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Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Saturday, February 5, 2011


by Val Koinen
February 5, 2011

I have to admit – I never saw it coming. Oh, I have long been racially aware, having been exposed to Negroes and their characteristics and behavior starting at age 11. So I have been something of a race realist ever since I was a boy. And I have long known we had a serious and seriously threatening race problem in America, and that we were not doing the right things to manage that problem and to correct earlier mistakes. That in fact we were making things worse, year after year.

But for most of my adult life, even well past middle-age, I didn’t really, completely appreciate the Jewish problem and the nature of Jews and Jewish perfidy (involving the “complicit and culpable” Jews as I frequently refer to them). And I sure as hell never thought that in one man’s lifetime – my own lifetime –I would witness the downfall and impending destruction of Western Civilization. In my wildest nightmares, I never would have imagined I would bear witness to the near-total dispossession of my people, and especially, of White men. I would never have believed I would live to see us so far along the way to being genocided out of existence, even in our traditional White homelands and particularly in America.

I’m afraid that very few of our people – and even a surprisingly small portion of racially aware and Jew-wise people (so-called “White Nationalist” types) – are fully aware of just how dire our situation is. Very few are aware that we Whites are under full assault – under siege – in a one-sided anti-White state of war, and that we are on the verge of becoming completely dispossessed and defeated. And that our virtual extinction will soon follow.

That, I’m sorry to say, is my “State-of-the-Race Assessment” for 2011. And it’s not just a load of B.S. as was so much of Obama’s recent State of the Union Address. We Whites are truly in dire straits with regard to our natural progression as a people and our very survival as a subspecies of humanity – as the most advanced, talented, achieving, and civilized race the world has ever known.

And yes, the situation surely has gotten much worse even in just the past few months. Things are literally “unraveling” right before our eyes. It’s as though things are now going from bad to worse at an ever-increasing rate; as though we have entered the end-game; as though the Jews are now “moving in for the kill” – getting ready to finally dispense with us Whites as a cohesive racial group; one that has some viability for survival.

Come take a little tour with me. Let’s have a look at just a few of the insanities – situations and occurrences – we Whites, even though we are still the majority race, are being exposed to these days in what should, still and rightly, be “our America”:

We go to the polls and elect a done-nothing, anti-White Marxist; likely illegal (non-natural-born citizen?) Halfrican of mostly unknown background to the office of President of these United States. And then we watch as he in turn appoints a gaggle of non-White, female, Jewish, and homosexual Supremes and other judges, cabinet members, and bureaucrat executives and managers, including a blatantly anti-White Negro Attorney General.

Our TV shows are crammed full of Negroes and other non-Whites portrayed as essential elements of our White society; and in totally unrealistic and ridiculously contrived positions of superiority and as the most wise, thoughtful, and caring characters (while Whites are so often and almost exclusively portrayed as the flunkies, stupid and backward individuals; villains, perps and criminals). TV commercials and print ads are filled with Negroes and mestizos, often paired with our White women.

On the evening network television news, two of three anchors are now women – known politically-correct, liberal, “anti-racist” (= anti-White) women.

Sports on television and in overblown newspaper sections are of course almost entirely dedicated to what can only be called Negro hero-worship.

Our kids’ entertainment and cultural fare have to an appalling degree been negrified, jewified, sexualized and soft-porned, dumbed down, and otherwise savaged and animalized.

Our public school coursework (teaching) and textbooks are full of Jew lies. Our young people’s college educations are perverted by Jewish and Jew-influenced professors and instructors.

We are constantly deluged by Jewish academics’ lies; Jewish think-tank and political activist group lies; Jew columnists’ lies; Jew talk-show host and guest lies; talk-show Negro glorification and anti-White babble; Jew internet bloggers’ lies; lies of religious clergy of all stripes and all manner of church spokespeople; government official and bureaucrats’ lies; mainstream media news report lies and omissions; and on and on ad nauseam.

We are drowning in a sea of non-White immigrants, both quasi-legal and illegal. Ever larger parts of our once-great cities, and smaller towns and large parts of the countryside as well, have been so overtaken by comparatively uncivilized, even savage non-Whites that they have become dangerous no-go areas for White people.

We are constantly bombarded with, and virtually paralyzed by, all the deadly lies of “political correctness;” the supposed virtues of multi-culturalism; the delusional beauty of diversity (and even race mixing); and the supposed benefits of universal altruism, the welfare state, and egalitarianism. For example, we are told that racial “diversity is our strength” when in fact just the opposite is true -- it is deadly and is leading to our demise. Racially diverse and multicultural societies are, in fact, just naturally less cohesive and cooperative, are more divisive and distressed, and are characterized by strife, stress, distrust, and mutual suspicions. And those are just a sampling of the kinds of socially dysfunctional characteristice that will prevail more and more along the way to our extinction.

At the beginning of each year we are forced to suffer through the dual abominations of “Martin Luther King Day” and “Black History Month” (six weeks of N----r worship); topped off by a continual diet of force-fed “Holocaust” indoctrination and remembrance later in the spring – all of which are disgusting and demeaning assaults on our White sensibilities, and all of which are founded on lies. (Although I will say, the MLK-Day media hype seemed to be a little subdued this year compared with recent years past – a promising sign that people are getting tired of that garbage?)

With regard to the MLK-Day travesty – one thing that has always bothered me to no end is how those who promoted that disgusting, anti-White and anti-American official federal holiday had the gall (the chutzpah), at essentially the same time, to get his voluminous FBI file sealed for 50 years. Can you believe that? Here we relegate our truly great founders and early-day White presidents to a shared holiday in order to make room on the calendar so we can venerate this black, anti-White racist, plagiarist, whore-monger communist; and then we deliberately seal his dark and subversive record so most of the people of America won’t know his true history so they can’t raise hell about it. That’s just B.S.! We should never have done that; we should never have allowed it to be done. We should demand full disclosure of those files, now! And then, we should throw that monstrous “day of recognition” on the dung-heap where it belongs.

Day after day, we continue to suffer the hugely disproportionate crimes perpetrated by Negroes and mestizos on our people (and for that matter, all the horrible crimes they commit against their own people and everybody and everything else). And their raping and sodomizing babies. And raping and murdering our White women. And beating the crap out of White kids and old White ladies. And killing cops. Which are all things they seem to enjoy doing all the time. This preponderance of non-White criminality is so bad that it has been a significant factor in the impending bankruptcy of many cities and even states.

And then we Whites are forced to suffer hugely hypocritical racial double standards at every turn: Jews advocating brutal apartheid in their illegitimate, “shitty little country” Israel while working full tilt for integration and race mixing in America; Whites not being allowed to band together and work for White interests while all the other races are encouraged to do so; ridiculous “hate crimes” (thought crimes) put on the books but then essentially applied only to Whites (who commit far fewer crimes against the darker races than vice-versa). And if you happen to be Christian, your activities and displays of your faith – even your main holiday Christmas – are severely limited if not forbidden and outlawed while Muslims and Jews are both allowed to, if not encouraged to, publicly tout and promote and celebrate theirs.

We are letting the job-stealing, wage-reducing, disproportionately criminal (from organized gang-members to common drunk and unlicensed and uninsured drivers), welfare-prone, gringo-hating mestizo immigrant invasion continue to take over large parts of our country. And that’s just for starters – with their high birthrate, coupled with our lowered replacement rates, we are being socially and politically overwhelmed by those invaders – virtually all of whom are aliens when it comes to language, culture, heritage, habits, and social behavior (all of them, of course, being racial aliens).

The fact is, thanks mainly to the Jew media moguls, our popular culture (mainly TV, movies, magazine content, and music) has now been thoroughly Jewified and Negrified. It has pretty much gone to s--t (vulgar, crude, saturated with gratuitous sex play and sexual innuendo, and soft porn).

We are now seeing, with increasing frequency, blacks cast in starring roles as central characters in stories of White history and mythology (for example the Negro Friar Tuck in a recent production of “Robin Hood,” and a black “Thor” in that tale of Norse mythology. That should be unacceptable to all Whites, and we should let the Hollywood Jews know that by boycotting those productions and guaranteeing that they fail financially (maybe too late for that in the case of Robin Hood?).

In several of my earlier essays I have mentioned the Muslim threat to the traditional White nations of Europe. But I haven’t had much to say about their presence in America. That has to change. They are rapidly becoming a very serious threat to our culture and governance and society, right here at home. We simply must get a better handle on that situation as well.

The most recent U.S. census has shown that our non-White population percentages have sharply increased while the White population percentage has drastically declined (no surprise there). And race mixing has increased substantially. If we continue down this road, more and more of our country will begin to look like Haiti, or Mexico. If we continue to mix with non-Whites, and especially Negroes; it will degrade our genes – our bloodline. In essence, it will mongrelize us. Our people – White people – will eventually be extinguished. Whites will eventually all but disappear from the face of the earth, but before that happens America will become just another Brazil, Mexico, or Egypt. Our intelligence will be drained out of us; our abilities and creativity will be sapped. Our culture will be gone forever.

The fact is, it seems we Whites have come to expect, and even to sheepishly accept all these things. We’ve been taught to just keep bending over and taking it up the gazoo – and all too many of us have learned that lesson all too well. And guess who our teachers have been? Yep, it’s the “complicit and culpable” Jews again, through their control of and disproportionate influence in the media and entertainment, the government, and the public education system. In fact we’ve been so brainwashed so long and so thoroughly by Jews, with the help of liberal, politically correct White dupes and race traitors, that I’m afraid we no longer have it in us to resist, to compete, to be tough and even mean (about the right things) when required; or to even want to survive. I know – that’s sick, and insane – but it’s the truth.

I have to tell you – I for one am getting damned sick and tired of all the lies. And of all this politically correct and “anti-racist” (anti-White) crap. Even to the point of being condemned for being an evil “racist” for simply criticizing our most likely illegitimate and certifiably incompetent and communistic President Obama (horror of all horrors). Simply for standing up for our own people; for our own interests. And being called a Nazi, and being smeared with the mother of all “hater” labels – “anti-semite” – for saying anything at all critical of Jews or Israel (or for that matter, for even saying the word “Jew” in many circumstances). Or for even just questioning details of the “Holocaust.”

I just want to know – what in the hell is wrong with a White person being a racist? Or even being a “White supremacist?” After all, virtually every member of every other race is an anti-White racist (and that includes Jews, as self-identified ethnics). And, in most ways that matter from the standpoints of human history and civilization and achievement, we Whites have always been and are the superior race! It’s as simple as this: humans are the most evolved, advanced animals – and – Whites are the most evolved and advanced humans. It’s just a fact.

[Now don’t get your panties in a wad over those last comments. Knowing and openly acknowledging the truth that we Whites are the greatest race that ever existed does not mean that we should, or would even want to, dominate the darker races. Or rule them. Or suppress them (we don’t have to – they just naturally tend to suppress themselves by their substandard behavior). Or enslave them (not that we were the only ones who did that back in the days when the practice of slavery was accepted human behavior) (anyway, slavery is “sooo yesterday,” isn’t it?). All that means is that we deserve to and should rightly take pride in our own people and our history, and that we need to separate from the other races and not allow them to share (burden) our society – our territory (living space), government, schools, and culture.]

And I would also like to know – what in hell is wrong with being an anti-Semite (more accurately “anti-Jew”) considering all the horrible things Jews have done to our country and our people (war instigation, spying, attacks on our genetic well-being, efforts to socialize and communize America, news censorship and distortion, political extortion, attempts to stifle our first amendment right of free speech, and on and on)?

The situation we are presently faced with is pure B.S. Let’s deal with reality here. The only healthy, natural, intelligent, and honest way for White people – all White people – to start dealing with this sick world we live in, if they have any hope of changing and improving it, is to be:

Damned sick and tired of being criticized for being racist and anti-semitic (both of which are defensive traits, by the way).

Sick and tired of always having to be “politically correct” – having to be “sensitive,” non-critical, and deferential with regard to non-Whites, Jews, and queers.

Sick and tired of not being able (allowed) to talk the truth about race and racial differences, Negroes, mestizos, Jews and their “holohoax,” and the Jews’ efforts to dispossess us Whites and eventually genocide us out of existence.

Sick and tired of seeing so many Negroes and other non-Whites every time they turn on their TV or open up a newspaper or look at the cover of a magazine (if we want to see that many Negroes we can go to Haiti or Africa (or Detroit); if we want to see that many mestizos we can go to Mexico or Central/South America (or Los Angeles).

Sick and tired of all the unconstitutional affirmative-action and other non-White racial preference injustices in the workplace and universities.

Sick and tired of the Jews and their idiotic White liberals, greedy businessmen, and religious-screwball dupes – their accomplices – working to destroy our White, European culture and heritage; and therefore our White national identity, integrity, and our very future.

Sick and tired of intimate race mixing being relentlessly foisted upon our children on MTV and other Jew TV productions.

For that matter, sick and tired of all the (mostly) Jewish-instigated filthy language and soft porn in prime-time television shows.

You might ask, “how could all of this be?” The answer is: generations of Americans, over some 200 years, have been propagandized and brainwashed by the opinion-forming, culture-bending Jews, who have demonstrated their expertise at exploiting our “benevolent weaknesses” – fairness (fair-play); rooting for the underdog; universal altruism; charity; individualism, and non-critical, rose-colored-glasses egalitarianism.

In any case, in this real world we live in, another year has begun. And it is off to the usual inauspicious start – the start of still another season of insanity (if you follow the headlines day by day as I do, especially on non-mainstream [establishment] sites on the Internet, you’ll know what I mean).

It is hard to believe that things could be much worse than we have seen for the past 10 years. We suffered through the 9/11/01 false-flag tragedy and then eight years of Bush’s philosemitic Israel-ass-kissing, warmongering, and implementation of federal police-state authoritarianism. And since then we’ve come through two years of Obama and his Democratic congressional lackeys working their butts off to further tyrannize and communize America and to further dispossess White people and do away with true White patriots. So, yes, I wouldn’t think things could get much worse. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

What does the year 2011 have in store for us? What do you think?

Will it be yet another year of calamitous, unaffordable loss of rights for White Americans? More cultural degradation and deprivation? More redistribution of wealth (our wealth)? More social and political dispossession (including dispossession from political power)? More loss of territory (cities, parts of cities, towns, and other areas) to the coloreds (mostly Negroes and mestizos)? More genetic pollution, degradation, and destruction? Continuing racial genocide of our people?

Another year of the Jewish media and our government constantly lying to us about essentially all things racial, social, and governmental?

Another year of letting public schools pump racial and historical lies and propaganda into our children’s heads? And allowing the integrated public school system to retard our children’s educations by wasting money and resources on non-Whites and chasing the futile pipe dream of reducing the learning gap between White and black/mestizo children?

Another year of government forcing us to share our society with racial “others” (and their alien histories, cultures, and behavioral norms)?

Another year of our White children and women and elders being preyed upon by non-White criminal beasts?

Another year of sending our young men and women off to fight foreign wars for the Israeli Jews?

Another year of sitting on our hands and watching as the mestizos pursue their “reconquista” and literally take over large areas of our country?

Another year of watching both major national political parties pander to all the minority sub-groups (Negroes, mestizos, homos, etc.) and bust their asses competing with each other to do the Jews’ bidding?

Another year of encouraging our boys and young men to worship Negro sports “heroes?” And to talk like them, dress like them, and listen to their deranged and savage so-called “music?” Of telling our daughters it is O.K. to copulate and mate with them?

Another year of watching television productions that relentlessly and shamelessly promote a false Negro presence in both shows and commercials?

Another year of more Jew-induced recession, unemployment, rising prices, home foreclosures, etc. – and at the same time, more banker and broker bonuses and bailouts?

And the answer is: probably. Thanks, Jews. Thanks, dumb-ass liberal dupes. Thanks, all you greedy businesspeople and misguided, power-mad, Jew-beholden politicians.

Now, I have, through my oftentimes polemical essays, tried my best to “sound the alarm” – tried to help wake some few of our people up to the situation that has been developing around us, to the truth about racial problems and the Jewish menace in America, and the darkness that is descending upon us. To offer some insight, and realistic alternative perspectives relevant to our problems. And to be a gadfly of sorts in an effort to get people thinking about these life-and-death issues.

But clearly, writing an infrequently updated blog of pro-White essays on the Internet is not enough (especially considering my very limited readership but even in the case of better written and presented and much more widely read White-Interest and White Nationalist blogs and websites).

One thing we clearly need is a viable and aggressive organization that works for open, public, unabashed White advocacy.

We need genuine, widespread activism. And this year – the year 2011 – might well be just about our “last call” for that activism; our final chance (if indeed it is not already too late). Our last chance to put the brakes on all this anti-White treason and racial suicide and to start turning things around – to start back up the long road to White racial redemption.

We have to start talking to – explaining things to – our families, relatives, friends, and neighbors – communicating honestly, persistently, and effectively, and with passionate objectivity. We need to awaken our people, get them to once again take pride in who they are, help them to realize the simple truth that “race is everything” in the natural world where species (and subspecies) compete for space and resources, and instill in them the desire to fight for and preserve their racial heritage. We need to be effective in communicating to them the truth about such things as: race, Negroes, mestizos, Jews, the “holohoax,” diversity/multiculturalism, integration, race mixing, genetics, and White genocide.

We need to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media by distributing literature – essays, flyers, “propaganda” illustrations with explanatory messages, etc. – massive and continuous distributions of quality materials, in every corner of the country with a substantial White presence.

Then, we must work to counter and overcome Jewish financial power by exercising our own “power of the purse” via casual but directed boycotting of anti-White companies, stores, products, advertising, and media content. And we need to write letters explaining those actions to the perpetrators. And at the same time we need to proactively support White businessmen and companies whenever and wherever we can.

We need to exercise our still-overwhelming political power by voting for candidates who espouse positive White-interest thinking and positions. And work for pro-White candidates, and encourage qualified pro-White people to run for office; and stand for political offices ourselves, on all possible levels.

We need to make ourselves heard in the public forum – via letters to editors of newspapers and magazines, call-ins to radio talk shows, and attendance at and active participation in all kinds of school meetings (school boards, PTA, parent-teacher conferences, etc.).

We need to use the legal system and the courts to our advantage by filing criminal charges and lawsuits whenever warranted to protect White interests, right wrongs, etc.

But the most disconcerting thing I want to mention in this essay is that none of this really even matters because we have just learned that some legitimate scientists are predicting that a huge asteroid (Apophis) is on course to impact the earth on April 13, 2036. That is just over 25 years from now! Predictions are that that impact will literally wipe out civilization on earth if we can’t find some way to break up or deflect the asteroid or otherwise prevent that collision. All I have to say is that we damned well better start scouring the African universities for the scientists that can figure out how to handle this threat to the existence of humanity on the planet earth, don’t you think?

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Unknown said...

Excellent post. The negro isn't really the problem. The negro is simply a tool. The problem is, and always has been the jew.

Pretty much all the worlds problems, be they wars, political uprisings or economic collapse can be traced directly back to the jew who stands to profit at every turn.