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Saturday, October 27, 2012


A short but very informative article that every American voter should read:

"The Mystery Of Barack Obama Continues"

There are hundreds of articles similar to this one on the web.  A number of full books have been written on different aspects of this convoluted and disturbing story.

The above article is a pretty good summary of the "unknown President" Barack Obama, who for the past four years has been doing his best to destroy America and who plans to pursue that effort with renewed vigor if he wins re-election November 6.

Many White Americans voted to elect this guy President of the United States back in 2008. Many are planning to vote for him again, or for the first time, in just a week and a half. Many of our people are even donating to his re-election bid, and working for his campaign.

If you are one of the people who voted for him last time around, and/or plan to vote for him in the upcoming election, you should take a few minutes to read the article linked above.  In fact, you should spend a couple more hours researching these matters in more detail -- as a good citizen, you really do owe it to your country.

And after you have done that, just ask yourself -- is this really the kind of man you want to see in the oval office for another four years?

Friday, October 26, 2012


by Val Koinen
October 26, 2012

You might want to use this checklist to compare the candidates:

Place of birth -- natural-born U.S. citizenship?
Romney:  U.S. (Detroit) -- no questions; no controversy.
Obama:  Controversial -- Hawaii (?), or maybe Kenya (?) (there is a good deal of credible evidence that he may not be a 'natural born citizen').

Family background
Romney:  Fully 'American' family -- moral, ethical, hardworking, and successful mainstream people.
Obama:  Disturbingly different.  (?)Self-hating White, sexually libertarian if not promiscuous, and communist-sympathizer mother; communistically inclined maternal grandparents.  Black Kenyan (presumed) father a bigamist drunk who abandoned Obama and his mother (when he was an infant); tribal Kenyan Muslim paternal grandparents and extended family.  Alternatively, there is credible evidence that his true birth-father might have been the Hawaiian Negro communist, writer, photographer, and pornographer Frank Marshall Davis.  At the very least, Davis was a mentor of the young Barack Obama for an extended period starting at about age 10.

Romney:  Thoroughly American, majority-White society.
Obama:  Indonesian; Hawaiian (yes, yes, I know -- Hawaii is a State of the U.S.  But young Obama's life there was filled with multi-racial, largely Pacific/Asian, multi-national influences).

Higher education records
Romney:  Open; unquestioned.
Obama:  Largely kept hidden from public inspection.

Educational performance
Romney:  Top student in college and combined MBA/law school program.
Obama:  Questionable but probably mediocre as an undergraduate; top student in law school.

Early financial backing
Romney:  Clear and transparent; normal.  Self-earned funds as a young adult, in private sector.
Obama:  Unknown, mysterious, questionable during school years (including, through law school).  As adult, mainly from limited legal work and government sources.

Drug use as young man
Romney:  None that we know of.
Obama:  Lots

Homosexual experience
Romney:  None
Obama:  Possible; alleged by multiple parties.

Life-experience as productive American in the real world
Romney:  Extensive (total).
Obama:  Severely limited (a lot of leftist activism and political positions).

Birth certificate
Romney:  No questions or controversies
Obama:  Highly controversial; has been credibly accused of providing a 'doctored' (forgery; fake?) Long-Form Birth Certificate.

Social Security registration
Romney:  Straightforward and unquestioned.
Obama:  Questioned as possibly fraudulent.

Selective Service registration
Romney:  Straightforward and unquestioned.
Obama:  Questioned as possibly fraudulent.

Early passport citizenship
Romney:  USA
Obama:  Unknown (refuses to disclose).

Marriage and parental qualities
Romney:  Good
Obama:  Good

Romney:  Mormon and therefore perhaps not 'mainstream,' but thoroughly American.
Obama:  Unknown with certainty; possibly Muslim?  If Christian; was member of black, racist,    anti-White congregation for many years.

Past involvement/association with socialistic, revolutionary, anti-American individuals and groups; terrorist criminals
Romney:  None
Obama:  Several such past involvements; some in-depth and long-lasting.

Private sector experience and success
Romney:  Lots
Obama:  Virtually none.

Government and government-financed employment and experience
Romney:  Some (Governor of Massachusetts).
Obama:  Lots

Socialist versus capitalist tendencies
Romney:  None (classic American capitalist).
Obama:  Many (history of socialistic thinking and actions) (including, favors wealth redistribution from Whites to coloreds).

Fiscal expertise and responsibility
Romney:  Sound credentials; positive, conservative; and proven record.
Obama:  Socialistic; irresponsible big-spender.

'Racist' tendencies
Romney:  None
Obama:  Flagrantly anti-White.

Backing of Jew-controlled liberal mainstream media
Romney:  Mostly hostile, but some favorable press due to his Israel-worship.
Obama:  Near total; generally enthusiastic.

Attitude toward wealth building and retention
Romney:  Work to earn it; you earn it -- you keep it.
Obama:  Tax the successful; redistribute to non-Whites and non-earners.

Political appeal to American men
Romney:  Strong among White men; virtually non-existant among Blacks and Mestizos.
Obama:  Pretty much only if they are Negroes, Mestizos, or hard-core liberals.

Political appeal to American women
Romney:  Moderate to high among those who are intelligent, sane, and relatively free of misguided and misplaced emotions; essentially non-existant among coloreds.
Obama:  High among White women who are intelligence-challenged, irrational, racially self-hating and/or consumed with 'White guilt,' rose-colored-glasses liberal, or socialist.

Appeal to non-Whites
Romney:  Little to none.
Obama:  Nearly universal; ehthusiastic ('rabid').

Infatuation with and subservience to Jews and Israel
Romney:  Excessive -- probably worse than Obama.
Obama:  Lots, but with some admirable exceptions.

Overall record in political office
Romney:  Good
Obama:  Dismal

Record as President
Romney:  Not applicable.
Obama:  Dismal

Position on immigration
Romney:  A little weak and wishy-washy; probably about as good as can be expected.
Obama:  Abysmal; flagrantly anti-White.

Administration of U.S. law via Justice Department
Romney:  Not applicable; but expected to be even-handed.
Obama:  Distinctly anti-White; dedicated to colored favoritism and, especially, subservience to Negroes.

Supreme Court appointments
Romney:  Not applicable; but expected to be acceptable to majority White Americans.
Obama:  Abysmal -- anti-White, anti-male, anti-'straight.'

Romney:  Wants to lower.
Obama:  Wants more.

Government spending
Romney:  Wants to reduce.
Obama:  Has increased; undoubtedly wants more.

Romney:  Would reduce.
Obama:  Would grow the deficit.

Romney:  Would grow via the private sector.
Obama:  Would grow government sector.

Engagement in empire-building; warmongering
Romney:  Probably OK in general and favors strong military for defense; but there is a real danger that he would be more likely to wage war for Israel.
Obama:  Most certainly would also wage war for Israel, plus -- demonstrated tendency toward ill-advised intervention in foreign countries (particularly, in North Africa and the Middle East).

Other foreign relations, especially with major powers
Romney:  Probably OK except for idiotic attitude toward Russia.
Obama:  Weak and 'apologetic' in representing America; amazingly, tries to be 'soft' on radical Muslims at same time he is subservient to Israel.

Ability/tendency to jog up to a podium with his elbows tucked close to his body in a 'shucking and jiving' manner
Romney:  No such inclinations or skills whatsoever.
Obama:  A hallmark talent of his; apparently just comes naturally.
                                                    *    *    *
So there you have it.  Which candidate deserves your vote?  Tough choice, huh?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


by Val Koinen
October 24, 2012

As readers of my blog know, I have been trying lately to communicate with White presidential candidate Mitt Romney about his willingness to do the bidding of Israel's Bibi Netanyahu (here, and here; see also here).

To no avail, I'm sorry to report -- I still haven't heard a word from him.

He must not have gotten my messages, or maybe he just hasn't had time to consider them in depth and get back to me.  I know he's a busy man.

Another indication that he hasn't taken my advice to heart -- a couple nights ago he went on television to "debate" our Halfrican President Obama and he:
  • Made an utterly ignorant (or deceptive) statement to the effect that "a nuclear Iran is our greatest national security threat."
  • Strove to outdo Obama in grovelling before the feet of Israel -- promising that illicit, apartheid, terrorist, "Jewish state" that he would, if elected, put their interests above American interests.
  • Emphasized his belief that Israel is our "best bud" in the Middle East (apparently not realizing that, as usual, the Israelis are causing most of the trouble and are just trying to get us to do their dirty work).
  • Essentially gave Israel a green light to initiate a military confrontation (a war of aggression) with Iran, based on Israel's lies and deceptions about Iran's supposed efforts to build a nuclear bomb.  When the truth, as Romney knows or should know, is that:  Our CIA and Israel's Mossad have agreed that Iran not only has no nuclear weapons, it is not actively pursuing a program to build them.  And that Israel, on the other hand, has hundreds of nuclear warheads but refuses to acknowledge that fact to the world.  And that it is Israel that keeps its nuclear-weapons activities and capabilities secret and opaque by refusing to sign the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency agreement that would permit inspections, and will not allow any U.N. inspections; while Iran is a signatory to that protocol and in fact undergoes routine U.N. inspections (and has, for many years) and has U.N. inspectors on the ground at this very moment.  And that it conceivably was Israel that brought about our President Kennedy's assassination back in 1963 because of his attempting to block their efforts to develop nuclear weapons at their Dimona facilities.  (So Romney would have us commit the same terrible mistake we made in Iraq?  Waste trillions of dollars this time, and get many more thousands of our soldiers killed and maimed on the basis of a lie?  And maybe even get into a shooting war with Russia and/or China?  And maybe even ignite World War III?  What would we say then -- "double oops"?)
  • In essence, called Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a war criminal, and says that, if elected President he, Romney, would indict Ahmadinejad for incitement of genocide (presumably for saying he would "wipe Israel off the map").  Once again, Romney either knows better or should know better.  He is either inexplicably ignorant of the truth, or he is lying through his teeth.  The Iranian President never said any such thing, and the claim that he did has been thoroughly discredited (see here).
  • Attacked Obama for saying something to the effect that he would put some daylight between the U.S. and Israel (for indicating he -- Obama -- might not be quite as good a friend and ally of Israel as he should be).  Now just think about that -- are not daylight and distance the very things needed when it comes to our relationships with the duplicitous, manipulative, and warmongering Israeli Jews?
  • Even reminded Obama that some 38 Democtatic senators wrote him a letter cautioning him that the administration's tensions with Israel had the potential of being a real problem (isn't it something -- the way Israel and the Jews can get these Congresscritters to do pretty much anything they want them to do; the way they can influence, if not control, our government?).
Now, lest the reader gets the impression that I think it is only Romney that kisses up to the Jews too much, be assured that in my view Obama's involvement in this tragic state of affairs is just as, or nearly as, despicable.  In fact, it was my impression when watching this third debate that the two candidates spent more time competing to be Israel's best little lap-dog (or maybe pit-bull?) than anything else.  A sad state of affairs indeed.

Anyway, I just don't know what I have to do to bring these things to Mitt's attention.  Maybe I'll have to start picketing some Mormon temples or chapels, or papering the fences and trees at those estabishments, or something?

You know, it just occurred to me -- maybe Romney isn't as ignorant, stupid, dishonest, or evil as I made him out to be (by his appearing to be so subservient to Israel).  Maybe he is just being a tad deceptive about these matters in his public comments so the Jews will allow him to win the election?  Wouldn't that be something?

Nah ... too good to be true.  If he tried to pull a trick like that, he'd likely meet a fate similar to that of numerous others who have tried to cross the Zionist Jews, and surely, he wouldn't run that risk.  I guess we just have to accept that he is either woefully ignorant when it comes to the nature of the Jews/Israelis/Zionists, or he knows the score and has sold out to them.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Wow!  Those Romans/Italians can sure be hard on scientists, criminalizing their good work and actually convicting them of crimes both coming and going.

First, way back in 1633, the Roman Catholic Church convicted Galileo Galilei of heresy for his support of the Copernican heliocentric theory of the universe (for going too far in his scientific thinking and saying too much about it in public).

And now Italy has convicted seven seismologists and geological experts for failing to predict a disastrous earthquake (for not going far enough in applying theoretical science to the real world and not giving adequate public warning about it).

"Italian court convicts 7 scientists for failing to predict earthquake"

Seems Italian scientists are "damned if they do and damned if they don't."

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Or -- "What In The World Happened To Us On The Way To Our Destiny?"
Or -- "What A Pathetic Bunch Of Losers!"
by Val Koinen
October 21, 2012

It's just so damned depressing, frustrating, maddening, and disheartening.  Just being exposed every day to the fact that so many of my White American countrymen -- including friends, neighbors, and relatives -- are so delusional, self-destructive, and accepting of their own people's dispossession and demise.  That when it comes to racial survival and progress, they can be such ignorant if not stupid fools and dupes – either that, or clinically insane.

How else can you possibly describe a race of people -- historically so far ahead of any other racial group on earth when it comes to civilization, exploration and discovery, and all kinds of scientific and technical achievement -- that works so hard to ignore truth and reality and to facilitate its own destruction?  Just think about it, and ask yourself – why is it that we Whites, who have proven ourselves down through the ages to be the superior race in virtually every area of human accomplishment except perhaps some athletic endeavors, entertainment skills, and the ultimately critical area of racial survival  – think and behave the way so many of us do?

Just consider, if you will:

Jewish disinformation and treachery

- Many of our people accept the self-promotional Jewish claims (lies) of being unique, special, "God's chosen," a "light unto the nations," and uniquely maltreated and persecuted for no good reason.  While they ignore and resist the truth – that the Semitic and Asiatic Jews as a group are the most dishonest, murderous; the most persistently and consistently evil and malevolent, anti-White, and destructive people on the planet.  And of course these misguided kinsmen of ours are eager to condemn "anti-Semitism" just like the Jews tell them to.

- Most of our people continue to believe the Jewish "holohoax" fiction, and as a result we continue to let that nefarious tribe use the supreme victim status generated by that concocted non-event to justify their slandering and defamation of the German people and by extension all White people; their bandit State of Israel and their maltreatment of Palestinians; the obscene amount of money and materiel we provide them every year; the extortion of billions of dollars from Germany and other White countries; and even, as part of their distorted rationale, to justify their hegemonic warmongering in the Middle East.

- So many of our people sheepishly gobble up the ridiculous, thoroughly disproven and impossible government 9-11 story while they ridicule as "conspiracy nuts" those of us who know better and are aware of the Jewish, Israeli, and/or Mossad involvement.

- We let traitorous, Jew-Neocon influenced and pressured politicians like Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld lead us into unjustified wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan.  More recently, we have seen Obama pursue that same Israel-first policy of intervention all over the Middle East. And now we seem to be determined to let the Israeli Jews do it all over again by pushing us toward war with Iran; and the Republican challenger Romney has tried to sound even more eager than Obama, if he is given the chance, to do Bibi Netanyahu's bidding.  In fact, any more it seems that very few of us even bother to object to our waging perpetual war for Israel.

- We willingly, eagerly, even slavishly swallow and partake of, and are therefore weakened by, the disgusting, negrified, and pornographic popular culture heaped on us by the entertainment industry and media which the Jews themselves acknowledge they control.  And we have allowed the Jews to relentlessly promote and market those cultural abominations to our people, and even to our children.  No doubt as a result of that constant exposure, many of our people have actually adopted parts of the savage cultures of the underclasses as their own in recent years (music, speech, adornment, dress, etc.).

Jews and our racial dispossession and destruction

- Very few of our people know anything about the way the Jews worked to open the floodgates of non-White immigration back in the 1960's.  And now, they tell us it is OK that we allow another flood of quasi-legal and illegal Mestizos to overrun our country, and we believe it and we let it happen.

- Jews and their media teach us to welcome and embrace Negroes and Mestizos in our society, even though they almost always work to destroy it; so we do it.  They even tell us "race doesn't matter," and that it is OK to intermix and copulate and even intermarry with Negroes, and we believe it.

- We have let the Jews literally "talk us into" being racially suicidal by getting us to accept, support, and work toward our own dispossession and genocide in all kinds of ways.  We have come to accept the nonsense that it is somehow wrongheaded, even evil, to resist all the efforts to transform America from a successful and prosperous majority White and Eurocentric nation into a third-world multiracial and multicultural, socialist cesspool.

- We accept the Jew-propaganda line re: racial sameness, acceptance of diversity, multiculturalism, and race-mixing; all the while enthusiastically condemning "racism" (we have come to embrace the easily disproven, Jewish-promoted concepts that "race is just a social construct,"  "diversity is our strength," and "multiculturalism is a beautiful thing").  Many of our people have succumbed to Jewish/government/media brainwashing so completely that they have totally lost sight of racial reality, which tells us that our genetics and cultures are incompatible with those of the darker races.  We believe all the lies, and resist and refuse to accept the truth, about Negroes and what they really are – how they are different – and especially their intellectual and behavioral deficiencies and their impulsive criminality.  And most of our people refuse to listen to the truth about why we shouldn't share the personal, intimate aspects of our society with Negroes, Mestizos, and most other non-Whites for that matter – how their presence damages us as a people, holds us back and weights us down, and  jeopardizes the survival and advancement of our civilization.  Our people have been coerced, trained, and forced to accept complete social integration with other racial subspecies, to the extent that it has now become seriously dysgenic and a factor in our ongoing devolution.

- In spite of the colored underclass being such a huge burden on our society – essentially an invasive species – misguided Whites allow the Jew-controlled media and advertisers to falsely depict them as desirable and even essential in virtually every imaginable social  situation and every job-related scenario and every social gathering (pure anti-White and White-destructive propaganda by the powers-that-be).

Jews and governance

- We have allowed the Jews to attain far-reaching control of our election process and government through their networking, lobbying, financial clout, business pressure, existing government positions, and media control.

- Jewish opinion-formers told us back in 2008 to elect a communistically inclined, anti-White racist, totally unqualified half-Negro and possible non-U.S. citizen as our president, and we did it.  Many of our people just unthinkingly accepted his near-total lack of meaningful and positive history, qualifications, and credentials (background records).  And many White Americans still persist in their stubborn failure to question, if not condemn, what is known about him; which is almost all bad, or at least highly suspect, and unAmerican to boot.

- The Jewish media tell us isolated and relatively impotent Iran is now America's No. 1 enemy and danger to our national security, and we believe it.  (But then, when he is not hinting that he would invade Iran when told to by Israel, Mitt Romney tells us Russia is our most dangerous adversary and many of us believe that too.)

Racial wrongheadedness

 - Far too many of our people insist on swallowing all the largely Jew-instigated and incessantly promoted self-hatred and White guilt garbage dished out to us (as opposed to embracing natural and healthy White racial pride).  And many of our people go even further – they aid and abet the teaching of their own children to hate their heritage and what they are, while at the same time they are taught to revere the other races.  And they allow our children's teachers and textbooks to tell them all kinds of lies about the history, supposed achievements, virtues, and inventions of the darker peoples of the world.  And while that is going on, many of our White parents fail to teach their own children about the greatness of the White race – in such areas as exploration, discovery, and pioneering; civilization building; seafaring and aviation; scientific and technical advancements; arts and architecture; food production, processing, and distribution; doctoring, surgery, and medicine; governance and the rule of law; engineering and construction of all kinds; transportation; and charitable benevolence.

- We have even begun to actually believe the nonsense that the Mestizo invasion is good for America (that we should welcome the illegal alien immigrants because they are just "seeking a better life," and are just "doing the jobs that Amercans won't do").

- Very few of our people are aware, or will recognize or admit, that the races of mankind, like all other natural organisms, are naturally competitive for territory and resources.  And coupled with our social/political deracination, that has made us Whites non-competitive with the other, darker races.  That in turn has led to our dispossession in our own countries, and is rapidly leading to our demise as a natural subspecies – it has contributed mightily to our impending genocide.
- Many if not most of our people seem to think it is perfectly OK that we essentially waste untold millions of dollars every year, year in and year out, paying through the nose for the Negro and Mestizo presence in our integrated schools.  When it is an indisputable fact that they disrupt classroom decorum; can't learn up to White standards; are a detriment to the education of our kids; make the daily school experience for many of our kids a living hell; and are disproportionately destructive of infrastructure and materials in classrooms and school buildings.

- Most of our people remain blissfully ignorant of, refuse to believe, and/or refuse to insist that we do something about, the hugely disproportionate rates of serious (felonious) colored-on-white crime.  We bend over backward to understand and uplift the Negro and Mestizo underclasses when we should be more concerned with holding them at bay, and severely punishing them for all their misdeeds.  We tolerate our Jew-controlled press' (the mainstream media's) efforts to routinely cover up their crimes against us while they prey on us and rampage against our people and our comparatively orderly society; while they mob, rape, assault, beat and maim, torture, and murder our women and children and the elderly.

- Unbelievably, a good many of our people have come to just accept the tragedy of Negro destruction of many of our once-great cities such as Detroit, St. Louis, Atlanta, Philadelphia/Camden, Birmingham, and on and on ad nauseam.  And the conquest of many parts of the southwest (and other parts of the country as well) by alien Mestizo hordes (Los Angeles and much of the rest of California, Texas, Arizona, Miami, and elsewhere).

- Our White families struggle financially while we spend billions every year on non-White welfare, cash giveaways, EBT cards, food stamps, subsidized housing, health care, and (much needed) policing, court proceedings, and incarceration.

- Our people suffer huge unemployment and under-employment problems while we give the non-Whites jobs and business and academic advantages via "affirmative action," quota systems, and other race-based preference programs.

- Most people just passively accept the difficulties and costs caused by multi-lingualism in schools, government offices, and elsewhere because alien colored immigrants can't or won't use the English language.

- An unbelievable number of our women make the conscious and tragic choice to cohabit and interbreed with genetically different if not inferior coloreds, thereby significantly increasing the odds that they are condemning their children to substandard intelligence and lifetimes of impaired, racially confused self-identity.  And by doing that they also dramatically increase their risks of being infected with  AIDS, and of themselves and their children being severely beaten or even murdered.

- Many of our people are guilty of admiring and emulating Negroes -- easily the least similar and compatible, the most dependent and destructive, and arguably the most dangerous race of people in the country (aside from the Jews, of course) -- simply because they are Negroes and irregardless of any particular qualities they may (but generally do not) possess.

- And then there are the church elders who work tirelessly to bring hordes of Somalis, Nigerians, other Africans, and Hatians into the country; and the White couples that import and adopt all their little niglet pets from Africa.  It seems like so many of our people just can't do enough to destroy White communities, our culture, and America itself.

- Just as we American Whites have allowed ourselves to become overrun and dispossessed by Negroes, Mestizos, and Muslims; our White cousins abroad have allowed their nations to be swamped and their orderly societies disrupted and their freedoms diminished by Negroes; Turks, Arabs, and Muslims; aborigines of various persuasions; orientals; and various other dark-skinned people from Asia, north Africa, the Pakistani-Indian sub-continent, the Caribbean, etc.

Government as adversary or enemy

- So many of our people over the past decades have been willing to send their sons, brothers, and husbands to fight and die in order to stave off communism in far-away lands; but then we just lie back and accept socialistic governance and massive wealth redistribution right here in America and vote for the half-communist, half-Negro, anti-White Obama and allow our country to be lost to the Jew-dominated Negro/Mestizo social-welfare state.

- All too many of our people help elect non-Whites to public office, and of course they in turn appoint countless other anti-White coloreds to government positions. The racial aspect is forgotten (or rejected) by these ignorant and/or traitorous White voters.  They ignore the fact that we should avoid electing non-Whites (or Jews) to govern us, because they are "the other."  We are a "people," and they are not "us."  Plus, they are essentially, to a person, vehemently anti-us.

- Most White American citizens see nothing at all wrong with our recent presidents and congresspeople appointing and confirming Jews, Negroes, Mestizos, and lesbians to the Supreme Court of the land and to Cabinet positions and other high government office; even though they have done and are poised to do enormous damage to the best interests of our people.

- Ever since "9/11," we have let our government become increasingly dictatorial and police-state oriented via such things as the Patriot Act, excessive powers assumed by the Dept. of Homeland Security, militarization of police forces and training of police by the Jewish ADL and Isrealis, electronic surveillance and all manner of tracking of private citizens, curtailment of freedom of speech, arrest and punishment (or at the very least harassment) for "hate crimes" and "thought crimes" (but only for White people), anti-White racist policies and actions of the Justice Department, and in many other ways.

- We let our politicians – on the local, state, and especially the federal levels – overspend, borrow, and overtax while they dig us into a hole of debt so deep that it is questionable if we and our progeny will ever be able to climb out of it.

Religious delusions

- Many, probably even a majority of us, believe in and order their lives based on the primitive, human- invented and promoted, adult fairy-tale delusions of religion.  A "story line" that no doubt started with ignorant, superstitious, early-day bipeds squatting around a campfire, all full of fear and in awe of the natural world around them; and listening to some clever and mouthy guy spinning tales of creation and superpowers, calamity and destruction, and the way to a safe and bountiful "afterlife" ("explaining" things to them).  And who then started to take advantage of his more gullible comrades by demanding respect and exerting control and power over them (the beginnings of the "priestly class" in action).  Unbelievably, huge numbers of our people even today believe the parts of the so-called "greatest story ever told" having to do with things like creation of the universe in a single work week, a global flood and an ark and an old man who rounded up fertile male/female pairs of every species that was to survive (but of course he really couldn't have managed to do that, even if you believe the fable), parting of the sea, virgin birth, working of all kinds of other miracles, and the resurrection.

- And if you happen to be of the same "persuasion" as a certain Mormon presidential candidate – you might even believe in the laughably ridiculous and disgustingly fraudulent blabberings and scribblings of a 19th-century con-artist named Joseph Smith and his "golden plates;" and in magic underwear.

Other off-track thinking and behavior

- Even in this supposed age of enlightenment, so many of our people insist on ignoring truth and historical reality when it comes to such things as wars, social/political movements, racial differences, Jewish depredation, etc.  Thanks largely to Jewish media and educational disinformation and brainwashing, most of our people are woefully ignorant of historical events.  For example, they either know nothing about, or think they know but do not know the truth about; such things as the beginnings and causes of World Wars I and II, Pearl Harbor, the so-called "Holocaust," the Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the Kennedy assasination, the 9-11 attacks, and actual reasons for recent and current wars and other illicit involvement in the Middle East.

- Countless White people display a propensity for being  rabid "fans" (as in fanatics) of spectator sports; being addicted to entertainment of all kinds; virtually worshipping sports "heroes" and "celebrities" of all kinds (including non-Whites).  It's just hugely degrading, and embarassing.

- And while they are so happy being fans of the mostly-Negro football and basketball teams, they steadfastly refuse to support their own racial "team" in our real-world, life-and-death struggles.  In fact, they accept the Jewish dictate that only White people are evil, bigoted haters ("Nazis") for being racially aware and advocating for their own race; that only White people can be "racist".

- White people of both sexes have succumbed to the radical-feminist agenda to the extent that we now view as normal, and happily accept, such concepts as women competing to be more like men, the effeminization of White men, a culture of constant conflict between men and women, and the supposed superiority of careers for women as opposed to "just" being housewives and mothers.  One consequence of that depravity has been a significant contribution to our sub-replacement birthrate in many places.

- Thanks to Jewish media and entertainmet, many of our people have become convinced that homosexuality is just another normal, legitimate, alternate lifestyle that should be welcomed, celebrated, and even promoted.  This "normalization" and the resulting acceptance if not popularization of homosexuality among our young people has surely been another cause of our lowered White birthrate.  And now there are even indications that pedophilia and sexual bestiality are the next sickly deviant behaviors to be headed toward some degree of normalization and acceptance.

- A good many of our people have become virtually hopeless in the sense that you can't tell them or teach them anything because they refuse to shake off all the Jewish, liberal, and politically-correct propaganda that smothers and buries their ability to think rationally.

- White people seem to have completely lost the ability to stand up and fight for their own interests, their self betterment, and even their very survival.  There are no doubt many causes of that condition; one possible reason is that we just haven't coped very well with the affluence we have achieved over past generations (we've become soft, spoiled, and stupid).  Other factors might well be our religious beliefs, our subservience to the false doctrines of egalitarianism and political correctness, our misguided propensity for universal altruism as opposed to in-group charity, and, in general, our being so thoroughly brainwashed for so long by the Jews.  In short, we have ignored and/or abandoned the guiding principles of objective reality.  But whatever the causes, this softness, weakness, and "wimpism," as opposed to judiciously applied harshness and toughness and even ruthlessness when warranted, and coupled with our deracination; have utterly destroyed our ability to defend and promote our own racial interests – "what's good for White people."

- It seems we have allowed our uniquely human but flawed ability to reason to override our natural instincts to preserve/survive/succeed/advance, and to prosper as a human subspecies – a classic case of "a little knowledge being a dangerous thing" and being "too smart for our own good."  We seem to be hell-bent on practicing unnatural, self destructive, suicidal "wrong-think" when it comes to the most important things that confront us -- thereby behaving in the manner of a failed (sub)species.

- All too many of our most successful and influential people exhibit a propensity for greed and unethical (if not illegal) activity in business; and corruption, excessive egoism, and power-madness in politics.

- And finally, there are the countless aberrant personal traits that in my opinion reflect poorly on our ability to lead responsible and productive lives and to compete and suceed as a racial subspecies of mankind -- such things as gluttony and obesity, untruthfulness, immorality and criminality, substance abuse (drug use and alcoholism), becoming enslaved by excessive debt-financed consumerism (self-gratification, instant-gratification), etc.  Altogether too many of our people exhibit a much greater interest in such things as television reality shows and perverted  sitcoms, guzzling beer while watching spectator sports on TV, golfing; and being cosmetic crazies, fashion fetishists, and "shopaholics" than they do in being good spouses and parents and getting involved with and supporting good governance and efforts to deal with deadly-serious social trends.  Of course these kinds of flawed behavior, and their historical counterparts, have always been with us and always will be -- this is not a perfect world, and we are (obviously) not a perfect people.  But my point is that these are examples of areas in which we should be striving to improve ourselves; and no doubt could, more effectively, if we didn't have to constantly deal with all the other problems, caused by other groups, which I have outlined above.

I would ask the reader to try to keep in mind that the concepts expressed in this essay are not evil, hateful, or bigoted.  They are merely true – reflections of natural objective reality.  The kinds of misguided, ignorant thinking I have described are nothing more or less than "wrong-think" writ large.

And what a state of affairs we have gotten ourselves into!  What a monumental task lies before us if we hope to wake our people up and educate them about all these issues!

The road to White redemption – the long road back – is going to be a steep uphill slog and will be filled with roadblocks, switchbacks, obstacles, pitfalls, and many other dangers of all kinds, including deadly enemies both out in the open and lurking in the shadows.  It will require alertness, hard work, and, unfortunately, most likely even bloodshed.  But we need to start back up that road if we don't want to be completely removed from the world stage.  If we don't reverse this situation, and get back on a natural path of racial redemption -- preservation and progression – and if we don't start doing those things right now – we are doomed.

Perhaps more than anything else, our present dire predicament is a testament to the effectiveness and success of Jewish brainwashing of our people over the past hundred years or so via their unchallenged power of the press and other media (opinion-shaping, mind-bending, culture-distortion, thought-control).  We simply must put an end to that situation if we hope to prevail.

As a first step we, as a people, need to regenerate our racial awareness and pride.  We need to get off our knees, and stop bowing down to the Jew agenda, the colored masses, and the deadly mantras of liberalism, socialism, diversity and multiculturalism, universal altruism, egalitarianism, and political correctness.  We should all try to keep in mind that if we can just muster the will to do what is best for our people – to do the things that are in the best interest of the White race, to regain control over our destiny, and to persevere and prosper -- we could put a stop to all of our problems virtually overnight.

[ Note:  I know, I know -- this rant is basically a rehash of an article I posted just a short while ago ("What the Hell is the Matter with Us?").  But it has a little different slant, and it has been expanded and updated in a couple instances.  And I am convinced there is some virtue and little or no downside to repetition when it comes to trying to reach new readers with an important message such as this.  V.K. ]

Saturday, October 13, 2012


by Val Koinen
October 13, 2012

Typical Saturday morning. I get up, pour a cup of coffee, and scan the usual news sites. And here, just waiting to brighten my day, are a couple classic examples of the insanity of contemporary humanity; clear and convincing evidence that modern humans are indeed a failed species.

For starters, we get the news that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is working to get the U.S. Senate to ignore history and commit to repeating one of the greatest blunders of modern history -- Great Britain's war guarantee given to Poland back in 1939 (which, in essence, let the Poles make the decisions that led directly to the hugely fratricidal Second World War that killed tens of millions of people). And how does the honorable Mr. Graham intend to do that? By giving the Jewish supremacist 'Bibi' Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the illegitimate State of Israel and America's oftentimes de facto leader, a war guarantee that we will back him if and when he decides to initiate military action against Iran. Which would be an act of naked aggression, based on lies and mischaracterizations and carried out solely to serve Israel's perceived interests but not ours, against a country that has done and is doing nothing to warrant such an attack. So Israel can decide when we go to war (again) in the powder keg known as the Middle East -- this time very possibly igniting World War III:


And then, looking for some lighter news, on the cultural front, I come across this article having to do with the recent sale, for a record price ($34 million), of a piece of so-called 'abstract art' that in reality is little more than smeared pigment on canvas and has nothing at all to do with art or artistic talent:


Makes a person wonder --after having just witnessed the embarassingly immature, undignified, and disrespectful buffoonery of the Vice President of the United States Joe Biden's performance in his televised debate with Paul Ryan a couple days ago -- when people think and act in these ways, is there any hope for Western Civilization?