White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I have had several readers inquire recently re: my 'profile' (not posted on the blog) -- some background information. This response (edited) to a comment ("Where are you getting your facts?") regarding my November 2008 essay "Negroes, Race Mixing, and Truth vs. Propaganda" should suffice:

Raed: I don't view the 'comments' feature of this blog as a forum, and normally wouldn't be inclined to respond to a question. But I will this time, as answering your question provides me with the opportunity to enlighten you and others. Because you have asked a general question rather than questioning my data source for any specific item in the piece, a good generalized answer might be "the real world." But I will try to answer your question with a little more specificity. Where do I get my facts?

Well, they are derived from: 55 adult years of observations and life experiences (several years of which spent in majority-Negro neighborhoods and substantially-Negro schools). My physical senses--sight, hearing, smell. My average or better mental capacities, cognizance, and reasoning abilities. Formal education through M.S. degree. Residential and work experiences in cities and towns with large Negro populations. Books, incl. academic works, pertaining to particular subjects and issues--science, history, biology, anthropology, philosophy, etc. Other pertinent reading and research (reports, essays). Government data bases, incl. crime statistics. News media of all kinds (newspapers, magazines, TV; from mainstream through alternate). Various Internet data sources (some more reliable than others). Travels to every state in the union and most of our larger cities (incl. Detroit, E. St. Louis, Kansas City, New Orleans, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, El Paso, San Francisco, Miami, Baltimore, Wash. D.C., etc.); and to every continent except Antarctica (incl. to Africa and the Caribbean where, f.y.i., there are lots of Negroes). Conversations with all kinds of people. Exposure over the years to contemporary so-called 'entertainment' and 'popular culture' of all kinds. An uncompromising dedication to sorting out the truth, recognizing reality, and using my common sense.

And, generalizing from the informative facts given in the essay, what has all that observation and data-gathering taught me about Negroes? That there are just no valid and rational reasons we people of European descent--we, the people of Western Civilization--should think it is a good thing for us to mix, or integrate our society, culture, governance, or genes with those of the Negro (no matter what the Jews, politically- correct liberals, and anti-White-racialists tell you).
March 23, 2009 10:57 AM

Friday, May 22, 2009


by Val Koinen
May 22, 2009

Even after being awakened to the peril we White people of European descent are facing in today’s America (and in other White nations worldwide for that matter), many of our people seem to have some difficulty explaining and/or defending their enlightened racialist positions to others -- especially to their friends, family, and co-workers. They have a hard time countering accusations that they are simply (and unjustifiably) being haters, bigots, and anti-semites.

Essentially, the problems center around declaring one’s self as:

- being a racialist (having 'racist' views and opinions).
- being a ‘White Nationalist.’
- rejecting and resisting all the 'diversity,' multiculturalism, and 'pluralistic society' nonsense being foisted upon us these days (including, such false mantras as "diversity is our strength," "celebrating diversity," etc.).
- rejecting and resisting racial integration, and especially race-mixing and miscegenation.
- rejecting and resisting non-White immigration (both quasi-legal and illegal); and our people's cultural, social, political, and genetic dispossession and forthcoming eradication.
- advocating freedom of association (and non-association).

What we Whites need to keep uppermost in our minds at all times is the fact that all these ‘politically correct’ anti-White ideas, movements, positions, and laws to which we are forced to object, and which we rightfully reject to the extent we can; are unnatural, harmful to our people both individually and as a group, and are artificially being imposed upon us -- as hostile political acts; essentially acts of anti-White social warfare and attempted genocide.

So, in view of the above, when you are asked what basis, or ‘right’ you have to take the politically incorrect positions you do, you can at least start to enlighten the questioner by pointing to the following five true and verifiable, basic and fundamental, underlying reasons for your racialist views:

(1) Diversity is our demise. Virtually all the social, political, educational, and forced-by-law efforts at integration and race-mixing in America are culturally and genetically destructive to White people, and are diametrically opposed to our natural and legitimate racial interests and our racial evolution -- the right to be us; our natural right for our genotype to survive and prosper. In fact, such actions are essentially a deadly poison being administered to us as a people.

(2) Discrimination gives beauty and ‘specialness’ to life. Racial ‘discrimination,’ far from being an evil, wrong-headed characteristic of White people, is in fact (and to the contrary) a number of other natural, positive, and healthful things. Discrimination is simply making a distinction; being discerning and judicious. It is a sign of intelligence, mental keenness and advancement, sophistication, learning from experience and history, enlightenment, and good taste. It is (or should be) nothing less than a fundamental right which includes the freedom of association and non-association. You can remind your antagonist that intelligent people quite properly ‘discriminate’ with regard to all kinds of things -- the style of clothes they wear, the food they prefer to eat, the types of wine they prefer with certain foods, the music they listen to, the friends they choose (and that they would prefer to help choose for their children), the breed of dog they own, places they would rather go on a vacation, the make and model of car they buy, and on and on ad infinitum. And discriminating in favor of some things just naturally requires that we discriminate against others. The question should not be "why would you want to discriminate against non-Whites in your socializing and living arrangements, and in mating (of yourself and your children)?" but rather; "how could you conceivably not be ‘discriminating’ in those important matters?"

(3) It’s a matter of self-defense. We White people have (or should have) every natural and legal right to do virtually anything and everything to ensure and protect the safety and security of ourselves and our families -- including our economic and physical wellbeing and our survival. And the fact of the matter is that race-mixing (resulting in large part from so much ‘diversity‘) in America leads to significantly --nay, substantially -- higher rates of serious crime committed against us by non-Whites. And to such things as civic disorder, pestilence, and disease. And to our impoverishment, and to the impaired education of our own children by way of their being ‘dumbed down’ and lied to by their teachers and in their textbooks, and also as a result of such things as non-White racial preferences, ‘affirmative action,’ and a disproportionate amount of our money being spent in a largely futile effort to educate non-White children.

(4) Of suffering and slavery. No, it is not ‘O.K.’ to hurt our people so as to help non-Whites. What the advocates of integration and race-mixing are saying, in effect, is that we Whites just have to ‘take’ (accept and pay for) so much of this politically-correct nonsense -- crime directed against us, dumbing-down of our kids in schools, teaching our kids lies, outbreaks of third-world diseases, social costs paid mostly by us to benefit non-Whites and therefore robbing us of resources that could be spent on our families and our children, dispossession (genocide) of our people, etc. -- so the non-Whites can have a "better chance" and can "feel better about themselves." They say we should be slaves to a system that panders to the blacks and mestizos. But that is patently absurd; it is just plain ridiculous. It is communistic, and it is unconstitutional.

(5) It’s the Jews, stupid! And underlying all of this is the fact that all this integration, race-mixing, mandated ‘non-discrimination,’ diversity, multiculturalism, cultural destruction, and social/political dispossession nonsense did not just happen by accident, or develop naturally. I am convinced it has been and is part and parcel of an on-going, deliberate, calculated, premeditated, well orchestrated program concocted and carried out over many years by organized Jewry. Maybe not actively and knowingly pursued by all Jews, but involving many if not most Jews; i.e., "complicit" Jews. And that it is conspirational, and criminal in the darkest sense of the word. It is tantamount, in my view, to a genocidal war directed against White Americans of European descent and ethnicity.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


by Val Koinen
May 2, 2009

Well, the results are in. And they could hardly be more clear. And they aren’t pretty. The brave new world of multiculturalism, racial integration and race-mixing, philosemitism, and political correctness has failed. Failed utterly; failed absolutely; at least in all but its most trivial aspects.

Of course, we White Nationalists knew all along that it wasn’t really just a social experiment -- that it was much more than that. That it was actually a form of racial, social, and cultural warfare directed at White Americans by the Jews and their minions (blacks, mestizos, greedy businessmen, unscrupulous politicians, liberals, socialists, and the like). The purpose of which has been to put us “goyim” (cattle, to the Jews) in our place -- subservience to the “chosen” (or rather, to the “self chosen”). To finally and completely dispossess us Whites in our own country; to destroy us as a people.

But for the sake of this discussion, let’s try to forget that. Let’s look at it as though it was just a well-intentioned social experiment.

Just open up your eyes and your minds, and look at the results over the past 60 years or so…

There’s no beautiful, shining, “city on the hill;” and ever fewer beautiful, peaceful neighborhoods. Instead, what we got was the run-down, junk- and garbage-filled “hoods” and the “no-go” areas of Detroit, East St. Louis, and Los Angeles; and hundreds of other filthy and lawless slums all over the country. The gangs, shootings and other crimes, drugs, needles, and prostitution. The deteriorating houses, buildings, infrastructure, and property values.

There’s no beautiful, ever-advancing culture. What we got instead was filth, degeneracy, inane silliness, celebrity worship, animalistic Negro “rap,” pornography, Jewish scatological humor, and premature sexualization of our children. And ebonics.

There are no (or damned few) schools full of bright, well educated, ever-enlightened children and college students. What we see now are more and more dumbed-down White kids, in-school and on-schoolyard crimes against our children, multi-lingual costs and problems, rising costs and sinking test scores, and White students discriminated against by “affirmative action” and other racial preferences targeted on blacks and mestizos.

There are fewer and fewer happy, healthy families in America. They have largely been replaced by rampant infidelity, divorce, queer “marriages,” illegitimate children and fatherless families, rebellious and out-of-control kids with little respect for their parents and their elders, a “negrified” generation of White children, drug use and AIDS, promiscuity, pedophilia, feminism, abortions, and low White birthrates (at least within families).

We have yet to see the peaceful, cooperative, blissful, “diverse” society we were promised. But we have seen race riots, and the never-ending “secret, dirty war” of black-on-White and mestizo-on-White crime, including the rampant torture, rape, beatings, and killing of our children by “people of color.”

There has been no economic utopia. In its place we are just now experiencing the “fullness” of the developing (substantially Jewish instigated) economic disaster that has befallen our society -- inflation, recession, depression, unemployment, theft of billions of investment dollars and billions more of tax dollars used to bail out the culprits. Financial ruin, lost retirement savings, lost homes, lost inheritances. Saddling our future White generations -- our children, grandchildren, and beyond -- who will always be the most productive segment of American society -- with unbearable debt.

No longer do we have a wise, just, and steadfast government. Instead, we have been given a Jew-run country (via their grossly disproportionate control of media, lobbying, and financial influence on elections and our elected representatives). A government that openly and constantly discriminates against White people of European extraction and their interests, takes our money to benefit non-Whites (socialistic redistribution of wealth), and that has taken our freedom of association (and non-association) and is even now working to take from us our freedom of speech, and yes, of thought.

So, what do you think should be done about this sorry state of affairs? Should we force even more race-mixing and (non-White) race-based preferences on our people? Give illegal aliens a “path to citizenship”? Support the Jew media moguls in their efforts to glorify members of the darker races in our popular culture (news, entertainment, and sports venues) and teach our children that is the way things are supposed to be? Spend even more of our hard-earned money on welfare and free health care for non-Whites; and on futile attempts to educate them to White standards? Continue to waste additional billions of dollars and tens of thousands of our young people’s lives on wars fought for Israel and the Jews?

Or should we finally, before it is too late (if it isn’t already); take a fresh, hard look at the situation and the problems, and start working on some solutions that will work? Solutions that are true to our White, European heritage; that are true to our ancestors and all their achievements and sacrifices, to our own people, and to our progeny?

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I personally think the latter approach would be the way to go!