White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Sunday, October 31, 2010


by Val Koinen
October 31, 2010

In writing about the problems facing White people these days I frequently refer to the “complicit and culpable Jews.”

I usually try to make it clear, in context, just what it is that I mean by that term. Still, it might be helpful to readers if I explained and clarified the term.

To me, and from the standpoint of their having a detrimental effect on White culture and society, and to the extent they say and do things that further that effect, the term “complicit and culpable Jews” refers to many if not most of the members of such groups and organizations as those listed below (and no doubt others as well):

- Religious Jews (adherents of Judaism, including Orthodox, Talmudic, and Rabbinical Jews)
- Organized Jewry
- Jewish Financial Contributors and other Supporters of Jew-Identified Organizations
- International Jewry
- High-Finance Jews and Jewish Bankers and Brokers
- Jewish Investment Scammers
- Jewish Zionists
- Israeli Jews
- Jewish Neoconservatives
- Jewish Politicians and Office Holders
- Jewish Bureaucrats, Government Executives and Administrators
- Jewish Lobbyists
- Jewish Lawyers and Judges
- Jewish Psychiatrists and Psychologists
- Jewish Spies
- Jewish Supremacists
- Jewish “Holocaust” Liars, Scammers, and Frauds
- Academic Jewry
- Jewish Media Moguls and Executives
- Jewish Journalists, Columnists, Novelists, and other Writers
- Jewish Radio and TV Personalities, Commentators, and Pundits
- Jewish Garbage-Artists, Dealers, Curators, and Patrons
- Jewish Gangsters and Criminals
- Jewish Terrorists
- Jewish Think-Tankers
- Jewish Entertainers, Producers, and Directors
- Jewish Leftists, Ultraliberals, Socialists, Marxists, and Communists
- Jewish Radical Feminists
- Jewish Homosexuals, Pornographers, White Slavers, Smut Peddlers, Pedophiles, and Other Perverts
- Social Activist Jews


Have you spotted what is truly amazing about this list? No? Well, it is this: Such a list would be largely meaningless, even ludicrous, for any group other than the Jews.

I list all of these types of Jewish individuals and groups (include them as “complicit and culpable Jews”) because it makes the point that it is only the Jews – the self-identifying and group-survival-strategy-practicing Jews, amongst all the other religious and ethnic groups in the country (and in the world for that matter) – that can be legitimately characterized in this fashion. The Jews are all these things, and they are prominent in all these areas. And more than that, a significant part of their being members of these groups is, for many of them, saying and doing things that are, overtly or covertly, inimical to the best interests of White people.

Just about everyone who reads this list will instinctively recognize what I mean when I say these “types” of Jews are often malevolently “complicit and culpable.” And one reason they are so recognizable is because only the Jews have historically banded together in so many ways, developing such a consensus of common purpose; such a network of nepotism; such a mutual understanding of each other that enables them to cooperate effectively in such a common strategy and effort to achieve so many common goals and with such unified, clannish dedication.

I just couldn’t prepare and put forth this kind of list for any other ethnic or religious group in America. Not for German-, Scottish-, or Italian-Americans. Or for Baptists, Methodists, Mormons, Christians in general, or even Muslim-Americans. It just wouldn’t make sense. It would come across as being ridiculous, or just plain silly. It wouldn’t even make sense for the most problematic groups when it comes to being in the forefront of effecting our dispossession and demise – the blacks and the mestizos. Or even the Muslims versus the Whites in Europe. Or the Swedes or Irish versus anybody.

Certainly some of these “types” might make sense and be a recognizable fit for some of those other groups, in situations where they have had an adversarial relationship with the interests of some other, targeted out-group. But most would not. Other groups just do not have so many areas of substantial social and political influence that can be tied to such common “what’s good for my group at the expense of your group” behavior. Such a broad and comprehensive yet specifically inclusive list would just not “ring true” when applied to any other group.

But not so for the Jews. For them, it makes perfect sense. That is what is so telling about the Jews.

Now don’t get me wrong here – I haven’t “gone off the deep end.” I’m not saying that I believe all Jews are knowingly and actively conspiring to destroy White people and Western Civilization. I’m not saying that they all support the efforts of their fellow Jews to destroy our culture and our gene pool. I’m not even saying that I believe all of them even know about these things.

But I am saying that too damned many of them – probably most of them and especially most of their better educated and most successful and affluent individuals, if only through their loyalties and contributions to Jewish organizations and their “what’s good for Jews” mindset – are either knowingly and actively or at least passively working to support and advance their generally undeclared but mutually understood “Jewish agenda.” And that agenda all too frequently works to the detriment – oftentimes the lethal detriment – of White people in America and around the world.

Oh, by the way – yes, if I had wanted to make this essay a bit longer, I could have easily put a good many names to the Jewish “types” listed above. It’s not very hard to find numerous Jewish individuals and formal organizations, both historical and contemporary, that fit every one of the listings; including individuals and groups that have in fact done great damage to our culture and society, if not to Western Civilization and the White race itself. A suggestion: why don’t you do that research yourself? I guarantee that you will very easily turn up numerous names of a good many major culprits (complicit and culpable Jews, remember?) (along with literally hundreds of lesser players).

Monday, October 18, 2010


by Val Koinen
October 18, 2010

I have been asked several times over the past few months why I am so negative toward Negroes, mestizos, and Jews. Why I seem to hate them so much; why I am such a vehement racist and strident anti-Semite.

The best short answer might be, “Well, I don’t know that ‘hate’ has all that much to do with it – it’s more a matter of having a great deal of respect for nature (including genetics and evolution); caring very deeply about the well-being and future of my own people; and reverence for the truth.”

Anyway, I thought it might be appropriate if I briefly outlined the main reasons for my thinking the way I do about these matters – these issues that to me at least are such crucially all-important, life-and-death factors affecting the survival of the White race and Western Civilization. There are many more, but these are the “biggies.”


(1) From the standpoints of genetics, stage of species evolutionary development, protection and preservation of White DNA, and the ultimate survival of our race; Negroes are a distinct and less developed (less evolved) subspecies of humankind. Genetically, they just are not “us.” I want my great grandchildren and their progeny to be genetically White; I don’t want them to be part Negro, to carry Negro DNA. Plus – by mixing with them (and with other non-White races), we Whites are destined to be slowly but surely exterminated. In that event we will eventually disappear from the face of the earth. I don’t think that’s a good thing, and I don’t think we should let that happen.

(2) Negroes are not only a different subspecies, they are (overall, on average, and individually more often than not) less intelligent (lower IQ); have less developed (less “civilized”) behavioral traits; and are less able to participate and function successfully in our White Euro-centric society. That being the case, we do our own race a huge disservice by allowing them to completely integrate in, and freely share, our society because they always have and always will have the effect, on balance, of dragging it down and to some significant extent ruining it for our people. Another way of putting it might be – just look at societies which are exclusively Negro (or even just predominantly Negro), such as much of Detroit, Camden New Jersey, Haiti, and the African countries; and it will be immediately obvious that they cannot create or even sustain our kind of society (government, legal system, beauty and order, quality of life, scientific and artistic achievement, etc.). I think it is clear that it does us White people no good to allow our society to be, or to become, even just a “little bit” more like theirs.

[Sure, there are a lot of good (and smart, talented, and civilly refined) black people. But there are far more mentally and behaviorally lesser-developed individuals. And overall – on average – they are decidedly inferior to Whites with regard to such things as IQ, behavioral traits, criminal tendencies, social morality, functional abilities in jobs that require average and especially above-average intelligence, etc.]

(3) In view of the above, it is unnatural, unfair, and just plain intolerable that the White race should be so heavily burdened with the black presence in our society (the “albatross factor”). We need to be free to be what we can be – to enjoy the fruits of the societies only we can create, and to continue unimpeded on our own natural evolutionary course, our developmental pathway to becoming even more and better than we are now.

(4) The huge monetary costs to America’s White citizens for such things as Negro welfare, food stamps, education, health care, criminal control (policing, courts, and incarceration) is just not right, fair, natural, necessary, or tolerable. This is money that could (and should) be used to improve the lot of our people; to advance and make better our White society.

(5) I have to admit that I am particularly resentful of all the undeserved and unwarranted favoritism showered upon the Negroes by our government via such things as “affirmative action” hiring and racial-preferences in school admissions etc.

(6) Our White children’s educations suffer greatly whenever and wherever there are substantial numbers of blacks in the public schools. Their instruction is impeded and “dumbed down” by the disruptions of the Negro students and due to so much time and so many resources being spent on what is really a futile effort to educate the comparatively uneducable Negro children. Their educations are also diminished by all the “politically correct” inaccuracies and outright lies that are taught in classrooms and printed in many textbooks. And worse, our White children are frequently assaulted physically and sexually in their schools by predatory blacks.

(7) We White citizens have long suffered from being terrorized and brutalized by black-on-White crime resulting from the Negroes’ criminal proclivities and lack of control – by the vastly disproportionate rates of assault, rape, murder etc. perpetrated on our people. All the physical pain, mental anguish, and death, plus the monetary costs of this outrageous situation; add up to the “secret, dirty war” being waged against Whites in America every day, year after year after year.

(8) The cultural distortion and destruction caused by the Negro presence in our society (as promoted and exaggerated and artificially glorified by the Jews – see below) has gotten completely out of hand. Watching TV (both the shows and the commercials), taking in a movie, and looking at advertisements in newspapers and magazines, na├»ve Whites are given the (false) impressions that we must always include blacks in our social activities and business associations; that Negroes are the smartest and most virtuous and least criminally inclined members of any group; and that Negroes are just naturally the leaders and supervisors of the less talented Whites. Particularly disturbing is the way this unnatural, “negrified” culture – including such things as their so-called “music,” manner of dress, street language and supposed “coolness” -- is so constantly hammered into the heads of our impressionable White children; so relentlessly marketed to them.


(1) All the Negro issues above, to variously greater or lesser degree.

(2) Their immigration invasion, both quasi-legal and illegal; together with their high birth rate and their openly (and with open hostility) advocating the “reconquista” of large portions of our country; are overwhelming us. If unchecked, that horrible situation, coupled with increasing miscegenation with Negroes, will turn America into a brown nation in just a few decades. Think Mexico- and Brazil-North, or Portugal- or Egypt-West.

(3) Their taking over lower-tier jobs that once provided gainful entry-level employment for our young people and our less educated and less skilled adults as well has had a serious and negative impact on many communities. In the process, they lower wages and cause substantial White unemployment.

(4) The social welfare costs of pandering to the mestizo invaders – such things as general welfare hand-outs, food stamps, medical care, law enforcement and incarceration – are already bankrupting many communities, even entire states such as California.

(5) By pandering to the mestizos, even the illegals, we are allowing them to corrupt, pervert, contaminate, and even displace our English language over large parts of the country (in schools, government offices, and entire cities). (This is glaringly obvious in the case of the mestizos, but also applies to the Negroes, with their guttural, negrified English and so-called “ebonics.”)

(6) Due largely to the above language factor but also as a result of their south-of-the-border cultural heritage and their poor scholastic abilities (their comparative uneducability, like the Negroes but perhaps to a somewhat lesser extent); the mestizos also detract significantly from our White children’s educations and cost us White taxpayers a great deal of money.


[The Jews are such a terrible, malicious, and anti-White tribe of people that even though it will be difficult, I will have to try my best to limit the following listing to a reasonable number of major issues.]

(1) The Jews exert hugely excessive influence over our governance via their disproportionate representation in Congress and among the executive branch’s advisory and administrative appointments and on the Supreme Court. And due also to their many aggressive lobbying organizations, their huge level of campaign contributions, and their control of the press (which enables them to influence voters in favor of or against specific issues and candidates). And all these influences are bolstered by the generous use of their slanderous “anti-Semite” smear and blackmail ploy and their “what’s good for Jews” strategy of unified and coordinated action.

(2) They are able to shape public opinion with regard to essentially all things that matter via their hugely disproportionate ownership and other control of the press (newspapers, magazine and book publishing), television and radio networks, motion picture studios, other entertainment media, and the music industry (recording and distribution). By exercising all the directed-purpose power this gives them, the Jews are substantially in control of pop culture and social thinking in America. They have used all that power to distort, even to destroy, our White-European culture and values; for example by pushing negrified culture and the over-representation of Negroes on us Whites and by peddling countless other perversions of healthy social and family values.

(3) The Jews have worked incessantly through the 20th century (and now into the 21st), very successfully, to get America (and the other White, European nations) into wars that they otherwise might have avoided; including in particular World War II and most recently the wars for Israel in the Middle East (just look into the malevolent influence the Jewish “neoconservatives” had on our waging war on the Iraqis during the Bush administration).

(4) The Jews were the primary instigators and the proximate cause of the rise of communism early in the 20th Century, which event was devastating to all the hundreds of millions of people directly affected. It cost the U.S. decades of military concern and struggle and billions of dollars, and led directly and indirectly to the death of tens of millions of our people (primarily our White European cousins but arguably also many thousands of our very own soldiers in wars that would never have happened if it was not for Jew-inspired communism).

(5) For more than a hundred years the Jews in America have worked diligently, aggressively, and successfully to weaken (and ultimately destroy) White, Euro-centric America through such things as:
  • Promotion of slavery and working in the forefront of slave trading and shipping in colonial America.
  • Changing our immigration laws, especially in 1965, which has led to a massive influx of non-Whites.
  • Pushing for Negro “civil rights,” integration, race-mixing, and glorification of the fallacies of “diversity” and multi-culturalism (and all that in stark contrast to their ethnic cleansing, apartheid, policies in their own “Jewish state” Israel).
  • Pushing the radical feminist agenda that has done so much to damage the traditional, natural, and healthy relationship between White American men and women.
  • Promoting and purveying homosexuality, pornography, and the premature sexualization of our children in our society.
  • Working to instill massive “White guilt” in our people via such things as “holocaust” indoctrination and guilt for historical slavery.

(6) The Jews have shamelessly brainwashed our people, and especially our schoolchildren, with their “holocaust” myth – essentially a hoax and an extortion racket designed to:
  • Extort billions of dollars from Germany, Switzerland, and other countries.
  • Create sympathy to justify and enable the creation and continued existence of Israel.
  • Instill guilt among the German people, and by extension, all the world’s White people.
  • Deflect the world’s attention from their horrendous maltreatment of the Palestinians and other non-Jews in Israel and surrounding areas.
  • Maintain a high level of sympathy for their being uniquely persecuted through the years (as they see it) and for their self-declared status as the “chosen” people.

(7) Disproportionate Jewish control of banking and the financial and brokerage industries (“high finance”) in America, coupled with their heavy involvement if not dominance of international finance and banking, has been significantly responsible for such things as: the transgressions of the Federal Reserve, recessions and depressions and the resulting loss of wealth and property by White Americans (and huge gains by the Jewish financial class), devastating perpetrations of illicit financial schemes and fraud of all kinds, massive government debt, and crippling inflation.

(8) …and, a myriad of other things those people have done to the everlasting detriment of White Americans down through the years and ongoing to this day – such things as: relentlessly committing espionage at the highest levels and involving the most serious national security matters, attacks such as that on the U.S.S. Liberty back in 1967, blatantly promoting miscegenation (especially of White women with black males), striving through nepotism and networking to achieve over-representation if not outright domination in academia and the legal-justice system (as lawyers and judges), and even their probable involvement if not outright responsibility for the horrendous “9-11” attack.

[Oh, yes, there are some honorable people – some truth-tellers and resisters – amongst the Jews, and some very capable scientists and medical people. But in my opinion they are far outnumbered by the “complicit and culpable” Jews who have done and continue to do so much damage to Western Civilization and White people in Europe and America and other White countries as set out above.]

[I recognize that many of my complaints about the Jews stem from their successes, which result not only from their tribal dedication but also from their intelligence, academic achievement, and good work ethic. Those traits would be admirable in other circumstances. While you have to have some admiration and respect for an adversary who, through his abilities and efforts, is on the verge of triumphing over you, defeating you, and conquering you; that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t resent what he is doing to you and fight back to the best of your ability. After all, these aren’t just a bunch of African savages throwing spears at us. Sad as it may be, and to the huge detriment of and lethal danger to our people, the complicit and culpable Jews have time and again chosen to be our adversaries – our enemies – to use their mental capabilities, talents, and resources to disrupt and destroy the White societies they have penetrated.]

The point I have tried to make is that – taken all together – the above listings comprise a testament to the impending destruction of our White culture, our “Western Civilization,” and ultimately our continued existence as a people. And those dire circumstances are not just some distant “possibility.” With the Jew-devised and Jew-pushed social and political dispossession of Whites, the consequent ascendancy of non-Whites (historically especially the Negroes but in recent years most devastatingly the invasion of our nation by the mestizo hordes), and that explosive growth of the mestizo segment of the population; all coupled with our one-man-one-vote democracy and the prevalent envious, jealous animosity and even open hostility instilled in the coloreds against White people – we Whites will soon be absolutely dispossessed and then economically enslaved and increasingly maltreated by government and the colored hordes both legally and physically. Within three or four generations our great grandchildren and those who follow will likely find themselves working their entire lives to support a nation of non-Whites (if they are even allowed to do that – if they are not literally running and hiding for their lives). It’s not a very pretty picture, is it? It’s not really the way you would want things to turn out for your people, is it?

Monday, October 11, 2010


by Val Koinen
October 11, 2010

There’s no question about it – we White people have gotten ourselves into one hell of a mess.

We have allowed ourselves to become racially neutered. We have all but abandoned our White European cultural heritage. We have let ourselves become economically enslaved by the preponderantly non-White welfare state. We (all too many of us) have accepted the sick notion that only White people – our people – should be ashamed of who they are, should feel guilty about their past, and should refrain from speaking up and fighting for their unique interests and their very survival. And we are letting the “powers that be” move forward with their plans for our racial extinction – the genocide of our people.

One of the most frightening and disheartening things about this mess – this terrible predicament we White people and our Western Civilization are in – is that we’ve become so browbeaten and timid that most of our people are afraid just to speak up about it. We are afraid to speak – even to think – the truth about such things as racial differences, our social/political dispossession, and organized Jewry’s efforts to weaken us as a people (and ultimately to utterly destroy the White majorities in America and other White nations).

We even allow the liberal, politically-correct, excessively Jew-influenced public education system to teach all their lies to our precious children, for crying out loud!

There was a time, not so many years ago, when we were more savvy and a whole lot tougher – when most White people had a pretty good understanding of racial realities. And when many of our friends and neighbors even recognized the destructive anti-White nature of Jewish perfidy and social/political activism. But no longer. Nowadays, most of our people have been so brainwashed and have become so soft-headed and irresponsible and complacent, that they actually believe “diversity is our strength;” that our society should not be “too White;” that we Whites are just like people of other races (except that White people have been uniquely cruel and exploitative); and that Jews are special, “chosen” people who have been uniquely persecuted for no good reason (for no fault of their own).

Well, White folks, it is time – well past time – to speak up on our own behalf; to speak up for our people. (You can rest assured – nobody else is going to do that for us!)

I would suggest that we need to refamiliarize ourselves with the truth about these matters – and with the truth about the historical greatness of our people and our many achievements that have so abundantly benefited all of mankind. Then, we need to develop a strong sense of righteous outrage – to become unapologetically outspoken about all these critically important things – about race reality and Jew-truth. We need to openly resist the horrible things that are being done to our people, our societies, our civilization, and our nations. We need to strike back as opposed to continuing to just sit back on our rear ends and allowing ourselves to be trod on – to be squished like so many bugs.

Just take a minute to think about it. How can any genetically unique life form, species, or subspecies (“race,” in the case of humans) hope to prosper or even survive if they refuse to stand up and fight for their living space and all the things that go along with that, including their genetic heritage and their culture? If they become so weak or misguided in their thinking, or allow themselves to be so brainwashed or become such “wimps” that they are afraid even to speak up – to insist on truth and rationality; to demand that their own rights and needs are protected and fulfilled by their own government? The answer, to our great detriment, is that they cannot.

Here, then, are some examples of issues and instances that should prompt every good, healthy-minded White person to speak out – just a few of the thousands of examples of “wrongthink,” injustices, and perverted situations that should never be allowed to go unchallenged; that demand an appropriate response.

Whenever appropriate, we need to speak up calmly, authoritatively, and clearly (and sometimes loudly and stridently), with the truth about racial differences and the devastating effects of forced integration, and about Jewish efforts to destroy our White society – in conversations with friends, neighbors, relatives, and others.

We always need to speak up in order to put the lie to claims of racial “sameness” and racial equality and the supposed virtues of diversity and beauties of multiculturalism as those things are constantly promoted and propagandized by government, schools, and the media. We need to communicate the message to our politicians that too many of our cities and too many parts of our country are already too “dark” with non-Whites. We need to get it into their heads that we do not want any more Detroits, or L.A.-type barrios.
That we don’t want, and will not tolerate, a darker and continuously darkening America; a more negrified culture; more mestizo-gang and mestizo-crime bedeviled neighborhoods. And that to that end, we don’t want any more Somalians or Nigerians or other black Africans brought into our towns, and we don’t want the continued inflow of mestizos and other “coloreds” via immigration preferences for non-Whites. At every opportunity we should point to the vastly disproportionate amounts of Negro and mestizo crime, especially violent crime directed against Whites (America’s dirty, “secret” war). We need to demand that we stop putting our White children in harm’s way by forcing them to attend schools with large Negro and other non-White student populations; and that we racially segregate our prison populations so Whites are not raped and otherwise victimized by Negroes and mestizos. We must become much more vocal in objecting to Negroes and other non-Whites getting special, favored consideration and treatment for jobs and school admissions via “affirmative action” and other racial-preference programs. We should never fail to point out, and object to, and refuse to participate in or pay for; Negrified and Jewified anti-White filth-culture – and especially, the garbage being foisted upon our children. We must never fail to register our displeasure with all the biased, anti-White, and race-mixing-promoting content on television, in the movies, and in print media. We should constantly and vociferously point out and object to the over-representation and artificially enhanced and exaggerated status of Negroes and other racial minorities on TV, in movies, in “feel-good” newspaper stories, and in print ads. We need to speak up at meetings, and write letters-to-editors, about the never-ending lies about race and history, and the ludicrous glorification of non-Whites, in public school classroom instruction and textbooks.

Millions of White Americans, not just a few of us, should be shouting in the faces of the powers-that-be, telling them we don’t want any kind of amnesty for the hordes of illegal-alien mestizo immigrants (invaders) – that we want them all sent packing and our borders secured against them.

We should constantly, at every opportunity, point out the lies, exaggerations, and slanderous deceptions of the Jewish and establishment versions of World War II history and the so-called “holocaust” extortion racket.

We should remain a strong nation militarily, in order to protect legitimate American interests; but we should never again let the Israelis and their unprincipled White lapdogs deceive us into fighting wars “for the Jews.”

We should “scream to high heaven” every time the schools and TV shows depict homosexuality as just another acceptable, if not particularly fun and attractive, alternate lifestyle.

We need to stop apologizing for our truthful observations and comments about non-Whites and their shortcomings and the troubles they cause in our society. Instead, we need to be voicing those thoughts more often and more strongly than ever. We need to say it loudly and proudly and repeatedly: “You only call me a ‘racist’ because I am White;” and “When you say you are anti-racist, that just means you are anti-White.” And “When you call me an ‘anti-Semite,’ all that means is that I’ve offered some legitimate criticism of Jews or of Israel, or that I’ve mentioned or pointed out something that you don’t want people to know about; something that you would prefer to hide, or suppress.”

We have to stop being so quietly tolerant and accepting of blatantly anti-White laws and government actions – we need to talk openly about them, and do whatever we can, legally, to reverse and eliminate those lethal and generally unconstitutional oppressions. We need to “holler our heads off” next time and every time authorities fail to (refuse to) press “hate crime” enhanced charges against black and brown perpetrators of violent crimes committed on Whites (in view of the fact they nearly always bring hate-crime charges against Whites who do the most trifling things to “people of color”). More of us should be “screaming our heads off” about Obama’s non-stop, anti-White, racist efforts to communize and virtually destroy what is left of our once-White America. We need to raise all kinds of hell every time our mulatto U.S. government does something like giving the “New Black Panthers” a pass on prosecution for voter intimidation (or for that matter, our Justice Department putting into place a policy of not prosecuting non-White perps for their crimes against White victims). We need to shout out ever more loudly our insistence that government stop squandering ever more of our tax dollars trying to educate Negroes and mestizos to White standards (proven many times over to be a biological impossibility).

To sum up – we Whites need to become more knowledgeable and better informed, and then we need to stop being so timid, fearful, or even bashful about these life-and-death White survival issues. We need to get in the habit of speaking up for our own people whenever we can – routinely and opportunistically, calmly and matter-of-factly, knowledgeably, unapologetically, proudly, consistently, and repetitively, over and over again, at every opportunity. Remember – by not doing these things we will face an outcome that is tantamount to genocide by default; extermination by neglect.

And why shouldn’t we do these things? Remember – you can’t win a race without entering it and running in it – without trying to win it. You can’t succeed at anything without putting forth some effort. You can’t compete successfully in business or any other endeavor without performing as well as your mental and physical capabilities allow you to perform. And you can’t survive this racial competition with a poisoned mind and with both hands tied behind your back.

And don’t ever forget one more thing – it is only we White people who have suffered through countless decades of brainwashing by the Jew-dominated media, and Jew-influenced government and public education. It is only Whites who have been “deracinated,” made suicidally unaware of racial realities and the consequences of failing to fight for their own kind.

The Jews always concentrate on “what’s good for Jews” (even though whatever it is often works to the detriment of Whites). The Negroes always push for advantages and freebies for themselves (at our expense). The mestizos take and steal and suck up everything they can get from our society while openly working to “reconquer” our lands. So, then, why in hell shouldn’t we White people start speaking up (and acting out) for what’s good for our people?

At this point you might be wondering – how could things have turned out this way; how could this situation have gotten so far out of hand? Well, there are a lot of reasons, and a detailed analysis would be far beyond my capabilities and would require a separate essay (or book?). Suffice it to say that, like all people, Whites have a whole range of virtues and weaknesses, or shortcomings, all of which can be (and in fact have been) used against us by the ever-manipulative complicit and culpable Jews.

Some traits of European-Americans that under better (more “ideal”) circumstances (and if not taken advantage of in malicious ways) might have been counted as virtues: universal altruism; egalitarianism; polite acceptance of political-correctness; well-intentioned social/political liberalism; adherence to “rugged individualism” as opposed to group-behavior (“atomization”); for our own sake but more importantly for the sake of our families and others who depend on us, an overriding and completely understandable unwillingness to do anything that would jeopardize our jobs (incomes) and standing in the community; overwhelming tendency and motivation to be benevolent, good, and fair to other people, especially “disadvantaged” people (tendency toward being “Mr. Nice Guy” and habit of “rooting for the underdog”); and even the Christian attitude of “turning the other cheek.”

Some definite shortcomings and weaknesses of our people under any circumstances: our embracing (succumbing to) excessively affluent and “easy” lifestyles in recent years (overabundance of leisure, pursuit of hedonistic pleasures, unbridled frivolity, and “soft thinking”); social/political irresponsibility and laziness, along with a lack of analytical, critical, hard, tough and rational thinking; cowardice; greed; untruthfulness and dishonesty and the prevalent willingness to accept, or “live with” those things when we recognize them in others; all too frequent willingness to let “the other fellow” worry about bad things we see happening to our society and our people.

To be sure, all of these things have contributed to the situation at hand; to our dispossession; to our demise. The key is – all these traits (and no doubt many others) common but by no means unique to White people of European extraction can be and have been used against us, to our great detriment – by ourselves, by the many “race traitor” so-called leaders and other activists among us, and by the ever-calculating Jews who would like to see Whites weakened so they can more easily dominate over darkened, less intelligent and more subservient masses that are less capable of resisting their dominance.

So, in view of all the above, you might ask – “What are we to do?” There are no easy answers, of course; there is no “magic elixir.” But with all due respect and modesty, and as a start, I would suggest the following:

(1) Take your Jew-imposed (and self-imposed) blinders off and work at becoming more aware and knowledgeable about these things. Be open-minded as you study these issues.

(2) Work at understanding “why it matters;” why it is not evil, but indeed is natural and virtuous, to be racist and anti-semitic (and why it is deadly and suicidal to be the only racial group that is not racially aware and motivated).

(3) Start living the life of a proud White person, always conscious of and willing to do the right thing when it comes down to “what’s good for White people.”

(4) Speak up; speak out at every appropriate opportunity – challenge the misconceptions and the outright lies; the hateful and lethal wrongs that are constantly being done to us White people by non-Whites, Jews, and the establishment.

(5) And never forget the “fourteen words” of David Lane: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” (And oh, yes, there are another fourteen words coined by him that you might want to keep in mind: "Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.")