White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Friday, March 27, 2009


by Val Koinen
March 27, 2009

No, this isn’t a confession. I had nothing to do with any of them, other than being alive when they happened.

It’s just that it occurred to me the other day that a surprisingly large number of horrific “crimes against humanity,” and in particular against the people of the mostly White world of “Western Civilization,” have been carried out just during the course of my own lifetime. These are not the typical murders, kidnappings, and celebrity misdeeds of the usual “crimes of the century” article. I’m talking about potentially nation-wrecking, civilization-destroying, world-changing actions and events. Hellacious crimes, most of them visited upon White people of European descent and their ordered societies. Political, military, economic, sociopathic crimes. Crimes of governmental action; crimes of anti-White racial destruction if not intended genocide.

As an American, my list has a distinctly American emphasis, or bias, I’m sure. A European would most likely come up with a somewhat different list. Still, many of these terrible wrongdoings have been of world-wide significance in the event.

This history of nation-affecting if not world-class evildoing didn’t just start when yours truly came on the scene, of course. Countless horrendous crimes directed at least partly against our people have occurred since the onset of our branch of humankind, many of them in the decades just prior to my worldly experience. Examples are the creation of the “Federal Reserve” centralized banking system (actually non-Federal, no-reserve, non-bank as Edgar Steele has pointed out); early 20th century atrocities of Bolshevism, the Russian Revolution, and Stalinism; and World War I (including the Lusitania deception used to get us into that war). But the thing that strikes me is how many deadly serious, socially devastating, mostly anti-White crimes of this nature have been carried out against our people in just one man’s lifetime. When viewed that way, it is a wonder that our civilization has withstood all those events as well as it has -- that, even though we are battered, beat down, and disoriented, we are still on our feet at all.

One important thing I hope you take from this list is a realization that most of these terrible experiences were substantially, or at least significantly, instigated, promoted, and/or perpetrated by Jews. In too many cases and with a degree of involvement to be mere coincidence, I think. Because it behooves us to learn from disastrous history lest we be doomed to repeat it, I think it is entirely appropriate that we recognize that fact and analyze why that is so.

The events -- the “crimes of my lifetime”:

- Centuries old but ongoing Jewish war on the world’s White people of European descent; their steadfast, orchestrated efforts to destroy White societies. Encompasses all the anti-White efforts of Big Jew power and influence in America via the media (press, television, and entertainment media); government; and education system (public elementary schools through the universities). Also includes the Jewish lobbying, selective campaign financing, and media influence so critical to their control of our government.

- The despicable Pearl Harbor deception Roosevelt used to get us into WW II.

- U.S. involvement in WW II; fighting for what was essentially a Jewish-Bolshevik-Soviet victory in Europe (our fighting on the wrong side; “slaughtering the wrong pig” as Churchill put it) (not that I agree that National Socialist Germany was a “pig,” certainly not so much of a pig as that porcine, war-mongering drunk Winston Churchill himself).

- The massive carpet-bombing of German cities and civilian populations in WW II (Dresden being the prime example).

- Post WW II brutal, rapine, and genocidal Soviet and Allied treatment of German POWs and civilian population.

- The bogus Nuremberg kangaroo court “war crimes” trials following WW II.

- The “Holocaust” hoax (as an extortion racket, and to garner special treatment for Jews and Israel) (including the Anne Frank diary fraud used to brainwash our people; especially our children).

- Creation in 1948 of illegitimate State of Israel, based on WW I era Balfour Declaration; and the brutal, illicit dispossession of the Palestinians (ongoing to this day).

- Julius and Ethel Rosenberg spy case of 1951 -- their handing atomic bomb secrets to the Soviets.

- President John F. Kennedy assassination (possibly carried out by Israeli Mossad in retaliation for his opposition to their Dimona nuclear weapons developments).

- Gulf of Tonkin deception leading to the Vietnam War. [This one considered by some to be debatable.]

- U.S. immigration legislation and practices since the 1920’s but especially since 1965; the fiasco of flooding the country with non-White immigrants while restricting the immigration of intelligent, law abiding, productive White people.

- The whole sordid story of coercion and force in the Government’s handling of the Negro problem especially since about 1960 -- “civil rights” movement and legislation; “loosing” the Blacks on White society; colored preferences such as affirmative action, racial quotas, set-asides, and massive welfare giveaways; Negrification of White American society and culture; forced integration of schools and housing; perpetration of the equality/diversity/multicult scam.

- Government, media, and education system’s concerted and ongoing propaganda efforts to deracinate the White people of America (and particularly our children).

- Michael King (a.k.a. “Martin Luther King”) “great man hoax” used to brainwash our kids; naming a national holiday and countless city streets after that traitorous thug (plagiarist, communist, whoremonger, rabble-rouser, and more).

- Obscene levels of “foreign aid” moneys and military hardware sent to Israel year after year since 1949 (a significant and unaffordable cost to American wage earners and taxpayers and a major cause of mid-East conflicts).

- Israel’s 1967 unprovoked aerial and torpedo-boat attack on the USS Liberty which killed 34 U.S. servicemen, wounded about 170 others, and severely damaged that non-combat intelligence-gathering vessel which was on a peaceful mission in international waters (plus, Lyndon Johnson’s treasonous betrayal of our own Navy by calling back rescue forces and the ensuing cover-up of this act of war committed by Israel against the United States).

- Jonathan Pollard spy case of 1985 (this Navy analyst handing huge amounts of sensitive and classified information over to Israel, seriously endangering or at least compromising our world-wide clandestine security operations and agents).

- “White Slavery” -- horrible, brutal sex trafficking of White women all over the world.

- The secret, dirty war of vastly disproportional Black-on-White crime in America, and particularly, serious violent-crime felonies such as rape, battery, torture, and murder; and including the nearly one-sided Black- and Mestizo-on-White assault, rape, and murder in our racially integrated prisons. Also involves the deliberately distorted, one-sided reportage of these crimes in the media and the major media’s refusal to even report many of these savage colored-on-white crimes.

- Destruction of solid, benevolent, advanced White governments in Rhodesia and South Africa.

- White governments succumbing to the Muslim invasion of Europe since WW II (ongoing and increasing problem in recent years).

- Government’s allowing (aiding and abetting) the Mestizo (largely Mexican) invasion of the U.S. via quasi-legal and illegal immigration (resulting in huge monetary and social problems and costs, and massive dispossession of Whites in several parts of the country).

- Media’s assault on Eurocentric culture in America (garbage Negroid so-called “music;” excessive colored presence on TV, in movies, and in print ads; premature sexualization of children; flourishing pornography and “soft porn”; etc.).

- “9/11” “terrorist” attacks -- most likely to some extent a “false flag” operation perpetrated or at least facilitated to some extent by Israel’s Mossad, possibly even in coordination or complicity with elements of our own government?

- Germany’s (and other White nations’) “thought-crime” persecution of “holocaust deniers” (researchers, questioners, “holohoax” truth-tellers) -- fining and imprisoning people for merely questioning the “official” line and in most cases expressing verifiable truths (ongoing).

- Unwarranted and cowardly NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999 (essentially the work of the U.S. under President “Filthy Bill” Clinton).

- Various church groups financing and actively working to import hundreds of ignorant, uncivilized black Africans into numerous White communities all over the country in recent years.

- Iraq “war of aggression” of Bush, Cheney, and their many primarily Jewish “neocons” based on the “weapons of mass destruction” lie.

- Obama promotion into the Presidency -- the myths presented to the American people by the press (the mainstream media) vs. the reality of his being an inexperienced, unqualified, past drug-user, half-black anti-White racist and a Marxist/socialist of uncertain parentage and nationality. [This one is problematic, I realize, because it’s hard to blame anyone for voting Democratic in the recent Presidential election in view of the Republican’s (Bush’s) abominable, criminal Presidency and McCain’s “Bush-alike” war-mongering positions and strong support for illegal alien amnesty.]

- 2007-2009 economic collapse and all its nefarious components -- bursting of the government instigated sub-prime mortgage bubble, ripoffs by greedy bankers and other financial institutions, brokers, and businesses (often with government complicity) (think AIG, Bernie Madoff, and other [generally Jewish] swindlers) and all the rest (ongoing).

Well there you have it. You’ll no doubt be able to think of a few “crimes against White humanity” I left out, but I’m sure I included most of the “biggies.”

Just think about it. All these and more, over the course of just 70 years. Most of these events clearly have worked to the detriment of White Americans (and in many cases, other White people around the world as well), and most were clearly the result of Jewish planning, instigation, promotion, support, actions, or at least some significant involvement of one kind or another. Jewish involvement -- to serve their interests but to our detriment -- is the ubiquitous, common thread that runs through this entire gruesome history of events.

What is needed now, my fellow White Americans, is a massive reawakening of our people and a coming together in a well conceived, competently led, legal effort of rectification and redemption. We need to start thinking and behaving more like the Founding Fathers and the Minutemen, the brave defenders of the Alamo, and the pioneer farmer who would race from plowing his field, rifle in hand, to protect his family from deadly attacks by savages. We need to start now, and we should each, every one of us, pledge our support if not our efforts, resources, and willingness to bear the hardships and dangers involved.