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Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Friday, February 22, 2013


by Val Koinen
February 22, 2013

It has been about two million years since bipedal, ancestral man evolved from earlier ape-like creatures and came down out of the trees.

Hundreds of thousands of years of continuing, upward-trending evolution followed -- physical refinement, increasing intelligence, more complex social behavior, and migration.  Everyday existence was a struggle through all those centuries.  Most likely, those evolving creatures were almost always hungry, cold, or tired. Or all three.  But they persevered, and life went on.

Modern man likely appeared about 160,000 years ago.  The grueling struggle to survive and evolve continued, and our immediate predecessors, the Cro-Magnons, showed up some 50,000 years ago.  Still we continued to evolve and advance, developing and refining the mental capacity and skills that enabled us to prevail over challenging environments, harsh climate changes, shortage of sustenance, predators, diseases of all kinds, and the hostility of other tribes.

All that hard-won success in our long and difficult journey was finally capped off by the 6,000 years or so of the ancient civilized world and then modern civilizations of the Caucasian (and some other) peoples -- the final development of the greatest race of people that ever walked the face of the earth -- 6,000 years of predominately White advancement and achievement that included such things as:

Civilization building
Governance and rule of law
Exploration and conquest
Agriculture, fisheries, logging, and mining
Scientific and mathematical discoveries and applications
Engineering, technical, mechanical, and medical discoveries and developments
Fossil-fuel, electrical, and nuclear energy production and applications
Construction of magnificent buildings, cities, dams, highway systems, tunnels, and bridges
Manufacturing and commerce
Automobiles, ships, railroads, and airplanes
Computers and space exploration
Art, music, writings, and other cultural development

(And yes, some serious missteps that set us back from time to time and still plague our existence -- such things as religious, internecine, and fratricidal wars; and joining the other peoples of the world in the practice of that most pernicious of human endeavors, slavery.)
And even then, up to the present day, we have had to struggle in order to prevail over harsh environments and natural calamities -- floods, fires, droughts, plagues, and more.  But we did prevail.  We overcame all the difficulties; we Caucasians were the primary builders of a world that was more satisfying, more comfortable, more hunger-free, healthier, and safer for more people of all the races than has ever been known on the face of the earth.

And then ...and then we let a nefarious and malevolent tribe of Semitic and western-Asiatic wanderers, interlopers, and parasites known as the "Jews" establish themselves amongst us, "whisper in our ears," and work their anti-White ingroup survival strategies for just a few short years (in the overall scope of things); especially for the past couple hundred years or so and continuing and intensifying up to the present day.

True, dozens of White societies recognized the Jews for what they were down through the years, and kicked them out, often more than once.  But they were a persistent bunch of liars, swindlers, usurers, and usurpers and they kept coming back to torment our Eurocentric communities and nations.

And then all of a sudden, almost "overnight" when compared to our long and impressive history of advancement in the face of adversity -- we White people of European ancestry in virtually all of our nations just "caved in" and began to give up essentially everything that was ours.  In a sense we just "threw it all away" while we allowed ourselves to succumb to the deadly effects of:

Ultraliberalism and socialism
Forced, unnatural constraints of "political correctness"
Wrong-think, soft-headedness, and "wimpism" of epic proportions
White guilt
Self doubt
Self hatred
Universal (outgroup) altruism
Cultural deterioration
Massive non-White (alien) immigration, both legal and illegal
Anti-White discrimination via racial preferences for the "others"
Racial integration
Miscegenation with the darker races
An inexplicable degree of "benign acceptance" of horrific criminal predation by "people of color"

We have become a people without an identity, as blind people stumbling along in the dark, like a body without a mind, like the proverbial boat without a rudder.

But worse than that -- we have become trembling slaves, afraid to speak the truth about history and socio-biological reality, and to even suggest that we have the right to look after our best interests as a "people."

It seems any more that we can hardly govern ourselves, or depend on our own people to conduct our judicial affairs (we elect and appoint Negroes and Mestizos to do those things).  The vast majority of our people have been thoroughly and unnaturally deracinated.  We can no longer create our own culture (we have turned that over to the Jews and they in turn have thoroughly perverted and negrified our popular culture) (now, at the beginning of the 21st century, you can see it getting worse every day).  We have allowed the Jews and the race traitors among us to lie to our children and poison the minds of our people (primary examples being the WWII "holocaust" scam and the myths of racial equality and diversity being a "strength").  We have allowed, even encouraged, and in many cases even paid for our own dispossession -- our own subjugation -- our own demise.  We have allowed the non-White "others" to drain our resources (thereby shortchanging and handicapping our own children), and have embraced wealth-redistributing socialism (always taking our wealth and giving it to the darker underclass).  We have allowed our gene pool to be contaminated.  We have come a long way down the dark, dreadful path of racial suicide; while we have aided and abetted the Jews' unceasing efforts to destroy our culture and our Western Civilization, and to genocide us out of existence.

Anybody who looks at all the dysgenic and devolutionary developments of the past century and especially the past few years with any degree of intelligence, honesty, rational thinking, and objective reality must surely be perplexed -- astounded -- aghast -- in utter disbelief.

Any sane and decent White American can only wonder -- how could it have happened?  Was it due to some kind of genetic/survival flaw?  Or was it simply a result of Jew-induced mass psychosis that was made possible by their cunningly gaining control of modern media such as the press (newspapers, magazines, and books) and modes of entertainment (movies, television, and music)?  And by using those tools and all their opinion-shaping capabilities, their taking effective control of our political process and government, financial institutions and practices, and the education establishment?

You have to wonder -- what will the galactic archaeologists of the future think as they excavate and brush off and study the ruins and artifacts of our once-great civilizations that reverted to hellholes and cesspools of squalid human occupation, much like those found in today's sub-Saharan Africa, Haiti, and Detroit?  And then finally crumbled to dust and were devastated by starvation, death, decay, destruction, and the encroachment of wastelands?  Will they be able to figure out what went wrong?  How the advanced societies of the White nations became so perverted and despoiled in so short a time?  The seemingly impossible story of our glorious ascendancy followed by such a precipitous, tragic, and evolutionarily unnecessary demise?  Will they even be able to understand or believe the results of their own studies when they do put it all together?

Maybe some vestigial Asian civilizations, which never allowed themselves to be plagued by Jews, or be overrun by less developed non-White racial minorities, will still be around to explain things to them.

Or will they just have to set their findings aside as one of the great enigmas of the universe -- one of the dark and mysterious "unknowns" in all the vastness of time and space?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


The latest example of the U.S. Government being in the pocket of Bibi Netanyahu and the Israeli Jews -- yesterday all the Republicans on the Senate Armed Services Committee voted against sending the nomination of their fellow Republican Chuck Hagel to be our next Secretary of Defense on to the full senate.  Democrats voted as a majority in favor of the nomination, however, so Hagel survived this step in the confirmation process in spite of the betrayal of his fellow Republicans.

See:  "Senate panel endorses Hagel for Pentagon in rare party-line vote"

See also my earlier (February 1) post on the Hagel confirmation hearing.

So here we have these fellow Republicans on the Committee voting against Hagel, a decorated Vietnam War veteran and former two-term Senator from Nebraska, primarily because he has said some critical (and accurate) things about Israeli and Jewish influence in our government, and some things about Iran and warmaking in the Middle East that the Israeli Jews didn't like.  Some other  matters such as financial disclosures and a desire to hold the nomination up until the Obama administration provides more information about the Benghazi raid may also have been factors, but the Israeli/Jewish issues were clearly the main reasons.

Two of Hagel's past utterances have really rankled these Senators:  "The Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here;" and "I'm a United States senator.  I'm not an Israeli senator."  Both true; both devastatingly relevant to the way our governmental functions are all too often influenced or even controlled by Jews.

What a despicable and disgusting bunch of Israeli/Jew lap-dogs.

Monday, February 11, 2013


by Val Koinen
February 11, 2013
Old guy here, just askin' -- what is it with this latest (Hollywood-inspired?) fashion trend of young White men and their unshaven scruffy-beard look?  Like the scraggly whiskers sported by so many of our contemporary movie and TV actors and advertising models?

Maybe it's nothing more than a passing fad that will fade and then disappear almost overnight (I sincerely hope so). But maybe not -- after several months (actually a year or more since I first noticed it?), the unshaven look seems to be proliferating.
And is it ever!  Even in upscale fine jewelry commercials and ads we are forced to look at a young romantic giving his gal a diamond ring and planting a big kiss on her mouth -- and he looks like he has just come off a three-day drunk (sloppy sport jacket, jeans, T-shirt, and the ubiquitous stubble beard).  I receive an outdoor-clothier mail-order catalogue -- probably 20 young White male models featured; all but one or two with these scruffy beards.

This is really confusing to me.  Do these guys think it makes them look manly, verile, sexy, or tough?  More "macho" as the 'stizos would put it?  Do they think it is attractive to the ladies?  Does it really help sell more products when the models look like dishevelled, filthy slobs?

No?  Well, what is it then?  Maybe they just want to be lousy role models by setting a bad example for impressionable younger males?  Or is it simply more of the "modernism," or "new normal" that I'm too old to understand?

Well, I have news for them.  All it does is make them look like hell -- dirty, unkempt, and slovenly -- like they are too damned lazy to shave.  Like a homeless derelict.  Like marijuana-junkie hippies.  Like dark and ugly, filthy-looking, early 20th-century European coffee-house Marxist Jew revolutionaries.

Didn't these guys have mothers and fathers?  Weren't they taught anything about personal hygiene, grooming, and appearance?

So, the next question that comes to mind -- do the girls really like this scruffy look and the scratchy, bristly feel that goes with it?  Do they really prefer men that are so dirty looking and poorly groomed?

Now, it's really important (to me, at least) that the following comment re: my not understanding how anyone would want to kiss one of these unshaven guys is not misunderstood.  I am a straight old man.  I am happily married (54 years) to a beautiful and wonderful woman, and  I have four adult children and four grown grandkids.  I have never once thought of or dreamt about kissing or rubbing up against the face of one of these stubble-bearded young men (any man, for that matter).  But I do want to say -- it just completely baffles me how any halfway decent and intelligent woman (any lady) would ever want one of these unshaven creeps to get near to her, let alone brush against her cheek-to-cheek or start sucking face with her.

As I said, I have daughters and grown granddaughters -- and knowing them as I do, I can't imagine them welcoming a cheek-scrape or upper-lip or chin press from a warthog's rear-end like one of these guys.

And again, I have the most wonderful "dirty-old-man"-tolerant wife in the world, and yet she never fails to (lovingly?) admonish me when I let myself go unshaven for a couple days (the term "dirty old man" used above with reference to appearance and personal grooming BTW, not in the lecherous sense).

And oh, yeah, I have let myself go a few days on more than a couple occasions and have neglected to shave.  Mainly on weekends, or when camping, for example.  But any time I have done that -- more often now in my old-man retirement, I'll admit -- I have felt a little guilty, and have felt some remorse for failing to clean myself up for my wife, company, or the neighbors.  But I've never purposely looked that way as a preferred style or fashion statement.

And I have grown a beard a few times during my life -- but in every case it was a beard -- not just unsightly unshaven scraggly whiskers -- and I tried to keep it reasonably well trimmed (this little rant of mine is not about real moustaches or beards).

As I said earlier, maybe it's all a big nothing.  Just poor taste or judgement, or misguided personal preference (at least from my grumpy-old-man point of view).  And it's certainly none of my business (other than my having the right to not like it all that much).  And these young bristle-pigs certainly have the right to go out in public with this kind of facial hair if that's their "thing."

But wait just a minute -- could it possibly be more than that?  Is it just a way to project "casual and cool," or is it sometimes kind of disdainfully anti-establishment?  Or could it even be the culture-bending, anti-White-male Jew media bosses promoting this latest trend?  A Jew/Hollywood  promoted trend in keeping with their habit of doing everything they can to diminish White men in any way possible?  The damned Jews wanting to portray young White men in a slovenly, unkempt, scruffy-looking way so as to make them less attractive to our young women?  I personally wouldn't rule out that possibility.

... just askin'.  And yes, yes, I know -- some readers will accuse me of being a paranoid nut, suggesting there could be some kind of Jewish involvement or conspiracy here -- seeing a "Jew under every rock" as they say (or maybe better in this case -- "a Jew behind every bush").  Oh, well.

And then when they aren't sporting scruffy beards, many of these same young men are supposedly clamoring for "fashionable" attire that makes them look like fags:


Go figure.  (Gee, I wonder if any of our Jewish friends work in the fashion industry?)

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Or perhaps more appropriately:  WE DID IT TO OURSELVES!

by Val Koinen
February 9, 2013
It's time for us to recognize the reality of our situation and congratulate the Jews for the imminent and successful conclusion of their long struggle to destroy and conquer White America.  No question about it -- a job well done!

And just what is this "job" I'm talking about?  Well, it has to do with such things as:

- All the Jews' financial shenanigans down through the years, particularly since they got President Wilson to set up the Federal Reserve banking system back in 1913.
- Their warmongering and Zionist imperialism starting way back with their efforts to get us involved in the First World War and continuing right up to their role in getting us into all the Middle East conflicts in recent years.
- Being one of the primary forces behind all the so-called "civil rights" legislation back in the 1960's, integration of schools and housing, affirmative action and Black and other colored racial preferences in employment and college admissions, perversion and degradation of our popular culture, promotion of anti-male and anti-family radical feminism, premature sexualization of our little girls, negrification and alienation of our teenagers, and on and on ad nauseam.
- Using their media control to promote their anti-White agendas.
- Using their financial, networking, and media clout to corrupt our political processes, elections, and government (including, in recent years, essentially hijacking our foreign policy).
- Using their news media control in particular to mold public opinion in favor of "what's good for Jews and Israel" vs. what is best for America and its majority White population.
- And much, much more.

Now, I would hate to say anything that could be seen as trying to diminish that great victory in any way, but I do feel compelled to point out that our new lords and masters didn't do it all by themselves.  They had a lot of help from their non-White foot soldiers (mainly Negroes and Mestizos), and also from their fifth-column White Shabbos Goy race traitors; all of which so effectively complemented their skillful use of controlled media, government, academic, and financial forces in our country.  But still, it was the complicit and culpable Jews who called the shots and pulled the strings.  So in the end, I suppose most of the credit must go to them and their dedicated and tireless efforts.

Oh, yes, there is one other matter -- let us not forget to give a lot of credit also to all our fellow White kinsmen who contributed so much to the loss of our nation and to this huge contribution to the death of Western Civilization worldwide and to the impending White genocide.  After all, in a sense we American White people -- both "average" citizens and our ruling elites -- can proudly take credit for our own demise.  The Jews may have been busily scheming, plotting, propagandizing, and pressuring us to do things that were "good for the Jews" while being detrimental and even lethal for Whites; but to large extent, we did it to ourselves.  How can we ever forget the following?:

All the politicians who have, ever since the First World War, been so willing if not eager to go to war at the behest of the Jews.

More specifically, all the Congressmen back in 1939-41 who, at least partly a result of their being influenced by Jewish propaganda and pressure, allowed President Roosevelt to manipulate us into getting involved in World War II.

All those self-hating, dysgenic, and devolution-determined White people, so filled with "White guilt," who have talked and voted in favor of non-White ascendancy; taught their children to hate their own kind; and worked for colored social, economic, and political dominance (for the "big picture," you might want to read portions of this book).

All those Whites who have so eagerly gobbled up and supported (paid for) the garbage spewed out by the Jew-dominated entertainment media -- the filth, soft porn, gratuitous and graphic sex, scatological jokes, homosexuality, pedophilia, n----rball, and on and on ad nauseam.

And especially, all the rabid n----rball fanatics -- the addicted worshippers of Negro athletes.

All the woefully ignorant and/or unbelievably deluded, suicidal, deracinated White people who have swallowed the Jew-promoted nonsense of  "race is just a social construct," "we are all the same under the skin," "diversity is our greatest strength," and "multiculturalism is a beautiful thing" (again, see here).

All the deracinated Whites who have adopted niglets out of Africa.

All the religious race-traitors who have worked with their churches to bring thousands of Somalis, Nigerians etc. into our White American towns.

All the ignorant and/or misguided parents who passed all the Jewish lies about race and the so-called WW II "holocaust" on to their kids (refer to several of the books listed on the sidebar of this blog).

All the White parents who have tolerated their children's educations being shortchanged; and even the commonplace assaults on their children, and worse, in public schools with substantial non-White enrollment.

All those who have chosen to ignore the horrendous rate of Black- and Mestizo-on-White crime all over the country (the secret, dirty war being waged against White people) and the way the Jew-controlled mainstream media cover that ongoing savagery up by refusing to report so many of those crimes or the race of the perpetrators.

All the members of the once-solid White majority who just shut their eyes and refused to demand that their politicians do something about the hostile Negro and Mestizo "take-over" of so many of our cities and areas, effectively trashing and destroying them and turning them into crime-ridden "no-go" zones for our own people (at the very least by better controlling welfare-induced population growth and illegal immigration, demanding  lawful and uncorrupted local government, and demanding and better enforcing obedience to the law as is befitting a civilized society).

All the brainwashed wives and children who refused to listen to their husbands and fathers when they tried to tell them the truth about racial reality and Jew awareness.

All the disgusting, race-traitor politicians who worked so hard to destroy our society with so-called "civil rights," integration, affirmative-action, and other Black and other-colored racial preference legislation.

All those who could only see the outgroup-altruistic and lethally shortsighted "good and fairness" in the civil rights movement and legislation and forced integration back in the 1960's; while those things foretold our destruction as a nation and a people.

All the confused if not hopelessly lost White girls and women who have fornicated with and even lived with and married and borne children to Negroes and Mestizos.

All the greedy, race-traitor businessmen who just can't get enough cheap Mestizo (illegal-alien) labor so they can make more money.

All the politically-correct, liberal, socialist-inclined teachers who have gleefully pounded all the racial-acceptance, pro-Negro etc. nonsense into the heads of our children in the public schools.

All the uninformed people who have chosen to bow down on bended knee before their Jewish and Negro masters by idolizing and accepting our government's glorification of such anti-White and even communist-trained people as Rosa Parks and Michael (a.k.a. "Martin Luther") King (among others).

All the college women who succumbed to the Jewish radical-feminist line and have enjoyed their man-hating slut status while turning their backs on the noble institutions of marriage, homemaking, and motherhood.

All the cowardly and perverted White politicians who have served Jewish interests so well (i.e. Congress' and President Reagan's disgusting and insulting MLK Day; President Johnson's disastrous "Great Society" negrophilia nonsense; Senator Hart's and Ted Kennedy's Hart-Cellar White-genocide immigration bill; etc.).

And especially, all the despicable Congressmen who essentially brought the curtain down on White America by voting for the anti-White "Immigration and Nationality Act" of 1965.

All those reality-challenged Americans who so eagerly embraced the Government's (and the Jew-controlled mainstream media's) version of the "9/11" attacks and results of the bogus "official investigation" the feds finally cobbled together which pinned the blame on a few bad-ass Arabs with box-cutters.

The cowardly Congressmen who let President George W. Bush and his neocon sidekick Dick Cheney go to war in the Middle East on behalf of the Jews.

The cowardly Congressmen who failed to investigate and possibly even impeach Obama for his numerous treasonous transgressions (Justice Dept. blatant anti-White discrimination, Justice Dept. "Fast and Furious" Mexican gun-running project, his birth certificate fraud and probable non-natural-born citizenship status, probable Selective Service registration fraud, possible Social Security registration fraud, and more).  (And, I wouldn't expect Congress to do any better with regard to Obama's upcoming efforts to circumvent their lawful function by using executive orders to trash the Second Amendment and to open the floodgates to illegal-alien Mestizo invaders.)

All the misguided Whites who refuse to or are unable to understand or acknowledge the real reason for and meaning of the Second Amendment, and who are in favor of more and more gun control; and specifically, gun registration and restricting or banning so-called "assault rifles" and high-capacity clips.

All the Republican Party functionaries and primary voters who allowed all the Jew/Israel sycophants, Israel-first warmongers, and anti-White Negro- and Mestizo-lovers to run on their ticket and be nominated as presidential candidates in 2008 and 2012.

All the politically-correct, socialistically inclined, and destiny-befuddled Whites who voted for Obama, many of them twice.

All the rabid, self-hating, anti-establishment (anti-White), radical liberal, and socialist-minded college students who worked for the Obama campaign in both of his elections.

All the Jew-subservient and Zionist "red state" Republicans who have swallowed the Jew line and delight in our country's military escapades in the Middle East on behalf of the Israeli Jews (including, for example, all of the 2012 Republican primary candidates except Ron Paul).

So, as you can plainly see, our demise has been going on for a very long time and has to large extent been our own damned fault -- in many ways we did it to ourselves.  It's amazing -- so many White people have struggled, suffered, and died down through the years so that we could live in what was once arguably the greatest country the world has ever known; and now we have managed to just give away everything we had with hardly a whimper and with no meaningful resistance at all.  Jeez, what a pathetic bunch of losers our once-great and once-proud people have become!

[f.y.i.:  In case you are wondering ... yes, at various points during my life I have been guilty, at least to some degree, of some of these transgressions myself.  We all have.  The point is, I think, that we all need to honestly recognize these past "errors of our ways," and many others as well, and then make sure we stop making these mistakes (the ones that are relevant to the present time and to our precarious racial-survival situation) ... and then do something about that situation starting right now, before it is too late.]

Sunday, February 3, 2013


We elect and then re-elect a self acknowledged past drug user (and a Marxist mulatto) to be our President, but we can't let this Canadian guy into the country after he wins a trip to the Superbowl? 

Canadian man misses Super Bowl trip after 1981 pot bust denies him entry to U.S.

I'm not a "fan" of either the Superbowl or marijuana use, but this is beyond ridiculous.  In my opinion it really doesn't do much to make a person "proud to be an American."


by Val Koinen
February 3, 2013
(Stuporbowl Sunday)

It could hardly get more "interesting" than this:

We Whites are on the verge of becoming just another racial minority in these United States.

America -- our once-great powerhouse nation -- is nearly bankrupt, and is now so heavily indebted that it is hard to see how our children and grandchildren will ever be able to throw off that yoke of debt we have put around their necks.

Our culture is rapidly being supplanted with an alien, filthy, disgusting Jewified and Negrified culture.

We have allowed such repugnant and unnatural things as homosexuality and race-mixing (genetic destruction of our people) to become "acceptable;" maybe even the "new normal."

We have lost so many personal freedoms and have allowed our government to regulate, track, and surveil us to the extent we now live in what is rapidly becoming an Orwellian police state.

Jews and their non-White minions, together with ultraliberal and socialist White lap-dogs, have nearly conquered and communized this country that was built on personal freedom, ingenuity, initiative, and private enterprise.

In recent years our country has tried its best to become a warmongering empire; and now, already after just a few short years, we are on the brink of becoming just another failed, has-been (or perhaps more accurately a "wannabe") empire.

Partly as a result of that little escapade, and largely due to our subservience to Israel and their American Jew neocon agents and White collaborators in our government, we are fast approaching World War III which could well be sparked by recent Mideast developments involving Israel and their Arab/Muslim neighbors such as Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Egypt.

And last but not least -- White Americans have now become so thoroughly brainwashed by Jewed media, government, and schools over so many generations that they refuse to listen to, talk about, or even think about the real reasons for this situation; let alone have any desire to do anything about it.






Friday, February 1, 2013


by Val Koinen
February 1, 2013

Just pondering the links I posted earlier this morning, along with other things going on in America these days that are of such pressing importance to the White people of our country...

Even if you can't find your way to understand and agree with me (and other White Nationalists) about our precarious racial and Jewish situations, I would hope that you could at the very least grasp this: we Whites are in the process of being defeated -- we are being conquered.  Here are some good descriptions of the situation:

The Communist Takeover of America -- 45 Declared Goals

America's Communist President

Are We a Conquered People?

Many more very informative articles are readily available via just a minimal online search effort.

One of the ways our enemies are taking over America is with their success in foisting upon us a kind of creeping socialist government.  In fact, looking down the road a few years, it might not be too much of an exaggeration to think of it as an ever-encroaching non-White communist government.  Maybe even one with elements common to a police-state, or dictatorship.

Just think about it -- we endured a long and costly "cold war," sent many thousands of our young men to fight and die in Korea and Vietnam, and spent trillions of dollars (of our tax money) in order to hold the line against the communists.  And then, just a few short years later, we turn around and elect a Marxist mulatto, Barack Hussein (Soetoro) Obama, as our President -- twice, no less.

Let me word that in a slightly different way: knowing that your country sent your father, uncle, or grandfather to fight and die in far away countries; to save other, very different kinds of people from the yoke of communism; why in the world would you want to elect and then re-elect someone like Obama as President of the United States?

And now, without having to worry about getting elected again, he is forging full speed ahead with such things as illegal alien amnesty, even more unlimited government spending, more government intrusion into our lives and curtailment of our rights, and unconstitutional gun control (confiscation).  And he has said repeatedly (and openly), in essence: "to hell with the Constitution; I'll just do it all with executive orders if I have to."

It's beginning to look more and more to me as though an authoritarian communist country -- one ruled by non-Whites and Jews -- is headed our way.

When are our people going to wake up? (Or, perhaps more poignantly and importantly -- are they ever going to wake up?)


by Val Koinen
February 1, 2013

I have written many times about the power Israel and the Jewish lobby hold over our U.S. government.  Yesterday's Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense was a case in point.  An embarassing and disgusting case in point.

You can check out details of the hearing -- questions and comments from Senators and Hagel's responses -- at the following link and by searching for numerous other news reports online:


Note in particular how Hagel was raked over the coals by the traitorous Israeli/Jewish lapdogs Cruz, McCain, Graham, and Inhofe, as well as others.  For example, over Hagels previous positions and statements concerning such things as the following, among others:

Hagel's once being quoted as saying "I'm a United States senator.  I'm not an Israeli senator."

Iranian government being legitimate.  (One could say it is more "legitimate" than ours, considering the way our government is run by the Israelis and home-grown Jews?)

His criticism of the intimidating power of the Jewish lobby over our congresspeople.

His being in favor of "engagement" with Iran (an eminently reasonable position, as opposed to just bombing it to smithereens at the behest of Israel).

So this is what it comes down to in today's America -- the confirmation of a past two-term U.S. Senator and decorated and wounded war veteran as Secretary of Defense depends on whether or not he has been sufficiently pro-Israel; whether he has been truthful and rational about our relationships with Iran;  and if, just maybe, he has been too critical of Jewish power and influence over our own government.