White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Friday, June 26, 2009


by Val Koinen
June 26, 2009

We White peoples of the world had a chance at healthy, natural evolution and advancement of our culture and our societies ("Western Civilization"), but we "blew it." We are, at the beginning of the 21st century, being dispossessed in our homelands, culturally, socially, and politically -- overwhelmed by the darker masses and their alien and oftentimes more primitive and savage cultures. Worse than that, we are quietly but steadily committing racial suicide and being "genocided" out of existence.

How could that be? What went wrong?

Well, here, in my view and mainly with reference to America but with some applicability to other White nations such as those in Europe (including Russia), Canada, and Australia/New Zealand, are 13 of the most damaging things that went awry:

(1) We let Gentile-hating, anti-White Jews (Zionists, neoconservatives, International Jews, organized Jewry -- the "complicit Jews") live in our society and let them hold positions of influence. We allowed them to ply all their nefarious and destructive "trades" -- their academic, governmental, financial, and media influences, manipulations, and control; cultural destruction, warmongering, historical distortions, etc. We let them work from within our very own society to destroy us -- witness, for example, their successful efforts to "loose" the Negroes on White American society; their working in so many ways to degrade our popular culture; their role in the ruination of our economy (ever since the formation of their "Federal Reserve Bank" back in 1913 and right up to their involvement in the recent and ongoing economic collapse); their successful efforts to flood our country with non-White immigrants both legal and illegal; and their indoctrination of our people (and especially our children) with lies about the Second World War, the so-called "Holocaust," and the Germanic peoples.

(2) We let Negroes -- essentially an alien, culturally incompatible race (subspecies)-- participate far too much in our White society by way of such things as: so-called "civil rights" and desegregation in general; integrated education and housing; voting and holding public office; race-based preferences such as "affirmative action" and disproportionate government employment; excessive financial support via welfare and food stamps; race-mixing and miscegenation; and degradation (pollution) of our culture (and especially, their "negrifying" our children's culture).

(3) Allowing massive, predominately Jew-instigated non-White immigration; and especially, quasi-legal and illegal immigration of mestizos (mostly from Mexico) and so-called "birthright citizenship" of their offspring born in this country. And then, as with the Negroes, letting them burden our society with the costs of education, welfare, healthcare, crime control, and filling up our prisons.

(4) Loss of White racial awareness, identity, and pride (racial "consciousness") (while sanctioning and even promoting those things in non-White racial groups). Letting our people become almost completely "deracinated," and letting them forget that not only does race matter, but that our White race is everything. And most importantly, at some point we stopped teaching the truth about these crucial racial matters to our children.

(5) Increasingly through the past hundred years or so, we White men have allowed ourselves to succumb more and more to such negative traits as gullibility (to the point of stupidity), duplicity and untruthfulness, immaturity and irresponsibility, greed, corruption, being dishonorable, and lacking in ethics and morality. All too often we have mistreated our women and failed to do right by our families. And we have repeatedly let ourselves be duped by the Jews into fighting internecine and fratricidal wars; and more recently, mid-Eastern wars fought primarily for Jewish/Israeli interests. (This points up a very important issue -- if we have any hopes of salvaging our situation, one of the first steps will have to be to "clean up our own act.")

(6) We abandoned the paternally-ordered society; letting women, who tend to be softer and weaker, more nurturing and charitable to the undeserving, and unrealistically "rose-colored-glasses" optimistic in their social and political outlook than men; participate excessively in our governance. We let what was once a "man's world" become thoroughly feminized, which has led in turn to misguided and deadly liberalism and "political correctness;" role conflicts between men and women (husbands and wives, fathers and mothers); and our society's more readily succumbing to Jewish social and political influences.

(7) Allowing intellectual missteps to gain favor (popularity), and to be taught to our people and to grow in our people's minds, leading to errant (even deviant) behavior and destructive (even deadly) policy formulation -- such things as: liberalism, political correctness, Jewish radical feminism, "wimpism," universal altruism, egalitarianism, Jewish social anthropology, Jewish Freudian psychology, etc.

(8) Accepting and even welcoming social degeneracy and deviances under the guise of "personal freedom and lifestyle choice" -- such things as homosexuality, pornography, rampant immorality and promiscuity, and other socially unhealthy behaviors.

(9) On "humanitarian" grounds and since the early-mid 20th century, we have been guilty of a persistent and stubborn unwillingness to improve the genetic, mental, and physical characteristics of society via a scientifically designed and directed program of humane and benevolent eugenics.

(10) An inexcusable willingness to ignore and/or circumvent the truth, and even to routinely and deliberately employ out-and-out lies; in personal relationships, educating our young, business dealings, the news media, entertainment venues, and government.

(11) Letting so many harmful elements (people) in our society have virtually unrestricted and uncontrolled access to our most potent media venues; and worse, allowing our acknowledged enemies to teach our children the wrong things such as: anti-White (and especially anti-White male) propaganda ("White guilt"), historical and political and other non-truths (lies), racial weakness, radical feminism, negrified culture, etc.

(12) Letting religious, "priestly-class" con-artists influence our people's thinking in irrational and delusional ways leading to such things as: marching for Negro "equality" and "civil rights," bowing down before Jews as the "chosen people," fighting Jewish wars in the mid-East in keeping with biblical "adult fairy-tales" of the Rapture and Armageddon, and importing Somalians and other African Negroes into White communities by the thousands.

(13) In recent decades, we have inculcated an immature, "spoiled-brat" culture of entitlement; putting too much emphasis on play vs. work and luxury and ease vs. toil and rigorousness; glorification of sports "heroes" and entertainment celebrities ("stars"); becoming "fans" (i.e. fanatics) of spectator sports, oftentimes obscene or otherwise degenerate entertainers, and TV shows; and excessive, immature, unaffordable, and self-indulgent consumerism.

Am I suggesting that if we had done things differently (without making these missteps) our White society would be perfect, and without problems and conflicts? No, of course not. But we would probably be far better off than we are now, and we would likely not be on the verge of bankruptcy and being genocided out of existence as a people as is now the case.

So then, you might be wondering -- what’s my point? Just sniveling over things not being quite the way I would like them to be, or crying over spilt milk? Even if you are thinking some or all of these things just might be true, isn’t it too late to do anything about it? Well no, it’s not, actually -- we Whites will still comprise a strong majority in America for a few more short years.

The first things each of us need to do is learn all we can about these matters and strive to think and live our lives as proud and honorable (and unapologetic) members of our White race. Then, all that remains is to convince a few more dedicated White kinsmen that fighting for what is good for our people is a smart, natural, righteous, and critically necessary thing. We just need to:

- Awaken them -- make them aware of the dire situation we are in; of the truth.
- Convince them that it matters -- that the way things are now and the way things are headed are just plain wrong, and that it is a good thing for us to want to protect our interests, for the sake of our race and our progeny.
- Talk to our friends, families, and neighbors; write letters-to-the-editor; work to put forward and elect racially conscious candidates for public office at all levels; and always vote for candidates and issues that are good for White people. More than that -- we need to organize, and we need to counter the Jew-controlled "mainstream media" with unrelenting, massive, and continuous "broadcasting" of our knowledge and positions via literature distributions, mailings, the Internet, radio call-in commentary, testimony at school-board meetings, etc., etc.
- In short, do whatever we can, at every opportunity, to begin correcting these problems (and others) so far as we can, in any small way we can.