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Monday, January 25, 2010


by Val Koinen
November 19, 2003

Updated and edited January 25, 2010.

With the upcoming annual "Holocaust Remembrance Day" on January 27, I think it is timely, appropriate, and worthwhile to re-post this 2003 essay. Just as a remembrance of the deceased and a reminder for the living White and other victims of all the Jewish transgressions of the past century or so.

The original essay was prompted by an article praising Israel and the Jews, ostensibly written by U.S. Senator John McCain, and is essentially a list of Jewish/Israeli wrongdoing and perfidy. (See: "Why Israel? Senator John McCain says that now, more than ever, we should embrace the Jewish state," R.D., Dec. 2003)

Since that time McCain has continued to (essentially) advocate waging perpetual war on behalf of Israel in the Mideast. And he has persisted in advocating "hugs and help" (essentially some form of eventual amnesty) for our illegal mestizo invaders from south of the border. He has also lost a presidential election (to Obama, the socialistically inclined if not outright Marxist halfrican of questionable credentials (virtually all the essential credentials -- experience, accomplishments, proven American-value patriotism, and even certitude of citizenship). And during that campaign McCain's "best buddy" and constant companion was none other than Joe Lieberman, the liberal Democrat-turned-Independent who just eight years previously had run for vice-president on the Democratic ticket with that nutcase Al Gore (in my view, pretty much a case of Lieberman being McCain's jewish "handler").

Oh, yeah, one other thing. Please don't blame me if you think the essay is too long. After all, it's not my fault the Jews and Israelis have done so many terrible things to us Gentiles down through the years.


My initial reaction to Senator John McCain's article "Why Israel" in the December 2003 issue of Reader's Digest was anger, and then dismay and disbelief. What a naïve, irresponsible, and disingenuous if not dishonest summary of the nature of the Israeli Jews, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and our relationship with Israel! One might even be tempted to say his article is little more than philo-Semitic, boot-licking, Israeli/Jewish propaganda.

Then I spent some time pondering McCain's motivations, but I just couldn't come up with a good answer. Maybe it is partly ignorance and gullibility and partly because he wants desperately to maintain his position in life and his position of power, and he thinks he has to please the Jews in order to do that (in order to get re-elected). And he is willing to pay the price to make that happen. Or, he might sincerely think that he is doing good work in the Senate and doesn't want to lose his seat to someone who he fears could do some real damage to the country. And for that reason he rationalizes that a little reluctant subservience to the Jews is alright under the circumstances. Or maybe the Jews have found something in his past which they have been able to use to make McCain toe the line. If it is simply a matter of his pandering to the Jews, one can only wish he would start to display some of the courage he had in such abundance as a younger man.

What follows is the underlying basis for my reaction to McCain's article; for my thinking he is so fundamentally wrong about "embracing the Jewish state," and "never having a stronger ally than Israel."

While many of these items do refer specifically to Israel, several of them admittedly refer more to "Jews" than to the State of Israel. That is because, in my mind, it is impossible to separate the interests and actions of Israel and Israelis from those of religious Jews (true adherents of Judaism), genetically disposed ethnic or racial Jews (ostensibly Semitic but in reality largely Turkish/Asiatic), International Jewry, Organized Jewry, Zionists, and just collectively Jews in general. I think it is fair to say that whether American or Israeli, Ashkenazi or Sephardic, orthodox or atheist, simple shopkeeper or media mogul, Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, man or woman, teenager or old-timer, they are almost all, virtually every one of them, tribal Jews. As such their first and strongest loyalty is to Jewry, or Jewishness. And by extension, whether Zionist or not and whether or not they approve or disapprove of specific actions of its government, to Israel.

I think that linkage makes sense for other reasons as well. After all, the Reader's Digest itself emphasizes the connection in its subtitle. McCain in his article directly equates Israel and the "Jewish people." It also needs to be kept in mind in this regard that the amount of money sent to Israel by Jewish Americans each year and given to support Jewish organizations that have ties to Israel is considerable if not staggering. And so is the amount sent back to America by the Israelis, through their myriad organizations, to pay for socio-political activities and programs in this country in order to influence various situations and events.

Here is a "short list" of some of the problems I and many others have with Jews and Israel:

1. The Jews' religious supremacist beliefs and teachings; their believing and openly promoting themselves as the "chosen people."

2. Their many other ridiculous and arrogant religious beliefs, as evident in their Talmud, Torah, and other religious writings. Some examples would be their considering us Gentiles to be sub-human animals akin to cattle (goyim), their approval of lying to and not being obligated to honor contracts with Gentiles, and their even advocating the killing of Gentiles with impunity under certain conditions.

3. The fact that their history, over thousands of years, has been one of parasitism and abuse of the cultures of their host nations. In many instances those traits have gotten them (quite understandably) called to account, sometimes discriminated against, and even expelled from numerous countries (in some cases more than once).

4. Most Israeli (and northern European and American) Jews in fact have no Biblical claim whatsoever to Palestine. Probably 90% of them are Ashkenazi Jews substantially or predominately of Khazar extraction -- descendants of a Turkish, central-western Asian people who never so much as set foot in the geographic area now referred to as Palestine. And for that matter, even the Biblical claim itself is dubious at best. McCain knows that, or at the very least should have known it before writing an article such as the one at issue.

5.The Jews' historical role in banking and finance, all too frequently used to influence and control governments, the policies of their host nations, and their international relations (continues to the present time, as exemplified by their role in our Federal Reserve System).

6. The Jews' historical propensity for making huge profits off wars, sometimes by backing both sides of the same conflict.

7. Their traditional/historic, usurious and predatory money-lending and other business practices. And in recent years, their role in the financial collapse in the U.S. starting back in 2007.

8. The International Jews' self-proclaimed intent and determination over the past hundred years or so to dominate if not rule the world.

9. The Jews' role in the Bolshevik Revolution and the spread of international communism at and after the turn of the twentieth century. Particularly disconcerting in that connection is the documented fact of American Jews' critical role in financing and perpetrating that horrible blight on the history of civilization which ultimately resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of Europeans, the horrors and costs of several wars, and the trauma and costs of the Cold War.

10. Prominent Jewish involvement in the despicable, culture-distorting, and Aryan-demeaning Freudian psychoanalysis scam.

11. Social disruption resulting from the Jewish "Frankfurt School" of sociology.

12. Jews' prominent, dishonest, and culture-distorting role in the Boasian anthropology fiasco.

13. Everyone (especially including someone in McCain's position) should be fully familiar with the Jewish/Zionist complicity in initiating the two World Wars (likely or at least plausibly in the case of WW I, definitely and indisputably in the case of WW II). And the known fact that they got America involved in both of them. Those actions on their part resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of Europeans and hundreds of thousands of Americans. If this isn't understood by anyone, they should study such things as the Balfour Declaration, the early Zionist Jew efforts to gain control of Palestine, Jew influence on American President Woodrow Wilson, the Jewish role in the Bolshevik Revolution and the communization of Russia, Jewish influence over the Versailles machinations following WW I, Jewish declaration of economic war against Germany during the years between the two World Wars, continuing Jewish attempts to communize Germany and other European nations prior to WW II, Jew influence on Churchill and the British, and Jewish influence on President Franklin Roosevelt and on his administration's policies leading up to WW II.

14. Jewish influence on the farcical Nuremberg show-trials following WW II.

15. Jewish influence on the savagely inhumane post-WW II treatment of German prisoners of war and civilians, and on the needless damage done to German industry and businesses, by the U.S., Britain, France, and the Soviets.

16.Jews and Israelis perpetrating the "Holocaust" extortion racket -- the invention and propagandizing of their "Holohoax" and using it to criminally extort huge amounts of money (billions of dollars) from the people of the U.S., Germany, France, Switzerland, and other countries. And just as terrible, using it to denigrate the history and culture of Germans and people of German descent. And using it to distort Western Culture in the United States and around the world via their Holocaust Museums, Anne Frank Museums, propagandizing little schoolchildren in their classrooms, and the like.

17. Zionist Jews (later becoming Israelis) are known to have used biological agents (weapons) against civilian populations in the past -- they used them to poison wells in order to drive Arabs and Palestinians from their towns in several different locations in the Middle East during the late 1940's.

18. Israeli role in the 1954 Lavon Affair, in which Israeli agents bombed several American facilities in Cairo in a fortunately unsuccessful attempt to torpedo U.S.-Egyptian relations and thereby help assure continued and increased U.S. support for Israel.

19. Israel's deliberate attack on the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967 which resulted in the death of 37 American sailors and the serious wounding of 171 others.

20. Israeli and American Jews' coercion of our Congress into giving them hugely, indecently excessive amounts of U.S. foreign aid -- about $3. billion each and every year, totaling about $140. billion to $180. billion or more since 1948.

21. Israel's long-time, rampant, and on-going spying on our government and military.

22. Israeli selling of U.S. military hardware, weapons technology, and other military secrets to China and possibly to other threatening or untrustworthy nations.

23. There have been credible claims that Israel had advance notice of the 1983 suicide attack that killed 241 U.S. Marines in Beirut, Lebanon but kept their information from the U.S. in the hope that the attack would turn America against the Arabs.

24. Israel's Mossad deliberately deceived the U.S. with regard to purported Libyan terrorist activities, and that deception was partly responsible for the 1986 U.S. bombing of Libya. That act in turn might have led to the blowing up of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988, which took 270 lives, most of them American.

25. Organized, political Jewry's role in shaping and enacting U.S. immigration laws which have, particularly since 1965, resulted in the impending destruction of America's Eurocentric society. Those laws have resulted in a flood of non-White immigrants (legal and illegal) which has already severely impacted the racial make-up of our country and which will lead to Whites becoming a minority of our population within about 50 years. (And which, when working in conjunction with Jew-promoted race mixing including integration, miscegenation, and the deracination of young White people, will most likely lead to near-total mongrelization and White racial extinction in America not too long thereafter.)

26. Persistent worldwide efforts of the Jews to dispossess the White race and destroy its Western Culture via their promotion of race mixing, diversity, multiculturism, egalitarianism, universal altruism, negrification, and non-White immigration in all White, Eurocentric nations and particularly in the United States (but of course not in their country).

27. Disproportionate and near-complete control over our news media (both print and broadcast news) and the self-serving use of those controlled media for selective, biased reporting and editorializing. That has resulted in the Jews' promoting race mixing and immigration, in culture distortion of all kinds, and, with their power to elect and defeat candidates for public office, in disproportionate "control" of our government. In short, emphasizing, publicizing, and propagandizing everything that promotes their social and political agendas ("what's good for the Jews") while distorting and withholding most news that is not good for the Jews.

28. Their disproportionate and near-total control of the entertainment media (radio, television, newspapers, music industry, movies) and their use of that control to promote filth, pornography, promiscuousness, race-mixing and miscegenation, permissiveness, teenage rebellion, homosexuality, non-white (so-called) culture, socially- and family- destructive behavior, feminism, anti-white-male culture, etc.

29. American Jews' overwhelming role in promoting radical feminism in a concerted effort to destroy the traditional family structure and the cultural fabric of our society.

30. Persistent Jewish promotion of integrationist and socialistic policies which have already, via excessive taxation and the costs of welfare, health care, crime control, and education, economically enslaved White Americans in servitude to the colored minority races.

31. Jews' self-serving, "what's good for Jews" organization, networking, lobbying, money-raising, nepotism, and fellow-Jew favoritism in hiring and promoting. Those activities are variously pervasive in such areas as business, government, public-school education, higher academia, writing and publishing, other media enterprises, and social activism.

32. Jews' efforts to promote and enact hate-speech and hate-crime laws (tantamount to Orwellian "thought crime" laws) and other anti-free-speech policies in all the Eurocentric nations.

33. Israel is not a model of democracy in the Middle East as McCain asserts. As he must know, it is a near-theocracy if the Jews are considered a religious group, or at best an ethnocracy if they are not so considered. It is an essentially socialist state and a racist state. Israel has a relatively stagnant economy -- it is all but an economic failure that has only barely managed to survive as a result of all the ill-gotten gains its shameless Holocaust Industry has extorted; the huge amount of foreign-aid welfare it begs and takes from the U.S. and other nations; and its thriving military economy supported in large part by the U.S. and Germany.

34. Rather than being a real democracy, Israel treats its Palestinians as second-class citizens. It legally discourages, to the point of prohibiting, inter-ethnic relations such as intermarriage between Jews and Palestinians. And it provides a guaranteed "right of return" and full citizenship to Jews but denies the same privileges to Palestinians. Israel has practiced ethnic cleansing of Arabs and Palestinians in the past and continues to actively plan and work toward various programs to forcefully "transfer" Palestinians from its (and from their) lands.

35. There is no question of the Jews' and Israel's historic and disproportionate involvement in global, organized criminal activities ranging from their involvement in the supposed Italian dominated American Mafia, to international smuggling and money-laundering and drug trafficking, to being the principal actors in the so-called Russian Mafia, to their heavy involvement in the crimes of the new Russian Oligarchy which engineered sweetheart-deal take-overs of Russian businesses when the Soviet Union collapsed and assets were privatized (thereby raiding the wealth of the hapless Russian people).

36. More specifically, Israelis are infamous for their role in the white-slave sex trade involving predominately Eastern European and Russian women being taken to Israel and other countries for use in prostitution.

37. McCain goes to great pains to make Israel seem the poor, innocent victim of suicide attacks perpetrated by the Palestinian people, when he knows, or should know, that the Palestinians are merely fighting back in the only ways they can and with the only weapons they have. Fighting back against Israeli oppression, persecution, humiliation, and dehumanization. Against Israel's illegally taking their lands; despoiling of their lands, homes, jobs, businesses, crops (farms), and daily lives; murdering their people; and more. McCain should know that the Israelis have virtually forced the Palestinians to undertake suicide attacks (and their children to throw rocks at Israeli soldiers and tanks) as a result of their (the Israelis) using against them all the sophisticated military hardware and weapons (tanks, helicopters, missiles, etc.) which we gave to them. (By the way, these things are discussed and debated in Israel all the time -- it is only in America and other White nations that it is forbidden to mention such things, where anyone doing so is branded with the mother of all smear-labels, "anti-Semite.")

38. It is Israel and no other Middle-Eastern nation (other than Pakistan) that has nuclear weapons of mass destruction and delivery system capabilities.

39. It is Israel that has ignored and/or violated far more U.N. resolutions than Iraq.

40. Year after year, all over the world including in America, Israel blatantly pursues the avowed modus operandi of its foreign intelligence service, the Mossad: "By way of deception thou shalt do war" (to the extent of committing numerous covert acts of aggression against America).

41. How could McCain possibly not be aware of Israel's openly boasting, at several times on different occasions by different government officials and representatives, how they control the American government and how they will use our military prowess to further their interests in the Middle East?

42. Waving the false flag of anti-Semitism, Israelis and Jews repeatedly insist they have the right to mold the minds of American and European Gentiles so they will see things the way the Jews want them to see things (in a way that is "good for the Jews"). Some of the ways they accomplish that are by indoctrination (thought-control) seminars in Israel, Anti-Defamation League training of police and other government officials in the U.S., Holocaust brainwashing of our children in the public schools, etc.

43. Likely Israeli involvement in the 9/11 destruction of the World Trade Center towers -- at the very least having prior knowledge of the terrorist's plans and possibly even conspirational failure to timely alert our proper government authorities of the impending attacks (if not actual complicity in the events themselves -- more Mossad deception?).

44. It seems unbelievable to me that any thinking person could fail to understand that our two wars in Iraq have been contrived and undertaken in large part to serve Israeli interests in the Middle East, as opposed to American interests.

45. Expanding on the preceding item -- how could any conscious, rational, and reasonably intelligent person in the U.S. not be aware that it was the mostly Jewish neocons who pushed President Bush into his war of aggression in Iraq (predicated on a plethora of intelligence failures, miscalculations, stupidities, greedy calculations, and/or out-and-out lies)? A course of action which will surely guarantee the enduring enmity of the Arab/Muslim world, possibly for generations to come. And one that will vastly increase the risk of terrorism directed against the U.S. and which could conceivably lead us directly into World War III. Bush's motivations for the war might have included: a religious (Christian vs. Muslim) crusader mentality (a Holy war), avenging his Daddy, seizing control of the vast Iraqi oil reserves, simple greed (enabling him to distribute millions of dollars among his and Cheney's business cronies), his (self-perceived) tough-guy, cowboy mentality, and/or to serve the interests (or obey the orders?) of Ariel Sharon and the Israelis. But whatever he thought his motivations to be, there is no doubt in my mind that the main result of his Iraq-attack, as a practical matter, has been to serve Israel's geopolitical interests (which most definitely are not the same as America's interests).

46. For all of this, it seems to be pretty hard to spot any Jewish soldiers serving in Iraq, and fewer yet among the dead or wounded. I wonder why that is, considering that this war is being fought for the Jews? (Oh, right -- it's our youngsters who are supposed to fight and die for the Jews.)

And on and on and on, ad nauseam. Israel, a nation of Jews -- this is the nation McCain tells Americans to revere and embrace? Well, for my money, and as the saying goes, "with a friend like this, who needs enemies?"

Oh, and by the way, Senator McCain, with regard to some of the specific things you mentioned in your article:

1. The critics are right -- we should scale back our support of Israel -- to zero support.

2. No, you apparently do not know "what Israel stands for."

3. No, as I think I've made clear, Israel is not a "loyal ally."

4. No, we Americans and the Israeli Jews do not share "common values."

5. You think it is so wonderful that Israel's Jewish people hope to "raise their families in security and freedom in a land of their own." And they hope to do this, of course, by killing and fencing off and otherwise getting rid of the Palestinians and other non-Jews. Well maybe this is a rare case of sharing "common values" with the Israelis (with regard to the overall goals, but not necessarily with the methods used to achieve those goals). Still, don't you find it odd that their Jewish kinsmen in America, many of them Israeli citizens and almost all of them qualified to become such anytime they choose, do everything they possibly can -- such as promoting race-mixing, multi-culturism, rampant non-White immigration, and forced integration with no rights of non-association -- to prevent White people in America from being able to raise their families in security and freedom in a land (or a society) of their own? (Oh yes, I almost forgot -- one standard for Jews, another for everybody else.)

6. If the Jews didn't want to suffer so much for so long, why then didn't they work harder at amicably assimilating into their host societies, starting by putting their loyalty to those societies ahead of their racial/religious loyalties to Jewry?

7. No, we do not know that Hitler had a "Final Solution" which contemplated any large-scale "massacre" of the Jews. In fact, most or all of the credible information available tells us we do know that the Nazis did not have such a plan.

8. And no, Nazi Germany did not deliberately massacre anywhere near the Holohoax number of six million Jewish men, women, and children. That number has been shown to be a myth that was concocted and is perpetuated to serve Jewish and Israeli propaganda interests.

9. Perhaps more than 600 Israeli civilians have been killed by the Palestinians, but you conveniently fail to mention that thousands of Palestinians have been killed by the Israelis.

10. So the Camp David Accords and the Oslo Accords didn't bring everlasting peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, freeing Israel from Arab hatred and terror. But you know that is a double-edged sword, Senator McCain. Why didn't you mention the despicable cruelties visited on the Palestinians by the Israelis, the building of illegal settlements and taking of Palestinian lands, and the hatred the Jews have shown for the Palestinians?

11. Regarding Israel's "stunning offer of Palestinian statehood" -- how very noble and magnanimous of them! But you fail to mention that there were some absolutely unacceptable situations and conditions involved in and attached to that deal. In any case, it is not up to Israel to "offer statehood" to the Palestinians. Conversely, the Israelis simply do not have any right to obstruct or prevent Palestinian statehood (or to keep the lands they have stolen from the Palestinians).

12. Neither, Senator McCain, will the "Roadmap" go anywhere until the Israelis decide to stop maltreating, terrorizing, and killing the Palestinians.

13. No -- the fact is that the continuing and savage attacks by the Israelis on innocent Palestinian civilians -- including children -- must stop.

14. No, Senator, turning our backs on Israel would not at all mean we were "abandoning the principles that built our nation." With a stretch, you might be able to put your finger on a couple near similarities, but by and large those principles were entirely different from the ones the Israelis have used to obtain and build their "shitty little country" (as it was described a couple of years ago by the French Ambassador to London).

Now, considering all the above, you (the reader) might want to go back to what I said at the beginning -- where I speculated about McCain's motivations for writing such a duplicitous and misleading, one-sided article about Israel.

And you might want to ask yourself -- how could someone in McCain's position write something like this when he must have known about most or all of these things. And when he must have been aware of the sordid truth about Israel, the Zionist Jews, the terrible Jewish influence on contemporary American culture and society, the Jewish neocons who control the Bush administration's foreign policy and, for all practical purposes, Jewish control of the U.S. Congress.

If you do that, I think you will discover that there is something dreadfully wrong with this entire situation. And I think you will be inclined to agree with me that it is inexcusable for a member of the U.S. Senate to simply ignore what the Jews and Israel have done -- not only in the distant past and all over the world, but far more importantly, in recent years and to the American people.

Sadly, McCain is not alone in his pandering to Israel, in his being deceived by the Jews, or in his deliberate attempt to deceive the American people, as the case may be. And that is the scary part.

Jewish political ambition, deception, money control, media control, tribal loyalty above loyalty to the real America, and power-mongering have deeply wounded and very seriously endangered our nation. Thanks to their efforts, we are in jeopardy of losing the very civilization our forefathers built in this country. And we White Americans are in clear and present danger of being completely overwhelmed by people of other races, and of seeing our children and grandchildren being forced to live in and being economically enslaved by a non-White, mixed-race, dumbed-down, low-productivity, culturally crippled, technically incompetent, crime-ridden welfare state and a third-world cesspool. And now, thanks to the Zionist and Israeli influence over our nation's government, America is in real danger of suffering more and more severe attacks of terrorism and of being drawn into never-ending regional wars against the Arab/Muslim peoples if not into a third World War.

No, Senator McCain, I will not embrace the Jewish State -- or, with very few exceptions, the Jewish people for that matter. I am not ignorant, or deceived, or deluded. I know who my friends are, and I know who my enemies are. I don't particularly care if I am called an anti-Semite, anti-Israel, or an anti-Jew for that matter. I am going to speak out for my people -- for my ancestors and my progeny. And for the best interests of my country -- the America that once was and the America that can and will be once again!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


by Val Koinen
January 9, 2010

So you think it is wrong, even evil, to be racially aware and Jew-wise? Well don’t be too sure of that … just look at where doing things the other way has gotten us. Just look at the consequences of welcoming racial diversity and integration; and acquiescing to our culture, media, politics, and governance being dominated by the Jews.

For example, look at the consequences of letting known Negro criminals roam freely in our society. In that connection, I just can’t help wondering what kind of lives Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom would have had if they hadn’t been carjacked, kidnapped, raped and otherwise tortured, mutilated and murdered by a gang of Negroes in Knoxville back in 2007. What wonderful things would they have accomplished? How many beautiful children would they have had (whether with each other had they married, or with other spouses), and what would their lives have been like and what would they have contributed? But of course, we’ll never know, will we? No, sorry to say, the world will never know.

And it’s not as though the terrible fate that befell Christian and Newsom was unique, or even all that unusual. We could have the same thoughts and ask the same questions about countless other young White victims of violent black-on-White crime -- all those others that have been raped, otherwise traumatized, and killed year after year (on almost a daily basis) in the dirty, “secret” war of savage Negro-on White and other non-White-on-White crime. What would all their lives have been like? What contributions to humanity and posterity have been lost as a result of their being brutalized and killed by the Negroes and mestizos loosed on our White society? And what of the many children those young White people might have had, and all the future generations of their progeny, that have been irretrievably lost? We just cannot say, can we? We’ll never know.

Although those kinds of personal tragedies hit home the hardest, we need also to be mindful of some other very important things. For example, we should ask ourselves --what kind of glorious futures would so many of our once-great cities have had if we had not allowed them to be taken over by blacks and mestizos, and then turned into dilapidated ruins such as large portions of Detroit, or dangerous “no-go” zones (for Whites) such as parts of Los Angeles? Just imagine them as glistening, futuristic cities and think about them as vibrant centers of industry, science, learning, architecture, business, and art -- shining examples of ever-advancing White civilization. You can do that with a little imagination, but the way things are going these days, the truth is, we’ll never really know what those and many other cities might have become.

And what of our once highly regarded public education system? What would it have been like today, and even more poignantly what would it be like 50 or 100 years from now, especially in so many of our major population centers, had we not filled those schools with all the comparably uneducable Negroes and the slower-learning, largely non-English-speaking mestizos? If we had more wisely spent all that wasted money on properly educating our children, and not subjected so many of our kids to the daily torture of non-White thug behavior, how many more White youngsters would have graduated high school and gone on to college? And if so many of those Whites hadn’t been displaced by affirmative-action Negroes and mestizos, how many more great White scientists, statesmen, teachers, and the like might we have produced? Well, we’ll never know, will we?

How much better off would our country be right now if we had not changed our immigration laws back in 1965 to encourage so many non-Whites to immigrate into the U.S.? If we had not tolerated the massive illegal-alien invasion of more recent years, along with all the devastating social costs that has led to? Of course, we know the answer, generally speaking, is “a lot better off.” But as far as the ultimate cost to the America envisioned by our founders, and that still existed as recently as fifty years ago, we’ll never know the whole answer.

Just think about it, and ask yourself -- how much more beautiful, family-oriented, healthy, and uplifted would our cultural lives be in America if television, movies, print media, music, and all the other aspects of our popular culture hadn’t become so dominated by Jews? If literature and performing arts hadn’t become so perverted, negrified, and filled with gratuitous sex, soft porn, filth, violence, radical feminism, and promotion of homosexuality? Sadly, we have let things go too far -- and as a consequence, we’ll never know.

On the economic front, we might give some thought to the financial devastation America has suffered since 2007 (foreclosures, bankruptcies, bail-outs, job losses and unemployment, lost savings, etc.). How much better off would we be if we had not had all the Jew-instigated and perpetrated financial shenanigans or all the home loans made so grossly unqualified Negroes and mestizos could “buy” and live in expensive homes (virtual mansions compared to housing they deserved and could afford)? We might have some pretty good ideas about those matters, but the truth is, we’ll never know.

Another question worth asking -- exactly how much better off would our schools, infrastructure and the like be if we had spent the hundreds of billions of dollars that we have given to Israel on those kinds of things instead? Or, how much better off would our wage-earners and small businessmen be if we had taxed them less since 1948 instead of letting ourselves be coerced into forking over all that money to Israel? We have a fair idea, but we’ll never know exactly, and we have no idea how much more money will be wasted in that fashion.

Some more historical retrospection might also be in order. Thinking back to the first half of the twentieth century, one might wonder what accomplishments eastern European White people might have achieved if 20 million or more of them hadn’t been murdered by the Jewish-dominated communists during and following the Russian Revolution. And what great human accomplishments might have been achieved by all the European, American, New Zealand, Australian, and Canadian Whites that were slaughtered in the Jew-instigated, horrendously fratricidal World Wars (which the Jews managed to drag us Americans into)? And once again, what wonderful creations and contributions might have been made by the millions of children and grandchildren that were never born to all those who lost their lives needlessly and prematurely in those wars? Sadly, the world will never know. What a terrible waste; what a sickening loss.

Another war-related issue -- involved as we are in this kind of self-analytical exercise, we should probably ask ourselves what grand works we Whites of the Western nations could have achieved with the tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars extorted from European nations and America by the Jews and Israelis using their “holocaust” scam. I guess we’ll never know, will we? And it’s not just the monetary losses. How much better off -- stronger and more self-confident -- would our people be if they had not been subjected to (in essence, “brainwashed” by) all the guilt and self-doubt of the “holo-hoax” fantasy lies since they were first pushed on us so unmercifully starting in the 1950’s? Well, once again, we’ll never know.

And finally, while we are discussing war-related issues, we might give some thought to the costs of our recent military adventures (in actuality and to large extent wars of Jewish hegemony) in the middle-East (Afghanistan, Iraq; potentially Iran, Pakistan, and Yemen). In how many thousands of ways would the world, and particularly the lives of those involved, be better if we had insisted on learning and exposing the truth about the World Trade Center attacks and as a consequence had gone after the real perpetrators in a rational way? How many thousands of Americans, other nationals drawn into these actions by America; and how many millions of Iraqis, Afghanis, and Pakistanis; would still be living or would not be suffering the horrible wounds of war if we had not waged these wars largely for the benefit of the illegitimate State of Israel? Of course, nothing is more important than all the loss of life and other human carnage. But we also must ask ourselves, I think, how much better off would America’s economic situation be right now if we had not squandered all those hundreds of billions of dollars on those unnecessary wars. Well, yes, it’s true -- we’ll never know.

And lastly, there is the huge matter of White racial genetics; integrity; continuing societal, political, and civilizational development; evolution; and survival. I’ll ask the question; maybe you can stop and really think about it. How different would it be -- how much better would it be -- for White Americans if we had not let all these non-Whites run rampant in our society via integration of housing, schools, the workplace, and by copulating with our daughters? How much better off would our economy be, if only by virtue of the billions of dollars we would have saved on welfare, health care, education, and incarceration of those “others?” How much more advanced, peaceful, and beautiful would our neighborhoods and communities be? Once again, because we have allowed so many aspects of our society to be virtually overrun and destroyed by non-Whites, we’ll never know. (Although, in this case we do know that the America we once knew and cherished has already suffered mightily by all this race mixing with these genetically, intellectually, and behaviorally different, if not inferior, peoples.)

I do think we need to ask ourselves -- what would America and the world be like today if we White people of Western Civilization hadn’t made all these mistakes in the names of liberalism, political correctness, democracy, altruism, egalitarianism, diversity and multi-culturalism, White guilt, and misguided deference to the ever-calculating, goyim-hating Jews? Sadly, I’m afraid, we’ll never know; the world will never know.

Now, having reflected on these matters, the questions we White people of America need to ask ourselves are: As horribly as so many of these things have worked out, as bad as things are, and as gloomy as the future seems to be -- does that mean that we should just “give it all up?” Or should we start working to improve things, and begin to fight for redemption; for our very survival; and for our progeny and posterity?