White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


by Val Koinen
December 9, 2008

The reality of humankind on the planet Earth -- of human development, history, civilizations, and technology -- is in large measure the story of the White race.

Now, we White people are in dire peril of subjugation and extinction.

If there is to be any hope whatever, we simply must have the following:

-Rekindling of racial consciousness, awareness, and pride in the minds of our people, worldwide.
-Strict adherence to a policy of “what’s good for White people” in daily actions, government, and all other matters.
-An end to virtually all race-mixing, from cultural and societal (integration) to interbreeding (miscegenation); including, an end to all non-White racial preferences and a guarantee of White people’s freedom of non-association with the other races.
-“Containment,” including substantial disempowerment, of the Jews.
-Social and political regeneration by re-establishing our White homelands in Europe, North America, and Australia/New Zealand; including, an end to all non-White immigration.
-Birthrates in our nations that will allow us to maintain and increase our numbers.
-Self improvement -- radical improvements in our own people, our own cultures; in “who we are.”

We must never forget the “14 words” of David Lane: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


by Val Koinen
December 2, 2008

Yes, you read it right, White American. All your people, as in “genociding” them to extinction.

[Author’s Note] I had intended to follow this article up with several others having the following titles, but then realized that would be repetitive because the methods would be pretty much the same in all cases:


Read on; you’ll get the picture.

Step 1. Deracinate them -- do everything you possibly can to prevent them from thinking of themselves as White, and of European extraction. Teach them (and especially the children) that race is irrelevant; that we need to celebrate diversity (but the fewer Whites the better); that we are all the same under the skin; and that racial segregation is evil, integration is good, and race-mixing is just fine and dandy.

Step 2. Allow and encourage your people (and again, especially your children) to lose touch with their racial group’s cultural achievements and heritage. Refuse to listen to expressions of hateful White Pride from your friends, children, and other relatives. Encourage them to admire and emulate the ways of the colored races, and to adopt their cultural traits (speech, so-called “music,” dress, etc.). At the same time, do all you can to instill “White Guilt” in them for every little past “transgression” of our people (whether real or just perceived) (as though members of the other, darker races have never made any missteps).

Step 3. Be sure to espouse and practice universal (outgroup) altruism by expending your efforts and spending your money on helping non-Whites in every possible way. Push for more racial preferences and set-asides for non-Whites, more “affirmative action” programs, etc. Also, work (and vote) to keep our borders open to the immigration of other races, both legal and illegal, so they can have better lives. Most importantly, do all that you can to bring in more and more blacks from Africa and mestizos from south of the border -- what better way to show how much you care?

Step 4. Turn your back on truth as a guiding principle. Don’t bother to concern yourself with the truth when it comes to understanding history and the world around you, interfacing with other people, and educating your children. Learn to practice “ostrichism” (figuratively sticking your head in the sand) with regard to such things as black-on-White crime rates, AIDS frequencies among non-White people, gang violence and the commandeering of once peaceful White neighborhoods in many of our cities, other racial differences such as intellect and behavior, etc.

Step 5. Keep your wife working so you can both buy more stuff. Don’t have any kids if you can avoid it, or just one or two at the very most. If you already have kids, you can always farm them out to other people (day care) -- oftentimes colored people and/or Marxists -- who can teach them their values. Remember, the wife can always have abortions in order to keep your family birthrate down. And be sure to teach any girl children you do have that motherhood and homemaking are “sooo yesterday,” and are backward, redneck values, and that they will do better and be happier pursuing careers in competition with men. And don’t forget to do your part in working to ensure that our popular culture (mainly TV and movies) reflects those modern lifestyle choices. You can even teach your kids that homosexuality is just another lifestyle choice, every bit as normal as heterosexual relations. The last thing we need in America, after all, is a bunch more White people!

Step 6. Don’t allow yourself to become too concerned about your people’s dispossession in their own countries. Think about other, happier things. You would probably do yourself a favor if you were to become obsessed with such things as consumerism, entertainment and sports, and celebrity worship; and trivialities and excesses of all kinds. And be sure to pass those values on to your children. You can go beyond those things -- you should strive to do your part to help create a culture of greed, dishonesty, and rejection of all the “old fashioned” ethical values of your parents and grandparents.

Step 7. Be sure to welcome the actions of an alien, hostile group* that has taken effective control of your media (news, literature, entertainment), government, schools, foreign affairs, and economic institutions. Yeah, that should help your people’s situation. Do this even knowing of their anti-Gentile (anti-White) work all over the world for centuries. And even after being repeatedly warned about their nefarious efforts right up to the present day. [* Yes, Matilda, that would be the Jews -- in particular the Zionists, Neocons, organized Jewry, the “International Jew,” and their ilk. You can tell that just by reading their own writings.]

Step 8. Instead of being vigilant and wary in all social and political matters that could affect your racial group, family, culture, and country; just concentrate on getting an education, working, playing, raising and supporting a family. Just accept that you are “too busy” to constantly deal with those racial, social, and White-survival matters. [Now, this one is different, because you most definitely should be able to live that way. That’s what the Founders had in mind with their “pursuit of happiness” ideas, after all. But -- because of the historic, ongoing, and always diligent efforts of your enemies (the Jews and the “take it from Whitey” people of color) -- you just can’t, at least for the time being, because if you do, your people are “dead meat.” (Actually, your people -- White people -- are already damned near dead -- you just don’t know it because you haven’t been paying any attention to these matters or listening to the truth about them.)]

Step 9. Join the wonderfully diverse group of people that is working so hard to obtain reparations for blacks due to them because some Whites held some of their ancestors in bondage a couple hundred years ago. Reparations will strengthen the black community economically by redistributing our people’s wealth in the blacks’ favor, and it seems self-evident that would be a good thing for all concerned.

Step 10. Last but not least -- you should never, under any circumstances, tolerate any talk of “White Resistance” to the kinds of things covered in this essay. Work with our Jewish friends, non-White interest groups, government entities, Marxists and assorted other liberals to enact and enforce strict “hate-speech” laws (thought-crime laws). The Constitution be damned -- we simply must not allow Whites with racialist leanings to influence the thinking of our people, even though they profess to be doing it out of love for their kinsmen.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


by Val Koinen
November 21, 2008

Here is the “conventional wisdom” -- the politically correct mantra drummed into our heads every hour of every day by the media, government, and churches. And the story-line we allow our schools to pump into the brains of our children:

  • Race doesn’t exist; it’s just a social construct.
  • We’re all the same under the skin.
  • There is just one race -- the human race.
  • There is no place for racial hatred.
  • Diversity is our strength.
  • The beauty of multiculturalism…
  • Why can’t we all just get along?
  • Oh, really? Are these positions really based on factual truth, science, history, and rational observation? Or are they largely just platitudes, wishful thinking, or “flights of fancy?” Or even out-and-out deliberate deceptions and anti-White propaganda?

    Shouldn’t we consider the bases of such statements and positions? Wouldn’t that be the rational, sensible thing to do, considering how important these concepts are in contemporary American society, public education, and governance? Is that asking too much?

    Let’s see now -- are the above concepts really supported by the true facts about Negroes and their role in nations and societies? Let’s consider just some of the facts about how Negroes are different from Whites:

    Physical attributes:

    • Yes, there is the matter of their darker, melanin-rich skin color.
    • Wooly (“frizzy”) hair.
    • Thick lips.
    • Thick, broad nose.
    • Different skull shapes.
    • Different dentation.
    • Numerous other aspects of their physiology.
    • Uniquely odoriferous sweat glands.
    • Susceptibility to sickle-cell anemia.
    Mental attributes:
    • Smaller brain size, more primitive brain development.
    • Substantially lower IQs on average.
    • They’re derived of a people that never invented the wheel.
    • And they never invented/developed a written language.
    • Compared with Whites, many of them have proven to be uneducable, or at best minimally educable in our public schools. They require racial preferences (“affirmative action”) and most of them still can’t hold their own (very costly to us in terms of taxpayer money and resource requirements, and this hurts our schoolchildren).
    Behavioral, social, political:
    • More instinctual (including “savage”), uninhibited, and violence-prone behavior; propensity for demanding instant gratification; “wilding.”
    • Much higher rates of criminality compared with Whites (by some accounts about 10:1).
    • Hugely disproportionate black-on-white criminality compared to the reverse -- especially serious crimes such as rape, battery, torture, and murder of our people (by some accounts about 50:1 up to 100:1 or more).
    • Including -- the essentially one-sided horror of black-on-white prison rapes.
    • Disproportionately high rates of AIDS infection (as well as other STDs).
    • In Africa, some Negroes are still known to practice cannibalism, slavery, and female genital mutilation.
    • Nearly 150 years after being freed from slavery in this country, and after many generations of being substantially supported with taxpayer money, they still suck up welfare at a much greater rate than Whites.
    • They disproportionately suck up other taxpayer-funded costs of social services; for example medical, education, unemployment, incarceration, etc. costs.
    • As a group, American Negroes are “takers” as opposed to builders and givers.
    • Comparatively, a systemic and chronic inability to live their lives without government assistance and preferences.
    • The American “living areas” they have essentially taken over (neighborhoods, cities) are crime-ridden, always in a state of deterioration, costly to taxpayers, and dangerous (many even off-limits) to our people.
    • Disproportionate propensity for drug use, drug dealing, and prostitution.
    • Other undesirable social traits such as low-investment parenting, promiscuousness and illegitimate births, broken families, absentee fathers, unsupported children, etc.
    • While we Whites condemn racism on the part of our people, they continually demonstrate blatant racism and notoriously poor citizenship -- black jurors acquitting black defendants because they are black; blacks block-voting for black candidates because they are black.
    • Their primitive, chanting, rhythmic, often grossly superstitious religious practices; including their beliefs in magic, voodoo, and the like.
    • Their savage, illiterate, and disgusting “rap” and “hip-hop” so-called music.
    • The ridiculous manner of dress favored by many young males.
    • Comparative sexual promiscuity.
    • Many just haven’t been able to adapt to our White, European (Western) culture, values, and ways.
    • With the help of the predominately Jewish entertainment industry magnates, they have grossly “negrified” our Eurocentric culture (they have “poisoned” our popular culture, especially among young people).
    • Again with the help of the Jews, they have distorted our
      Eurocentric culture with their disproportionately numerous, exaggerated, and inflated presence on television (programs and commercials), in movies, and in print advertising.
    • Negroes have never created/built a true civilization.
    • They have never even been able to sustain a truly viable civilization (witness their savage/animalistic political performance in many African countries up to the present time).
    • Some black societies have remained stuck in a backward, essentially stone-age existence even to the present day.
    • They have no cultural or traditional connection whatsoever to our White founders and the founding principles of America, or to our republican form of government.
    Summarizing and generalizing from the above, I think it is safe to say that to believe in the things listed at the top of this essay is not only irrational, it is tantamount to insanity (defined as extreme folly or unreasonableness; something utterly foolish or unreasonable).

    Sure, there are smart and talented Negroes. There are some really decent folk among them. Actually, it saddens me to say, Negroes that are more “normal” and “better” than a lot of White people. There are some great Negro athletes, and some superb singers. But they are still, by all factual and rational definition, on average and as a group, a different subspecies. And it is unnatural, unhealthy, perverse, and deadly in any number of ways for Whites to intermix and especially interbreed with them; to share our society, culture, civilization, or genes with them. Ask yourself -- are those the kinds of things you really want your children to do, or your progeny be burdened with?

    Consider also -- throughout history, in whatever culture or geographic area, Negroes have almost always been “destroyers” in the sense that they have been impediments to societies and even civilizations, dragging them down.

    The bottom line is -- they just aren’t “us.” By and large, they don’t look like us, act like us, or perform like us Whites. And it’s not bigoted, or hateful to say that -- it’s just true. And, it’s significant. And it matters to me and a good many other White people (and it should matter to all of us).

    Yes, after a couple generations of interbreeding, I know that the issue of mixed parents can become much more Caucasian in appearance and other qualities. But still -- to the extent those offspring of Negroes are “improved” (by White standards), the White bloodlines involved are degraded to a similar degree. I just don’t see how that can be considered to be a positive development from our standpoint. Why should we White Americans see it as an inevitable and desirable outcome for our country to become “Brazil North,” or “Portugal West?”

    Another thing to consider -- in the broader societal sense, the sense of we Americans as a “nation” of people; we and the Negroes have very little common cultural history and heritage. Our history and culture are White and European, and encompass the great civilizations of the Greeks, Romans, other Europeans, and the founding and early history of our once-White America. And that history includes our art, music, literature, architecture, exploration, discovery, conquest, pioneering and settlement; the development of mines, farms, timberlands, fisheries, and cities; and the discovery and development of mechanical, naval, aviation, electronic, medical, chemical, and technological wonders. Things like computers, and space exploration. Theirs is primitive tribal Africa, their enslavement in America, and Ebonics. There is just no way the two can be reconciled, when teaching our White children about the greatness of their civilization and their ancestors, without shortchanging them -- seriously compromising their deserved knowledge and pride in their history.

    All race-mixing with Negroes can possibly do is retard if not utterly destroy our culture and our Western Civilization, and degrade our genotype. Those end results are sure to come, but only after many years of robbing us of our resources; dumbing down our children in the public schools; degrading the White gene pool; and causing our people to suffer untold horrors in the “secret,” “dirty” war of black-on-White criminality.

    We need to ask ourselves, before it is too late: Are these the kinds of people we want our progeny to interbreed with (thereby producing offspring that don’t even look like us)? Is that what we want to see happen to our White gene pool? Should we adjust our societal and cultural norms and traditions, and sacrifice our genetic racial development (our natural evolution), to accommodate the more primitive constitution and ways, and lesser capabilities, of the Negro? I would submit that the only natural and rational answer is an emphatic “no!” But in order to prevent those things from happening, we simply must begin to resist contemporary social brainwashing, pressure, and trends, because it seems to me that the only alternative is to just give up -- to give everything away; including our heritage, our future, and our very existence.

    Friday, November 14, 2008


    by Val Koinen
    November 14, 2008

    My grown children know I am, by my definitions, “racially aware” and “Jew-wise.” But they don’t like to talk with me about these things, and they certainly won’t let me teach the grandchildren about them. They tend to be “politically correct,” and basically, they think I am out of line. They’ve pretty much bought into the contemporary “diversity is our strength,” “beauty of multiculturalism,” “we’re all the same under the skin,” and “the poor, poor, persecuted Jews” mantras. They’ve pretty much been deracinated, and they don’t (or won’t) understand the Jewish connections. And that’s saddening. It hurts.

    On the rare occasions when we do discuss these matters (usually prompted by some news event, or blatantly anti-White portrayals on TV), three issues almost always seem to come up:

    (1) Why does it matter so much to you, anyway?
    (2) So how do you figure it is so different for White people? What makes our situation so unique that you think our people should be racist and anti-Semitic?
    (3) Even so, what can be done about it? (Or, as they put it, “there’s nothing we can do about it now.”) And, “what would you suggest we do, without terrible persecution, bloodshed, and all that?”

    Well, the answers are not really all that complicated. All a person has to do is take the time to listen or to read, and then use his brains and his cognitive and reasoning powers to think about it.


    In a nutshell, if we Whites (people of European descent) don’t do something, something drastic, and very soon, our people -- our genotype -- will disappear from the face of the earth. Yes, it’s that serious. We will be extinct, like the dodo bird. Like a candle flame going out. And ours is likely the only race that will happen to, by the way.

    As a result of such things as non-White immigration into the formerly White nations of the world, birth control, low birth rates in general, and miscegenation, we will simply cease to exist.

    That matters to me, and it should to you. The concepts that “race doesn’t matter,” “race is a social construct,” “we’re all the same under the skin,” etc., are, from the standpoints of factual truth, natural law, evolutionary reality, and scientifically proven significance in many ways (DNA, physical attributes, intelligence, behavioral characteristics), just so much social/political propaganda. They are nonsense. The truth is, race is everything, and that central concept should be at the core of any natural, normal, and healthy worldview.

    Here’s another thought. Just look at America as it is today. We have already lost a good part of our “living space” to Negroes and mestizos. And we have already lost the greater portion of our popular culture, mostly to negrified and jewified TV, movies, music, advertising, etc. That’s a fact, and I think it matters.

    Being racially aware, and caring about your race, are not evil, or signs of hatred, or bigotry. Those things are natural. Good, normal, wholesome, smart, positive, and -- from the standpoint of racial survival -- absolutely essential. We White people have the right to exist, to continue to exist, and to continue to evolve. That’s what people, like all species and subspecies of life forms, do in the natural world. And because we Whites are in fact the most highly developed species ever to exist, for us it is not only right, it is a noble duty!

    To think and act otherwise is racial suicide, and I think that does matter. To be a race-mixer, or even to espouse the virtues of race mixing, just shows that you have been conned -- you’ve been “had.” Maybe that you’re not very bright (or at least not aware of reality). That you are the dupe, the mark. More than that -- it’s artificial and unnatural.

    Just explain to me, if you can -- where is the justice, normality, natural goodness, or rationality, in a White person mating with a Negro, for example? And thereby forsaking -- turning their backs on -- hundreds of thousands of years of genetic development?

    Very few if any other life species in the history of the planet have ever willingly sought, contributed to, and striven so diligently for their own genocide. If for no other reason, that is why it matters.


    Because the way we are being coerced to view these matters these days, and to act upon them in our daily lives, is a losing proposition.

    Because ours is essentially the only racial group that not only refuses to work to enhance its own prospects, but actively participates in, and even financially supports, the ascendancy of other races over its own people.

    I would point to the fact that the mestizos from south of the border, and the Negroes, are by and large very racially aware, and are always pushing for advantages for their racial groups. And so are the Jews, who in fact are much more of a cohesive ethnic group than merely of a different religion.

    Our people, to the contrary, all too often work for the benefit of the other, so-called “minority” groups (universal, or outgroup altruism), almost never for their own legitimate self-interests as a racial group and even when doing so runs counter to “what‘s good for Whites.” To put it bluntly, species and sub-species, including the different races of mankind, always have and always will compete for living space (and cultural domination, in the case of humans). And right now, we are losing that competition. No -- worse than that -- we aren’t even competing, any more.

    Why is that? Well, because over the past hundred years or so, whites have been “deracinated.” Their racial awareness has been taken from them (to say nothing of their racial pride). Because of laws, regulations, other “official” actions and positions, and social stigmatization that have discouraged, if not outlawed White solidarity of any kind. Because of the effects of such things as political correctness, feminism, wimpism, liberalism, egalitarianism, universal altruism as mentioned above, and self hatred. And because by contemporary definitions and practice Whites, and only Whites, are smeared and stigmatized with negative labels such as racist, bigot, redneck, hater, anti-semite, etc. if they so much as try to say or do virtually anything about the contemporary situation -- anything in support of their self-interests as a racial group.

    Is that “just the way it is”? Is it a “natural” development? No, it is not. And therein lies the rub -- it is in large part a result of the deliberate, conscious, long-term and ongoing efforts of organized Jewry. A result of their scheming and plotting. It is their strategy; their mission. And, as you can easily see by just looking around you, it is working!

    Our culture is coming apart at the seams -- being destroyed -- right in front of our eyes, virtually by the hour. We are being eradicated -- genocided out of existence, as it were.


    I get these kinds of arguments all the time: “So, even if you are right, what should/could we do about it? What would we even want to do about it? It’s probably too late, anyway. You can’t force people (either White or non-White or Jews) to be other than what they are; to think or act differently. It’s gone so far in the direction of multi-racialism, multi-culturism, and integration that there’s no longer anything we can do about it. The best solution is to just let it happen (race mixing and the deterioration of our gene pool and culture). After awhile we’ll be like Brazil, or Portugal, or Egypt -- all intermixed, all the ‘same.’ And then there won’t be any racial conflicts and strife. Anyway, you can’t be ‘hard’ on people -- you can’t be ‘tough’ about this -- that wouldn’t be fair.”

    No, no, no! You haven’t been paying attention! Accepting those lines of (so-called) reasoning would be much worse than anything we would have to do to correct the situation (and especially, much worse for our people) than resisting, fighting, and retaking control -- stopping the downslide and thereby averting our demise. It would mean the loss of our genetic stock for all time -- letting the flame go out. Why in the world should we desire or accept that as the solution?

    There wouldn’t have to be any undue social severity if we were to start turning things around. Things have changed dramatically in one direction (the wrong one for White Americans) over the past few decades; they can be changed back again. And I would remind you, there already is, and over the coming years will be much, much more, suffering and loss of blood by our people on the way down if we continue to follow the path we are on.

    We will very soon cease being even a simple majority of the racial stock of this country, and things are not all that different in the other major White countries of the world -- in Canada, Europe, and Australia. So there is very little time left to wake our people up and get them to do something about this dire situation. And there are a lot of things we can do (must do) -- workable and humane, albeit decisive things that might not be too popular among the minority populations.

    For starters, all we need to do is get things back to the way they were just 40 or 50 years ago. And once that is accomplished, and when our numbers are increased just a little relative to those of the darker races, then we can really begin to take back our country (and the other White countries of the world). A difficult task? Yes. Impossible? No, definitely no!

    I can’t get into all the aspects of solving our racial problem in America in this essay -- there are just too many things to consider, and it is a many-faceted problem. But I can list some of them, some of the most important. These are the kinds of things that should be planks of any political party oriented toward working for our people, and worthy of our support. If we could just work together -- even, say, just 10% or so of our people as committed, dedicated activists -- we could change things around legally and in fairly benign ways.

    And who is to say it isn’t our right to do that? It is still our country, after all, and we have every right to work for our best interests. For too many years now we have been changing in ways that favor minorities at the expense of, and to the detriment of, the White majority.

    We could start to get things back on the right track by making the following critical changes, among others (all these things are reasonable, and do-able):

    o Do whatever it takes to put an end to Jewish control of media, and their undue influence (control) over our government, public education, and financial institutions.
    o Stop all illegal immigration and deport all illegal aliens.
    o Stop all “legal” immigration of non-Whites, and perhaps even revoke the citizenship of some who were unjustly granted it in the first place.
    o Outlaw miscegenation nationwide (as it was in many of the states not all that long ago).
    o Offer tax incentives as a means of increasing the White birthrate. At the same time, we can work toward limiting the reproductive proclivities of the habitual welfare and criminal classes, which would tend to reduce the relatively high birthrates of non-Whites.
    o Insist on the maximum degree of racial separation possible; end government enforced integration of schools and housing.
    o Guarantee freedom of non-association.
    o Stop all the government-mandated and even government-encouraged anti-White racism; repeal anti-White laws.
    o End all “minority” racial preferences such as “affirmative action” and “no child left behind” and the like.
    o Insist on teaching our children nothing but the truth and genuine knowledge in our public schools. Stop all the pro-minority, anti-White propagandizing.
    o Stop teaching our kids that race mixing and homosexuality are legitimate “alternate lifestyles.”
    o Start teaching our children White racial pride (remember -- it’s not a bad thing; it’s a good and natural thing).
    o Insist on ending the premature “cultural sexualization” of our children (primarily by the Jew- and Negro-dominated entertainment and other media, and by toy merchandisers.
    o Stop all government mandated and/or supported propagandizing about the so-called “Holocaust,” insist on teaching the truth about events of the Second World War.
    o Insist on removing truly filthy language, porn and soft porn, and excessive gratuitous sex from the popular entertainment media (especially TV, motion pictures, and the music industry).
    o Stop all forms of anti-White racial stigmatization and discrimination.
    o Stop pandering to other-group nonsense such as Martin Luther King Day, Kwanzaa, the Holohoax and Anne Frank memorials, renaming our public streets and schools for Blacks, “Black History Month,” etc.
    o Stop caving in to demands of minorities in general.

    If we Whites were to re-take control of our destiny and make (and enforce) these changes, those non-Whites affected might not like it very much. But to my way of thinking, that would be a whole lot better than the things being done to our people right now, and far better than letting our situation get even worse (much worse).

    If we could just do these things, we could once again insure that our justly occupied White nations -- our portions of this world -- are truly our places to live, work, and raise our families; and will once again be, and will remain, homelands for people of our genetic makeup, our culture, and our Western Civilization.

    With your help, we can do these things. We can accomplish our just and deserved goals. All we need is some unity (some rejuvenated common racial spirit), and the will!

    Wednesday, November 12, 2008


    by The Rational Traveler
    By permision--orig. published December 24, 2002

    The latest wave of insanity has hit the nation's legal system and government, the media, and sadly, all too many of our liberal citizenry. I am referring, of course, to the ongoing and increasing hype over 'reparations' for descendants of slaves.

    If you, in a misguided moment of experiencing even the slightest twang of conscience over this, have had even a single, fleeting, millisecond thought that this concept might make sense and should at least be seriously considered, you should stop and reconsider -- you need to think again!

    What the proponents are talking about is taking money from people who never owned any slaves (in fact, mostly people who find the very thought abhorrent), and giving it to people who have never been slaves.

    Throughout history, and more particularly in the context of the 17th through mid-19th centuries, slavery, though not all that admirable an institution in any circumstances, was commonly condoned and practiced among mankind and among nations. So who is to say we present-day Americans should or can be held accountable in any way for such a practice, even if we could compensate those who actually were enslaved, which of course we cannot?

    Even if we should or could make retribution for any unfairness or suffering visited upon the actual victims of long-past slavery, how can it be rationally argued that we (i.e., you, me, and by inheritance our children and grandchildren) should pay reparations to the descendants of those victims? Particularly in light of the fact that, in this case, the American Negroes have clearly gained, not lost, from their ancestors' experience? How can any intelligent, thinking, rational person seriously doubt that the American Negro is better off, and has gained more in terms of economic, physical, and social well-being since the time slavery ended in this country almost a century and a half ago, than any of his race in virtually any other place on earth? And especially, when compared with African Negroes (those whose ancestors were not enslaved and brought to America)? This concept seems especially poignant to me, considering that today's American Negro descendants of slaves were in no way damaged by, but to the contrary immensely benefited and profited from the fact their ancestors were enslaved and brought to this country.

    And by the way, our American ancestors did not enslave these people in the beginning; they purchased slaves. They brought to this country people who had already been enslaved; in most cases by their own people.

    Another example of the idiocy of this entire concept is that there would be no practical way of determining who pays the reparations. Only a relatively small number of our white American ancestors were slaveholders in the first place, not all of them. So reparations could not reasonably come from revenues generated by the general taxpayers. If the government were to be charged with paying the reparations, does that mean that black taxpayers would pay reparations to themselves? Certainly my people were never involved in the American slave business -- they didn't even get to this country until almost the turn of the 20th century! Descendants of slaveowners have for the most part ended up marrying descendants of non-slaveowners. Would we have to work out the exact fractional liability of those born of those unions generations after the fact? And what of descendants of the Union soldiers who were killed in the Civil War -- the men who fought and died to free the slaves? Should they have to pay reparations?

    And lastly, and perhaps most important of all -- we (white Americans) have already paid, and paid dearly, for the historical fact of slave ownership by just some of our ancestors. And we are continuing to pay through the nose for it. Day after day, year after year since the emancipation of slaves in this country we have carried the immense and immensely unfair burden of hugely excessive costs, on a comparative basis and far out of proportion when compared with white society, for the Negroes' education, criminal control, reproductive proclivities, and welfare. Oh, yes, many would argue that those things result from systemic discrimination against and unequal treatment of the Negroes, and that it "hasn't been their fault." But I would respond that, while such discrimination and poor treatment surely have taken place and surely have been real factors in the Negroes' plight, by far the most important reason for our suffering that huge financial cost through the years has been the Negroes' own inability to perform better in our society because of their own deficiencies and inadequacies. And there are still other huge and unfair costs that we have paid and are continuing to pay -- the costs of poorer quality of education for our children in mixed schools; the horrendous costs of the general deterioration of white society's culture, morals, and values which have resulted from the incorporation of the Negroes' ways in our white society (as promoted by the Jew-dominated news and entertainment media); the unthinkable costs of the unnatural degeneration of our genetic stock due to government- and media-encouraged miscegenation; and on and on ad nauseam. Unlike the nonsensical claims of the Negroes, in this case it is the living, breathing victims -- we modern-day whites -- who have suffered great damages, caused by them. All considered, it seems to me that it is the Negroes who should be paying us reparations!

    So, let's start looking at the reality in connection with this nonsense. In fact, let's start calling the concept of reparations what it really is -- "hate thought," "hate speech," and "hate crime" directed against American white society! Attempted (proposed) fraud; thievery; blackmail; larceny. Let's get the message out to our elected representatives, the media, and the shyster lawyers involved that they are wasting their (and our) time and resources on this nonsense. Let's tell them loud and clear -- we will never pay one single cent as a result of this attempted extortion and robbery scheme. After all, what this really amounts to is just one more socialistic effort to redistribute the wealth in this country by 'enslaving' white people, their children, and their grandchildren!


    by Val Koinen
    Revised--orig. published December 28, 2003

    When we White Americans retake control of our Federal Government, maybe one of the first things we should do is pass legislation that makes Anti-Gentilism and Anti-White-Racism high crimes -- acts of treason against the State. After all, that would not be a whole lot different from all the existing "hate crime" and "thought crime" laws the Jews have got Western governments to enact in recent years and which in reality are enforced almost exclusively against heterosexual Whites.

    We need to clarify a couple things at the outset, before getting into the list. The Jews' favorite smear-label "anti-Semite" is actually a misnomer. One can certainly be a real, full-fledged anti-Semite (anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab, etc. and anti-Jew). By and large those other Middle-Easterners are a whole lot more "Semitic" than many of the Jews. But what I am referring to in this article would be more accurately characterized as "anti-Jew," in the sense of being opposed to certain aspects of organized Jewry, international Jewry, Jewish religious superiority, Zionism, Jewish racial supremacy and anti-White-racism, Jewish anti-Gentilism, and regular everyday Jewish support of those things.

    There is a second definition problem as well -- namely, just what does it take to qualify as an anti-Semite in the way the term is commonly used? As somebody recently said, it used to mean someone who doesn't like Jews, whereas nowadays it just means someone the Jews don't like. It has also come to mean someone who says something -- anything, even when true -- that the Jews don't like. And it oftentimes means someone who simply dares to mention the word "Jew" or bring up Jewish involvement or issues in a discussion of just about anything.

    Now that we have that cleared up, and using the Jews' terminology, here are what I believe to be the top ten reasons for being an "anti-Semite":

    Reason Number 10 -- Culture Distortion and Degradation: By way of the theorizing, writings, teachings, and other efforts of Jewish social/psychological academicians; those oftentimes hateful, "supremacist" Jews have deliberately calculated and labored mightily for a hundred years now to distort and destroy our White racial culture and heritage. I'm referring here to the very foundations of our Gentile civilization, along with our sense of racial identity and pride, our racial solidarity, our family values, and our social traditions and structures. Assisted by their disproportionate control and willing cooperation of the press and other mass media, our government, and the education system; and coupled with their unrelenting, deliberate, and calculated efforts; these biased and bigoted racist Jews have succeeded in brainwashing a great many of our people into becoming deracinated, self-hating, self-destructive sheep that see nothing wrong with the absolute obliteration of their own culture and their own people. Then, going beyond those broader sociological attacks, and also through their disproportionate control of and influence over the news media (especially TV and newspapers) and entertainment venues (especially TV, movies, and the recording industries), the Jews have worked tirelessly to subvert and destroy our contemporary popular culture, especially among our young people. They have succeeded in driving our modern White culture into the gutter by normalizing, promoting, and popularizing such things as filthy language; sophomoric and obsessive sexual preoccupation and innuendo; outright pornography; promiscuity; drug use; homosexuality as a perfectly normal and acceptable alternative lifestyle; premature child sexuality; negroid dress, speech, and so-called music; teenage rebellion against parental standards and control; and much more.

    Reason Number 9 -- Other Societal Disruptions: Similarly, the Jews have largely succeeded in their efforts to promote radical feminism and female careerism (as opposed to motherhood and homemaking), casual extramarital sex with reliance on birth control and abortion, male-bashing, instant gratification and materialism, and social liberalism ("wimpism") among other things. In that way they have made huge strides toward destroying such things as healthy relationships between our men and women and between parents and their children; our traditional marital institutions and paternalistic family structure; and our ability as a people to structure, govern, and regulate our society in a just and rational way. And much to the Jews' approval, some of those efforts have also resulted in the lowering of our White birthrate.

    Reason Number 8 -- Racial Degeneration: In a deliberate effort to destroy our White racial majority, solidarity, and chances of biological group survival in America, the Jews have worked ceaselessly, especially over the past 70 years or so, to essentially "negrify" American society. They have schemed and toiled to promote multi-racialism, race mixing, and miscegenation in our once racially conscious White society through such means as backing, organizing, and running the so-called "civil-rights movement;" pushing and (artificially) enhancing the Negro presence in movies and on TV; promoting negroid slang, music, and styles among our young people; promoting and normalizing the most intimate integration in all aspects of society; pushing for affirmative action and other Black racial preferences; brainwashing our little children in the public schools; and denying us the basic human rights of freedom of association and non-association. The educational, social, and monetary costs to White Americans have been staggering.

    Reason Number 7 -- Uncontrolled Immigration: Largely as a result of White-race-hating Jews' orchestrated efforts, and particularly their control of the press and their disproportionate influence in government, they succeeded in passing legislation in 1965 that opened the floodgates of "legal" non-White immigration. And they have continued to promote the further destruction of the White majority in America, with all the social welfare, educational, and criminal costs that entails, by pushing for open borders and social/community acceptance of aliens. That has resulted in our drowning in a resurgent flood of both legal and illegal Cuban, Mexican, and other "Hispanic" immigrants. That situation has already shown real and serious signs of literally destroying the America envisioned by our founders.

    Reason Number 6 -- Responsibility for Communism: Despicably radical and subversive-revolutionary Jews both spawned and financed the Bolshevik Revolution that led to the communization of Russia and to the 80 years of international communism centered in the former U.S.S.R. That communist movement still threatens the world, primarily due to the existence of the communist Chinese and North Korean governments. Along the way, that Jew-inspired and Jew-created communism resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of our White kinsmen in Europe; and in nearly a century of worldwide conflict, international tensions, civilian citizen trauma, wars, and all the attendant drain of the wealth of the Eurocentric nations including America.

    Reason Number 5 -- Responsibility for Wars and Attacks on the U.S.: It was in large measure Jewish and Zionist intrigue, calculations, and social and political machinations which got us into the two World Wars and both of the Iraq wars, in order to serve their interests (but most definitely not American interests). That has cost us the lives of hundreds of thousands of our young White countrymen along with the lives of millions of our White cousins in Europe, not to mention all the other carnage, disrupted lives, property destruction, and untold billions of dollars of war and defense expenditures. The Jews have also spied on us relentlessly, sold our military secrets to adversary nations, conducted covert military operations designed to harm American interests, and directly attacked us militarily (for example their deadly attack on the U.S.S. Liberty back in 1967). And those kinds of efforts continue to cost us dearly, in the sense of the Jews' likely involvement in the attacks of September 11, 2001 and in that our one-sided backing of Israel was unquestionably the primary reason we were targeted on 9/11.

    Reason Number 4 -- The "Holocaust" Racket: The criminally deceptive Jews have so relentlessly and effectively promoted their Holocaust myth ("Holocaust Industry;" the "Holohoax") that they have even got us to construct monuments to their lies at our expense (museums and interpretive centers). They have knowingly distorted history in order to brainwash our children in the schools and in their textbooks; have horribly demeaned and maligned White Gentiles, White Europeans, people of White European descent, and particularly Germans and people of Germanic descent; and have literally extorted billions of dollars from several European countries and America. It was also their Holocaust exaggerations, lies, and promotions that provided much of the foundational basis for, contributed mightily to, and created many of the props for holding up the Jews' "sh--ty little country" Israel; which sucks up more than $3 billion U.S. taxpayers' dollars each and every year for foreign aid, military aid, forgiven loans and lost interest, etc. (totaling some $140 billion or more of American taxpayers' money from 1948 to the present).

    Reason Number 3 -- Control of Our U.S. Government: Largely through their control of the press and their skillful manipulation of their "Holocaust" and "anti-Semite" ploys, the Jews, who make up less than three percent of all Americans, have managed to effectively take control of many aspects of our Federal government's lawmaking, policy-making, court system, and executive functions. That has given them inordinate power to influence and direct such things as military decisions and actions, economic strategies (including taxing and spending), immigration and (colored) racial preference policies, hiring, and regulations restricting the rights of White citizens.

    Reason Number 2 -- Religious and Racial Supremacism: The Jews' religious writings, teachings, and beliefs hold that they are some kind of "chosen" people destined to dominate and rule over we "goyim" (Whites, Gentiles), who they consider to be nothing more than unclean and inferior animals, or cattle. They teach themselves that it is all right for them to cheat us, kill us, take our property, and much, much more. Now to my way of thinking, one doesn't even need to distrust or despise the Jews for any of the other reasons outlined above, even though they are all true. Just this one issue of their "chosen people" nonsense -- this utterly ignorant and arrogant belief based as it is on absolutely false, stupid, hateful, belligerent, vicious, and lethal premises -- is enough for me. I find it just flat-out outrageous, on an intensely personal basis. Until the day the Jews absolutely repudiate and renounce those beliefs, and publicly apologize to the Gentile world for ever having held them, that in itself will be sufficient reason for me to be an anti-Semite, or more accurately, an anti-Jew!

    But the Number 1 Reason for Being an Anti-Semite is: Fomenting Anti-White Genocide. The fact is that these race-hating, genocidal Jews -- these masters of deception and parasitic host-destruction -- are now well along in their deliberate, calculated, premeditated conspiracy to utterly destroy our White racial genotype; to wipe our gene pool off the face of the earth. (I am primarily referring to the Jews' efforts along these lines here in America, because that has been the focus of their greatest efforts over the past hundred years. But they have been and are working toward the same nefarious ends in essentially all the Eurocentric nations of the world.) Their strategies have included advocating and promoting such things as integration with the colored races, race mixing and miscegenation, and massive non-white immigration. Ancillary and indirect methods have included efforts aimed at the psychological deracination of Whites (including the demeaning of and destruction of White racial pride), distortion and outright lying about history and social/political issues in public school instruction and textbooks, advocating unwarranted universal altruism and false (and dishonest) egalitarianism, and the several other tactics mentioned previously. Some of their weapons of choice in those efforts have been their grossly disproportionate control of and influence over the press, other media, entertainment, government, academia, the legal system, and the education system. As a direct consequence of the Jews' purposeful, deliberate efforts to disrupt the natural course of human evolution in those ways, the greatest, most highly evolved life form (subspecies) ever developed on this earth over the half-billion years since the first appearance of life on the planet is now at risk of being utterly destroyed -- of disappearing forever from the face of the earth. In fact, largely as a result of those efforts on the part of culpable Jews, I should think that we Whites in America are already or are very close to becoming an "endangered (sub)species" as defined by existing laws and regulations. This is an unspeakable and unprecedented crime, at least to the extent it has so far been conceptualized and attempted, or implemented. If allowed to be carried to its substantial conclusion it would without question be the worst case of racial genocide and the most horrendous crime against humanity ever committed in the world's history. And many if not most of the world's Jews have long worked at perpetrating that crime, or at the very least have aided and abetted it. And they still are doing it, because they think "it's good for Jews." They are guilty as charged in my opinion; their guilt should be obvious to anyone who studies these matters; and I am confident that their guilt, in both a collective and supportive sense and also in the sense of knowing involvement on the part of numerous Jewish organizations and individuals down through the years, will become increasingly obvious to more and more people.

    To sum up: Our people have labored, struggled, and sacrificed day after day and year after year down through the centuries to build and defend our societies and our great civilizations. We have not been the only truly great people the world has produced, but we have always been preeminent and in the forefront. We have created beauty and technological wonders, advanced food production and healthcare for the everlasting benefit of all mankind, and kept the wheels of civilization turning. The subversive Jews -- hateful creatures that so many of them still are -- were all that time working just as diligently (if not more so) -- socially, politically, militarily, intellectually, and economically -- to tear those wheels off our chariot to the stars. To destroy everything we built, everything we hold dear, and literally and physically to destroy us as a people!

    When someone can prove to me that my assertions are factually mistaken and unwarranted -- that I am substantially wrong about these things (and many more that I could mention) -- then I'll stop being what the Jews refer to in their whiney, derogatory, and smear-tactic way as an "anti-Semite." But until then, I hope to continue doing everything I possibly can to fight for the survival and re-ascendancy of my White racial heritage and my White kinsmen!

    A lot of White people in all the Western nations need to ask themselves: "How could any rational person not be 'anti' his self-proclaimed adversary in what is essentially a death struggle?" And, "Why would the government of any free country even think of making it illegal for its citizens to take and advocate such an 'anti' position in those circumstances?"


    by Val Koinen
    Orig. published April 8, 2004

    "Every day, in every way, evil anti-Aryanism is the price we pay."

    It's always there. Sometimes out in the open -- blatantly aggressive and grievously oppressive; utterly disgusting and ugly. At other times it is deceptively hidden from our view; yet it is always running in the background of our daily lives. We can never completely escape it. It is the evil which we (and especially the media) all too often dare not name. Yet sometimes, we are driven to cry out in pain and anguish at its horrible, hurtful cruelty.

    It is that most dreadful of racially motivated hate crimes -- the insidious scourge of anti-Aryanism.

    This terrible social abomination comes in many forms, and has many nefarious side effects. We see anti-Aryanism at work in our misguided immigration policies which have opened the floodgates to millions of quasi-legal and illegal racial aliens. It has led our society to a near terminal state of anti-White-civilization and anti-Western-culture. It rears its ugly head in the form of horribly disproportionate, racially motivated hate crimes perpetrated by Blacks and other non-Whites on the White citizens of our country -- the unspoken "dirty war" against White America -- the brutalizing of our children in their schools; the raping of our wives and daughters; the gang-beatings of our sons; the beatings and killings of our husbands, brothers, and fathers; and the arson, dereliction, and other destruction and ruination visited upon our once beautiful cities.

    Anti-Aryan discrimination is also seen in the legalized theft of the fruits of White Americans' labor by way of grossly excessive and disproportionate taxation (involuntary servitude, or slavery). It has resulted in anti-White racial discrimination such as race-based preferences in hiring and in public education, and in so-called "affirmative action" policies. It has led to discrimination against Whites in most professional sports. (If Blacks are better than Whites at basketball, for instance, and are therefore over-represented in that game, why is there not an affirmative action program to put more Whites in that very lucrative sport? After all, we Whites are much better at higher education [or any education for that matter] than are the relatively uneducable Blacks, yet we have affirmative action programs and racial preferences in place to give positions in our universities to less qualified Blacks in that area.) We also see rampant discrimination against Whites (anti-Aryanism) in casting for television shows and commercials, and in movie roles, where people of color are grossly over-represented in comparison to their actual numbers and stature in our society.

    Anti-Aryanism has even infected our public schools, where our children are taught false (White-debasing) history and are taught to feel shame for the deeds of their ancestors (and at the same time to glorify the colored races). And it is exemplified by the way the celebration of such things as Kwanzaa and Cinco de Mayo are promoted in our schools and local newspapers, while Columbus Day is relentlessly denigrated and even Christmas is often marginalized. And in the way the Black communist, plagiarist, and Jew-tool rabble-rouser Michael King (AKA "Martin Luther King") has his own national holiday named after him (after his "stage name") while our nation's great founders and true heroes have been relegated to sharing a "Presidents' Day," and/or are not even recognized by any special day at all. It shows in the way local newspapers all over the country constantly and disproportionately publicize and promote non-White people and their minimal achievements in the community, even in predominately White communities.

    Was it not extreme, rabid anti-Aryanism that in large measure contributed to the Jewish-Bolshevik role in the genocide of millions of Ukraine and other Russian Gentiles back in the 1930's? Have not the Jewish-instigated and dominated programs of Freudian psychotherapy, the Frankfurt School of sociology, Boasian anthropology, and radical feminism been, in essence, anti-Aryan programs? Was not the Jewish-instigated immigration legislation of 1965 anti-Aryan in its intent? Has not the Jewish "Holocaust Industry" been one huge (and hugely successful) anti-Aryan extortion racket designed to steal billions of dollars from the majority White populations of Germany, Switzerland, America, and other countries?

    Make no mistake -- anti-Aryanism is not just a home-grown problem of anti-White-Americanism. It manifests itself also in such globally evil things as anti-Germanism; anti-Eurocentrism; and world-wide anti-White genocide via the promotion of non-White immigration, race mixing, and lowering of the White birthrate through culture distortion.

    If anti-Aryanism is so prevalent and dangerous, as I say it is, where then are all the anti-Aryanites? Who are the schemers, plotters, and conspirators; the haters; the bigots? And their fellow-travelers, the White race-traitors and those who have all too often simply been well-intentioned but sadly misinformed (brainwashed)? Well, it seems as though just about everybody gets into the act these days, and it is not just our obvious adversaries -- the oftentimes more rabid anti-Aryanites -- Organized Jewry, Blacks, Hispanics, and mixed-race people; so many of whom seem so eager to press their anti-Aryan agenda at every opportunity. Sometimes anti-Aryanites are people you would never suspect, even people close to you. Anti-Aryanitic behavior is not limited to people of any particular race, religion, or political persuasion. Your preacher, your local newspaper correspondent or editor, a teacher at your child's school, a greedy local businessman, or even your own mother could well be guilty of anti-Aryanism to some degree.

    Oh, yes, when you confront them they'll say, "We're not anti-Aryan, or racially biased, or anything like that -- we are simply looking out for our own interests and/or the best interests of our fellow man, which we have every right to do." But oftentimes that is just not true.

    If it were, why then do the Jews persist in such things as: pushing for non-White immigration; using their media control to present an anti-White, slanted picture of things; working to reform (degrade) our popular culture to be more like that of the Blacks; their "neo-conservative" agitation for American wars of aggression to protect Israeli interests and to create Jewish hegemony in the Middle-East, paid for mostly by the lives, wealth, and insecurity of American Aryans; producing and promoting so much filth in their disproportionately owned and controlled entertainment media -- just as examples?

    And why do the Blacks willingly and voraciously suck up so much welfare money supplied mostly by productive Whites while demanding "reparations" for long-past slavery of their marginally civilized ancestors; push for racial preferences overwhelmingly at Whites' expense (and much to our detriment); persist in committing so many heinous, race-based crimes against us; behave so criminally in so many other ways that they have filled our prisons to the bursting point; insist on overrunning our once-White public schools so as to lower the quality of education and literally destroy the learning environment if not the physical infrastructure itself; and on and on ad nauseam?

    And why then do Mexicans and other Hispanics come into our country illegally to take our jobs and cost us White taxpayers so much money for their special educational needs and social welfare, propagate their despicable and deadly gang culture in so many of our larger cities, get so deeply and criminally involved in the illicit drug trade, commit so many other crimes and fill up our prisons, and work toward their "reconquista" of large parts of our southwest; for example?

    Well, as they say, "turnabout is fair play."

    It might be helpful at this point to consider the smear-label "anti-Semite" which is so often used by the Jews to malign Whites (usually just for saying something the Jews don't like or agree with).

    Our complaining about rampant anti-Aryanism in America would, after all, be very much like the Jews' whining about anti-Semitism; except that in our case, here in contemporary America, the problems are generally more real and serious. Complaining about anti-Aryanism and exhorting our people to do something about it is simply borrowing a page from their book, as they say. Or perhaps, taking some direction from the constant complaining and demanding of the Blacks and other colored minorities. We just need to "get the hang of it," that's all.

    I have watched this blatant anti-Aryan discrimination go on for far too long. For now, I simply want to see some parity. I want to see fair (and legal) treatment for my people -- for the White people of America. I have had enough of this one-sided racism being perpetrated against my people. It's our turn now. It's our turn again. (In fact, this time we need to make certain that we never again relinquish control of our own country.)

    In order to achieve that parity under the law, and to eventually reacquire our dominant position, we Whites need to start pursuing our agenda -- aggressively demanding our justice. We need to expose rabid anti-Aryanism wherever and whenever it shows its ugly face. We need to expose it for what it is, at every opportunity -- in our willingness to report hate crimes directed against us and to press charges; in face-to-face conversations with our friends, families, and co-workers; in letters to editors of local newspapers and national magazines alike; in phone calls and letters to television networks and by more discriminate viewing of their productions and boycotting their advertisers; in better, more discriminating choices of movie attendance; and maybe even by pursuing legal remedies -- criminal civil-rights charges and discrimination lawsuits aimed at utterly destroying this evil that has plagued our people for so long by working to weaken us, cripple us, and kill us off.

    We need to create and then build a full-fledged anti-anti-Aryanism movement here in America, and we need to do it now. We need to get our politicians to pass effective anti-discrimination laws targeted on anti-Aryanists, and we need to publicize those who refuse to do that. And then, when warranted, we need to vote them out of office. We need to make sure our schools are not teaching anti-Aryan hate and bigotry to our children.

    Let's start now, in earnest. Let's drag this social evil into the light of day and expose it for what it is, for all to see. Then, let's do away with all the ways in which the Jews and the colored masses have been discriminating against Whites, taking advantage of all our altruism and magnanimity, and doing us and our culture great harm in the process. Let's stamp out anti-Aryanism!

    Friday, November 7, 2008


    by Val Koinen
    November 7, 2008

    My dear fellow White Americans:

    I believe the following pretty well reflects the way many of you have been thinking, acting, and voting. That being the case, I should think you would be proud to sign and publicly display this testament to your racial beliefs.


    1.) I think it is a good thing that Negroes and Mestizos are allowed and encouraged to dispossess White, European-Americans in this, the country our ancestors fought and worked to create and build. To demean and “savage” our White European society and culture; to reduce and degrade our society; to supplant our culture with theirs. To physically commandeer our living areas (neighborhoods, cities) and consume a huge share of the wealth and resources we work so hard to acquire, thereby taking them from our families.

    2.) I’m happy that Negroes and Mestizos have essentially ruined so many of our school systems -- consuming so many of our resources that could have been used to better educate our own children and reducing the quality of education provided to our kids down to those non-White’s much lower level (not to mention all the intimidation, harassment, assaults, and even rape and murder they have visited upon our children along the way).

    3.) I think it is just wonderful that Negroes and Mestizos and other racial minorities are given jobs and college admissions that are thereby rendered unavailable to better qualified Whites -- through all our wonderful multicultural, “diversity-is-our-strength,” affirmative action, and racial quota programs and practices.

    4.) I’m totally in favor of the mainstream media practice of hiding the brutal truth about the vastly disproportionate Black-on-White and Mestizo-on-White crime rates all over America (including the rape of our wives and daughters); not to mention the almost exclusively Black (and Mestizo)-on-White epidemic of prison rapes in this country.

    5.) Even though it is an established fact that Negroes (and to a somewhat lesser extent Mestizos) are, by their genetically determined nature (DNA), grossly different from we Whites in appearance and physical attributes; much less intelligent on average; have a much greater propensity for criminal behavior; are much more likely to be sexually promiscuous, have AIDS, and/or display violent behavior; I still think race-mixing is a beautiful thing and I look forward to my daughter forsaking the DNA developed and passed down by her ancestors through countless generations, bedding down with a Negro, and having a non-White baby. (Or at the very least, if she should be so “racist” as to mate with a White man, hopefully they will adopt a couple Negro babies from Africa -- I just don’t see any big deal about having children [or grandchildren] that look like you and are liable to have the same greater intelligence and more civilized behavioral traits as you.)

    6.) I think it is just fine-and-dandy that large parts of our southern-tier states (and other areas for that matter) are being overrun by Mestizos and that they openly say we Whites should leave those areas if we don’t like it (or they will kill us).

    7.) I’m perfectly comfortable with the thought that so many of our politicians are working so hard to bring even more “legal” and illegal Mestizo aliens into our country so that we Whites may be even more surely, quickly, and completely dispossessed from our own lands.

    8.) Like ex-President Bill Clinton, I am delighted with the thought that White Americans of European descent are now a racial minority in many parts of the country and in the younger age groups; and in fact, largely as a result of higher, welfare-induced non-White birth rates and both legal and illegal immigration, the fact that Whites will be a minority nationwide in just another 40 years or so (or less?) (so the non-Whites will then be able to more easily vote to take even more of our tax dollars for their support). I am grateful for having the opportunity to work to support all these non-Whites, as opposed to working for the benefit of my own wife, children, and posterity.

    9.) I think it is perfectly understandable and alright that Jews, Negroes, and Mestizos are expected and even encouraged to exhibit pride-of-race, to oftentimes prefer to be among their own kind, to band together to further their racial interests, and to openly express those kinds of thoughts and feelings; but that White people who do those things are considered evil racists, bigots, anti-semites, and “haters.” And that our White children are taught that’s the way it should be. And that we enact “hate-crime” (“thought-crime”?) laws to punish Whites (almost exclusively) for exhibiting and expressing those very same kinds of racial consciousness.

    10.) As a White man, I would much prefer to just sit here in front of the TV with my wife and kids, and let us all be assaulted, robbed, raped, tortured, and maybe even murdered than do anything to resist or fight back (including even allow better men than me to tell our people and our children the truth). I think that is much to be preferred over doing anything “drastic” to defend my family and to prevent these things from happening to me, my family, and my people.

    11.) I enthusiastically believe and agree with all the things our schools teach my children to the effect that White men have always been the most exploitative, cruel, and evil people on earth; and I gladly repudiate the civilizing history and cultural, scientific, humanitarian, and technological accomplishments of my people -- White people. I know in my heart that black people, whether in darkest Africa or in their hovels in Haiti, live much happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives of accomplishment than we, the creators of Western Civilization, could ever hope to achieve.

    12.) Actually, I do not think my race, my “tribe” -- White people -- should be allowed to survive any longer on this earth (we being such ignorant, terrible human beings and all). I would much prefer that we be “genocided” out of existence (as is being done to us right now), and I am a fervent advocate of the racial suicide so many of our people are practicing. (I care deeply about the survival of whales, the spotted owl, and the snail darter, but I just really don’t give a damn about White people.)

    13.) I think it is just swell that our government lies to us in order to involve America in Middle-Eastern wars on behalf of Israel. In fact, I really have no problem with our leaders allowing, conspiring with regard to, or even orchestrating or participating in “false flag” operations such as the “9-11” attacks in order to help precipitate such wars (in the fine tradition of the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin, etc.).

    14.) I think it is perfectly alright that an alien people -- the Jews -- should be our masters (we being their slaves, or cattle, as described in their Talmud). I think it’s great that they are allowed to pursue their efforts to destroy us as a people; to destroy our culture; to destroy Western Civilization itself. I’m happy to see them succeed in those efforts to make us all into the “tan everyman” worker and consumer on their global “plantation.” I love the thought that they continue to use our sons to fight and die in wars to benefit them and their interests (as opposed to our genuinely American interests). I think it is just wonderful that the Jews, through their media control, continue to encourage our beautiful white daughters to copulate with Negroes, and our sons to dress and talk like Negroes and to listen to their “music” and otherwise emulate them, and to “worship” them as sports heroes.

    15.) I think “truth” is a nuisance; I don’t want to be told, to know, the truth (about racial differences; Negroes; the Mestizo invasion; Jews; wars; the “Holohoax;” what’s happening to our race, our country, and Western Civilization). I don’t want to be guided by, to live by, the truth. I would prefer to just accept without inquiry or critical thinking, and to thereby be trained to accept and live, the lies that are fed to me and my fellow White Americans by the “powers that be” (government, media, schools, Jews).

    16.) What the heck -- as long as there is a ball game on the tube (or Oprah, in the case of women) and beer in the fridge (sales at the mall), what do I care about these things anyway?

    Please print your name, sign, make copies, and distribute to friends and family!

    Print Name Signature

    Footnote: Or, just on the off-chance that the above items do not accurately reflect your way of thinking, and that taking this oath would make you a little uncomfortable, you could:

    Check out such news-truth, racially aware, “Jew-wise,” and/or “white-interest” websites as:

    American Renaissance: http://www.amren.com/
    “Birdman” Bryant: http://www.thebirdman.org/
    Council of Concerned Citizens: http://www.cofcc.org/
    Institute for Historical Review: http://www.ihr.org/
    David Irving: http://www.fpp.co.uk/
    Dr. Kevin MacDonald: http://www.kevinmacdonald.net/
    The National Alliance: http://www.natvan.com/
    New Nation News: http://www.newnation.org/
    Vanguard News Network: http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/,
    Western Voices World News (European Americans United):

    (Not all of these sites agree on all racial and Jew-related matters, or even with all the points I have tried to make in this essay. A couple may be a little too indelicate or outspoken for some people. On the other hand, some are genuinely scholarly in tone and content. But they all address critical aspects of these issues that are so important to people of the White race in this country and the world over.)

    Read (for starters -- there are many more good sources of true history and racial reality):

    David Duke: “My Awakening” and “Jewish Supremacism”
    Samuel Francis (ed.): “Race and the American Prospect”
    Dr. Robert Griffin: “The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds” and “One Sheaf, One Vine”
    David Irving: “Hitler’s War” (and others, for WW II history)
    Dr. Kevin MacDonald: “Culture of Critique” (and two others in this trilogy masterwork); “Cultural Insurrections”
    Wilmot Robertson: “The Dispossessed Majority”
    Edgar Steele: “Defensive Racism”

    Take every appropriate opportunity to talk to your White family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers about the real racial situation in America today (and the tragic plight currently befalling our White community and culture; the lethal “hell” that is rapidly descending upon us).

    Complain to your local school boards and state education departments about factually or historically inaccurate, or anti-White textbook content and classroom teachings.

    Prepare some good, logical and accurate (truthful) “talking points” and then start calling in to radio talk shows and mailing letters-to-the editor of your local newspaper.

    Vote smart. Vote only for White candidates that display at least some minimal understanding of issues that are of importance to White people, and who take positions that are “good for Whites” (admittedly, you won’t find many people like that running for public office) (and what’s wrong with that, by the way? -- the non-Whites do it all the time -- just look at the percentages of Negroes that voted for Obama!). “Vote White” on all racially pertinent issues on the ballot. Even more important -- work for the campaigns of good people, or run for office yourself.

    If you have the means, try to provide some financial support to the people and organizations that are working for White interests and survival.

    Print out a few copies of this article (and others you can print off the Internet) and pass them around to your White family members and acquaintances.

    In all your writings, contacts, and conversations on behalf of the White “cause,” always be civil, logical, and reasonably polite; and be sure to “stay legal.”