White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Friday, November 20, 2009


by Val Koinen
November 20, 2009

Many people, myself included, have commented on genetic and developmental differences among the human races, and particularly between Whites and Negroes. Differences that affect mental abilities, behavior, performance, and historical achievement. Some go so far as to say the whole concept of “race” is nothing more than a social construct, and that “we are all the same under the skin.” They would be the woefully uninformed and ignorant among us; the deluded rose-colored-glasses liberals and politically-correct dupes; and those who use such outlandish positions to further their social/political agenda (“organized Jewry,” for example).

A recent public television broadcast struck me as being pertinent to that debate and very revealing of the contrast in development between the two races (Whites and Negroes) (a NOVA program entitled “Becoming Human: Birth of Humanity” that aired on November 10).

The portion of interest had to do with the Homo erectus “Turkana Boy” that lived about 1.6 million years ago and that is believed to be an ancestor of modern human beings. The theory developed was that those early humans, after having developed the bipedal ability to walk erect on two legs, for some reason lost much if not most of their body hair. That made it possible for them to sweat, enabling them to run long distances in the heat. That helped them avoid predators; but it also let them develop a new hunting strategy -- alternately chasing and tracking their faster-running prey without giving those early “game animals” (such as deer and antelope) time to rest sufficiently to regain their breath and strength. With their superior ability to keep cool while running long distances over extended time periods, those early men could just run their prey to exhaustion. That was necessary because they had not yet developed long-distance projectile weapons such as spears or bows and arrows. The method is called “persistence hunting.” Great telecast; first lesson learned.

Now, here’s the second lesson. In order to bolster the validity of the theory by pointing out that “persistence hunting” is a real-world, actual and workable hunting method, the NOVA scientists demonstrated how some African bushmen still use that method today. They actually showed video of modern-day African Negroes using that method to chase down a kudu, running after it and tracking it for four hours or more in the heat. In the end, the kudu just stood still, thoroughly exhausted, as the hunter came up to within a few feet of it and speared it. (Presumably, in the distant past, the early humans would do the same thing, getting close enough to their prey to clobber it with a rock or club.)

Granted, that video demonstration establishes that persistence hunting can be a viable hunting strategy for humans. And by doing that, it lends credence to the theories tying together loss of body hair, sweating and body cooling, and distance running/jogging as a developmental and survival advantage for our early ancestors. But if you look at it from the other direction, it just as clearly shows how little some contemporary African Negroes have developed over the past 1.6 million years.

Oh, sure, “we’re all the same under the skin.” We White people of European extraction and our forebears who built beautiful and complex civilizations over thousands of years; created beautiful sculpture, music, and other artworks; who have invented countless technological wonders (including airplanes and computers); who conquered the seas, the farthest reaches of continental wildernesses, and space; who have conquered so many human diseases; who have made it possible to feed the world; and on and on ad infinitum. They tell us we’re the “same” as the African primitives (Negroes) who can’t feed or govern themselves; who (at least some of them) still jump around and chant to the jungle drumbeat, practice slavery and cannibalism, rape babies and young girl virgins because they think doing that will fend off AIDS, and who like to drink cow urine. And who still, after more than a million and a half years have passed by, during which time the White people of the world were doing all those wondrous things, hunt kudu the same way Turkana Boy did -- by running them to exhaustion!

Not exactly the kind of people I want to see swimming around in my gene pool!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


by Val Koinen
November 7, 2009

No question about it -- we White people in today’s America have truly become a pathetic bunch of losers.

Not to mention -- a people guilty of depraved indifference; embarassingly gullible; ignorant and misinformed if not downright stupid. In many cases intellectually lazy and perverse; greedy; dishonorable; lacking in respect and caring for the truth; culturally depraved; and even cowardly. And worst of all -- racially suicidal (including such things as being traitors to our racial heritage and our progeny; willing to sell our racial integrity for any kind of economic or political gain or power; devoid of healthy and natural racial identity and instincts; and in fact guilty of ignoring, violating, and abandoning the natural biological/ genetic/evolutionary imperative of every other normal, healthy organism on the planet).

We have let ourselves (and our people) be lied to -- brainwashed -- by the Jews, our own government, the media, teachers, churches, and parents. We have allowed our destroyers to teach our children monstrous and deadly lies about race, history, and the importance to our people of our unique genotype and culture (Western Civilization). We are unwilling to stand up and fight for our own critical interests -- for the things every intelligent and rational White American should know are good for our people, our culture, our society, our progeny, our future, and our very survival.

We have “let ourselves go” culturally, morally, socially, and politically. We have allowed our politicians (once called “statesmen”) to sell their souls (and our collective fate) to the Jews and the religions of “holocaustianity” and political correctness.

We have allowed ourselves to be trained, like dogs, by the Jew-controlled media. After all the cost, agony, and blood of a hundred years of resistance, we have now essentially succumbed to liberal/Marxist dogma -- to economic and political socialism if not outright communism. And many deluded White people say that’s a good thing, because it reflects the “change we can believe in” sloganeering of the “magic mulatto,” the much worshipped presidential pretender Obama.

We have chosen to ignore and to deny the fact that organized Jewry, using their control of media and government, and their tools the Negroes, mestizos, homosexuals, “liberated” radical feminists, etc.; are waging a deadly war of genocide against us as a people.

The results? Our reward for all of that lack of fighting for our interests and for all that self-destructive behavior on our part? Well, among other things:

- A steadily darkening America where we Whites are fated to become a very harshly treated and impoverished minority in just a few short years.
- Our substantial and ever-worsening dispossession from social stature and political power.
- Degradation, including negrification, of our White, European American culture.
- Degradation of our schools; of the public education system itself.
- Degradation and even destruction of our neighborhoods and cities; large areas simply becoming "off limits" for Whites; loss of entire geographic regions to non-Whites.
- Despoliation of our genetic heritage (genetic destruction via abortion, birth control, and miscegenation -- the mating of our women with non-Whites and the resulting mongrelization of their offspring [our progeny]).
- Financial bankrupting of the country, largely a result of welfare-statism and Jew-instigated financial shenanigans; and the bequeathing to our children and grandchildren of hugely burdensome public debt.
- The blatant and terribly unfair monetary and social costs of all the anti-White discrimination resulting from "affirmative action" and other non-White racial preference programs and policies.
- Perpetual war for the Jews, and all the costs in human lives and tax dollars.

What’s that you say? You want specifics? Well, here’s the thing -- a good many racially aware and Jew-wise people have been writing about these issues for many years, now. All you have ever had to do is open your minds and look into the following truths concerning race, what is happening to America, the “Jewish problem,” and the terrible situation we Whites are in (and the even worse fate that is certain to befall us if we do not wake up and do something about it). “The truth is out there,” as they say.

Well, here then are just a few of the main fundamentals that White Americans have been trained to ignore or dismiss as being hateful, bigoted, or otherwise politically incorrect. Read them. Then, have the intelligence, guts, and integrity to research and study these issues rather than simply dismiss them, or refuse to honestly and fairly consider them. They’ll no doubt strike you as being outrageous at first, because that is the way you’ve been programmed to think all your life, by the Jews. But if you’ll look into them and give them fair, thoughtful consideration, I’m confident many of you will come to realize that they are true, and that they represent the reality of the world you live in.


No, we are not “all the same under the skin” (see my earlier essay “Negroes, Race Mixing, and Truth vs. Propaganda”) (November, 2008). Negroes are not “equal” to Whites in most ways that really matter. Negroes are a different and in several very important ways a demonstrably deficient subspecies of humanity. They are different from us Whites in many ways, starting with but going well beyond physical characteristics including appearance. And regardless of whether you approve of the terminology or not, they are in fact, in general and on average, “inferior” to Whites in several key respects (especially mental, developmental, behavioral). Does that mean that any particular Negro is inferior to any particular White person in terms of intellectual capabilities, criminal propensity, character, or “worth?” No, of course not. But it does mean that chances are, statistically, any given Negro will be likely to have lower intelligence and be more difficult to educate (even up to lowered standards); be more likely to commit a violent crime (especially interracial crime) or to transmit AIDS, for example; and for a host of reasons require a far more costly social-welfare investment by taxpayers.

For those reasons, all the efforts to bring them into our society, our culture, and our lives as our “equals” are doomed to failure. Furthermore, such efforts are wrong, stupid, and bad (damaging) from the standpoint of “what’s good for White people.” And that includes such things as integration (especially of schools, in housing, in the workplace, etc.), efforts to promote and enforce “diversity” and multi-culturalism, and race mixing (miscegenation). And allowing them to share and influence our culture and governance; allowing them to take over so many of our neighborhoods and cities; letting them vote and hold public office (witness the blatantly racist, anti-White ninety percent Negro vote for Obama); affirmative action and other racial preferences that allow them to take our jobs and displace White students in our universities; allowing them to continue to commit so many horrendous crimes against our people (and especially against our children and our women); and letting them degrade if not utterly destroy our public education system in many locales.

They are just not “us.” Their social and cultural history, their capabilities, and their potential are radically different (and grossly inferior by our standards -- the standards of Western Civilization). All one has to do to begin affirming that statement is look at the black-on-White crime rate statistics, check out racial IQ differences, and look at their lifestyles and social/political performance in Negro-dominated societies such as those in African countries, Haiti, and Detroit.

Mexicans and Other Mestizos

Much the same situation as the Negroes -- lower IQs, alien (and in some ways inferior) culture, criminal propensities, etc. But of particular importance in the case of these alien non-Whites is their demonstrated lack of interest in sustaining, and/or their inability to sustain, a culture anything like that of White people of European descent. Witness their gang activities; their taking over and criminalizing neighborhoods and entire cities; their “machismo” mistreatment of their women (at least by our standards); and their involvement in illegal drug-related criminality. And don’t forget their taking our jobs and undercutting wages; and in spite of that the chronic and perpetual poverty of so many communities where they predominate; the customary corruption wherever they do hold community powers; their literally destroying our public schools in many areas; and their Spanish-speaking cultural disruption. And all the resultant social costs of health care, education, welfare, unemployment compensation, prison incarceration, etc.

But probably most significant in the case of the mestizos is the horrendous level of their illegal and quasi-legal immigration into (invasion of) our country -- their sheer numbers -- along with their openly advocating the violent “reconquista” of vast portions of our country. That process is ongoing; it is already essentially an accomplished fact in many parts of our Southwest where Whites have already been dispossessed socially, culturally, and politically.

Jews (Organized Jewry, Zionist Jews, International and Financial Jews, Jewish “Neoconservatives,” etc. -- the “complicit” and “culpable” Jews)

Herein lies the main, underlying problem faced by White Americans. It is so ubiquitous and insidious that it is hard to know where to begin.

The truth is -- and if you care and have any hope of your people surviving on this planet you simply must learn this and accept it -- these “culpable Jews” are working tirelessly to dispossess -- to virtually kill off (“genocide”) the White people of America. They have been working at this for at least a couple hundred years. That effort is on-going right now. It is escalating and it is succeeding. Worse, we Whites are allowing it to happen. Worse still, we (all too many of our people) are aiding and abetting it -- some simply by serving as the Jews’ “useful idiots,” others by selling out and actively working to support and to further the Jews’ agenda.

Even before the United States became an independent nation, the Jews were key players in the early American slave trade. They were therefore substantially responsible for that early social development in America (that huge mistake, that blunder which has contributed so much to the destruction of our society).

The Jews were the primary underlying “cause” of European communism that resulted in so much turmoil and human misery, such terrible wars, and the death of tens of millions of our people since the Russian Revolution early in the 20th century.

It was the Jews who were primarily responsible for changing our immigration laws back in the 1960’s, leading to our being literally overrun by the darker races of comparatively savage and inferior cultures.

The Zionist, “International” Jews connived with England, via the “Balfour Declaration,” to get us (the United States) into the first World War. Then, it was again the Jews who, via all their efforts to communize Europe; their smothering of the German state culturally, socially, financially, and politically following World War I; and their vilification (demonizing) of the German people (including openly declaring war on them); that were the proximate underlying cause of World War II and the ensuing “Cold War” with the USSR. It is the Jews (Israel and American Jew supporters) who have used the United States to fight wars for their interests in the Middle East ever since the 9/11/01 attacks (which some people, by the way, rather convincingly argue were orchestrated by Israel’s Mossad and other Jewish collaborators). (Maybe Mel Gibson knew what he was talking about after all?)

It was the Jews who literally created the so-called “Holocaust” fiction and blackmail scheme out of thin air following WW II, making it into a virtual religion that has enabled them to steal billions of dollars from Germany, other European countries, and the U.S. Yes, that same “holocaust hoax” characterized by the “Diary of Anne Frank” fraud and all the other bogus stories of Jewish WW II experiences (including some of Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel’s rantings and ravings), and that spawned the never-ending brainwashing of our children via holocaust indoctrination, museums, educational (propaganda) programs, movies and T.V. shows, and the like.

It is the Jews that have worked so hard to degrade and destroy the European American culture of our country via their liberalism and political correctness; their “loosing” the Negroes and mestizos on us; their promotion of diversity and multi-culturalism and cultural negrification; and their bogus influence on academia in the areas of so-called cultural anthropology, sociology, and psychology. They have even been responsible for instigating conflict between our men and women and between parents and children via radical feminism and such sick cultural influences as premature sexualization of our little girls, fomenting negrification and social/cultural rebelliousness in our sons, and the promotion and sales to our children of animalistic and antisocial rap and hip-hop so-called “music” (mostly performed by Negroes). It is primarily influential Jews in the entertainment industry and other media that have pushed for acceptance of promiscuousness, homosexuality, and race-mixing and that have fostered the pervasive usage of gratuitous sex, “soft porn,” scatological humor, and other degradations of our popular culture in their entertainment productions.

It is the Jews who have virtually taken over our social discourse, political activity, and actual governance by their vastly disproportionate control of the media (T.V., movies, book publishing, the press); their lobbying and control of political contributions; and their tribal nepotism and other in-group networking and favoritism in hiring, promoting, and otherwise enhancing the careers of fellow Jews.

It is the Jews who have, probably more than any other group, relentlessly spied on the more secret and sensitive parts of our military and national security establishments.

It has been predominately Jews who have done so much to destroy our country financially, starting with the creation of the so-called Federal Reserve back in 1913, and especially in more recent years from the Boesky and Milken escapades (crimes) of the 1980’s to Bernie Madoff and many others just this past year. (And those are just some of the Jews who got caught -- you would be totally justified in thinking of it as the long-term, ongoing, and recently intensifying Jewish rape of the American wage-earners, taxpayers, investors, and the larger American economy itself.)


Well, there you have it. And keep in mind -- I’ve been talking about American problems. I haven’t even mentioned the problem of the ongoing Muslim invasion of several European countries (Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, England for example); and the influx of the ever-destructive Negro and Negroids into Britain (primarily from the Caribbean) and into France and Italy (primarily from North Africa).

Now, can you understand why I started this essay the way I did -- with multiple and severely critical admonishments for the way we Whites have been reacting to (and failing to react to) the racial and Jew-instigated disasters that are descending upon us?

The main thing you have to keep in mind, dear reader, is that the events, situations, and conditions I have described above are true -- if not in every detail, at least basically and substantially true. Recognizing these things and acting appropriately to resist, to defend ourselves, our culture, and our progeny against these terrible forces are natural, good, and healthy reactions. In fact, they are necessary reactions if we hope to survive. After all, we, like any group of people, have a basic human right to our living spaces, our culture, our prosperity, our future -- to our very existence as a people.

Yet, amazingly, it is I and others like me -- racially conscious, Jew-wise, and sincerely caring White American citizens and patriots (generally referred to by the Jewed media and government as racists, haters, bigots, and Nazis or just mean old anti-Semites) -- who are ostracized, vilified, deprived of social status and jobs, and otherwise punished for and prevented from even pointing these critically important matters out to our friends, family, and co-workers.

Which leads me once again to the questions -- what in the hell is the matter with you people? How can it be possible that such a once- strong and successful race of people has become so wrong-headed and weak that they will just sit back and allow themselves and their very own children to be screwed over and to be literally destroyed by their competitors and enemies?

Know this, people -- if you don’t wake up and change your ways of thinking; if you don’t rekindle your racial awareness and pride; and if you don’t resist the destructive machinations of organized Jewry and their “foot soldiers,” the non-White “invasive subspecies” that are so rapidly proliferating in the White homeland nations -- we Whites, the greatest people the world has ever known, will not just be dispossessed and overrun by the darker races. We will be utterly destroyed -- murdered -- genocided out of existence. In just a few more generations our race (our people, our genotype, our progeny, our species) will essentially disappear from the face of the Earth. Is that what you really want to happen?