White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Sunday, December 9, 2012


by Val Koinen
December 9, 2012

It's really quite simple.  When we boil down all of the many problems we White people are facing in our fight for racial survival, just three critical issues stand out.  What it comes down to is the struggle to protect, nurture, preserve, and enhance:

(1)  The well-being and survival of ourselves and our immediate families -- our mates, children and grandchildren, parents, and siblings.  Putting forth one's best efforts in this area should be natural; even instinctive.

(2)  Our gene pool -- the treasure of our genetic heritage -- our race; our "people;" our "folk."  Each of us must, and we should always strive to get others to, understand that "race is everything."  We must always promote racial integrity and pride.  We must always advocate and fight for our living space.  We must not condone race-mixing, and we should tolerate it only when forced to do so by law or circumstances of mandatory or necessary behavior.  We must always strive toward the continued integrity and evolution of our race, as opposed to accepting or sanctioning contamination and devolution.  We must resist becoming a "failed species."  We should work to implement a healthy, natural approach to eugenics.  And above all, we must enlist more of our people in the effort to prevent our impending genocide as a subspecies of humanity.

(3)  Our Western Civilizaton  This includes such things as our Eurocentric culture (as opposed to negrified or jewed culture); our science, technology, and medicine; architecture, civil engineering, and infrastructure; industry; aeronautics and space travel; agriculture, food processing, and distribution; fisheries, forestry, and mining; good environmental stewardship; and enlightened and civilized institutions, law, and governance.

Always try to remember these three things too:  (1) we have every right -- actually, even a natural, biological duty -- to be concerned with "what's good for White people;" (2) the term "anti-racist" is nothing more than code for "anti-White;" and (3) those who tout racial diversity and multiculturalism in our once overwhelmingly and still predominantly White country are really just saying "Africa for Africans, Mexico for Mexicans, Israel for Jews, and America for everyone."

And finally, we must help our fellow citizens to understand just who our primary adversaries are in this struggle -- firstly, our own weaknesses, "wrong-think,"  failings, and lack of will; and secondly, the non-White minorities who would take the fruits of our labor and ultimately dispossess us in our own countries.  And who our most deadly enemies are -- the complicit and culpable Jews and the radical Islamists (Muslims) -- the Khazars and Semites who are working to conquer and destroy us Whites and our nations all over the world.