White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Monday, September 10, 2012


by Val Koinen
September 10, 2012

The main reasons why we should not have to share the most intimate aspects of our society with Negroes; and why government should not go to such lengths to encourage if not force diversity, multiculturalism, integration, and even race-mixing on us American Whites:

On average, in balance, generally speaking, and as a group –

  Their genetic make-up is not the same as ours (they are a different subspecies of humankind).
  Their history and heritage are for the most part not our history and heritage.
Their culture is not our culture.
Their values and lifestyles are, by-and-large, not our values and lifestyles.
Their intellectual capabilities and performance, and their educability, are not equal to ours.
Their behavioral tendencies are not like ours – including their more primitive and instinctual (as opposed to reasoned) responses to situations and their higher level of violent criminality.
Their civic interests and capabilities do not rise to the same level as ours.
Their social/political loyalties are not the same as ours.
Their work and economic attitudes and viewpoints differ markedly from ours.
Their sense of morality is not the same as ours.

None of this is the result of prejudiced, bigoted, hateful, or supremacist thinking on my part; these things are simply facts. This is the way things are in the real world; this is merely objective reality. Negroes are significantly different from us in all kinds of ways. They are not "us;" they are "the other."

Given these differences, as well as many others, is it any wonder that we constantly find ourselves struggling with the cost, discomfiture, and trauma of their presence in our midst? Is it any wonder that they are the cause of so many aberrations and difficulties whenever encountered in significant numbers and at close range in such areas as job hiring (especially for government jobs, and with regard to affirmative-action and racial preferences); neighborhoods and public gathering places ; classrooms and textbook content ostensibly designed to serve our children; and television, movies, advertising content, and music intended for the consumption of White people?

Supposedly we Americans have the right of freedom of association. What we need now, every bit as much or even more than that, is freedom of non-association.

Friday, September 7, 2012



September 7, 2012

O.K., so now you've sewn up the Republican nomination. Congratulations -- that's an impressive achievement in itself, and you are to be applauded for that.

But now, I feel compelled to write to you -- to ask you -- to plead for you to do the right things going forward.

Just stop and think about it. After you win the election, you will have a tremendous responsibility, but also the most wonderful opportunity, to do the right things for America. For all Americans, of course, and that includes your own people -- Americans of European extraction -- still the majority of Americans.

You will be given the opportunity, working with a Republican House and possibly a Republican Senate as well, to dramatically apply the brakes to the ever-accelerating social, political, and economic dispossession of the White majority of this once-great country. To begin a new era of friendship and cooperation with our cousins in Russia, Germany, and other European countries. To stem the onslaught of mestizo immigration, comprised largely of illegal-alien trespassers (invaders) from south of the border. And to bring to an end our long, shameful history of being International Jewry's and Israel's warmongering attack-dog (slavishly doing the bidding of the Zionists and their American Neoconservative helpmates, both Jewish and Gentile).

You are a good and moral man. A man of honor. I know you truly and deeply care about your country and your people. You are smart, hard-working, and savvy in matters of business, governance, and executive administration. Those qualities and more are the reasons I know you have the potential of being a great President.

But you could be much more than that. You could literally go down in history as the one man who did the most, given the time and resources available to him, to save Western Civilization. But in order to do that, you simply must revise your thinking as regards: the value of good relations with Russia (as opposed to enmity toward that country); letting Jewish money and media control and other undue influence dominate our governance; serving Israel's as opposed to American interests by sending them obscene amounts of money and by waging war on their behalf in the Middle East; and letting our nation be overrun by hordes of mestizos. And of course you would also do well to do whatever you can to end discrimination against White Americans in order to provide special racial preferences and advantages for Negroes (and for that matter, discrimination especially against straight White men in favor of homosexuals, radical feminists, the politically-correct liberals, and minorities in general).

Yes, as a top priority, you must immediately begin work to repair our severely damaged economy. But you must, at the same time, make some real progress in the areas I have mentioned above. For the sake of the survival and future of America, and the future of our grandchildren and those to follow -- you must work toward returning some sanity to our government and its legal foundations.

And perhaps most importantly -- above all -- please, Mr. Romney, try to reconsider your previously stated positions and do not join Israel in a military strike against Iran, thereby running the very real risks of bankrupting America and igniting World War III.

When elected President, you will be in a unique position to do some real good for America and for your people. I'm not asking you to do harm to anybody -- just to work toward fair, equal, and justly deserved treatment for everyone based on the Constitution and the law. All I am asking is that you try to do what you can to help our nation survive and prosper; and to help the White people of America, along with other American citizens, survive and prosper.

Once again, I would beseech you, our next President of the United States, to reconsider some of your positions and to please give these things some thought and fair consideration. Please do not let us down.

Respectfully yours,

Val Koinen

Sunday, September 2, 2012


by Val Koinen
September 2, 2012

I don't know; maybe it's just me.  Personally, I prefer to speak the truth, and I would prefer to live in a truthful world – in a world of objective reality.  In a community predominantly of my people (my racial kinsmen) and our common culture and values.  I would prefer not to be overwhelmed by non-Whites every time I turn on the television or pick up a print ad; and by a negrified and Jewed culture of race mixing, normalization of homosexuality, illegal drug use and dealing, jungle incantations in lieu of real music, scatological  humor, and soft porn.  And to not be overrun by Mestizo gangsterism.   Or forced to support a Jew-dominated, Zionist and "neoconservative" world of warmongering, global empire-building, and striving for Israeli hegemony in the Middle East.  Or be constantly subjected to a world of "anti-racist" (anti-White) lies and political correctness used as weapons to dispossess my people and perpetuate welfarism and redistribution of wealth for the benefit of the colored masses.

I don't want my children and grandchildren to have their heads pumped full of anti-White lies about false, mythical, and contrived racial "sameness" versus very real racial differences.  And lies and deceptions intended to camouflage the destructive role of Jews down through the history of Western Civilization and especially over the past hundred years or so.  And lies detracting from all the truly amazing and wonderful White accomplishment, greatness, and goodness that have so completely overwhelmed any less virtuous or admirable things we have done as a people (which, by the way, have been no worse than the many transgressions of the other races except that we may have done some things on a somewhat larger scale and been a little more successful in doing them simply because we have historically been the most dominant, accomplished, and successful race).

I don't appreciate being forced to tolerate the Jewish brainwashing of me and my people here in America by their control of the press and entertainment media.

I don't want to hear all the lies, day in and day out, that the Jew-controlled media, liberal and politically-correct (and socialistic and even communistic) politicians and educators, and the government use in forming and enforcing public opinion among my people – America's people of European descent.

I don't like the fact that Jews effectively control our government via their financial and media-coverage control of candidates and elections; and via networking and lobbying; and overrepresentation in Congress, among executive department appointments, in the bureaucracy, and on the Supreme Court.

I don't want to see my people – the founders and builders of this once-great nation – dispossessed of our rightful social/political stature and control in our own country.

Frankly, I'm just sick and tired of all the lies and of all the anti-White deviousness…

Don't tell me that "diversity is our strength" when history, science, and economic and political reality have all clearly shown that racial diversity is divisive, is leading us to our dispossession and demise, and is deadly to the White people of America.

Don't tell me that "multiculturalism (multiracialism) is a beautiful thing" when the reality is that it does little but pervert, weaken, and pull down our Eurocentric society.

Don't tell me that "we are all the same under the skin" when the absolutely indisputable fact, as shown by scientific biology and genetics, sociology, behavioral science, and thousands of years of historical performance; is that the races differ in countless ways – physical appearance, yes, but also intelligence, behavior, tendency to criminality, and civilization building and maintenance capabilities.

Don't tell me I am wrong to have well-deserved pride in my race – that it is hateful and bigoted for me to do that, while every other racial group is encouraged to and applauded for doing the very same thing, usually with far less justification.

Don't tell me that only White people are capable of being bigoted, racist, haters; and of being capable of racial "thought crime" and perpetrators of "hate crimes" when we are far more likely to be victims than perpetrators even though we still substantially outnumber the minority races.

Don't tell me that we Whites should just lie down and surrender our nation, our civilization, and our future to Negroes, Mestizos, and Semitics and Muslims.

Don't tell me that we should just continue to allow Negroes to destroy any more of our once-great cities (think Detroit, East St. Louis, New Orleans, Camden).

Don't tell me that we should let Mestizos take over more and more of our cities and entire areas (think large sections of Los Angeles and other California cities, Miami, and Texas).

Don't tell me for that matter that it is a good thing that the majority of American people – White people – continue to see more and more of their cities take on more and more of the appearance and "flavor" of Nairobi, Port-au-Prince, Mexico City, or Ciudad Juarez.

Don't tell me that it is "right," and that we Whites should continue to just accept the fact that the Negro, Mestizo, and other colored underclasses destroy our financial wellbeing (in many cases actually bankrupt us) for their social support – welfare, medical care, policing and incarceration, etc.

Don't tell me that we should continue to "dumb down" our schools and handicap or even ruin our kids' educations in order to accommodate the lower-IQ and relatively uneducable Negroes and Mestizos.

Don't tell me that it is "O.K." to let our schools (class content, teachers, textbooks) pump our kids full of lies glorifying Negroes, Mestizos, other non-Whites, and about racial differences in general – teaching them countless outright lies about non-White achievements and "greatness" while at the same time telling them how evil and exploitative if not predatory their own people – White people – have been down through history (and supposedly still are).

Don't tell me that it is O.K. that our U.S. Department of Justice and even local jurisdictions refuse to prosecute Negroes for civil rights crimes against White people while they vigorously prosecute any White man that just dares to look at Blacks sideways or speak to them in the "wrong" way (in ways that might hurt their feelings, or make them feel unwelcome, intimidated, or even the slightest bit uncomfortable).

Don't tell me that we Whites should just continue to tolerate the hugely disproportionate rate of Black-on-White and other interracial crime – all the horrendous crimes perpetrated by Negroes every day in this dirty, secret war being waged against our people – crimes such as assault and battery, rape, torture, murder, and especially in the case of the Mestizos, drunken-driving mayhem.

Don't tell me that Jews are the "chosen people" and the "light unto the nations" – purely fictional characterizations created and promoted for thousands of years by the Jews themselves – when in fact the reality of history is that they have forever been liars, deceivers, fraudsters, and the destroyers of White (and other non-Jewish) societies.

Don't tell me that Americans should just ignore history and continue waging war at the behest of the Jews (e.g., World Wars I and II, and more recently, fighting multiple wars and aiding and abetting civil insurrections in the Middle East and North Africa).

Don't tell me that we White people of America should forsake our traditional Eurocentric culture in favor of the filthy, degenerate, soft-porn-infused and negrified so-called culture of the Jew-controlled television, motion picture, and music industries.

Don't tell me that I should have to listen to any more Jew "Holocaust" lies and let my people, and especially our na├»ve and impressionable youngsters, be brainwashed by any more of that anti-German and anti-White propaganda – and that I should be forced to pay for their museums and memorials dedicated to that historical non-event and extortion racket.

Don't tell me that it is just fine that my own government is openly and blatantly anti-White, and especially anti-White-male in so many ways – providing racial preferences and special favors and amenities to non-White minorities while denying Whites even their basic right of freedom of association (and non-association).

Don't tell me it is O.K. that government – and especially law enforcement – provides "special status" protections to homosexuals (by including them amongst the "protected class minorities") while constantly trampling on the legitimate defensive rights and options of straight Whites, and especially White parents.

Don't tell me it is just fine and dandy that White people worldwide – the White subspecies of humankind – the greatest race of people who ever populated this world – are deliberately genocided out of existence by the Jews and their minions, the darker people of the world.

What I am trying to do, and what I hope you the reader will also try to do – become knowledgeable and conversant about these matters; decide in your own mind what is right and what is not right; and then "spread the word" among family members, friends and acquaintances, and co-workers.  Because – surely, if we cannot even speak up about the things that matter to us and to the future of the White race, believe me, we are "dead men walking."