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Fight back or die

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
July 23, 2016

We White Nationalists are constantly talking and writing about the ways in which the complicit and culpable Jews do damage to us White people -- damage to such things as our racial interests, the appreciation of our heritage of accomplishment as a people, the education of our young, our culture, our society, our ability to sustain pro-White governance and our political stature relative to non-Whites, economic stability and prosperity, social stability, prospects for a good future for our progeny, genetic well-being, and even our very survival as a subspecies of humankind.

We often encounter other White people -- even family members and close friends -- who are quick to question our most fundamental beliefs (actually, knowledge) about Jewish anti-White hostility.  They will often attempt to argue or dismiss our points of view, and they sometimes resort to the classic ad hominem smear of attacking the messenger by labeling us as being 'anti-Semitic' ('oh, the horror of it all!').

It occurs to me that one effective way to deal with that kind of resistance to our message of objective reality and survival might be to propose a simple and logical test comprised of just two questions.  A test we can use to challenge the uninitiated and the doubters; a test that makes it clear we know what we are talking about.

Given some normal degree of intelligence and intellectual honesty, even the most uninformed (misinformed) and heretofore deluded contender should be able to pass this test with flying colors:

Question #1

Are they (the Jews) present in such numbers, and more particularly, in such numbers in positions of influence, power, and control, as to make it possible for them to do all the anti-White things we say they do (and have done)?

Well, yes, they absolutely are.  That is a proven fact; there is no room whatsoever for any reasonable doubt.  The answer is so clear and obvious that it is essentially a given.  All we need to do is point out all the known Jews and Jewish surnames we are confronted with on a daily basis that are connected with such things as:
  • News media -- newspaper publishers, editors, and columnists; TV reporters and commentators; magazine editors and writers; media owners and corporate bigwigs.
  • Entertainment media -- anti-White and ridiculously pro-non-White TV and movie programming, script-writing, and casting.  Movie actors and actresses, directors, and producers.  Music industry moguls.  Sports columnists.
  • Book authors, editors, and publishers.
  • Contemporary/modern art gallery owners, exhibitors, dealers.
  • Banking, brokerage, hedge fund, high finance, and money management executives and operatives.
  • Politics -- pundits and writers, donors, party functionaries, PAC activists and contributors.
  • Government -- Supreme Court justices, Congress-people and cabinet-members, high-level executive appointees, advisors, and all manner of bureaucrats.
  • Social/political think tanks and consultants, and especially the leftists and neocon warmongers.
  • Advocates and promoters of radical feminism (teachers, authors, speakers).
  • University instructors and professors, especially in such fields as anthropology, sociology, economics, psychology and psychiatry, gender and race studies, and social welfare and planning.
  • Community organizers, administrators of government-funded social programs.
  • People who work to 'normalize' and promote of all kinds of sexual deviancy, such as homosexuality, lesbianism, and transgenderism.
  • Advocates for so-called 'civil rights,' integration and race mixing, non-White racial preferences, and so-called diversity and multiculturalism.
  • Israel-first lobbyists (primarily AIPAC).
  • Holohoax scammers (indoctrination center administrators and employees, memoir authors, motion picture producers and other media boosters).
  • And on and on ad nauseam.
These days, in the early years of 21st Century America, these very active and generally malevolent Jews are virtually everywhere; this Jewish presence is overwhelming.

Question #2

Assuming the answer to question #1 is 'yes' (and it is, as set forth above), do the Jews, as evidenced by individual activities, the efforts of small and large organized groups, and overall as the larger Jewish community (the 'tribe'), consciously and actively work to do harm to White interests, our societies, and our nations?

Again, the answer is an unequivocal 'yes, they do'! -- an indisputable answer that is proven by the long history of their malevolent and even deadly behavior directed at White people.  And by all the deliberately destructive things they are doing to us at the present time.

Whether working as individuals, as members of organized groups, or just through their legendary (and infamous) networking, nepotism, and monetary support of their multitudinous organizations; all we have to do is look at the Jews' historical record of anti-White beliefs, 'causes' and 'movements,' and activities in such areas as the following:
  • Fomenting social unrest (as exemplified by the French and Russian Revolutions and the international communism movement).
  • Jew-dominated Soviet Communist actions involving terror, starvation, repression, murder, slave labor, and imprisonment in Russia and elsewhere in Europe in early 20th Century, resulting in the deaths of 50+ million White people.
  • Proximate responsibility for devastating wars, and all manner of superfluous warmongering (WW I and especially WW II; more recently the Mid-East wars for Israel and other regional turmoil) (probably 70+ million military and civilian dead, mostly White people).
  • U.S. so-called 'civil rights' movement -- NAACP founding and early leadership and financial support, civil disobedience activism, forced integration of neighborhoods and schools, etc.
  • Constantly pressing for race-based 'affirmative action' and for other non-White racial preferences.
  • Complicity and even leadership in the Allied WW II and post-war atrocities perpetrated on German civilians and POWs (including the dominant Jewish influence over the Nuremberg 'show trials').
  • Propagation of the so-called Jewish 'holocaust' lies used to punish Germans and other Whites, extort billions, and to provide cover for Israeli crimes  (also, used to enforce police-state curtailment of free speech and punishment for so-called 'holocaust denial').
  • (Successful) efforts to contaminate our White DNA (pollute our gene pool) and otherwise dispossess the Whites of America and genocide us out of existence by legislating our U.S. non-White immigration policies since the 1960's, including the unrelenting push for amnesty for illegal aliens.  And striving to accomplish the same thing by promoting and facilitating race mixing and miscegenation.
  • Advocacy for radical feminism and the resulting destruction of White families.
  • Promoting the normalization and acceptance of homosexuality and transgenderism and their 'lifestyle choices.'
  • Constant, deliberate use of their control of the press and other mass-media to brainwash, propagandize, misinform, and withhold critical information from Whites; to control the 'narrative' in all ways harmful to healthy White interests.
  • Creation and promotion of cultural rot -- negrification, sleaze and soft porn, irresponsible sexual behavior, gratuitous sex, the sexualization of children, casual drug use, rebellion of teenagers against parents and tradition -- in short, moral debasement of all kinds.
  • Constant belittlement and denigration of our White history vs. over-promotion and even glorification of mostly fictional Negro and other non-White culture and accomplishments.
  • Promotion of 'diversity,' 'multiculturalism,' and race mixing in our White societies (but, of course, none of that for U.S. Jews or Israel).
  • Leading roles in the efforts to do away with our 2nd-Amendment right to bear arms.
  • Leading roles in the efforts to stifle free speech and to enact and enforce so-called 'hate crime' (actually, thought-crime) laws, punishment for failing to be sufficiently 'politically correct,' and stripping us of our rights of association (and non-association).  Most recently, pushing for internet and social-media censorship.
  • Unquestioned involvement in the '9/11' attacks on the World Trade Center twin towers and the Pentagon.
  • Major players in the horrendously misconceived and ineptly fought 'War on Terror' fiasco that has now dragged on for 15 years.
  • Constant efforts to give untold billions of U.S. taxpayers' dollars to the illicit, bandit state of Israel (via lobbying, coercement of Congress, media propaganda).
  • Promoting and financing the Muslim invasion of Europe in recent years.
  • Need I go on?
We can say, with regard to essentially all of the above and with absolute certainty:  'If it were not for the Jews, these things would not have happened and would not be happening, at least not nearly to the extent they have.'  That is the devastating truth and significance of the matter!

It matters not that the Jews comprise just something like 2% to 3% of our population here in the United States, and comparable low percentages in other White nations.  We don't have to look very hard to find them grossly overrepresented in all the areas and activities listed above, doing all those destructive things and more.  ('...look under any rock,' as they say.)

Summarizing the substance of this exercise in exposing Jewish perfidy:  It should help establish, in the mind of any intelligent and fair-minded American White man or woman, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the Jews have in fact been doing, and are doing, all the nefarious and even genocidal things we White Nationalists have long accused them of doing.

When viewed through the double lens of inquiry I have provided above, it becomes absolutely clear that these intelligent, dedicated and diligent, White-hating tribalist Jews have been working for decades -- certainly for the past hundred years or more -- to destroy White societies, governments and nations, and the White race itself.  Our job now is to bring these simple and self-evident truths to the attention of as many of our fellow Whites as we can -- to awaken and enlighten them -- and to challenge their Jew-generated habits of submissive, racially destructive, and even suicidal 'wrong-think.'

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
July 19, 2016

What in the world happened Monday evening at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland?  Did Melania Trump really plagiarize some earlier words and phrases soon-to-be First Negress Michelle Obama delivered at the Democratic National Convention back in 2008?

It sure seems as though that is what happened, doesn't it?

Here is an article that explains the situation in detail:

No one to be fired after Melania Trump speech plagiarism episode (CNN)

And now, we have to ask ourselves:  What could be more distracting and embarrassing than having our hoped-for First Lady Melania Trump, in this all-important debut speech before a nationwide audience, plagiarize portions of an earlier speech delivered by someone like the America-hating negress Michael Michelle Obama?

Well, alright -- maybe it isn't such a big deal after all.  We do need to keep in mind that:
  • Most if not all speeches of this kind are just a bunch of political silliness and hot air anyway, designed to stir up the enthusiasm of the audience -- even when delivered by 'our side.'
  • They are almost always written by the speech-writing staff, not by the speakers themselves.
  • They all make use of a fairly limited number of common, patriotic, values-signalling, and self-promoting words that fit the occasion; and the words are generally similar because the circumstances are so similar.
Still, these kinds of speeches do have some measure of importance.  And ideally, they should be sincere and honest, and should reflect the true thoughts and principles of the speaker.  So it is understandable that the Trump campaign has been in denial and damage-control mode all day.

Maybe I can help.  Here are some questions that I should think presidential candidate Donald Trump should be asking right about now:
  1. Was this done in a deliberate attempt to sabotage Melania Trump's speech -- to embarrass her, Donald Trump, and the campaign?
  2. Who put those particular words and phrases into the speech?
  3. What were the circumstances -- how does that person explain it?
  4. Was that person a Jew?
  5. Have there been any recent communications of substance between that person and the husband of Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka, Jew Jared Kushner?  (It has been reported that Kushner has taken up an influential position in the Trump campaign.)
  6. If so, what have been the nature of those communications?
  7. Same last two preceding questions re: other Jewish operatives involved in the campaign?
Idle speculation?  Well, no, I don't think there is anything particularly 'idle' about my having these thoughts and putting them forward.  Wild speculation?  Yeah, maybe a little 'out there,' but it might be more accurate to refer to them as 'sneaking suspicions.'  Conspiracy theory?  Well, sure.  Obviously.  Malicious rumor-mongering?  Hardly.  It is well known that 'Power-Jewry' is for the most part dead-set against Donald being elected our next President.  And the Jews are well known for the never-ending and vastly disproportionate influence they wield over national politics and elections (donations, lobbying, press coverage, etc.).  And their 'networking' capabilities in the service of 'what's good for Jews.' And let's face it -- a substantial number of them are most definitely not known to be the most honest people in the world.

Let's just call my conjectures 'food for thought.'

Update Wednesday p.m. July 20:  Latest reports say that a self-described 'in-house staff writer' and family friend of the Trumps, one Meredith McIver, has taken responsibility for the inclusion of the 'plagiarized' wording in the Melania Trump speech two days ago (stories here and here).  For what it's worth, she is reported to be a registered Democrat. No indication of any Jew connections or shenanigans as yet.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
July 13, 2016

The past few weeks have seen a sharp increase in racial strife all over the country:
  • Shootings of blacks by police (all, or almost all, justified by the actions of the so-called 'victims' and the facts on the ground).
  • Ongoing protests and demonstrations, civic disorder, riots, and virtual insurrection on the part of the wilding Negroes of the 'Black Lives Matter' contingent.
  • Negroes shooting at police stations and other public installations, ambushing police, and shooting at cars on roadways; killing a number of police and civilians (as for example the recent Dallas event in which a demented black sniper shot 11 police and killed five before he was put out of action by the police).
  • Countless other Negro shoot-em-ups, assaults and murders (many if not most committed against Whites), riots, rapes (most often of White women), arsons, etc.
  • People like (pseudo)President Obama, scumbag presidential candidate crooked Hillary Clinton, and race-baiter extraordinaire Jesse Jackson blaming Whites, slavery, police, Trump, and everybody else except the criminally inclined blacks themselves for everything that is happening.
The heat has been turned up by the Jew-controlled press, black activists, and government spokespeople.  The black pot is beyond simmering -- it is on the verge of boiling over.

Up to now, we have been faced with a racial war of attrition.  However, prodded as usual by the Jew-controlled press and mainstream internet news media; churches; our thoroughly Jewed, politically-correct, radical-liberal government and public education system; and Jew-funded anti-White activist organizations; the Negroes are now waging open warfare against White Americans.

A lot of good research and reporting, and a good deal of solid analysis and opinionating, have been done just since the killing of the five police officers in Dallas last Thursday.  We need to take advantage of that.

Seriously -- if you are even just fifty percent 'awake' with regard to what is happening to (what is being done to) White people, our lawful society, our civilization, and our nation -- and if you are even the least bit concerned about the way things are going -- you should try your best to get your friends and family to read the articles linked below.

We all need to familiarize ourselves with the facts and the truth about these rapidly developing events in this, what could well be the beginning stages of a racial civil war.  And we need to equip ourselves with the knowledge we will need to explain the realities of the ongoing situation to those close to us (to all our fellow Whites for that matter).

The information provided in the linked articles will help you know your adversary.  Always keep these basic facts in mind:
  • Negroes are, on average and as a group, of low intelligence, highly impulsive and aggressive, predisposed to criminality, civilly disrespectful and disobedient, and society-wreckers.
  • They almost always bring their law-enforcement problems onto themselves, with their rampant and rabid criminality and their mob/riot mentality.
  • They are, by and large, genetically, socially, and politically unqualified to share, to participate in, our Eurocentric society and our Western Civilization.
  • They may be grossly deficient in any number of ways, but in all too many instances, they are very, very dangerous.
Here, then, is your mini-education on this Jew-instigated and -encouraged Negro war being waged against White America (just a sampler, but it should get you up-to-speed -- a lot of other articles are available on the Internet):

Dallas Sniper Killed by Police Bomb Wanted to 'Kill White People'  (NewsMax)

Black Dallas Shooter Was 'Upset' With BLM...Why?  (Nathanael Kappner, Real Jew News)

The Suspect Said He Wanted to Kill White People  (Jim Goad, Taki's Magazine)

The Dallas Killings Were Inevitable  (Staff, American Renaissance via The Political Cesspool)

Are Whites or Blacks more Likely to be Shot by Police?  The Shocking Truth!  (David Duke)

An Open Letter to Jesse Williams  (Aedon Cassiel, Counter-Currents Publishing)

Let's "ALL" Have a Conversation About Race!  (Incog Man)


Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
July 12, 2016

It doesn't get more 'déjà vu' than this...

News this morning of a 27-year-old Jew named Seth Rich being shot to death near his home on a Washington D.C. street early last Sunday morning (story here).  Another version here.

Now, it's really not at all like me to get all happified when I read about anybody getting murdered by a subhuman Negro.  But I do have to say -- there's very little about this event that overly saddens me, or brings tears to my eyes.

The victim -- Seth Rich:
  • Solid member of the anti-White Jew tribe.
  • Reportedly 'opposed to gun violence' (no doubt code words for 'anti- 2nd amendment' = 'in favor of more gun control for Whites').
  • His function in life:  Director of Voter Expansion for Democratic National Committee -- which means he was working to elect the insanely evil and greedy and power-mad, un-American, and anti-White (but in all other respects absolutely worthless) lyin', crooked Hillary Clinton.
  • Said to be 'at front line for voting rights' (doubtless especially for Negroes and other non-Whites, queers, and other minorities).
  • Shot multiple times, at least once in the back, apparently in the commission of a 'robbery gone wrong.'
  • While the killer hasn't been identified or apprehended as yet, I would say there is about a 99.9% chance it was a dindu (an 'I dindu nuffins' Negro).
  • If people gotta get slaughtered (again, undoubtedly by a feral Negro), and they most assuredly do in this country these days, it's hard for me to think of a more appropriate victim. Cry me a river.
And here is the déjà vu part:  Just one year and six days prior, 24-year-old Kevin Sutherland was stabbed to death on a Washington D.C. Metro car early on a Saturday afternoon (story here):
  • Viciously stabbed 30 to 40 times by a savage dindu, who was arrested within a couple days.
  • Sutherland reportedly was from a Catholic family, although I have to say, looking at a photo, I have rarely if ever seen anyone who looked more Jewish.
  • Self professed liberal.
  • Loved politics; former congressional intern (for moderately liberal Democratic congressman Jim Himes of Connecticut).
  • Worked for a company involved with fundraising for Democratic candidates.
  • Described as being 'caring and sensitive.'
  • Committed to principles of equality and fairness (at least, I'm sure, when applied to non-Whites).
  • Advocated for liberal causes.
  • Gun control advocate.
  • Advocate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights (possibly a queer himself?).
I dunno -- maybe this is the 'more appropriate victim' I was trying to think of?

Jews, Negroes, sexually perverse thinkers (doers?), radical liberals, Democrat Party activists, anti-gun rights, pro-minority and anti-White inclined thinkers -- I guess Mother Nature really does have a knack for dealing out true justice.

Monday, July 11, 2016


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
July 11, 2016

Note to readers:  I was prepared to post this analysis/critique first thing this morning, July 11, when I noticed Dr. Roberts had posted a follow-up to his article of July 8 (the subject of this critique). Some good stuff in that one; some not so good (in my opinion, of course).  On balance, I decided my observations and criticism remained valid regardless of Dr. Roberts' latest article on the subject (which I would urge you to read here), so I am posting my thoughts at this time, as written before I read that second post and without any discussion of the points he made therein.

Under the doctrine of 'fair use' reproduction of copyrighted material in order to facilitate critical review of and commentary on said material, I have reproduced the below article which was originally posted by Paul Craig Roberts on his website on July 8.

It seems to me that Dr. Roberts has 'gone off the deep end' in this article.  Frankly, as a law-abiding White American citizen, I find some of his concepts and word choices, and particularly his inappropriate generalizations and his analyses of police officers' responsibilities to their own well-being and to their families, as opposed to their responsibilities to (oftentimes Negro) perpetrators and their families, to be misguided, offensive, and insulting.

He persists throughout the article in failing to distinguish between the majority-White American 'public' and the lower IQ, lower impulse-control, and more criminally inclined (behaviorally deficient) Negro underclass.  He makes no distinction between the way the police relate to the 'public' at large and the ways in which they are so often forced to respond to, and the ways they are (usually wrongfully) accused of relating to, the black criminals (and, by implication, the terrorist and insurrectionist 'black lives matter' contingent of that group).

He overgeneralizes and exaggerates the wrongful behavior of the police when dealing with (implicitly) Negro mobs, rioters, and out-of-control individuals; and offers no proof, or even any real evidence, of any such wrongful behavior.

At several places he seems to be parroting (trumpeting?) the bogus complaints of the Negro street crazies.  And by doing that, I'm afraid he may be 'aiding and abetting' the riotous behavior of the black mobs, and even running the risk of encouraging yet more violence directed at the police (possibly even including more killings of policemen).

Another consideration, in view of the timing of this piece: spreading this implicitly violence-justifying drivel just now, virtually on the eve of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, could well encourage the un-American black riffraff and their White race-traitor accomplices to cause some real problems (and even casualties such as serious physical injuries and deaths) at that gathering.

Let's face the facts:  These riotous and felonious Negro mobs and individuals are, for the most part, low-intelligence, low-impulse-control, high-criminality, civilly disobedient and in large measure relatively uncivilized, riot-inclined destroyers of lawful and peaceful society.  They have proven themselves, on average and as a group, to be genetically unfit and intellectually unqualified to share, to participate in, our Eurocentric, Western-Civilization-style culture and society.  They have had more than 150 years to become productive and constructive members of American society and, by and large, they have failed miserably.

Police violence and police brutality against the 'public' are not the real problem, even though those kinds of things most certainly do happen far more often than they should, even with regard to the White population. The racial (biologic/genetic) shortcomings of the Negroes, their hatred for White people (as constantly stoked by the complicit and culpable Jews), and their criminal behavior, are the problems.

I just wish Dr. Roberts, with his education, experience, and background in high-level government positions, would keep these things in mind:  (a) we don't always know exactly what was going through the minds of police officers involved in shootings and other violence directed at members of the 'public;' but (b) we do have a pretty clear idea of what the black rioters, criminals, and suspects who deliberately refuse to obey police officers have in mind.  And (c) we damned well do know what the intentions of cop-killer Micah Xavier Johnson were in Dallas this past Thursday evening.

Here, then, is the link to the original article:

Why Dallas Happened by Paul Craig Roberts

And here is Roberts' article with my annotated comments [in red]:

Is the Dallas police shooting a false flag affair in behalf of gun control?
[Always possible due to our Jew-controlled, substantially Marxist, anti-White, anti-2nd amendment government.  But I think it is highly unlikely in this case (even though the government will most assuredly use this incident to push for more gun control).  We can't always explain everything with a 'conspiracy theory.']
Is it the result of a war veteran suffering from post traumatic stress disorder?
[Other than his military training, do we know that the perp was a 'war veteran' in the true sense of the term?  Considering that he was never involved in combat, what basis do we have for thinking he might have been 'suffering from post traumatic stress disorder'?  Is Roberts just making lame excuses for the actions of this murderous Negro?]
Is the shooting the beginning of retribution for thousands of wanton police murders of US citizens in the 21st century?
[Yes, there have been lots of police killings, probably a good many too many, but I'm not so sure there have been 'thousands' (pl.) of 'wanton police murders' since the year 1999?  And, just what classes of people is Roberts including when he refers to 'US citizens'?  It sounds to me as though he is saying, or at least implying, that 'thousands of wanton police murders' justify this kind of 'retribution' on the part of blacks, the 'black lives matter' screechers and civilization-wreckers, and/or other non-Whites.]
Or is there some other explanation?
[Yeah, maybe that's the answer -- maybe it's because so many of these 'victims' (at least the ones we hear about over and over, day after day) are savage, criminal, low-IQ Negroes, with histories of past arrests and convictions for serious violent crime;  more often than not encountered when in the process of violating the law and/or when disobeying reasonable directives of the policemen, or even threatening the cops with serious bodily harm or death when they were shot.]

We will never know. The perpetrator is dead. The authorities will tell us whatever suits the purposes of authority.
[Sure, maybe so.  But Roberts implies that it is unfortunate, in that it is convenient for the authorities, that the shooter is dead.  And he makes it sound as though it is a given that the authorities will automatically tell us lies rather than tell us what he is implying is usually the 'truth' about the way the police just wantonly murdered the poor, 'innocent' black perps victims.]

We could say that the police have brought this on themselves by their undisciplined and violent behavior toward the public.
[Or, we could say that the victims, especially when they are Negroes or other non-Whites, 'brought this on themselves' by their illegal, uncooperative, or dangerously threatening behavior.  In any case, what 'public' is Roberts talking about?  Isn't his over-generalization here a little disingenuous?  Is he talking about the majority-White 'public' at large, or the savage and criminal black underclass of the crime-ridden, devastated black cities?]
On the other hand, we can hold the police chiefs, the police unions, the mayors and city councils, the governors, prosecutors, and the Justice (sic) Department responsible for failure to hold accountable those cops who murder and commit gratuitous violence against the public.
[Same comments and questions as above.]

When police execute someone
[There he goes again -- the police don't shoot criminals to stop/prevent crime or in self defense; they 'execute' them],
the excuse
[more accurately, the reason?]
is always something like this: "He reached under his shirt to his waistband. I thought he had a gun.
[You're damned right -- absent proof that the cop is lying when he relates these circumstances, that is absolutely justification for subduing the perp, including, by shooting him if that is the only reasonable and timely option available.  Is Roberts implying otherwise?]
I didn't want to leave my children fatherless and my wife a widow."
[Is Roberts suggesting that (a) the cop in a significant number of these cases has time to ponder these things before taking action; and (b) when he does get the chance to mull this over, it would be better (more 'fair') if he were to decide 'oh, what the hell -- I can afford to take a chance here -- I can most likely afford to let considerations such as these deter me from shooting this guy in order to stop him, get him under control, and protect myself and others.']
The murdered victim's wife and children, if any, are of no consequence.
[Nor should they be, Dr. Roberts -- not if, as is almost always the case, the 'victim' is in the process of threatening/assaulting/wounding/killing the cop who was, again, just doing the job he was trained to do.]

Conservatives, especially those taught to be fearful of crime, have scant objection to police murders. Their view is always: "The police wouldn't have shot him without cause."
[Maybe because in 99 out of 100 cases that is clearly the truth of the matter, you think?]
The same bias in favor of the police is why conservative jurors always convict.
[Oh, right... like they convicted O.J. Simpson?]

The liberals tend to interpret the shootings as racism, so they want to combat racism.
[I know Roberts is referring here to the killing of black 'victims' by racist White cops.  I just have to wonder -- after the murder of five unsuspecting cops by a black sniper in Dallas on July 7, would the liberals consider that to be a 'racist' killing spree?  Or the cops' subsequently killing the shooter with an explosive device a 'racist' action (taken at the express direction of the black chief of police)?] [b.t.w. -- since Roberts brought it up -- this is the sentence that makes it clear his entire article has to do with (usually White) police officers shooting and otherwise visiting violence upon non-Whites (generally Negroes).  This, together with his starting the article by referencing the shooting of mostly White police in Dallas by a Negro, at the scene of a Negro (BLM?) 'protest' demonstration generated by the recent shootings of Negroes by (mostly) White policemen, is the basis for my stressing  the racial angle and the prevalent Negro involvement, which I think are implicit in his entire essay.]

The real problem is that public authorities do not protect the public from gratuitous violence.
[What 'gratuitous violence' is Roberts referring to -- the violence of the police, or the gratuitous violence so often committed on the public and the police (and on each other) by black perps?]
Therefore, hatred and disrespect for the police are growing.
[Not with me, mister.  The reasonable, rational, and well justified hatred and disrespect growing in my brain are directed at the Negro rioters, perps and killers, and the BLM terrorists and insurrectionists.]
Routine murders by police -- several each day, almost all of which go unpunished -- are generating the kind of anger that causes people to snap and to reply to violence with violence.
[No.  What Roberts is really talking about here, whether he realizes it or not, are generally justifiable killings (not murders) by police of savage, criminal blacks.  And once again, he is placing the blame for the violence in our society on the police rather than on the predominately black criminals where it belongs.]

If the criminal justice system applied also to the police, the police would think twice before they wantonly murder.
[Before they do their jobs, stop criminals, prevent crime, and rightfully protect themselves against being slaughtered by savages?]

Being a police officer is not supposed to be risk free.
[Nobody ever said it was.  But that doesn't mean a cop should be stupid or indecisive or without regard for his own safety and the safety of the public when he is trying to do his job.]
A police officer should be concerned about the public, not merely his own family.
[Merely his own family?  And again, in comparison with the 'public' of black mobs and out-of-control perps?]
We cannot accept gratuitous police violence on the grounds that the officer's behavior is dictated by his concerns for his own family.
[Damn, I'm getting tired of this.  Roberts keeps hammering on the concept that (at least I think this is what he is saying) the police involved in these mostly completely legitimate shootings should take the time to prioritize which people should potentially be subjected to the most damage, and that the cops themselves and their families should automatically be put at the top of the list, even though it is the (usually black) perp that has generated the problem in the first place.]
If an officer cannot accept the risks of being a police officer, he should find a different occupation.
[Yes, but 'accepting risk' does not mean the same thing as being stupid, negligent in protecting oneself and members of the public, or sacrificing oneself to Negro brutality, stupidity, criminality, and savagery.]

Police violence is out of control because mayors, prosecutors, and governors are failing the public by refusing to put a halt to it. According to conservatives, punishment deters crime, but they do not apply this to the police.
[Here, it seems to me that Roberts is taking up the insurrectionist 'cause' of the BLM terrorist mobs.  In the first place, it is not so much 'police violence' that is out of control, it is the uncivilized black killers and rioters that are out of control.  And to the extent police violence is 'out of control,' I would guess that is 99.9% due to police being forced constantly to respond to the violent criminality and mob insurrection of the black marauders.]

Police violence is also out of control because of the revolution in police training which teaches police to protect themselves and to subdue the suspect regardless of cost.
[What an idiotic and irresponsible statement!  Of course the police are taught to protect themselves and to subdue suspects.  But 'regardless of cost'?  I seriously doubt that is, literally, what they are being taught.  Are they being taught to subdue an armed robbery suspect on a city bus by shooting at him when he is surrounded by innocent passengers (an example of subduing the suspect 'regardless of cost')? ]
A number of former police officers have written to me that the reason they gave up the occupation is that today police are being trained to be killers like soldiers.
[So you say, Roberts.  But even if there is some truth to that (and, admittedly, I too have some concerns about that being the case) I'm pretty certain they would be receiving that kind of training as part of a government plan to control the general population -- and in particular the patriotic White population, in the case of a constitutionally legitimized uprising against a tyrannical, Jew-dominated government dedicated to White dispossession, racial subjugation, and eventual genocide -- not to facilitate the gratuitous killing of a few random Negro street criminals, which is what we are talking about here.]

If a former police officer or someone knowledgeable about this training would describe it and its history, where it originated and why, I will post it on the website.
[But no, I am not going to hold my breath until Roberts posts this rebuttal on his website.]

Friday, July 8, 2016


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
July 8, 2016

[Keywords: Jewishness, (((obfuscation))), (((disinformation))), (((duplicity))), (((dishonesty))), (((deception))), (((charade))), (((perfidy))), (((subterfuge))),  (((chutzpah))), (((malfeasance))), (((rumor mongering))), (((lies))), (((desperation))), (((dirty tricks))), (((standard operating procedure))), (((election fraud)))]

Heh, heh -- another reason you might want to re-think your inclination to vote for Donald Trump this coming November is this worrisome disclosure of his questionable sincerity in seeking the office of President of the U.S. (wink, wink):

Would Donald Trump Quit if He Wins the Election?  He Doesn't Rule It Out  (Jason Horowitz, New York Times)

Donald Trump entertains idea he might not actually serve as president if he wins election  (Pamela Engel, Business Insider)

Much like the creation of rain clouds via cloud seeding, the Jewish owners/controllers and editors/writers of the New York Times and Yahoo/Business Insider have now contrived, written about (with some measure of perversion-enhancement), and posted this completely nonsensical, ridiculous and comical gibberish-laced cloud over the Trump candidacy and election campaign.  What we see once again is their very skilled, well-honed, excellently executed manipulation of words and concepts designed to install a dark cloud over, and thereby to do damage to, Mr. Trump's campaign for President of the United States.

Once again they take their mind-warping machinery out of the barn in order to spread fakery, instill worrisome thoughts, and generate unwarranted apprehension about the candidacy of Donald Trump.

And why would they do that you ask?  Because he is the one candidate who just might throw some small monkey wrenches into their plans for such things as:  more complete government control; more and bigger wars; self-serving financial manipulation; mind control over the masses; the further degradation of our culture; the overrunning and overpowering of America by alien immigrants, both illegal and quasi-legal (Negroes, mestizos, Muslims); the social and political dispossession of Whites; the transfer of White wealth to the 'others;' the complete domination of the colored races over America's White population; and the destruction of White society and eventually, the genocide of White people themselves.

The fact is that Trump might not be able to, or even be inclined to, accomplish very much that would be explicitly 'good for White people.'  But he surely would be a far better president than Lyin', Crooked Hillary Clinton, the favored candidate of the vast majority of power-Jews in this country.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
July 6, 2016

I would have to say -- the one thing about the Jews in our society that really rankles -- that in fact both depresses and enrages me -- is that, due to their presence and their nefarious habits and activities, we good White people of America cannot just 'live our lives' as we should be entitled to live them given the struggles and blood sacrifices of our ancestors down through the centuries.

Most people have hopes and expectations of growing up in a truly free country and a wholesome environment, of getting a solid and useful education, marrying, having and raising children, enjoying a happy family experience and a satisfying and prosperous occupation or career.  But there is a snag. In order to just 'get along,' they are pressured unmercifully by prevailing conditions to turn their backs on the greatest threat to all those things -- the greatest threat to their culture, the comforts and enjoyments of their Eurocentric society, their Western Civilization, and their genetic survival as a subspecies of humankind.  They must 'toe the line.'

But the problem is -- doing that will condemn our children and their children, the White people of the future.  Because if we do choose to just be good, productive people and to just live our lives as good parents and hard-working, honest, and wholesome citizens, it is guaranteed that we will be subjected to the depradations of non-Whites, dispossessed, and see our futures destroyed.

And why is that?  It's all due to the stranglehold currently held on our society by the Jews.  The stranglehold (actually, the death-grip) that results from the horrendously disproportionate influence and control over our cultural and social norms, and even our government and our laws; by a dedicated, powerful, entrenched, calculating, sneaking, parasitic, insiduous, hate-filled, traitorous, anti-White-majority insider group -- the complicit and culpable Jews.  The Jews who comprise a deadly fifth column if there ever was one!

If good, decent White Americans hope to get along in polite society, or survive in their careers, they are uniquely forbidden from being advocates for their own people.  And from so much as pointing out (talking and writing about) the facts and realities concerning, and the burdensome and noxious attributes of, much of the non-White underclass.  And the normalization and acceptance of the disgusting, deleterious practices of sexual deviates (homos, lesbos, trannies, pedos, etc.).  And the dangers of political-correctness, radical-liberalism and -feminism, and of the wrongheadedness of tolerating (and even promoting) diversity and multiculturalism.  And from speaking and writing historical truth about World War II and the bogus, so-called Jewish 'holocaust' lie.  And for that matter, voicing virtually any criticism of Jews or Israel (even merely pointing out that some person is, in fact, a Jew).

As a result, most White Americans today are socially and politically debilitated and stultified, and the men are emasculated.  We are very nearly moribund.

We Whites are in dire straits, as they say.  We are faced with a terrible, life-or-death situation.  And, if we hope to have any chance of redemption -- of correcting that situation and securing a meaningful future for ourselves and our progeny -- we must act now to correct two situations:

(1) By the time our children become young adults, they are thoroughly brainwashed by parents, teachers and the entire public school environment, the churches, television programming and the commercials, news media, advertising, the entertainment media, and government spokespersons -- virtually everybody.  So they just can't think rationally and healthily about race and Jews even when it comes to such basic and critical things as self-preservation and racial survival.  That is a lethal condition, and it must be reversed.

(2) Even those fortunate young people who still are in touch with their natural instincts and good sense, and are capable of rational thought and facing the truth, are understandably afraid -- and rightfully so -- to even say so much as anything even remotely critical of Jews and their destructive influence, the reality of racial differences, or the politically-correct socialist agenda of government, schools, big business, and the power-elite.  And that is because they realize they will most likely be stigmatized and ostracized for their 'truth-telling' -- and possibly even charged with a 'hate crime,' convicted, and fined or even thrown in jail.  They know they could lose it all -- everything they have worked for -- their friends and social status, their jobs and careers, their financial security, even their families.  That condition too must be rectified.

If we Whites are to have any hope of survival, we must react to the Jewish problem, and we must resist their efforts to destroy us.  To remain silent is to die.  If we are afraid to, or for whatever reason cannot or will not even talk about a such a serious problem as this, there is very little chance that we can solve, or overcome that problem.  And our main problem right now is the fact that most of our people don't even realize there is a problem.

Another problem -- altogether too many of our people have been taught lies that have convinced them that they should not care all that much if White people are eradicated.  Or worse, they have come to believe it is a good thing if we Whites are genocided out of existence.

So -- clearly -- one of our first and most important jobs is to awaken more of our people and educate them about the multi-faceted Jewish menace, the dangers we are facing as a result of being overwhelmed by the darker races, and the depraved attacks on our morality and culture.  I really believe that if we can do that, we still stand a chance.

All just 'food for thought' and maybe worth passing on.

Monday, July 4, 2016


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
July 4, 2016

I used to spend a lot of time thinking about and trying to come up with good 'original' topics for articles that might provide worthwhile information for White Nationalists.  Or even better, essays that might enlighten clueless White people as to real-world objective reality and the White Nationalist perspective.  In the past couple years, I have slipped more and more into the habit of just passing along links to reports of important current events and especially good, impressive essays of others (usually with a brief 'spintro' as a lead-in).

The reasons for the changed approach are several:
  • Having already covered a good many subjects, it has become more and more difficult to come up with new ideas.
  • Getting older and more prone to succumbing to distractions and inactivity in general (and yes, just plain laziness).
  • Realization that there are so many others out there who do more and better research and write much better stuff than I ever could, virtually on a daily basis.
So, here we go again -- another short compilation of important, informative, and impactful articles which genuinely deserve to be read by all White people who 'give a damn' or might be amenable to being 'awakened.'

Let's start out with another of Dr. William Pierce's timeless essays.  This one goes a long way toward explaining what has happened and is happening to the White people of America, continuing right up to the present, as a result of our own government continually taking away our constitutional rights as a (supposedly) free people.  And dire as Dr. Pierce's description was, things have only gotten worse during the feverishly anti-White Obama administration:

Freedom Under Attack  from National Vanguard courtesy of Renegade Tribune

A brief, current description of the kind of thing that ongoing assault on our rights by our own government has led to is provided by this short essay:

America Destroyed  by Paul Craig Roberts

While Roberts does deliver an important message here, I do think a cautionary comment is in order. He ignores one very large 'gorilla in the room.'  When he writes about the police brutality directed at American citizens, he overgeneralizes by choosing to ignore the fact that much  (far too much) of the perceived 'brutality' we hear about these days results from the tough, substantially if not totally justified, and necessarily instantaneous responses officers are forced to employ against the savage and impulsive, murderous criminality of non-White perpetrators.

Speaking of outrageous misrepresentation of White vs. non-White culture and behavior, and the ways in which our Eurocentric (White) society is being perverted and 'taken down' by the Jews and the Jew-inspired 'powers that be,'  this next article offers a somewhat more colloquial and polemical take:

This 4th of July Vow To Expose The Bastards!  by Phillip Marlow (the Incog Man)

Here is another article that lays out the disgusting facts about the grossly distorted ways in which the 'establishment' and far too many 'normal' Whites view White vs. non-White criminal behavior, especially interracial crime:

He Who Stabs Last, Stabs Best  by Jim Goad, courtesy of Taki's Magazine

Yet more about the nonsensical portrayal of racial reality and interracial relations that is being dished up to the American people (White American people) every day by our Jew-dominated (if not completely controlled) government, media, and academia:

The Kindergarten Narrative  by Gavin McInnes courtesy, again, of Taki's Magazine

OK, then.  By now we all know (or should know) all about the role of the Jews in creating the precarious situation we Whites are living in during this, the current year.  And most of us are aware of the role being played by the traitorous White 'shabbos goy' who aid and abet the Jewish destruction of our people and our society (politicians, businessmen, educators, financial manipulators, lawyers and judges, and a host of others).  This next article offers some extremely valuable insight as to how we should view the situation and the 'actors' involved:

Jews vs Traitors  by Digger for Truth courtesy of Renegade Tribune

Parting Shot:  Sad to say, the one common thread that runs through all these articles is the fact that these things would never have happened -- these stories would never have been told -- if White men had not (a) been complicit and culpable and (b) allowed them to happen.  If we continue to be so uninformed, weak, cowardly and/or traitorous; then we, our society, our nation, and our very existence as a subspecies of humanity, will literally cease to exist in just a very few more short years. Think about that.