White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Monday, August 22, 2011


by Val Koinen
August 22, 2011

Yes, yes, I know. It’s hard to be upbeat and optimistic these days, what with all the bad news about what is happening to – what is being done to – White Americans and our Eurocentric society. Some days it just seems hopeless – it seems that everything we have built – and even Western Civilization itself – are just being crushed; being flushed down the toilet. My own thinking and writing reflect that negative mindset, as they are usually forced by daily events to focus on all the bad things that are happening to (being done to) our people.

But it’s not that way every day. Sometimes we have a good day. From time to time there is good news – hopeful news – of good White people taking a stand, of people becoming more aware of the situation, and of growing resistance to the suicidal and genocidal forces that have been ravaging White America and the other White nations of the world.

Who knows how telling, or lasting, will be the effects of these occasional bits of good news? Maybe they will not amount to anything. Maybe they will end, as so often happens, with cowardly and disgraceful retractions and apologies. With the instigators (the heroes of the day) knuckling under to the politically-correct, socialistic, ultraliberal, diversity-mongering, Jew-imposed pressures that are always brought to bear on anyone who tries to do something to help his fellow White people.

Still, I would like to point to several events of just the past couple days that would seem to shine some rays of hope on our predicament. Just small things by themselves, perhaps, but just maybe indicative of progress in our struggle for racial survival.

A brave and clear-thinking Colorado congressman has said he intends to introduce legislation that would enable U.S. counties to choose to issue English-only ballots:

Link to article: http://www.newsnet14.com/?p=78515

In Kennewick, Washington, a candidate for the city council has come out openly advocating severe and effective measures, including the death penalty in certain circumstances, to control (reduce) the presence of illegal alien invaders in his area:

Link to article: http://www.keprtv.com/news/local/127495733.html

In Canada, a formal complaint has reportedly been filed with the government’s Citizenship and Immigration organization charging the government of Canada with the crime of genocide of European Canadians.

Link to article: http://www.newsnet14.com/?p=78493

Then, some great news on a personal level. A telephone conversation with a beloved and respected adult female family member the other day revealed that she has just about fully awakened to the Jewish problem in America – to their control of government and the media and to their efforts to destroy so many of the things that we Whites value as mainstays of our orderly society. She has given hints in the past of a growing awareness of that situation, but this was the first time she seemed to enjoy discussing a broad range of the most important issues with me.

And then she went even further – for the first time I can recall, she reacted in a friendly and receptive way – totally without the usual expressions of disbelief, being offended by, and even hostility to my views when I mentioned that the Jewish situation was only half the problem – the other half being the racial dispossession and destruction to which we Whites and our society are succumbing (and the connection between the two problems). Just a beginning, perhaps, but still a ‘milestone’ of sorts.  Aah, the beauty of enlightenment; and the profound satisfaction of witnessing enlightenment!

Anyway, as I said, maybe events such as these foretell a positive change in our people’s view of the problems besetting us, or maybe not. But they are undeniably hopeful signs that can’t help but give a person just a slight twinge of guarded optimism.

Maybe – just maybe – given the proper encouragement and support and publicity by right-thinking White people – events such as these will begin to happen more and more often. I suppose it is even possible that, over time and with ever more appropriate support and effort on our part, a "snowball effect" could begin to develop.

That is why we should all be talking to our friends and relatives and co-workers about these and similar events at every opportunity, along with promoting such concepts as:

"Keep it up!"
"More – more – more!"
"Don’t let up or give up now!"
"Keep up the pressure on the Jews and non-Whites and their liberal, P.C., race-traitor White lackeys!"
"Keep holding their feet to the fire!"

And never forget: this battle – this struggle for racial, societal, and civilizational survival – must be won. It can be won. It will be won!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


by Val Koinen
August 20, 2011

We Americans have been taught for generations, and the parents among us have been teaching their children for just as long, that competition is a good thing. Something to be admired, striven for, and hopefully, to succeed at.  But only, mind you, competition in activities that don’t really matter in the larger scope of things even though they might be important in our personal lives.

After all, what could possibly be healthier and more rewarding than good, old-fashioned competition in such areas as sports, business, career advancement, religious pursuits, TV ‘reality’ and game shows, bingo, hair styling, and the acquisition of adult ‘toys’? Or just about any other of the more frivolous areas of human activity?

Well, yes, there is something that is more deserving of competitive spirit and effort.  Most of the above are, when you think about it, mere distractions. The real contest, the only one that really matters, is the survival and prosperity of our people – White people. And that means the wellbeing of our subspecies. And that, whether we like it or not, means racial competition.

In the broad scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter whether or not, or how successfully, we compete in all those other ways. But when it comes to racial and genetic reality, we must compete, and compete successfully, if we hope to survive and prosper as a people.

All living species – and that includes distinctive subspecies such as the races of mankind – are forced by the laws of nature to compete for space and existence and for all kinds of advancement in the natural order of things. And in the case of humans, for life-success, for freedom from want and oppression; and for rights, possessions, safety, and prosperity. Even for freedom from suppression and enslavement by other races; even for biological (genetic) survival.

So, how are we doing? Are White people in the ‘Western nations’ competing successfully, or for that matter competing at all, in the racial arena? No, we are not. And no, we are not. Sure, we love competing in the comparatively inane, nonessential areas mentioned above. But when it comes to competing for our own racial survival we act as though, and we teach our children, that it is good – even noble – to concede the high ground we as a people have achieved down through the centuries at a terrible price.

And why have we been failing so miserably to compete in this one way that really matters to the future of our people, while at the same time becoming so hyper-competitive in all the ways that only serve to distract us from the truly important things? Well, do you suppose it has something to do with the efforts of the Jews? With their relentlessly promoting, via their control of the media, entertainment, and our government, of competition in all the less important areas while at the same time suppressing any competitive thinking or behavior on the part of Whites when it comes to racial matters?

Yes, dear reader, we have hit on something here. You can count on it. You can take it to the bank. Much of the competitive spirit we squander on the nonessentials outlined above has absolutely been encouraged – drilled into the heads of the past several generations of White Americans by the complicit and culpable Jews – as a calculated distraction. To distract us from the real need for competition – the need to once again, as our ancestors did in earlier more glorious times for the White race – compete with and resist the tyranny and unlawful and murderous ways of the non-White hordes.

We are the best. We Whites are unquestionably, by any standard of measurement or comparison, the greatest group of people that human evolution has ever produced. But if we hope to redeem ourselves – to regain our deserved stature and place in the world (and especially in our own nations) – we must learn once again how to compete in the great contest of human interaction. And yes, sadly, that may from time to time require that we pick up the sword in order to protect and defend our people.

So be it. Let us awaken to the realities of human existence on the planet. To the realities of survival. Let us renew our commitment to teaching our children the healthy righteousness and necessity of competing with other racial groups and fighting for what is good for White people!

Clarification Addendum
I have already received a couple P.M.s expressing some valid criticisms of this short essay – mainly having to do with the way I expressed a couple of the concepts, and more specifically, the wording I used (perhaps not one of my better efforts?).

First off – I would like readers to know that I am by all means strongly pro-competition in most areas of human activity – even most (but not all) of the "inane, non-essential, and comparatively less important" but nevertheless distractive areas of competition I alluded to in the essay. I may have given readers the impression that I look upon competition generally with an attitude of disdain, or contempt. That is simply not the case. The point I was trying to make was, of course, that we are perhaps too involved in competing in those areas while we have essentially stopped competing for our racial interests and survival. And that is not only a dangerous thing; it is deadly.

And secondly, it was pointed out to me that the way I seemed to have placed virtually all the blame for that sorry situation on the Jews just came across as being silly if not ridiculous or irrational. Point taken – maybe I could have been a little more restrained and enlightening. But I do think my point – the gist of my argument – this absurd situation of eager competition in areas of lesser importance and virtual non-competitiveness with respect to the things that really matter – is well taken and is valid. And that situation is largely a result of Jewish conniving and efforts, stemming from their virtual control of the media, the entertainment industries, and government (and I should have also included their control of the education system in America from public elementary schools through both public and private colleges and universities). And in my view there is no question that the complicit and culpable Jews, using the assets and powers mentioned above, have deliberately schemed and worked to get us Whites to concentrate our competitive spirit on many of the less critical things such as spectator sports, television silliness, and "keeping up with the Joneses" while they have worked tirelessly to prevent us from being competitive in racial matters generally and especially with regard to racial survival.

I hope these additional comments help to clarify these issues.