White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Friday, July 1, 2011


by Val Koinen
July 1, 2011

Okay, okay, I’ll ‘fess up – I’m a "White apologist."

Only, I’m not the kind you are likely thinking of – I’m not the kind of White man who feels compelled to apologize, out of feelings of self-hatred and "White guilt;" for such things as historical slavery, the "holocaust," not giving negroes more freebies and special advantages and easier access to our White daughters when they demand those things, not getting out of the way fast enough when mestizo invaders push for more and more territory in their drive for their "reconquista" of the American southwest, or just for being White.

I’ll tell you what kind of White apologist I am:

I apologize to all our White ancestors who worked, struggled, fought, and died to establish, build, and secure this once-wonderful country of ours, and to our progeny yet to come – for literally "giving it all away" to non-Whites and their minimally civilized and alien so-called cultures and social styles with hardly a whimper of protest or any meaningful resistance whatsoever.

I apologize to all the White American taxpayers who have been bled to death financially in order to pay for all the food stamps and other welfare freebies provided to chronically "needy" non-Whites; and for all the economically crippling, vastly disproportionate costs of their health care, education, and incarceration.

I apologize to all White Americans for the way we the people allowed our cowardly, race-traitor politicians to cave in to Jewish political pressure and propaganda and enact the Hart-Celler legislation back in 1965 that opened up the immigration floodgates to the millions of colored people from all the cesspits of the world. And for the way we have let our federal government allow, even enable, all the illegal mestizo aliens to invade our country across our southern border ever since. And for continuing to let so many of our churches and Jewish groups bring so many ignorant and uncivilized Somalis, Nigerians, and other racially alien and genetically deficient Africans into the country.

I deeply and sincerely apologize to all the White Americans who have been brutalized – assaulted, beaten, raped, tortured, and murdered – by the vastly disproportionate crimes committed by negroes, mestizos, and other "people of color" ever since we allowed the Jews and our race-traitor politicians to loose them on our society back in the 1960s. To the families of those killed by drunk, oftentimes illegal-alien mestizo drivers; to those of our people who have been harassed and attacked by "flash-mobs" of Negro "youfs;" to our children taunted and attacked in the public schools; and on and on ad nauseam.

I would like to apologize to all the young American White men we have sent to fight, suffer horrendous wounds, and die in wars for the Jews (especially WW II and the recent and ongoing wars in the Middle East).

I want to apologize to all our innocent White citizens who have been sickened and even killed by third-world diseases brought into our country and otherwise caused and spread by alien, non-White farm and food-processing workers.

I apologize to the generations of our White children who have been shortchanged in their public school educations by all our ignorant, wasteful, wrong-headed, and futile efforts to "bridge the gap" between their learning capabilities and the lesser capabilities of the black and other colored children we have integrated into their classrooms – for "dumbing down" their educations and doing away with science courses and labs and special classes for gifted students due to budget constraints, among other things. And for failing to teach them the truth about our people’s glorious history and accomplishments and contributions to all humankind while instead teaching them the "politically correct" exaggerations and lies of black culture and so-called accomplishment.

I apologize to all the young White men and women who have suffered seriously negative, life-affecting barriers and reversals in job hiring and academic placement as a result of "affirmative action" and other racial preference programs we have so stupidly extended to less qualified blacks and other people of color. And to all the White people who are now unemployed and/or underpaid due to all the mestizo invaders we have allowed to come into and stay in our country, many of them illegal aliens.

I apologize to all White Americans for the anti-White actions of our lawmakers in allowing our children to be brainwashed with lies about the plagiarist, communist, whoring, negro rabble-rouser "Martin Luther" (actually, Michael) King; and for naming streets for him all across the land and for establishing a national holiday in his honor; often making room for those things by removing tributes to our truly great White founding fathers.

I apologize for the way in which my countrymen have allowed the Jew-dominated education establishment to brainwash our schoolchildren with all the World War II Jewish "holocaust" (more accurately the "holohoax" or "hollowcost") lies and exaggerations; all the associated demeaning of Germans and White pride and nationalism; and using (mostly White) taxpayer money to build museums (more like "shrines") for perpetuating that financial and propaganda scam. And for allowing our children (all of our people, for that matter) to be relentlessly exposed to the fraudulent Anne Frank story. And to the lies of the premier "holocaust charlatan," the notorious Elie Wiesel, without making a serious effort to expose him for the Jewish scumbag that in my opinion he surely is. And for putting up with and even supporting the inhumane vendetta perpetrated by another Jewish holocaust scammer, the late Simon Wiesenthal, as he labored to (and his organization continues to) hound and prosecute (actually, persecute) old and honorable German WW II veterans for supposed crimes they did not commit 70 years ago.

I apologize to those brave sailors of the U.S.S. Liberty who were killed and wounded during the cowardly and unprovoked attack by Israeli forces back in 1967, and to those who were more fortunate but nevertheless had to endure that terrible onslaught, and to their families; for President Johnson’s not letting other nearby U.S. forces timely come to their rescue, for not avenging the attack by making Israel pay a dear price for their murderous aggression, and for our cover-up and failure to even acknowledge the truth of the Israeli role in that attack on our Navy for so many years (ongoing to this day).

I apologize for the way we have let our bought-and-paid-for federal politicians (past and present presidents and congress-people) steal so many billions of dollars out of the pockets of (mostly White) American taxpayers ever since 1948 in order to give that money to the Jews of the illegitimate State of Israel.

I apologize because, like so many of my White American countrymen, I have not done nearly enough to expose and oppose the latest non-White, un-American threat to emerge – Muslim efforts to impose their culture, values, and even their legal systems upon segments of our once Euro-centric society.

I apologize for not having done enough to prevent the election of an unknown, phony and fraudulent half-negro, done-nothing socialist (if not out-and-out Marxist or communist), anti-White, would-be dictator as President of our once-proud country; and for all the severely damaging things Obama has done, is doing, and no doubt hopes and plans to do to our country. And for our congressional cowards letting him run amok in his efforts to bankrupt our country via such things as illegal war-mongering, enacting a socialized medicine scheme, working in a variety of ways to expand and support our non-White population with federal money, bailing out Jewish financial scammers of all kinds, etc.. And for the way those same anti-White, race-traitor congress-people have let him get away with appointing all the Negroes, mestizos, other non-Whites, radical feminists, lesbians, Jews, etc. to high-level positions on the Supreme Court and in his cabinet and other administrative positions – tantamount to obvious and blatant discrimination against White males in my view, when we Whites are still the dominant majority and when the relative numbers of highly qualified people are considered.

I apologize to all White American citizens for the way our Jew-bought Congress has failed (refused) to honestly and thoroughly investigate two critically important events that have befallen our republic in recent years – the September 11, 2001 catastrophe and the possibility (likelihood?) of a fraudulent candidate (Obama) being elected in 2008 even though unqualified to be President under the "natural born citizen" requirements.

I apologize for being so lax in my political activity and communications with my elected representatives that the mostly Jewish financial elite in this country – bankers, brokers, investment gurus, other financiers, and big-business executives – have been allowed to steer America into another economic recession (depression?) and cause so many hard-working people to lose their houses, jobs, savings, and prospects for a comfortable retirement. And then to see so many of those financial criminals "bailed out" by us mostly White taxpayers even to the extent that many of them have reaped huge financial gains during these devastating economic times.

I apologize for my part in the civic neglect that has allowed hordes of mestizo (mostly Mexican) invaders, both quasi-legal and illegal – many of whom are even ostensibly American citizens – to taunt, jeer, and scream invectives at American sports teams when, right here in venues in the U.S., they face off against teams from Mexico, the country to which these supposed "Americans" really owe their most emotional, heart-felt loyalties. And to gather by the thousands in our own cities and do essentially the same thing and more by shouting their open hatred of American Whites and their open support of the Mexican "reconquista" of vast portions of our American national territory.

I apologize for my countrymen being such fools and/or wimps these past 60 years or so that we have let a situation develop in this country wherein our people have virtually no racial awareness or pride; where having and expressing perfectly natural and normal feelings of favoring and working in the best interests of our own people (healthy, defensive "racism," or "racialism") and protecting our people and our progeny from Jewish perfidy (defensive "anti-semitism") are generally considered to be about the most horrible things imaginable and in many cases are even illegal. And for not working harder to prevent our Jew-dominated, politically-correct, ultraliberal powers-that-be from legally mandating that virtually any minority (religious group, homosexual, feminist, non-White, Jew, etc.) can do just about any damned thing they want to do, and receive with our apologies just about any special consideration or privilege they demand, no matter how adversely it affects the White majority’s interests, lifestyles, or sensibilities. And conversely, letting those same powers-that-be literally criminalize any criticism of anything blacks, browns, queers, feminists, Jews, or Muslims do – even to the extent of letting them make it a crime to do just about anything that some minority member says might hurt their feelings.

And lastly, and perhaps most seriously, I apologize with the utmost shame and regret for failing to do much more than I have done during my lifetime to awaken our people and to teach all the White children in America the truth about all the above and the many other things that might have enabled them to someday survive the Jewish and non-White onslaught our people are up against – the efforts to dispossess us Whites of our social, political, and economic positions and to eventually "genocide" us out of existence.