White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Friday, September 18, 2009


by Val Koinen
September 18, 2009

Over the past 50 years or so, our (American White people’s) societal situation has gone from bad to very bad to much, much worse.

We, the founders and architects and primary builders of this once-great nation, are now essentially a conquered people in our own land -- limping along and beaten down, if not yet crushed -- mentally, culturally, economically, socially, politically, and in far too many actual cases physically.

How so? Well, for starters, our diverse and beautiful European culture has been all but destroyed -- jewed, negrified, and mexicanized. The foundations of contemporary popular culture -- television, movies, and the print media -- have long since become thoroughly controlled by Jews; and consequently, thoroughly committed to promoting the noble Negro at the expense of Whites, and of truth. And of course that artificially distorted picture, that steady diet of utter nonsense, is constantly being fed to our impressionable children, teenagers, and young adults.

Our resources -- the fruits of our labors -- have been robbed by ever-worsening, racially based (anti-White) wealth redistribution programs, various government giveaways including welfare-statism favoring non-Whites, and by the ubiquitous Jew-instigated and -dominated financial scams.

Costs of health care have skyrocketed and numerous hospitals bankrupted and forced to close largely due to freeloading of blacks and the influx of both quasi-legal and illegal mestizo aliens.

We continue to allow ourselves to be “suckered” into fighting wars for Israel and the Jews and their interests, as opposed to our own -- costing the lives and physical fitness of many thousands of our young men and billions if not trillions of dollars.

Our jobs -- so desperately needed by young White families -- have disproportionately gone to “affirmative action” and other racial-preference hiring of Negroes and mestizos. And of course I’m referring here to just those jobs remaining after the wholesale outsourcing of jobs to third-world countries and giving jobs to imported wage-cutting usurpers from the undeveloped nations.

Our women and children are beaten and raped by non-White savages on a daily basis; and by our weak, non-racially-motivated responses, we allow that pathetic state of affairs to continue month after month, year after year.

Meanwhile, it is a virtual fact that only we Whites are prosecuted for committing “hate crimes” in this country, while the fact is that it is predominantly Negroes and mestizos that commit such crimes, against us Whites.

And it gets even worse -- it is also essentially true that only we Whites are considered (and accused of being) “racists,” whereas the truth is that we generally can’t even be racist enough to defend ourselves against the onslaught of race-based, anti-White crime and while we complacently just accept that constant and illicit condemnation.

Many of our public schools (and along with them our children’s educations) have been utterly ruined by our catering to the influx of barely educable non-Whites -- ruined academically and financially to be sure, but also ruined from the standpoints of the physical atrocities visited upon our children, and the despoliation if not destruction of the buildings, furnishings, equipment, and supplies.

We have abandoned large portions of many of our once-great cities to the ravages of their Negro and mestizo inhabitants. And that has resulted in numerous urban areas that are so dangerous that they are now “no-go” zones for White people.

The above is just a “smattering” of the countless ways in which White people have become overwhelmed, displaced, and dominated by non-Whites in America in recent years. And ways in which we have come to be thoroughly subjugated to the nefarious schemes and plans of organized Jewry.

And there are even more subtle yet extremely telling clues pointing to how bad things have gotten. Just as an example, the news magazine ‘Newsweek’ this past week had the audacity to publish a blatantly and disgustingly anti-White article on racism in infants and children that contained the lament “It’s horrifying to imagine kids being “proud to be white” (while making it clear that it is just wonderful for black children to be taught racial pride).

Need another example of the pathetic contemporary state of European-American affairs? The recently published ninth edition of the secondary-school textbook “A History of Western Society Since 1300” for Advanced Placement has as its cover illustration a portrait by a 17th century Spanish painter of his mulatto servant! Just think about it. A textbook to be used almost exclusively by our kids -- children of the greatest civilizing people in the history of the world -- with a picture on its front cover of a half-black nobody!

It seems that only we Whites are such self-hating, guilt-ridden, deracinated fools these days. Even Negroes, relatively stupid as they are on average, know we are the superior race (*) -- hence their constant quest to mix and mate with us in order to gain the advantages of White genes. (* In most ways to be sure; by most rational standards of human performance and behavior, aside perhaps from sports and some entertainment areas.) In at least one way, however -- and unfortunately for us in a most important way -- we Whites are gullible, weak, and hopelessly deficient: in basic survival instincts and skills. In that critical area it seems even our common sense has succumbed to liberalism, political correctness, feminism, wimpism, wrong-think, idiotic and self-destructive egalitarianism and universal altruism, and all the “diversity is our strength” and “beauty of multiculturalism” nonsense (all of those things carefully crafted and cleverly used by complicit Jews to weaken, dispossess, and destroy White people as a viable racial group).

We have even lost the will to defend ourselves, our families, and our heritage -- even our ability to identify ourselves as a unique and valuable people with unique and legitimate interests, rights, and needs of our own.

And of course, lying beneath all our racial, cultural, and societal problems like some vermin under a rock, is the fact that we allow ourselves to be ruled by Jews via their vastly disproportionate control of media, entertainment, politics and governance, academia, and finance. Even worse than that -- we cower, apologize, live in fear, and allow ourselves and our precious children to be taught lies, to be “brainwashed” into accepting that Jewish agenda of racial destruction (that Jew-perpetrated genocide of the White race). Meekly, we have resigned ourselves to live those lies under the thumb of organized Jewry, our conqueror.

So, where does that leave us and our America?

Well, bad as things are now, desperate as projections and predictions are for the dwindling White majority in America, I just can’t accept that we have become so stupid, complacent, and/or weak that we will not resist at some point (when things get bad enough).

That being the case, it seems to me that Whites will sooner or later start working together to rescue themselves and turn things around via one (or both?) of two approaches. We will wake up and start doing the things we have to do in order to turn things around in well-thought-out, measured, fair, and equitable ways -- legally and politically, starting with a renewal of intelligent and correct ways of thinking and voting that are independent of Jewish propaganda and influence. Or (and?), we will start demonstrating that we still have the strength, the will, and the guts to reclaim our destiny by utilizing harsher but likely more effective methods -- methods proven effective in the past -- methods that could once again, figuratively speaking, involve the use of hoods, rope, torches, and pitchforks (or in actuality, more modern and sophisticated methods and weaponry).

In the latter case, I truly fear for the non-White usurpers and marauders that have been trying so hard for so many years to take advantage of our people’s collective “Mr. Nice Guy” persona. But in that event I especially fear for the complicit Jews who have worked so long and hard to destroy us.

A prediction: If it comes to that kind of resistance -- that kind of a belated fight for survival and redemption -- I’m afraid they will, once again (and ironically for the very same reasons as have prevailed throughout history), suffer mightily.