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Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Tuesday, June 23, 2020


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
June 23, 2020

Well, OK, I'll have to admit that just about every day starts out wonderfully for me when I wake and glance over at the beautiful, peacefully sleeping face of my wonderful wife of 62 years.

And yes, I'll admit that I still do enjoy most aspects of my morning routine (old man's ritual) of feeding the cat, pouring and partaking of my first cup of coffee, and scanning the less offensive parts of the newspaper before I exercise my tired old brain by working the crossword puzzle.

So yes, there usually are some pleasant and enjoyable moments most mornings for this 82-year-old White man who loves his family (admittedly with some frustrations in the mix); his country (with some reservations about its current state of affairs); his people (his tribe, or racial subspecies of humanity) (with some awareness of their historical and modern-day shortcomings); the amazing history, culture, and heritage of the White race (with some misgivings); and the awesomeness of the natural world he has been privileged to experience and enjoy for so many years (even the scary parts).

Sadly, though, it seems that most days these days begin to fall apart as soon as I read the contents of said newspaper in some detail.  And then proceed into a worsening state of amazement, dismay, anger, depression, and feelings of hopelessness and even impending doom when I get into my daily session of browsing the internet.

But not quite so much this morning.  I'm happy to be able to report that today, in addition to the usual garbage of  Negro rioting, White cuckoldry and self-flagellation, and the ascendancy of tranny perversions; I came across three particularly refreshing (and surprisingly factual, sensible, rational, and powerful) articles, one on a mainstream news site (Fox) and the other two written by generally respected commentators on semi-mainstream and fairly popular blog-type websites.  Here they are:

Tucker Carlson:  The real reasons mobs across the country are tearing down American monuments

Paul Craig Roberts:  Will White People Self-Destruct?

Pat Buchanan:  How Long Will the Vandals Run Amok?

...if only I could get my liberal, universally (pathologically) altruistic daughters to read these kinds of articles in order to help them better understand the insanity that has overtaken our country over the past few years and especially during the past couple months!

Now, I'll be the first to admit that we do get some of these kinds of truthful and enlightening articles from time to time.  But three in one morning?  By such prominent presenters?  And on the first day after I came out of hibernation and posted this piece just yesterday, which had to do with the very kinds of events and issues addressed by these informed and astute gentlemen?

I have to admit, that instilled within me some fleeting feelings of gratitude, and even sweet vindication.  And it made me think -- maybe a lot of our people are finally waking up; just maybe our situation, dire as it is, is not as hopeless as I have begun to fear. 

Monday, June 22, 2020


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
June 22, 2020

White America's survival situation has been getting worse and worse over the past several months (actually decades), at a sickeningly accelerating rate.

Now, with all the George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks and other 'Black Lives Matter' lies being spread by the Democrat party and the Jew-controlled media; and the anti-White racist actions of local and state Negro officials; and the outrageous police-defunding nonsense aimed at promoting and enabling even more Negro lawlessness; and the communist, anti-White 'antifa' involvement; and the widespread black rioting with the help of all their White race-traitor useful idiots; and the cancellation and abandonment of our White history and culture; and the police abandoning facilities to and taking to their knees before the mobs and standing by while rioters loot and burn down our cities and actually 'take over' parts of them; and the cowardly cuckolding of White politicians and corporations; and the media's blatant promotion of laughably wrong-headed Negro worship; we are seeing a virtual avalanche of anarchy in this once-beloved country.

And then, on top of all that and more, we get this:

Top Black Lives Matter Activist:  'We Will Incite Riots Everywhere If Trump Wins'

Make no mistake -- while this civil disorder is largely Jew-designed and -driven, using their Negro and naive young White minions;  and while it is made possible by the Negroes' low IQ, lack of impulse control, hatred of 'Whitey,' and criminal proclivities (on average and as a group); we White people of America have allowed this to happen to ourselves and our own people, families, and country.  Now the Negroes can smell blood.  Now they are in a state of open social rebellion and political insurrection.  While we Whites have fallen into a desperate and cowardly state of weakness, retreat, capitulation, and humiliating on-our-knees surrender.

Now they threaten our lawful government; the very existence of our society -- our Western Civilization.  Which, if we allow it to continue and given time, will most assuredly evolve into the complete economic/social/political domination of our people and finally, the genocide of the White race.

Where are the leaders of the White majority? What has become of our racial-reality awareness and racial pride and common sense and our will to resist the aggressions of those who are waging war against us on a racial basis?  Of the will to survive, for Chrissakes?

When things get even worse for the White citizens of America, as they most assuredly will -- when the antifas and black mobs come for us in our homes -- will White husbands, fathers, and brothers even then have the guts to avail themselves of the defenses provided by their much vaunted second-amendment rights?

I'm sorry to say that I am beginning to doubt it.  We Whites put an end to slavery in these United States more than 150 years ago, but considering what has been happening to us economically and politically for many years now, and what is coming our way as a prelude to our ultimate extermination (genocide), it seems as though we damned well better start getting used to the idea once again, this time from the other side of the equation.

The way we White Americans are reacting to this savage anti-White revolutionary uprising -- this insanity -- is just so terribly wrong, so weak and stupid, and so overflowing with disgusting cowardice.  How in the world can a supposedly decent and intelligent and rational people do this to themselves -- and to their own children and grandchildren?

Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
March 31, 2020

Want a break from the coronavirus news and propaganda parade?

Well, here you go -- here's one from the 'Why do we keep putting up with this?' department. 

This is one of those articles which every White American who can read should read.  (And don't stop there -- read the comments too!)

Virginia Goes Zionist by Philip Giraldi

Thank you, Mr. Giraldi.

Monday, December 23, 2019


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
December 23, 2019

Just in time for Christmas and the formulation of New Year's resolutions, I give you this 'to-do list for White people' -- thirty things we should do to help save our race, our White nations, our future, and Western Civilization itself.  At the very least, some serious attention to these long overdue actions would be sure to drastically improve our White societies, our life experiences, our happiness and life satisfaction, our genetic well-being, and our future development and advancement as a people.  [Along with brief commentary in each case regarding the terrible consequences of failing to attend smartly and strenuously to these matters.]

(1)  We must restore the concepts of White legitimacy and White racial pride in our people, and we can start by properly teaching our children the truth about our history, heritage, culture, accomplishments, and yes, our shortcomings.  Along with that effort, we need to protect and preserve for posterity our historical literature, statuary and other art, street and place names, holidays, and other celebrations and institutions.  [Most every other race/tribe does that or at least works at it.  Because we have failed so miserably to do that in recent years, we have already seen much of our legacy stripped away, and it keeps getting worse almost on a daily basis.]

(2)  We need to reinstitute (including re-normalize) White racial 'toughness' (vs. warm-and-fuzzy, feel-good 'wimpism' and even cowardliness) -- especially the masculine version, but among our women as well.  We also need to generate the will to fix the things that have gone awry.  We must be much stronger in dealing with (and defending ourselves against) our hostile minorities (race relations); and racial survival strategies.  The same toughened stance must be taken against socialistic politics and governance and Jewish anti-White depravities and aggressiveness.  [Some fine patriots, minutemen, frontiersmen, and Vikings we have turned out to be -- far too many of our people have increasingly become Jew lackeys, race-traitors, and a suicidal gaggle of complacent sheep being led to their slaughter.]

(3)  It is imperative that we absolutely put a stop to racially suicidal behavior, the passive acceptance of our racial dispossession and displacement, and the White genocide being waged against us by the Jews and their minions.  That includes getting control of (and largely eliminating) all non-White immigration into our White nations.  [A war of extermination (genocide) is being waged against us and it would seem that altogether too many of us either don't know it, won't admit it, choose to ignore it, or are too cowardly to fight it.  If we don't do something about that, and do it now, it will mean the end of the White race, the most beautiful and accomplished subspecies of humanity to ever inhabit the planet.]

(4)  We need to find ways to promote and insure adherence to the truth in all things -- public and private discourse, interpersonal relationships, politics and government, education, business dealings, and media. We need to teach and persuade our people to talk the truth, respect and revere the truth, teach the truth, and live truthful lives.  [As just one example of what happens when we fail to do that -- far too many of us seem perfectly content with having lies and propaganda shoved in our faces and fed to us on a daily basis by our government and by the Jew-controlled press and other media.]

(5)  We absolutely have to retake control of our media, including online-social, press (print and electronic), book and magazine publishing, television, movies, and music.  [Or, just continue to do things in the 'modern' way of allowing the Jews to use those venues to censor, censure, brainwash, and destroy us.]

(6)  We must retake control of our public education system (kindergarten through university) by racially resegregating in the manner and to the extent that best fits our needs.  We must guarantee that our schools and textbooks do not teach our White children lies regarding critically important matters such as White history and heritage (and in particular the true history of World War II and the Jewish so-called 'holocaust') (we have allowed ourselves to be held far too long in the orchestrated Jewish clutches of the 'holohoax' scam).  We must make our children aware of the Jewish problem in its entirety and of racial realities.  We need to de-Jewify and de-liberalize the schools. [Or, we can just continue to let our children be brainwashed by the leftists and race-traitors, and allow the Negroes and other non-Whites to continue to retard their educations, harass and assault them (and worse), and destroy our costly education infrastructure.]

(7)  For that matter, we must retake control of our own children with regard to their interests, activities, spending, choice of attire, tattoos, piercings, hair styles and coloration, etc.  [Or -- just continue to let our children and their peers and their adult influencers such as teachers and Jewish music industry moguls dictate how they will behave, how we perform as parents and families, how we utilize our family resources, how we maintain White traditions (or fail to do so), and how we as a people will determine our future.]

(8)  We have to return the U.S. (and other White nations so far as applicable) to representative, constitutional, republican forms of government as opposed to one-man one-vote so-called 'democracies' (mob rule by the 'lessers').  [Or, alternately, as we are doing now -- let the Jews and their colored minions rule over us.]

(9)  More specifically and particularly with regard to the Jews: it is imperative that we solve and 'handle' the Jewish problem by controlling if not eliminating their multitudinous transgressions against the White race and White societies.  We have to find ways to legally disempower them, as it were, with regard to such things as: politics and governance, teaching our children lies, warmongering, finance (banking, investments, etc.), media control and influence of every kind, degrading and destructive cultural influences of all kinds, influence over immigration and racial matters, and more.  Eventually, we should expel (relocate) a good many of them -- rid our White societies of their pernicious, anti-White conduct.  [Or -- we can continue to allow the Jews to dominate, dispossess, and destroy us (White genocide).]

(10)  As an 'aside,' with regard to the Jews: we Whites should, however, with absolutely no compunctions or apologies, learn and continue to take full advantage of smart and clever Jewish innovation, systems, and achievements in such areas as finance, business, commerce, science and medicine, in-group promotion, and self-preservation. [There is absolutely no reason we shouldn't take advantage of any positive aspects of their presence in our societies.  After all, while we are completely justified in considering the vast majority of them to be our eternal enemies as a group, they are not all guilty.  And, we Whites have already paid dearly, many times over, for any benefits that may be derived from their presence in our nations.]

(11)  We must curtail and control (severely limit) the spread of such nefarious and destructive movements as radical liberalism, radical feminism, universal and pathological altruism, legally mandated 'political correctness,' leftism, socialism, cultural Marxism, and political/economic communism in our societies and our governments.  [Or, if we do not do that, we will allow those beliefs and behaviors (and actions) to chip away at our chosen and cherished systems until they are utterly ruined.]

(12)  We need to better control (and do away with to the extent possible) investment, banking, and financial trickery and gimmickry on the part of the heavily Jewish 'elite one-percent.'  In that regard, we should critically examine such things as stock manipulation, rampant speculation, insider trading, arbitrary interest-rate manipulation, derivative manipulation, margin trading, futures trading, arbitrage, subprime mortgage lending and 'bundling,' fractional-reserve banking, government regulators' giving 'too big to fail' passes and bail-outs for financial criminality, gold price and other market manipulation, and other unnecessary and damaging practices.  And we should 'audit the Fed' and then do away with the Jew-dominated so-called Federal Reserve Banking system.  [I would suggest that honest improvement in these areas is essential if we want to give middle-class White Americans a chance to prosper under our capitalist system.]

(13)  We need to order our societies so as to align with the truth about racial reality -- we should no longer put up with multiracial and multicultural so-called 'diversity is our strength' scams.  We should re-enact and enforce laws prohibiting miscegenation.  And we should put an end to our governments' bleeding White people to death and infringing on their rights in order to benefit Negroes and other non-Whites.  [Or, alternately, let our societies, cities, and countries become more and more like Detroit, East St. Louis, Mestizo districts of Los Angeles, Haiti, failed African countries, and Mexico and many other Latin American countries.]

(14)  More particularly, we must discourage, disincentivize, and when compatible with First Amendment rights put a stop to the Negrification of our societies, our culture, and our racial integrity as regards entertainment, television shows and commercials, print media advertising, movies, books, etc.  We are not a 'Negro nation.'  [Simply must be done if we are to have any hope of preventing the complete loss of our beautiful White, Eurocentric heritage and culture.]

(15)  We need to reinstate our freedom of non-association via racial resegregation of schools, housing, White organizations of all kinds, hiring and jobs, etc.  [Again, our country was founded as, and at least for the time being continues to be, a White nation; we simply cannot allow our people to be forced to live in a Jewish-controlled Negro/Mestizo/Muslim country.]

(16)  Law enforcement -- we need to clamp down hard on Negro, Mestizo, Muslim, and other non-White crime (rigorous enforcement of our laws) -- in order to better ensure the safety and well-being and the prosperity of our people.  [We must do whatever we need to do in order to put a complete and absolute stop to the harassment, robbery, assault and battery, rape, and murder of our people by the generally more savage, White-hating 'colored' underclass.]

(17)  As a corollary to that effort, we should legally disarm our criminally inclined non-White population at the same time we strengthen our resolve to never give up our constitutional right to keep and bear arms under the second amendment.  [If we ever lose those rights, or even if we just continue to let them be significantly weakened, at some point in the not-too-distant-future we Whites will very likely be even more wantonly murdered as were the French in Haiti, the Russian people in the early part of the twentieth century when the Jew-dominated communists took control, and the farmers of Rhodesia and South Africa.]

(18)  We must put a stop to Negro (and other non-White) special, minority-based racial preferences in jobs and education; their bogus 'glorification' in schools, media, and government edicts; so-called 'affirmative action;' etc.  [Or -- live in a country where our own people are constantly and forever discriminated against in essentially all aspects of their lives (penalized just for being White) (it is already happening).]

(19)  If we hope to survive, we absolutely must find ways to gradually reduce the relative numbers of non-Whites (and especially Negroes, Mestizos, and Muslims) in our nations (probably primarily by implementing fair, humane, and equitable 'ethnic cleansing' laws and policies).  [What's that?  You think 'ethnic cleansing' is a little too severe and uncaring?  Well, just what do you think it is that the Jews and their armies of darkies are doing to us?  You racially unaware and 'anti-racist' people simply have got to wake up and get your heads out of your nether-regions!]

(20)  With regard specifically to Mestizos (Mexican and other Latin American) -- it is imperative that we put a stop to their invasion of our country, via both quasi-legal and illegal immigration; by sealing our borders, judicially imposed deportation, putting a stop to and revoking so-called 'birthright citizenship,' and other means.  [The alternative is to allow many parts of our country to be completely overrun and overwhelmed by them and to have more and more cities turned into third-world barrios like large portions of Los Angeles and other places.]

(21)  We need to get and maintain control of the Muslim (so-called 'refugee') situation in the U.S., Europe, and other White-majority nations --including, by prohibiting immigration (invasion); prohibiting the practice of their Sharia law; facilitating general deportations to countries of origin; and otherwise.  [Unless, of course, we would prefer to let them, too, overwhelm our cities and dictate what foods we eat; and should we choose to condone Muslim-style 'honor killings,' female circumcision (sexual mutilation), and the like.]

(22)  We need to collectively grow a spine and dispense with the nonsense of our people being sanctioned (penalized, punished) legally, socially, and economically merely for discussing and analyzing racial realities and Jew-truth.  And for speaking the truth about historical events; being the least bit critical of other races, Israel, or sexual deviates and perverts; and advocating 'what's good for Whites.'  And we must put a stop to government spying on everything we do and say, devising ways to curtail our thinking and behavior, and unjustly punishing us in this digital age of email, online social media, artificial intelligence, and the 'cloud.' [While other racial groups and tribes are allowed -- even encouraged and financially supported -- to spout whatever hate and vulgar and viscious lies they want to vent about the White people they hate so much while at the same time insisting that they have the right to soak up the benefits of our society.]

(23)  We should reinstitute the judicious practice of eugenics as applied to our own people (of both the positive and perhaps even some 'negative' varieties) -- enact laws and put well-considered and just programs into effect in order to enhance the better qualities of White racial existence.  [Contrary to the propaganda we have been exposed to since the WW II era, there is nothing at all wrong with practicing reasonable, humane, and science-based self-improvement measures.]

(24)  In order to preserve both the mental and physical health of our White societies, we should do whatever we can to put a stop to the ascendancy and proliferation of homosexuality, transgenderism, pedophilia, bestiality, and other sexual perversions. We should prohibit the promotion, privilege, normalization, popularization, and glorification of, and legally mandating our acceptance of, those practices.  [Or else -- we will be destined to persist in this insanity and it will only get worse.  Even now, we see a deluge of same-sex 'marriage,' men competing as transsexual 'women' in athletics, men using women's toilet facilities frequented by our little girls, young children being counselled to undergo sex changes, and the exposing of our little children to the proclaimed 'alternate-lifestyle legitimacy' of men sucking on other men's penises and inserting their penises in other men's rectums.]

(25)  We should make a real effort to discourage, in fact to eliminate so far as possible, the radical feminization of our women -- excessive 'me-tooism' (wherein actions common to courtship and normal male/female mating behavior are forbidden and punished); their maniacally excessive striving for political empowerment (power-madness); their unnatural self-loathing and gender denial; their hatred of men and (male) masculinity; and the like.  We need to return to a more traditional culture that encourages our girls and young women to value, and want to become, wives and mothers and homemakers instead of desperately trying to compete with men in the workplace (even in many distinctly masculine occupations).  [How many men have been cheated out of an opportunity to support a family because affirmative-action women have been given the jobs that could and should have been given to them?  How many injuries have been sustained and lives lost and properties destroyed because women just weren't capable of doing the physically demanding jobs of soldiers and firefighters and police officers?  How many children have been deprived of the joys and benefits of having a non-career-involved mother in their homes?]

(26)  We need to find ways to reinvigorate the nuclear family as the bedrock foundation of our White societies -- families consisting of a married father and mother (one man and one woman) and their children.  [It just seems these days as though such things as electronic social media communications with non-family 'outsiders;' excessive sports-figure worship; celebrity glorification; the horribly misguided need to be constantly entertained; mentally and emotionally disturbing (oftentimes Negroid) noise that passes as music; drug use; and going overboard with consumer craziness have taken the place of quality family time for our children and many young adults (including young parents) as well.]

(27)  We absolutely must encourage and incentivize White couples to have at least 2-3 children (to get married and establish stable households and have kids, not dogs).  [Considering our inadequate and stagnant White birthrates, alongside the comparatively out-of-control birthrates of several of the darker minority groups, demographics alone will ensure that White people will diminish and eventually disappear from their own nations if we fail to correct this situation.]

(28)  We must do everything within our power (including the imposition of extremely severe judicially determined punishment) in order to eliminate hard-core pornography and especially its commercial proliferation and exposure/distribution to and exploitation of children.  That effort should include, to reasonable extent, such other things as so-called 'soft porn' made available to minors, excessive sexualization in advertising, and the premature sexualization of children.  [As usual, the Jews have been the driving force behind those transgressions, but our 'colored' population and we Whites ourselves have been a big part of the problem, and all dimensions of the problem must be addressed.]

(29)  We need to figure out what to do about our women's politically and socially lethal tendency to vote emotionally and disproportionately for liberal, anti-White (and especially anti-White-male) issues, agendas, and candidates.  We need to ask ourselves -- do we have to give serious consideration to disenfranchising, or at least limiting the voting power of some of our women in some way in order to prevent, in the future, the constant damage done by that situation?  [It is indisputable that women vote disproportionately for White-society-threatening and oftentimes rabid liberals and socialists, non-Whites of all stripes, Muslims, Jews, sexual deviates, and above all, the vaginal versions of all those types and others based just on that particular physical endowment instead of on the merits of the person and their positions on critical issues.]

(30)  Last but not least, we Whites need to make a very real, rationally targeted effort to improve the quality of our own people by correcting a good many of our own faults.  We need to do our best to limit or even eliminate, where possible, such less-than-admirable and in fact harmful behavior as (just as a few examples): obesity; doping and the resulting tendency of so many of our young people to drop out of functional, productive society; excessive drinking and alcoholism; excessive gambling; criminality in general; and unethical, greedy, and predatory business practices (the 'we're all Jews now' problem).  (I could go on, but I'm sure you get the picture.) [Let's face it -- if we can't find ways to improve upon these and a host of other 'little things,' we don't have much of a chance of reordering our severely damaged White societies in the critical, survival-dependent areas that make up the body of this essay.  And if we can't do that, we are not going to survive.  (And think about this, too -- just maybe we could do a better job of self-improvement in those areas if we weren't so burdened with the problems that are discussed above.)]

What's that, gentle reader?  You think my solutions are a wee bit too harsh?  Maybe some of them even a little too 'Hitlerian' for your taste?  Well, consider this: we White people the world over are backed into a corner, over a barrel, have our backs against the wall, and have the boots of both the lawbreakers and of anti-White authoritarian government in our faces virtually every waking hour.  Just pay a little attention to all the anti-straight-White things that are reported every day in spite of Jewish control of the media.  The laughably unwarranted glorification of Negroes and other minorities on television and in movies and print ads.  The normalization and ascendancy of queers and transvestites and their perverse proclivities (and the way those things are being promoted to our children).  The way Whites are punished for speaking, even thinking, any critical truth about virtually anything having to do with race, Jews, or governance.  The terrible ways in which our little children are brainwashed and held back and even physically tortured just by having to attend public schools in many places across the country.  The vastly disproportionate numbers of our wives, daughters, and mothers that are harassed, assaulted, raped, and murdered by blacks.  The numbers of our people killed and maimed by Mestizo drunk drivers.  The outrageous extent to which we Whites are taxed excessively so that our government can spend countless billions of (our) dollars on minority welfare and imprisonment, throwing money at failed states all over the world, financing and carrying out never-ending and unnecessary wars (including wars for Israel in the Middle East), and giving billions to the Israelis.  These things have to change; we have to change them.  And we can hardly do that if we continue to put more thought, money, and other resources into saving the snail darters and the spotted owls than we do into saving our own people -- White people.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
August 6, 2019

Many readers of White Nationalist blogs and websites ask themselves, I'm sure, 'why do these people keep harping on, and dissing, the Jews?'

Good question; one which I will try to answer in this post.

As you read through the compilation which follows you should soon begin to realize how the Jews, as a 'tribe' that is dedicated to working for 'what's good for the Jews' while they prey on other (host) groups, races, and nations, have done particularly grievous harm to White people, their racial interests, and their societies and nations.  And how they always strive to follow a self-centered 'group survival strategy,' which of course would be admirable if they were not doing so with malicious intent and behavior, to our people, in and to our country, and at our expense.

One cautionary note:  I wouldn't expect the reader to understand much of what follows if they don't value their own (White) race, their unique genetics, their heritage, and their right to compete and survive as a subspecies of humanity.  And if they can't recognize and understand the terrible future being created for their White children and grandchildren.

Let me make clear just who it is that I am writing about.  It might not be literally all Jews, but if we include those who contribute financially and otherwise to the Jewish program, along with the active perpetrators themselves, I'm sure it would include a goodly portion of them.  By 'perpetrators,' I mean many if not most of the Jews comprising and commonly referred to as:
  • Organized Jewry
  • The Jewish establishment, or community
  • Connected Jews; networking Jews
  • Complicit and culpable Jews
  • International Jewry
  • Zionist Jews
  • Government Jews
  • Jewish Neocons
  • Israel and Israeli Jews
  • Nepotist Jews
  • Financial and political power Jews
  • Middleman Jews
  • Media and entertainment industry Jews
…and the list goes on and on, seemingly forever.

The fact is that most Jews, in one way or another, are involved.  One might say – whenever and wherever there are societal and political problems; and you look around any corner, behind any bush, or under any rock for the causes; there you will find one or more Jews.  I would submit that they are, in some direct or at least indirect fashion, the proximate cause of a majority of the modern White world's major troubles and problems.

Through their skills, positions, dedication, financial wherewithal, hatred of White people, and criminal proclivities, to one degree or another, they somehow have managed to variously:
  • heavily involve themselves in,
  • conceptualize, instigate, and carry out,
  • enable,
  • promote and propagandize,
  • push for, work toward,
  • finance and otherwise support,
  • provide mutual support for (network, communicate, coordinate),
  • disproportionately influence,
  • perpetrate,
  • enforce,
  • and/or dominate
…all of the anti-White behaviors, activities, and dirty deeds I will list below.

The Jews' common, unfailing motivation would seem to be to weaken, dispossess, control, and destroy, yet at the same time profit from, White people in the Whites' own nations.  And ultimately, to 'genocide' White people out of existence.  They really do present White people with an existential threat.

Admittedly, a few of the things I have listed below might not be all that serious, all by themselves (nothing we couldn't handle).  But they all are, or have been, part of a huge, long-pursued and ongoing effort to do damage to us Whites and our societies – death by a thousand cuts, as it were.

When you study these Jewish issues, particularly since the start of the twentieth century, the common thread that always runs through them is the disproportionate involvement and influence Jews have and have had in these things that are so harmful to our people and our Western Civilization.

The Jews have done their best to contaminate and corrupt our peoples' thinking on every level of society, to degrade our culture, and to poison our children's and young adults' minds and educations.  They stridently and unceasingly promote virtually every anti-White influence and activity imaginable.  It would seem that they are, quite literally, always 'up to something.'

You can make a good start toward verifying the things I have said up to this point by researching the Jews' own self-incriminating writings, as in their Talmud, other books, essays, and speeches, many of which are readily available on the internet.

I am not saying we Whites haven't contributed to our own problems, because we most certainly have, grievously, in many different ways.  Consider, for example, the fallacies of religious fundamentalism, our willingness to carry the Jews' water by acting as their 'shabbos goy' for financial benefit (greed), and our cooperating and even conspiring with Jews as a result of our lust for political power.  Keep in mind also the altogether too common and ridiculously misguided leftist and Marxist thinking and plain old ultra-liberalism on the part of far too many of our own people.

And of course we shouldn't forget that we are a severely flawed race ourselves, as are all human beings, in a multitude of ways that have nothing whatever to do with the Jews.  Yet that might at least partially result from our being forced to live in this sick clown world they have to large extent created for us (maybe we could finally make some progress in fixing more of our own problems if we didn't have the Jew albatross hanging around our necks).

But still, many if not most of our ills would likely never have befallen us if it were not for the ubiquitous Jew – once again, the proximate cause, the impetus, the organizers of coordinated efforts, and the money behind so many of the things that have brought us and our societies so low.  They are always in the forefront, they facilitate the action and do the deeds, and they push from behind.  So much so that many would say that the Jews are genetically disposed to work toward the destruction of our race and our societies.  I don't know if that is true or not, but I can certainly understand how the terrible, devastating results of their nefarious efforts in White countries the world over would lend a lot of credibility to that thinking.

Yet I am not saying that all Jews are bad, or evil.  There most definitely are many good people who are religious and/or ethnic Jews; for example countless doctors and medical researchers, scientists, engineers, thinkers and writers, philanthropists, decent and hard-working 'average Americans' who are just as innocently ignorant and hoodwinked as are a lot of Whites, and more.

What I most sincerely hope is that this essay piques your interest.  What I ask of you is that you investigate some of these issues, particularly the ones about which you are most skeptical.  I promise – you will be surprised at what you will learn.  As a first step, I would suggest that you get on the internet (Google or other good search engine) and read what a number of honest Jews have said about their fellow tribesmen.  Just as one example, the observations of Jewish chess champion Bobby Fisher might be an eye-opener.  Some others would be Benjamin Freedman, Norman Finkelstein, Ron Unz, Philip Geraldi, and Gilad Atzmon.

Then, you might want to browse through some of the blogs and sites, and read some of the books, listed on the sidebar of this blog.

Following is a (partial) list of some of the many unassailable facts about nefarious Jewish acts and behavior which I have encountered along the way, along with some other widely accepted near certainties that have at least some substantial factual basis but might be arguable as to some details.  It is my belief that they all present important evidence -- much of it damning evidence -- that is worthy of being offered in support of this indictment of the Jews.

So, then, let me count the ways of Jewish anti-White involvement and perfidy related to such matters as:

Wars and Related Events
  • Jewish war profiteering including, some believe, Nathan Rothschild's financial gains following the battle of Waterloo, and consistently ever since.
  • World War I:  true causes, Balfour Declaration, Jewish manipulation of Woodrow Wilson, vicious anti-German propaganda, etc.
  • Following WW I: Jewish involvement in unfairly vengeful and vindictive Treaty of Versailles and other developments.
  • Jewish role in the depraved and ineffectual Weimar Republic following WW I, and more specifically, predominately Jewish influence in hugely degraded German morality during that period -- drunkenness, prostitution, pornography, homosexuality, gratuitous sex in movies and stage shows, etc.
  • World War II:  Jews' involvement in causes, beginnings, and manipulation of FDR to get the U.S. involved.
  • Jew press' anti-Hitler and anti-Germany lies in run-up to WW II.
  • An example of Jewish attitudes toward Germany early in WW II – Theodore Kaufman's 1941 book 'Germany Must Perish' which advocated genocide of the German people through sterilization.
  • Jewish political influence in Britain's (Churchill's) run-up to declaring war against Germany.
  • Jewish so-called 'holocaust' fraud and racket in general: lies and propaganda, blackmail, brainwashing our people and particularly our children.
  • In particular, the Jews' 'six-million Jews killed by Hitler and his Nazi Germany' fable is a deliberate damnable lie, and is one of the most malicious propaganda devices ever conceived.
  • Holohoax -- contrary to Jew-manufactured myths, fact that there are very few truthful and accurate accounts presented in Jewish writings (see for example the fictionalized gibberish in the books by Elie Wiesel).
  • Holohoax -- contrary to Jew-manufactured myths, fact that there are no significant references in lengthy memoirs of WW II by Churchill, Eisenhower, or de Gaulle.
  • Holohoax -- contrary to Jew-manufactured myths, there were no official German government plans to gas huge numbers of Jews; no design or architectural plans of so-called 'gas chambers' designed to kill people; and no actual, workable 'gas chambers' used for that purpose were found when the war ended.
  • Holohoax -- contrary to Jew-manufactured myths, it has been shown that their stories of gassings and cremation of millions of Jews are technical impossibilities.
  • Holohoax -- contrary to Jew-manufactured myths, there have been very few or no authenticated autopsies of Jews or anyone else killed by the German National Socialists by cyanide poisoning.
  • There is credible evidence that some aspects of the Anne Frank diary story, repeatedly hammered into our children's minds by Jew media, schools, and taxpayer-funded memorials, might not be authentic.
  • Heavy Jewish involvement in late- and post-WW II atrocities perpetrated against German POWs and civilians (rape, torture and mutilation, starvation, slaughter).
  • Largely Jewish responsibility for the despicable European anti-free speech laws and punishment (fines, jail sentences) for holohoax revisionism (which they call 'denial' but which is really just simple truth-telling) (mostly in Europe, but to lesser extent in the U.S.).
  • Substantial if not predominant Jewish responsibility for pursuing German WW II veterans for trumped-up charges of 'war crimes' when many of them were just doing perfectly normal soldierly duties such as merely guarding prisoners (in recent years including enfeebled 80- and 90-year-olds).
  • Jew-dominated farce of Nuremberg and other post-war, Soviet-style 'show trials.'
  • Possible (likely?) Jew involvement in killing of General Patton following the end of WW II.
  • Following the 9/11/01 attacks, Jewish Neocon pressure to instigate war in Afghanistan.
  • Jewish Neocons being the primary culprits that concocted the lies and deceptions which caused the George W. Bush administration to initiate the second Iraq War.
Other Historical Events
  • (For any religious readers) – the Jews being largely responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
  • Jewish mythology (lies) re: Russian Pale of Settlement causes, motivations, administration, and the Jews' supposed sufferings of 1791-1917.
  • Jews' prominent if not dominant role as slave ship owners; promoters and brokers of American slave trade; operators of slave markets.
  • Jewish role in Bolshevism and the Russian (Bolshevik) revolution, the 'Holodomor' in Ukraine, the spread of communism (including attempted and accomplished communist take-overs of European countries), and other atrocities.
  • Jews' striving to delegitimize the murder conviction of Leo Frank in Atlanta in 1913 (Jewish killer of White girl Mary Phagan) (impetus for start-up of Jewish Anti-Defamation League).
  • Jewish planning and involvement in, and ordering and carrying out, the murder of Czar Nicholas II of Russia and his entire family at Ekaterinburg in 1918.
  • Entirely possible if not likely Jew/Israel mafia involvement in Kennedy assassination in 1963.
  • Likely Jewish (Israeli Mossad and American Jews) involvement in '9/11' (2001) attacks on World Trade Center and Pentagon.
  • The preponderance of evidence with regard to the '9/11' event would indicate that it was a Jewish/Israeli false-flag operation that was wildly successful in getting the U.S. involved in the so-called 'war on terrorism' and the never-ending wars for Israel in the Middle East.
  • Zionist Jew bombing of King David hotel in Jerusalem in 1946.
  • Illegitimate creation of nation of Israel in 1948 (re: Balfour Declaration; maltreatment of Palestinians in the process).
  • Duplicitous, hypocritical, two-faced double-dealing 'Jewish State' stances re: immigration (particularly, of Arabs and African Negro self-asserting Jews), rampant discrimination against Arab/Palestinian people, and border control.
  • Israelis' building 'settlements' on illegally held lands and coercing our government's sycophantic acquiescence.
  • Attack on U.S.S. Liberty; the Lavon Affair.
  • Jew/Israel spying on U.S.
  • Their stealing our nuclear secrets and their secretive and illegitimate nuclear weapons build-up and subsequent boasting of their dastardly 'Samson Option.'
  • Their stealing our military secrets and selling that information to other countries.
  • Their massive foreign-aid suck-up achieved by lobbying, bribing and intimidating U.S. Congresscritters and pressuring U.S. Presidents both directly and via pressure brought on the American people by the Jew-controlled press.
  • Israel (along with their American Jew operatives) pushed the Iraq warmongering scam.
  • Israel in recent years pushing the anti-Syria scam.
  • Israel in recent years pushing the warmongering scam against Iran.
  • Devastating contemporary Israeli crimes against the Palestinians are many and well known.
Government, Politics, and Laws
  • Anti-White and anti-American Jews in Congress (countless individuals in the past; currently Nadler, Schiff, Schumer, and others).
  • Jewish excessive influence over elections by their use of money (campaign-funding bribery) and their controlled press (campaign support vs. withdrawal of support and supporting opponents).  (Jew media power -- newspapers, magazines, television, websites, social media -- can and do either 'make' a candidate or destroy him or her.)
  • Often clandestine power of Jewish lobbies, PACs, and interest groups such as AIPC, ACLU, SPLC, etc. (far more influential in debasing American political stability than anything Russia does).
  • Jew-induced favoritism toward Israel via political control of U.S. government -- as a general rule, politicians who don't support (favor) Israel don't get elected.
  • To White peoples' disadvantage – many anti-White civil rights laws and regulations, forced associations, race mixing, 'diversity is our strength' lies and the like are constantly pushed by Jews in government and the media.
  • The Jews constantly push for liberal/socialistic government including minority privileges and welfare (i.e., welfare state).
  • There is little question that the Jews essentially own President Trump, via his super-wealthy Jewish donors (Sheldon Adelson et al) and their Jared Kushner/Ivanka and other family and business connections.  Among many other actions favoring Israel at the expense of America's best interests, they have pressured Trump to take an unreasonably harsh stance against Iran (which could well set off another, larger war in the Middle East and conceivably even WW III).
  • Jews in government and the media constantly push for illegitimate (and anti-White American) Negro slavery reparations.
  •  Jews in government and the media promote non-stop 'progressivism,' globalism, and anti-nationalism.
  • Jews constantly work to limit Whites' constitutional rights by pushing for so-called 'hate-crime,' 'thought-crime,' and 'hate-speech' laws and regulations (shades of Orwell's '1984').
  • More generally, Jews constantly work to destroy Whites' civil and constitutional rights by advocating for 'political correctness' and the restrictions, limitations, and illicit punishments that term implies.
  • Jews are vastly over-represented in Federal government appointed and managerial positions.
  • There are disproportionate numbers of Jews on the Supreme Court and in the Federal judicial system, where, true to form, they are more often than not ultraliberal, socialist, anti-White, radical feminist (anti-male), and pro-sexual deviancy.
  • During recent election cycles, the Jew media have routinely and dogmatically supported and promoted most anti-White candidates, including non-Whites, fellow Jews, sexual deviates, feminists, and the like.
  • Jews have been at the forefront in pushing the divisive, anti-Trump, and mostly fraudulent Russian election interference and collusion scam.
  • For the past two years the Jew congresscritters (joined by other anti-White congresspeople) and Jews in the controlled media have steadfastly led an attempted coup against President Trump (a seditious and possibly even treasonous endeavor in the opinion of many observers).
  • Jews have contributed enormously to the limiting of White rights through their advocacy for minority 'civil rights,' affirmative action, and minority racial preferences, and as a result Whites oftentimes can't get jobs, university enrollment, promotions, etc. due to preferences granted to less qualified non-Whites.
  • So-called 'civil rights' laws championed by the Jews have deprived Whites of the right of non-association, the liberty to live in White neighborhoods, the right to sell property to people of their choosing, and on and on ad nauseam.
  • Laws and practices put in place largely as a result of liberal Jewish activism and efforts have severely eroded White peoples' freedom of speech – a White person in our 'enlightened' and diversified society can now be fired, demoted or denied promotion, socially ostracized, (and even fined or jailed?) if he says just about anything against or merely just critical of racial minorities, homosexuals or transvestites, Jews, etc., or even if he merely says something positive about Whites.
  • Using their power of their (controlled) press, and control of other media, the Jews have constantly and diligently worked to distort, pervert, and degrade our White popular culture and to control public opinion in the U.S.
  • Hugely disproportionate ownership, control, and numbers of upper-level employees in mainstream media.
  • The Jew-controlled media promote and even glorify Negroes in television (shows and commercials), movies, and print ads; and encourage rampant negrification in all aspects of our lives.
  • Jewish control of book publishing and distribution can lead to censorship, requirement that work conforms to the Jewish 'template,' and refusal to publish or distribute works the Jews don't like.
  • Substantial Jewish control of social media platforms; anti-White censorship and deplatforming.
  • Constant Jew-controlled mainstream media lies and propaganda re: 9/11 attacks, Iraq wars, other warmongering for Israel in the Middle East.
  • Constant mainstream media 'fake news' re:  Trump, government, and racial matters.
  • Mainstream (controlled) media failure to report, or inadequate coverage of, non-White on White crime (cover-up).
  • Constant Jewish-controlled mainstream media liberal and anti-White slanting, bias, filtering, brainwashing, etc.
  • Mainstream media's routine censorship and biased reporting of Alt-Right and racial reality news; holocaust revisionism, Jewish role in our society, etc.
  • Jewish role in production and distribution of our kids' heavily negrified so-called 'music.'
  • Jews have essentially turned print media, television, and most entertainment venues into tools for a leftist and racially integrated cultural/social/political revolution.
  • Overwhelming Jewish responsibility for the flood of almost entirely untruthful holohoax books and motion pictures since the end of the second world war, which oddly enough has been increasing of late, even 70-plus years after the events were supposed to have occurred.
Finance, Brokerage, Banking
  • History of Jewish scamming and Ponzi (pyramid) schemes (Bernie Madoff and others).
  • Jews have been in the forefront of financial predation of all kinds via illicit stock and bond manipulation and scams (securities fraud) accomplished with fraudulent, 'creative' accounting, shell companies, phony assets, insider trading, manipulated prices, illicit margin trading, bogus investments and evaluations, etc. (Michael Milken and others).
  • Heavy Jewish role in creation of, control of, and misuse of so-called 'Federal Reserve Bank' scam perpetrated on the American people.  Jews have played a central role in the implementation and manipulation of the fractional reserve and fiat money banking system (rip-off) in the U.S.
  • The Jews have found modern means of perpetuating their centuries-old practices of money-lending and usury.
  • Jewish monetary control and manipulation have to bear a good deal of responsibility for depressions, recessions, and other financial problems, disruptions, and meltdowns.
  • Jewish financial control and manipulations of interest rates and precious metals prices have benefitted a few but heavily damaged and devastated many others, right up to the present day.
Education, Academia
  • Substantially Jew-influenced children's books, and grade school and secondary school textbooks, teach anti-White bias and historical and racial lies to our children.
  • Our public schools are heavily influenced if not dominated by Jewed, anti-White curricula and teachers' guidelines.
  • So many professors are Jewish anti-White leftists and Marxists; largely Jewish college professors and instructors teach anti-White, leftist dogma to our young people.
  • Our sons and daughters in university are taught Jewish psychology, psychiatry, sociology, and anthropology scams (Freud, Boasian cultural anthropology, Frankfurt School critical theory, etc.).
  • Academic publishing (college/university) is heavily Jew-influenced if not Jew-dominated.
  • Ongoing stifling of academic research, publishing, and truth-teaching with regard specifically to the holohoax.
  • Jewish stifling of research, publishing, and truth-teaching re: racial reality, scientific racial genetics and biology, racial differences in IQ, and human evolution.
  • Jewish involvement in anti-White 'Brown vs. Board of Education' ruling in Topeka in 1954 (having to do with desegregation).
  • Jewish push in public education toward the demoralization of our White children, in part by teaching them to be critical of and to hate themselves and their race.
  • Jewish relentless, never-ending push to teach the 'holocaust' myth and scam to our children in the classroom and by using public funds for construction of holocaust memorials and museums indoctrination centers).
  • Jews have been in the forefront in promoting the lie that 'diversity is our strength;' they have pushed for more and more integration and 'multiculturalism' in the workplace, in schools, in media, and in housing.  They have promoted race-mixing even to the extent of trying to normalize miscegenation.
  • Jews have diligently promoted the myth (the lie) of racial equality (equal abilities and outcomes vs. just equal opportunity), which has been a huge problem and a huge cost for White society.
  • Jews essentially founded the NAACP and led that anti-White, supposedly Negro organization for years, and serviced it legally and administratively for many years after that.
  • In television, movies, and print advertising, Jews have grossly exaggerated the Negro (and other non-White) presence, capabilities, and stature in our society – in jobs, personal relationships, etc.
  • Jew politicians and media have pushed for 'affirmative action' and non-White racial preferences, much to the detriment of White people.
  • Jews in government and the media, and Jewish influence in our public education system, have seldom failed to promote the 'worship' of the rabble-rousing plagiarist and whore-monger Michael ('Martin Luther') King.
  • Jews in positions of influence have never relented in their efforts to deracinate White people.
  • Jews have historically played a major if not dominant role in pornography, sex-trafficking, White slavery, pedophilia, and other forms of sexual predation (think Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, and countless others).
  • Jews have been extremely prominent in the area of financial crimes.
  • Jews have historically played a major role in U.S. organized crime.
  • Jews have been identified as being among some of the major players in illegal drug operations in the U.S. and elsewhere.
  • Jews are major players in the opioid/oxycodone (Oxycontin)/fentanyl prescription drug devastation in the U.S. in today's America.
  • Israeli Jews, and some U.S. rabbis, have been credibly accused of organ harvesting and trading in human body parts.
  • Jews were deeply involved in changing our immigration laws back in 1965, favoring non-White over White European immigrants and drastically increasing immigration from such places as Mexico, other Latin American countries, Southeast Asia, the Muslim Middle East, and Africa.
  • Along with the Catholic Church (and other denominations) and with help from our heavily Jew-controlled federal government, Jewish organizations have worked diligently to import Negroes from Africa and place them in traditionally White communities in small towns and cities across America.
  • Currently, Jews (and others, of course) in Congress have been doing their best to impede efforts to limit or stop illegal non-White immigration from Mexico and Central America (the latter mostly coming through Mexico).
  • For some years now, largely Jewish money and efforts (think George Soros) have been enabling the black and brown Muslim invasion of Europe (the dark-skinned so-called 'refugees') (think Raspail's 'The Camp of the Saints').
Miscellaneous Culture
  • Jews have been and are prominent in the creation, promotion, marketing, and distribution of degenerate so-called 'modern art' (including inordinate Jewish ownership and/or control of art galleries and showings).
  • The Frankfurt School's 'critical theory' and Jewish behavior as described in MacDonald's 'The Culture of Critique' make crystal clear how the Jews have disillusioned and worn down White people.
  • Jewish vastly disproportionate ownership/management/control of the music and entertainment industries, and of movie studios, writing, and production have provided them a platform to falsify history and other realities and to subvert our culture.
  • Jewish-controlled media's constant promotion of 'celebrity worship.'
  • Jewish media constantly pushes for removal of White historical icons such as statues, holidays, street names, murals in public buildings and the like, and replacing them with things that honor and glorify non-Whites, other preferred minorities, sexual deviates, etc.
  • Jewish constant promotion of all kinds of heavily Negro-infused college and professional sports, particularly the NFL, NBA, and college football and basketball.
  • Jew historical domination of the radical-feminist movement; their constant promotion of women in politics, government, business leadership, and sports (replacing males in power positions as opposed to marriage, homemaking, and rearing children) (harmful to male employment and to child-rearing).
  • Jews' use of their media power to degrade and erode all manner of White family values, including the premature empowerment of teenagers.
  • Jew media (and Jewish influence in government) constantly pushing for negrification of virtually everything.
  • Jews' inordinate influence behind such deviant behavior as sexual promiscuity, the modern hook-up culture, hypersexualization of advertising and virtually everything else, pornography and soft porn (especially in TV and movies), and premature sexualization of children.
  • Jews work to promote and 'normalize' homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism, and same-sex marriage.
  • Jewish responsibility for general cultural degradation and brainwashing via television.
  • Jews in the media have been consistently prominent over the years in the 'normalization' of marijuana use and the promotion of marijuana legalization.
Miscellaneous Jewish Nature and Behavior
  • Jews are notorious for their Jew-advantage (at the expense of Whites) organizing and networking; 'gaming the system;' rampant nepotism in government and business hiring and promotion.
  • Arrogant Jewish self-admiration and self-promotion; their 'chosen people' scam.
  • Jewish obvious and self-admitted hatred of Whites.
  • Their (many of them) persistence in following the teachings of their arrogant, supremacist, and gentile-hating Talmud and other religious teachings.
  • Many Jewish writers have constantly worked diligently to denigrate the concepts of evolution, genetics, nature predominating over nurture, the realities of racial differences, and other established concepts that help explain the difficulties we Whites have had with non-Whites in our societies.
  • Jews (primarily politicians and media people) using Negroes, Mestizos, Muslims, and other racial and minority groups to disrupt good government, upset natural order, and destabilize and dispossess White culture and White nations.
  • Relentless Jewish media reporting, lobbying, and advocating in Congress designed to destroy our second amendment rights by promoting gun-control legislation.
  • Jewish 'Kosher food' labeling 'extortion' scam and tax.
  • Wherever and whenever they can, in the U.S. and in Europe, Jews work to ban criticism and even simply questioning of Israel, Jews, the holohoax, etc. by curtailing freedom of speech.

Whew!  Quite a list (and yet there's still more, much more, that I haven't even touched upon).  Wouldn't you think that where there is all this smoke there might be a whole lot of fire?

And another thought – don't you think it significant that a person could never compile such a list and describe such a profile, if they were being truthful about things, describing the behavior of, say, the Finnish people?  Or Presbyterians, or Australians, or Baptists, or war veterans, or Canadians, or even used car salesmen, or just about any other group?  It's only the Jews.  It's always the Jews.  Go figure.

Just try to imagine, after reading through all that, that I or anyone else could be intimidated by being called an anti-Semite.  With this information in mind, I believe any such attempted shaming or smearing based on 'anti-Semitism' should instead be taken as a compliment; a badge of honor of sorts.

Try to keep in mind – these people (many individuals, on average, and as a group) have been far more than just the naughty, mischievous Jews some White people do manage to recognize; they have been the epitome of evil.  Tell me, if I may point to just a couple examples that come to mind – how many White people were starved to death in the Ukrainian Holodomor; how many White men, women, and children (including White American men) were killed or grievously wounded in the World Wars; how many millions of lives were taken and tens of thousands of families were destroyed by Jew-inspired communism in the last century?

How could any sane White person honestly say that these kinds of behavior on the part of the Jews, all around the world and over so many years, are not good reason to judiciously despise them for what they have done and continue to do to White people?  Is 'hate' too strong a word; too excessive a reaction?  What would my fellow White man (or woman) expect me to do?  Ignore them?  Thank them?  Love them?  I think not.

Monday, July 15, 2019


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
July 15, 2019

President Donald Trump has rightfully been tearing into the behavior of some of our deranged and racially alien Democrat Congresswomen.  Below are a few of the posts he has put up on Twitter over the past few hours.

The only problem -- it's hard to tell when reading these Tweets just which country he thinks he represents.  Note that while his purpose would seem to be to discuss the dangerously anti-American utterances and behavior of these radical Democrats, he often as not thinks of and mentions Israel first.  Kind of weird, wouldn't you say?  Some President we have here.

From earliest (yesterday afternoon) to most recent:
  • So sad to see the Democrats sticking up for people who speak so badly of our Country and who, in addition, hate Israel with a true and unbridled passion.  Whenever confronted, they call their adversaries, including Nancy Pelosi, "RACIST."  Their disgusting language.....
  • When will the Radical Left Congresswomen apologize to our Country, the people of Israel and even to the Office of the President, for the foul language they have used, and the terrible things they have said.  So many people are angry at them & their horrible & disgusting actions!
  • If Democrats want to unite around the foul language & racist hatred spewed from the mouths and actions of these very unpopular & unrepresentative Congresswomen, it will be interesting to see how it plays out.  I can tell you that they have made Israel feel abandoned by the U.S.
  • "We all know that AOC and this crowd are a bunch of Communists, they hate Israel, they hate our own country, they're calling the guards along our Border (the Border Patrol Agents) Concentration Camp Guards, they accuse people who support Israel as doing it for the Benjamin's,.... [apparently quoting comments of Sen. Lindsey Graham; see below]
  • ....they are Anti-Semitic, they are Anti-America, we don't need to know anything about them personally, talk about their policies.  I think they are American citizens who are duly elected that we are running on an agenda that is disgusting, that the American people will reject......
  • ....What does it mean for America to have free Healthcare for Illegal Immigrants, no criminalization of coming into our Country - See how that works for controlling Immigration!  They talk about Israel like they're a bunch of thugs, not victims of the entire region.  They wanted...
And then here is Senator Lindsey Graham, who has lately become an unlikely supporter of Trump, once again backing him up.  But look -- when on "Fox and Friends" expressing his concerns about these un-American communist congresscritters he too starts harping about Israel, and he too mentions them first:

"Well, we all know that (New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) and this crowd are a bunch of communists, they hate Israel, they hate our own country," Graham said during an appearance on "Fox and Friends."  "They're calling the guards along our border, the border patrol agents, 'concentration camp guards.'  They accuse people who support Israel of doing it for the Benjamins.  They're anti-Semitic.  They're anti-America.'"  (See full article here.)

So what exactly do we have here?  Both our President and the Senator from South Carolina, when discussing the out-of-control and anti-American behavior of these communist 'aliens,' seem for some reason compelled to start out by talking about, or at least seem to stress, Israel and Israeli interests and feelings.

It's as though it all is intended to make all of us dutiful and patriotic Americans start chanting, as Trump and Graham seem wont to do, 'Israel First!  Israel First!'  Damn, it does get tiresome.

Thursday, July 11, 2019


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
July 11, 2019
‘Truth is mighty, and it shall prevail.’

‘Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.’

‘For you [Jews] are the children of your father the devil …he has always hated the truth, because there is no truth in him.  When he lies, it is consistent with his character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.’

Now here is an idea – what if we decided to live our lives and order our affairs on the basis of truth, honor, and objective reality?  And what if we resolved to teach those values to our children, both in our homes and in our schools?

No, these are not new ideas, or concepts.  And I’m certainly not the first to call attention to them even in these modern times.  Still, it is a very heady thought, when you stop to think about it.

In fact, I would suggest that it is, or at least should be, one of the great general principals of successful human life on the planet.  And for that reason it is a truly profound concept; namely, for humankind to strive to seek, investigate, know, revere, tell, follow, honor, faithfully adhere to, and act on the basis of the truth, whenever possible.  Those are indeed the keys to saving, maintaining, and furthering the good fortunes and future of the White race, and quite possibly the survival of civilization on Earth.

We Whites, as the deservedly dominant majority in America and other White nations, need to renew our commitment to a much more truthful existence, and govern ourselves and enact and enforce our laws by adhering to those principles.  We need to hold the news media accountable, and ensure that they report the truth as opposed to all the biased, anti-White opinion, brainwashing, propaganda, and outright lies that are constantly fed to us these days.  We need to demand that our public schools and universities teach our children the truth.  We need to make sure movies, TV shows, and advertising depict true history and an accurate portrayal of our White society and its core values and norms.  And we need to perpetuate and constantly improve upon our Eurocentric social and cultural heritage based on the knowable facts of biology and history.

What it boils down to – if we Whites hope to survive, we must resolve to act on that dedication to the truth as a fundamental foundation for the racial strength and pride which are our birthright.

The list of areas wherein we must research, come to know,  understand, remember, believe in, and act intelligently based upon truth and reality is endless; but some of the most prominent areas where we must do a much better job of pronouncing and insisting on adherence to the truth, just by way of example, are:

  • Details of the substantially Jewish Bolshevik Russian Revolution of the early 20th century; communist atrocities and failures.
  • Real reasons and responsibility for, instigation of, and U.S. involvement in the horribly fratricidal wars of the twentieth century (World Wars I and II).
  • Details of WW II – the truth about Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany; atrocities on the part of the Allies as well as the Axis powers.
  • All manner of other historical details, for example the despicable lies about Thomas Jefferson’s supposed miscegenation with a slave woman, the Kennedy assassination, etc.
  • The Jewish so-called ‘Holocaust’ hoax and extortion racket.
  • For that matter, all aspects of the ‘Jewish Problem’ over the past many hundreds of years (and especially during the twentieth century and up until the present day) – Jewish domination and even control of government, finance, media, and education; the Jews as despoilers and destructors of Western Civilization and diligent plotters and perpetrators of the genocide of the White race; Jews working to weaken our traditional White family values; Jewish promotion and enabling of such things as ultraliberalism, radical feminism, political correctness, socialism (Marxism, communism), immigration (invasion) by non-Whites (and the resulting crime, welfare, and degenerative race mixing); and much more.
  • The World Trade Center and other attacks of September 11, 2001.
  • The George W. Bush administration’s getting us into the second Iraq War, as instigated by neoconservative, Zionist Jews and their White lackeys.
  • The Jews’ constantly fomenting never-ending wars for Israel in the Middle East.
  • Racial science and reality – real and substantial differences between racial groups, the lie of ‘diversity’ being a societal strength, realities of White racial stature and accomplishments (and yes, even ‘superiority’ in many areas).
  • The real facts surrounding the smooth-talking fraud Michael (a.k.a. ‘Martin Luther’) King (beyond his being a Jew-scripted rabble-rouser for the 12 percent Negro underclass) – including, the many compelling reasons statues, streets, and schools should never be dedicated to anti-White, Jew- and communist-controlled plagiarists and whoremongers such as he.
  • The relentless and ever-intensifying, largely Jew-instigated attempts to destroy our White heritage in America – tearing down our statues, renaming streets, rededicating holidays, working to remove our historical figures (White men) from currency, replacing White characters with Negroes in our traditional literature, plays, and movies, and on and on ad nauseam.
  • The realities of natural sexual differences and healthy sexual relations and activities as opposed to deviant sexual behavior (and again, Jewish involvement in the mischaracterization and promotion of all manner of unnatural, deviant, and perverse sexual behavior, even among our children) .
  • Degradation and debasement of our popular culture – vastly disproportionate negrification of music, television shows and commercials, movies, and print advertisements; worship of non-White sports figures and ‘celebrities;’ etc. (and once more – the prominence of Jews in those defilements).
  • (Notwithstanding the occasional wisdom contained in the Bible) the primitive and superstitious aspects of religion, creationism, and devotion to teachings of the priestly class (‘adult fairy tales’ such as walking on water, virgin birth, resurrection, and Jews being ‘chosen’ people).
  • The contemporary ‘end-game’ operations of the genocidal war being waged against White people:  delegitimizing and dispossessing White people at every opportunity, teaching our young self-doubt and self-hatred, enslaving Whites economically in order to support people of color, forcing Whites to suffer by granting special privileges to coloreds; promoting communism, or at the very least cultural Marxism; working to effectuate the ‘great replacement’ of Whites in their own countries.

People are mentally imperfect creatures.  Our gift of language and and our ability to reason set us apart from the lesser animals, but they all too often result in ‘wrong-think,’ which can cause us to act on the basis of ignorance and lies.  And we are especially vulnerable to that faulty thinking when constantly bombarded with lies and malicious, anti-White propaganda of all kinds.  One example is our tendency to embrace (misplaced) universal, pathological altruism – extending excessive and unwarranted sympathy, kindness, and charity to other races and so-called ‘protected classes’ of misfits and malcontents.  Many other kinds self-debasing and destructive behavior also come to mind, such as drug use, succumbing to Negroid culture, primitive (savage) bodily defacement via piercings and tattoos, excessive eating and drinking to the point of causing obesity (even among young people), acceptance of all the gratuitous sex foisted upon us and our children in all kinds of media, sexual promiscuity, and other misconceived and less-than-admirable behavior.

It is those (and other) defects that could be corrected or at least improved upon by an adherence to some form of socially if not legally mandated truthful and honorable behavior.  It would seem that the general population therefore does need to be ‘controlled’ in some fashion, but by some manner of ‘what’s good for Whites’ authority rather than the Jew-controlled media and government that rule over us now.

Just think about it -- if we were to order our society on the basis of truth, honor, and objective reality, and teach our children the truth about the racially and culturally competitive world in which they live, we just might be able to:

  • Put a stop to the control and enslavement of our people by organized Jewry (the ‘complicit and culpable’ Jews), and prevent our being overwhelmed by their non-White minions and by those who practice and promote all manner of socially deviant behavior.
  • Prevent the suicide/genocide of the White race.
  • Preserve our culture and genetic existence for future generations.
  • Prevent future unnecessary wars.
  • Prevent many mistakes and iniquities in social relationships and dealings, and in business and government.
  • Enable us to interact with other people with intelligence, fairness, and justifiable firmness when called for.

It is so simple.  Let our people have the truth…we can handle it (at least I would hope that we can).  But in order to do that we have to do something to stifle the many ever-malevolent Jewish influences over our lives!

And still, even then, the question remains – can we live genuinely truthful and honorable lives?  I’m afraid there are plenty of reasons to doubt that we Whites in America and Europe and elsewhere are capable of that.  Much as I hate to think and say it, we have been so weak in the face of the Jewish genocide assault and invasions by their colored minions both culturally and in terms of body count and our social/political dispossession that we are starting to look like a failed subspecies.  Let us hope it’s not so.  Time is running out.