Vibrancy Exhibition #2

Things are movin' and shakin' in Philadelphia, too.  Here is one of our Negro pillars of the community goin' 'bout his rounds and gettin' it on with multiple 'shoot-em-ups' a few days ago.  Another story here.  Lots of other reports out there.

Nicholas Glenn: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Nicholas Glenn

Vibrancy Exhibition #3

As is usually the case when we do a review of non-White ultra-vibrancy, we are sure to spot a lot of Negroes and Muslims.  Sometimes we get both wrapped up in one package, as in the following story about multiple stabbings at a St. Cloud, Minnesota shopping mall last weekend.  The perp was an African-born Somali immigrant.  Pay particular attention to the agonizing search for understanding in the article, in tune with the several laudatory descriptions of that fine American (the tone of the article went just about as far as it could go without actually stating or implying that Mr. Adan 'dindu nuffins').  A somewhat more sensible report of the factual story here.

Minnesota stabbing: Dahir Ahmed Adan was known for calm demeanor
Dahir Ahmed Adan

Vibrancy Exhibition #4

As they so often do, the 'just like everyone else' imported Muslims managed to hold center-stage the past few days.  The star of the show this time was one Ahmad Khan Rahami, minimally talented bomber (thank goodness) originally from Afghanistan (brought into this country as a child; a naturalized U.S. citizen).  Story here.

7 things revealed about Ahmad Khan Rahami case in new charges
Ahmad Khan Rahami
(discovered in a similar pose sleeping in a doorway to a bar just a short while before this photo was taken after he was shot by police)

Vibrancy Exhibition #5

And now, over just the past couple days and nights, we have a chimp-out vibrancy variety show being put on by our ever-so-thoughtful and forever-righteous Negroes down in Charlotte, North Carolina (here).

Man is Shot in Charlotte as Unrest Stretches to Second Night

...And that ain't all.  Numerous eruptions of non-White vibrancy have been spotted all over the country over the past few days -- blacks shooting police in Washington D.C., black mobs beating White girls in California and attacking Whites in Ohio, blacks beating a White woman to death in Florida, and the list goes on and on and on.

Feeling the vibes yet, White man?

...and the Jew says:


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