White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


by Val Koinen
November 29, 2011

All of us, and especially us “old-timers,” just have to suffer through days like today from time to time (yeah, I know – it could be just about every day if we let it “get to us”)…

I woke up this morning thinking about how, in my own lifetime, I have witnessed the virtual destruction and conquest of my people, our European-American nation, and our Western Civilization by the Jews.  O.K., for those who think I am being a bit too negative and alarmist – at the very least, our well-advanced dispossession and demise.

The situation is profoundly saddening, upsetting, distressing, and depressing.  Just think about it – think about the ways in which our culture and communities have changed over the past couple generations.  Largely as a result of the relentless and malicious (and hugely successful) efforts of the complicit and culpable Jews; our once-White American neighborhoods have been overwhelmed by Negroes and mestizos, and now even in some places by Muslims and Asiatics.  Our racial integrity and culture, and our society and our very civilization, have been drastically altered – severely and maybe even irreparably damaged.  As has our most precious possession – our genetic heritage. 

As part of that trend – and again, as a direct result of what the Jews have been doing to America and to White people worldwide for that matter – we have witnessed the social, political, and economic ascendancy, and even the domination, of non-White “others.”  And always at our expense; monetarily, culturally, and in terms of political power.  Especially disturbing in that regard have been the thorough “negrification” of our culture, and the mestizo invasion and “take-over” of so many cities and areas.  And don’t forget the Negro destruction of so many of our once-great cities.  And the degradation of our public schools and lowered quality of our children’s education.  And all the physical assaults and worse suffered by our children every day in their schools.  And all the crimes committed against all of our people – especially serious felonies such as robbery, kidnapping, battery, torture, and murder.  And the essential “outlawing” of White racial pride (especially ironic because we Whites are the greatest, most accomplished and productive, and most altruistic race of people the world has ever known).  And all the genetically disastrous and degrading race-mixing.

Then consider, if you will, what is perhaps the most depressing and distressing aspect of this situation – the fact that we “White Nationalist”-oriented Americans can hardly get anyone to listen to us, to join us in the fight for survival (once again primarily a result of the Jews’ success at opinion-forming – their brainwashing of our people).

Oh well, tomorrow is another day.  Those of us who know and care will just have to “soldier on.”  There is still hope, and when there is hope there is life – even robust life after near-death.  In fact, I post these thoughts today not as a message of despair, but as a reminder of the immensity and urgency of the problems before us.  What I am really trying to point out is that more of us – many, many more of us – had better wake up and “get with the program.”

Thursday, November 17, 2011


by Val Koinen
November 17, 2011

We White Americans have it in our power to reach our people and enlighten them and correct their thinking about our racial dispossession and the Jewish menace.  Many good White people who know something of those situations just aren’t aware that we do still have the means to awaken and enlighten our kinsmen about the war being waged against us and the ongoing genocide of White people being carried out by the Jewish supremacists and their colored helpmates and White race-traitor collaborators.  We can still turn things around, salvage our heritage, and repossess our destiny.  There is still time to save our people and Western Civilization from impending destruction and oblivion.

All we have to do is communicate with our people – communicate the truth – honestly, persistently, effectively, and with passionate objectivity.  We just need to reach enough of them with our message, so we can awaken and educate them.  The good news is that we have the means to do that.

I am painfully aware, of course, that our job is made especially difficult by two things:  (1) near total Jewish control of the press and other mass media; and (2) generations of “brainwashing” that has many of our people so burdened with “White guilt” that they are convinced we have no right to be proud of who we are or even to continue to exist as our own subspecies of humanity.  But those handicaps, prevalent though they may be, can be overcome.  After all, there are many things worth doing that cannot be done easily, so we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be stopped by those “two strikes against us.”

Consider, if you will, that the main tool the “complicit and culpable” Jews have used in their very successful century-long effort to weaken our White society is their control of the media – newspapers, magazines, book publishing, radio, television, motion pictures, and recorded music production and distribution.  And yes, they have effectively used other weapons as well, for example their money (the “terrible power of the purse”), lobbying and other influence in government (such as press coverage and campaign contributions), influence over public education and academia, etc.  And of course they’ve relied heavily on their finely honed skills at using our own humanitarian “good guy” traits against us – such things as fair play, compassion for the disadvantaged (rooting for the underdog), universal altruism, liberalism, political correctness, etc.  But their most powerful weapon has doubtless been their control of the media, which has enabled them to shape public thinking and opinion in so many ways down through the years.

But in spite of all that Jewish power over and control of our people’s thinking; we can still regain the initiative, generate the momentum, and get the upper hand in this struggle for survival that has been imposed on us by that ever-malevolent tribe.  We still have three huge advantages.  The main things we want – racial and cultural integrity and survival – are genetically normal and natural.  We have the truth – the facts, history, and scientific reality – on our side.  Always remember – the truth is mighty, and it shall prevail.  And, we still have the numbers – we Whites still comprise a strong (though rapidly shrinking) majority of American citizens and voters.

All we need in order to get the job done is to fire up a campaign of massive, relentless communication of those truths – distribution and publicizing of our ideas.  And given the facts that we still have the numbers (a solid majority), and we still have our First Amendment rights, all we need now are the will and the effort.  All we need now is to get off our rear ends and get to work!  But don’t kid yourself – we are in the “end game” now, and it is ours to either win or lose.

Our overall strategy, then, should be for those of us who are already “in the know” – all racially aware and Jew-wise White Americans – to diligently and persistently do everything in our power to awaken our White kinsmen.  And it seems to me there are four main ways to do that.

First off, we need to calmly and rationally talk about these things at every opportunity, using an informational, conversational approach.  Casually and gently at first; and then more and more confidently, enthusiastically, and even forcefully.  But always truthfully; always stressing the objective reality of the racial situation and the Jewish problem we are experiencing in America, and all the anti-Whiteness and the White racial dispossession and the eventual genocide facing our people.  Every day, in our conversations with those around us, we should be quick to point out the latest news and instances of Negro crime, mestizo “reconquista” aggressiveness, Jewish warmongering, the fallacies of multiculturalism and diversity, and the Negro glorification and race mixing so relentlessly being promoted on television and in other media.  And while talking about these matters, we should be prepared to recommend good reading material – websites, blogs, articles, and books.

One other thing -- as part of "talking" to people about these matters I would include writing factual, well-reasoned, and informative letters-to-the-editor of your local newspaper, and writing (or emailing) your State and Federal congresspeople, setting forth your positions on these important issues.

The second approach must be a rigorous effort to counter the Jews’ advantage of media control by distributing literature – essays, flyers, “propaganda” illustrations with brief messages, etc.  And that means massive and continuous distributions of quality materials on a day-by-day basis.

I don’t think most of us realize the power such an effort can have.  If each of us were to hand out just one or two informative and persuasive items each day, and work at convincing our friends and relatives they should start doing the same, we could very quickly begin to effectively counter the Jewish “mainstream media” advantage.  And all of the media and government lies.  We would soon have a lot more of our people thinking and talking about many of the things that really matter.

How would you go about it?  That’s easy.  Just get on your computer and print off a half dozen or so of your favorite essays, news reports, and fliers.  Be sure to select the most reasoned and factual, as opposed to the more wildly speculative or rabid material.  Then make a few copies of each, and try to have some with you when you are “out and about.”  Make a real effort to do this on at least a weekly basis if you can’t do it every day.

Then – send emails with informative links and attachments to people on your contacts list – just like a lot of my wife’s mature-to-elderly female friends do all the time but with a little more of a racial-reality and Jew-truth slant instead of just all of the “conservative,” anti-Obama, anti-raghead stuff that she sees every time she opens her mailbox.  (I’ve noticed that, among our friends and acquaintances, the women are much more active in passing around politically critical [politically incorrect] messages than are the men.  Good for them!)

The keys to an effective program of information dissemination are:  (1) large numbers of people starting to work on the project, and continuing to work at it; (2) good selection of materials to be distributed; (3) effective (and of course legal) distribution methods; and (4) (did I mention it?) a persistent, never-ending effort.

We would want the articles chosen for distribution to be well written, factual and/or rationally opinionated, and free of blatantly hateful and foul language.  Articles can be found on many White-Nationalist oriented sites (as a starting point, see the links on my blog (www.koinenscorner.blogspot.com), and links on those other blogs and websites).  You can research and select your own articles – your own “ammunition” as it were.  The most critical and effective topics at the present time will probably be those concerned with the reality of racial differences, our racial dispossession (the darkening of America) and all the costs and dangers that is bringing to White America (including colored-on-White crime statistics), the mestizo invasion (both legal and illegal immigration, amnesty, and the anchor-baby problem), and Jewish/Israeli neocon and Zionist warmongering in the Middle East.

And it can’t be stressed too much – the key is getting enough people to do this kind of distribution on an ongoing basis.  Given that effort, I believe that this kind of approach will help us regain much of the power that comes from widespread information distribution – to overcome the power of the Jews’ mainstream media – by constantly and overwhelmingly presenting our positions regarding these life-or-death matters.

With particular reference to those first two approaches:  I am convinced that after a few months of doing these things and encouraging our friends and neighbors to join us in the effort, each of us, personally in our local situations, will begin to notice that we are no longer alone when engaging in thoughtful and reasonable conversations about these issues.  And that will go a long way toward putting an end to the accusations of being a hater, bigot, racist, anti-Semite, or Nazi; and being treated as a pariah; when voicing intelligent, truthful, and rational opinions in many social settings as is so often the case in America today.

Thirdly, we must exercise, in our daily lives, our own “power of the purse” – a focused, genuinely conscience-based boycotting of anti-White companies, stores, products, and advertising.  Then we should let the guilty parties know what we have done, and why (you can write them letters or use the comments section on their websites).  And as a corollary, we should do all we can to patronize companies and advertisers who do not overplay the multicult propaganda line. And support and promote legitimate White Nationalist organizations and Internet sites and blogs.  And attend and support White-oriented cultural events such as European nationality festivals and other activities, White neighborhood community gatherings, study groups, concerts, etc.

And lastly, we Whites need to ratchet up our political activism by supporting and voting for people who are willing to face reality, who are proud of their own people (their race), and who indicate, if even in very subtle ways, that they will work for White interests and put genuine American interests first (ahead of Jewish/Israeli interests for example).  And of course more of us need to run for public office ourselves (one good place to start would be for a school board position in your local district).

That’s it.  To sum up:

(1) Talk to people – talk the truth – generate and facilitate awareness.

(2) Distribute literature, flyers, articles, references, propaganda pieces, guides, and reference materials when appropriate.

(3) Boycott (refuse to patronize) anti-White businesses and advertisers, and preferentially support White commerce and cultural events.

(4) Vote – for candidates espousing positive White-interest thinking and positions, work for pro-White candidates, and consider running for public office.

What we don’t need now, at this critical time, is more young fathers who spend all their spare time watching negrified sports on television and/or swilling beer instead of teaching their young sons (and daughters) decency, truthfulness, and good, solid White awareness and values.  Or more of our women glued to the TV watching talk shows and reality shows, or going shopping at the mall too often just to spend money on unneeded items, or busting their butts competing with men and clawing their way up the corporate ladder instead of trying just a little harder to be good homemakers and mothers.  Or women with the “Anne Lindbergh syndrome,” refusing to support their White Nationalist husbands and trying to shut them up all the time because it might embarrass them in the eyes of their friends the next time they go shopping or to the hairdresser or a club meeting.  And more retirement-age White men of some means who suffer from the “Nero syndrome” – who do nothing but play golf while we Whites are being dispossessed and killed off, and while our great Western Civilization is collapsing around us. 

If we can’t muster the will to do the few simple things I have outlined above, I’m afraid ours is a lost cause, and our people – hands down the greatest and finest race of people ever to inhabit the planet – will be doomed to oblivion far sooner than we realize; a casualty of Jewish perfidy and brainwashing, wrong-headed political correctness, soft-headed liberalism, uninformed egalitarianism, misguided universal altruism, laziness, softness, greed, and evil, race-traitor motivation and behavior.  Let’s not let that happen!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


by Val Koinen
November 16, 2011

Every White man and woman in America who cares about their children’s future should read the following articles:

Jared Taylor’s essay "What Do White Nationalists Want?"  (Also well worth obtaining and reading – his recent book “White Identity – Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.”)

Patrick Buchanan’s brief article "It Can't Happen Here."  (Also – his new book “Suicide of a Superpower;” and especially Chapter 4, “The End of White America.")

Then they should alert as many others as possible of these writings, and of the racial genocide we Whites are facing here in America.

And they should also start sending letters and/or emails to their Federal congressional delegation, demanding that they begin to take immediate action to correct this horrible situation.

Time is running out.  We proud White Americans simply must begin to inform as many of our people as we can of what is happening to our country before it is too late.  And the above articles are a good place to start, because they are such good “eye-openers.”  Each person who reads this should forward a link to this post to as many of their friends and relatives as possible, asking them to do the same.

A question that naturally occurs to most people who read these kinds of informative articles is, “how could this situation have developed and so quickly become such a serious (actually, lethal) threat to America over such a short period of time (essentially within one person’s lifetime)?”  After all, it didn’t “just happen.”  Well, most of us “White Nationalists” have a pretty good awareness of the role organized Jewry has played – their efforts in helping to bring this dire state of affairs about – through their inordinate influence if not outright control of such things as the media (news, publishing, and entertainment), government and legislation, and public education; and some have criticized Taylor and Buchanan for not “naming the Jew.”  Be that as it may, in my opinion their writings are still about the best, most concise, and most easily understood explanations we have of what is happening to our country even if they might not completely explain why and how it has come about.

Once again, I would urge everyone who sees this posting to at least read the two linked items and then forward it to everyone they can think of.  And for those who do – thank you for doing your part! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


by Val Koinen
November 1, 2011

Getting the word out about historical and ongoing Jewish treachery is so important to White people all across America that I think we need to proclaim an annual “Jew Awareness Month.”  (We can do that, can’t we?  My first-pass research hasn’t turned up any indication that the title, or phrase, has been trademarked or copyrighted.)  I would suggest that we schedule this special time of recognition for the month of December.  I think it is especially appropriate that we dedicate ourselves to increasing our awareness of the significance of the Jewish presence in the Western World and in America, and that we spread the word; in view of our Justice Department’s fighting for illegal-alien mestizo interests as opposed to the interests of American citizens, in anticipation of more Jewish warmongering in the Middle East, and just prior to the upcoming Jew-instigated and/or championed celebrations of Negroes coming up in late December and early in the new year.

Probably the most important thing many of our people could do to participate in this year’s Jew Awareness Month would be to help themselves become more knowledgeable about America’s Jewish Problem by reading some of the voluminous literature on the subject.  To that end I am providing this short list of informative articles and books.

One of the most important disclosures of Jewish power in the U.S. that you will ever read:  Who Rules America compiled by the National Alliance (a little out of date but a good guide nevertheless).

Here is a very revealing compilation of the Jewish neocons who got us into the Iraq war back in 2003, and into the “Homeland Security” mess:

Who Got Us Into the Iraq War?
A List of prominent Jewish Neocons and their role in getting the U.S. into Iraq and Homeland Security compiled by Eric Hufschmid

Many other similar compilations are available; all you have to do is search the internet.

A long and telling list of typical Jewish misbehavior was provided a few years ago by attorney Edgar J. Steele in his article:  It Wasn’t Arabs

There are also a number of informative (and opinionated) articles pertaining to the Jews here at Koinen’s Corner, among them:

The Complicit and Culpable Jews

Response to Senator John McCain Article:  “Why Israel"

Top 10 Reasons forBeing an “Anti-Semite”

And of course no serious study of the Jewish Question can be undertaken without investing the time to read a few critical books on the subject, including:

Jewish Supremacism by Dr. David Duke

The Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald, PhD (and the other two volumes in his masterful and scholarly trilogy explaining Jewish behavior from the standpoints of evolutionary biology and group survival strategy).

And lastly, a superb analysis of Jewish fatalities in World War II Nazi concentration camps is provided by:

 Debating the Holocaust by Thomas Dalton, PhD

All three of the above books are available at both mainstream and White nationalist online booksellers.

Believe me when I tell you that if you dedicate yourself to reading a number of these articles and books during the coming weeks leading up to and during JAM you will, perhaps for the first time in your life, begin to understand many Jew-related events and issues that have puzzled you down through the years.  Armed with this knowledge base, everything will just seem to fall into place.

Another important thing many of our people can do during Jew Awareness Month, aside from honing up on their Jewducation, would be to devote some extra effort all month long to awakening and informing friends, relatives, and co-workers about the C. and C. Jews and the Jewish menace to White America and Western Civilization.  I should think JAM would be a good time to explain to people what a jam we are in.  Be calm and sincere, be truthful; and always keep your interactions and activities within the law, your company’s policies and rules, and the limits established by your wife, of course.  But take every appropriate opportunity to spread the truth about this notorious tribe, and in particular, the “complicit and culpable” Jews.